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Chapter 181
Chapter 181: What A Coincidence, You’re Here Too

Lu Fan had always considered himself an even-tempered person .

But being even-tempered was one thing, enacting justice was another .

Nie Shuang, the big-headed child who had kneeled in front of Lu Fan on that rainy night, had begged him to save Nie Changqing .

Now, he had become a cultivator who was independent and self-reliant .

All along, Lu Fan had been paying attention to the amount of hard work and effort Nie Shuang poured into cultivating .

In comparison, Ni Yu was lazy and worked in fits and starts . One could say Nie Shuang was the symbol of hard work .

Who didn’t like a hardworking child?

Nie Shuang was someone Lu Fan thought very highly about .

Because of this, there was no reason for Lu Fan to just sit by and do nothing when Nie Shuang was beaten up by the Lord of Xirong in the West County battlefield . The boy had been beaten to a pulp and had fallen into a coma .

On Beiluo Lake .

A terrifying pressure seemed to have become tangible .

The soul of the blond man who was kneeling on the surface of the lake did not move . The Internal Organs Realm absolutely could not withstand the temper of the Golden Elixir Realm’s monster .

Lu Fan sat in his wheelchair, paying no heed to the blond man and the Buddhist monk .

He picked up a Go piece with his fingers .

The Spirit Pressure Chessboard seemed to mirror the mountains and the rivers .

The blond man and the Buddhist monk, as well as the Spiritual Sense duplicate of the Lord of the Plane trapped in the Mid Level Martial World, were all looking on in shock .

That chessboard… was it a type of secret weapon?!


Lu Fan put down a Go piece on the board .

It was as if a formless wave had spread through Heaven and Earth .

Lu Fan’s white robes were billowing in the breeze, fluttering as though there was a wind blowing at it . His hair was also fluttering about, brushing over Lu Fan’s handsome countenance . He looked rather ethereal .

North County, outside Tianhan Gate .

Snow fell endlessly on the boundless field, covering the space with a thick quilted jacket .

The Lord of Xirong sat on his litter held up by several Xirong warriors . They braved the snowstorm and treaded forth with great difficulty .

Behind them, the large Xirong Army followed, lined up in neat rows, one after the other . They had withdrawn from Tianhan Gate in North County and were resting for the time being .

The Xirong people had long become accustomed to the sights of the war .

To them, the war would be at its height come winter .

Every year, the Lord of Xirong would lead a large army to attack North County at least once . He was bent on breaking the seal on Tianhan Gate and crossing the path to a boundless and prosperous land .

Once they reached their goal, there would be an abundance of crops and food waiting for them .

Then they would never have to about not having enough food to eat .

But Tianhan Gate was difficult to break past . Every year, their army would leave countless corpses in its wake .

Although war was cruel, it was absolutely necessary, in the eyes of the Lord of Xirong .

Winning the war would be the best outcome—they would have enough food to eat and could stand to live through the winter merrily .

If they lost, then that was okay as well . Losing a significant number of people would reduce the stress on their food shortage .

And this year, the leaders of the different Xirong regions had felt that something different was arising .

The Lord of Xirong had called for all the Xirong people to gather, and there were 100,000 soldiers that formed the army that was going to storm Tianhan Gate .

This scale of an attack was unprecedented .

On top of that, something was odd about the Lord of Xirong . There was something strange about him, but they all could feel was a sense of overwhelming pressure .

The tribe leaders who had differing opinions already had their necks snapped by the Lord of Xirong and their bodies tossed out into the snowstorm, covered up long ago in the boundless snow . They were buried so thoroughly it was impossible to retrieve them even if you wanted to .

The remaining leaders were seething, but they did not dare say a thing . The dogmatic Lord of Xirong controlled the entire Xirong Army .

Not a single leader would be able to contend with the Lord of Xirong .

The most terrifying thing was that the strength of the Lord of Xirong was so overwhelming, it left the people in despair .

The Lord of Xirong sat on his litter, deep in thought .

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Although they had not successfully infiltrated North County, Tantai Xuan and Jiang Li were no cause for concern . Although he was exceptional, he was…still human .

It was Bai Qingniao and Nie Shuang who had come to help after . They were the real source of trouble .

They were only at the Qi Condensation Realm, but their methods were incomparably strange .

The young lady controlled three phoenixes which had left him badly scorched, but that was fine .

That big-headed child—equipped with startling determination and a solid foundation—had hit him with a firm punch .

The Lord of Xirong was extremely overwhelmed .

This world was magnificent . It was exceptional and full of talent, and there was much to discover .

The world he once knew was like that .

But it had been ruined .


Suddenly—he did not know when—the snow had stopped falling .

In Heaven and Earth existed an incomparably terrifying power, a vastly oppressive power, one that made it difficult for people to breathe amidst .

The Lord of Xirong was suddenly gripped with anxiety . There was a sense of danger . The kind that stemmed from the depths of his heart that filled him .

The horses of the Xirong Army were neighing . This was the kind of panic that stirred them in the face of great danger .

Beasts were born with greater awareness than people .

The Lord of Xirong leaped down from his litter .


Clouds were rolling across the sky .

In the next moment, the wind and snow that fell all over the place seemed to have torn apart and morphed into a giant palm .

The middle finger of the palm was stacked on the index finger as if someone was placing a Go piece onto a chessboard .

“Who’s there?!”

The Lord of Xirong was shocked .

His eyes could not help but widen .

There was no conversation, there were no words .

The Go player used the landscape as his chessboard .

In the next moment, the Lord of Xirong triggered all of the power he had within him, and the power of the Peak Foundation Building was demonstrated to its full extent .


The gigantic palm lowered itself, poised to put down a Go piece .


At this moment, it was as if the snow on the ground had been thoroughly dispersed by an enormous force and revealed the bare earth beneath it .

All the soldiers in the Xirong Army crumbled under the pressure, forced to kneel with their heads to the ground . The tribe leaders were all overcome with horror .

What was happening?

This expedition of theirs that they had started without the blessings of the gods… Had they angered the deities of the fields?!

The densely packed Xirong Army were all kneeling in the snow-covered space .

They did not dare to move .

The Lord of Xirong reached the ground . The power of the Peak Foundation Building had been triggered to the extreme .

In the eyes of the leaders, their lord was resisting the heavens!

Not willing to cede—not to the heavens, or to fate .

The Xirong people and the various Xirong tribe leaders were taking sneak peeks at the sight .


There was an overwhelming pressure, one so powerful it seemed like the wind and snow were going to explode .

The Lord of Xirong was so shocked that his eyes almost fell out .

“This power…”

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The Lord of Xirong inhaled a sharp breath .

He resisted this oppressive power with his Peak Foundation Building power .

“A Golden Elixir Realm monster?!

“This world’s Lord of the Plane?”

The Lord of Xirong was overwhelmed, finding it difficult to believe .

This was but a Low Level Martial World, how did the Golden Elixir Realm monster get here?

It was as if the world had morphed into a cage at this moment .

There was a white flame burning in the Lord of Xirong’s eyes .

Indistinctly, he saw a vague figure .

Sitting in a wheelchair with his sleeves rolled back, a man put a Go piece down on the chessboard . After that, he seemed to notice something . He looked up slowly to stare right at the Lord of Xirong .

The Lord of Xirong felt as though his consciousness was been hammered down by a heavy steel hammer .

Blood spilled from his nose and mouth .

The skin on his face burned and evaporated to reveal a coal-like face .

The fire burned again and thoroughly enveloped his head .

The Lord of Xirong did not want to die .

The white flames were strange . The moment they appeared, they forced the Lord of Xirong to bring forth strength to combat the pressure .

A foot stepped down on the ground violently .

The earth shook .

The Lord of Xirong turned into a beam of black light and flew out of the area of Spirit Pressure .

He rushed into the snowfield, running maniacally through the great expanse of snow, sending ice flurrying in every direction .

Beiluo Lake .

Lu Fan’s eyebrows rose .


“He actually succeeded in struggling out of the Spirit Pressure of the Spirit Pressure Chessboard?”

This was actually the first time Lu Fan was encountering such a situation . Generally speaking, in such a situation, the Lord of Xirong should not have been able to escape from the clutches of his Spirit Pressure .

“Is it because of the white fire?

“That flame… It doesn’t seem like something one in the Internal Organs Realm can possess . ”

Lu Fan fell into deep thought .

He pushed his sleeves back again and retrieved a black Go piece from the Go bowl . He put this piece down, stacking it on top of another black Go piece that had already been put in place . With his index finger, he pushed forward slightly to make the piece land on the board with a slight scraping sound .

Everything from the Internal Organs Realm could be settled with a single Go piece . If there was something that couldn’t be… Then, he would use two .

The Lord of Xirong who was escaping with all his might felt very much like an ant .

Running across the boundless chessboard, the white fire that burned his head was the Dead Spirit Fire . It was the sole culprit behind the destruction of his world . The moment he obtained this fire, his world had collapsed around him .

This flame was from the plane of a High Level Martial World, and he had betrayed the world that had originally belonged to him in order to obtain this flame .

But he had no regrets .

With the Dead Spirit Fire, it would only be a matter of time before he staged his comeback .

As long as he could obtain a world, and if he was given enough time, he would be able to go one step further based on his current foundation to become a true powerhouse!

As such, when he felt the pull of a Low Level Martial World, he came over without hesitating .

He thought this opportunity belonged to him .

After all, it was a Low Level Martial World and there was no existence that posed any threat to him here . With the Dead Spirit Fire, he feared no one, not even a Lord of the Plane .

But now…

He was wrong .

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So very wrong!

This was no ordinary Low Level Martial World!

This Lord of the Plane was actually an existence at the level of the Golden Elixir Realm .


The further he ran, the better . As long as he could stay alive and not lose the Dead Spirit Fire, he still had a chance of staging a comeback!

The Lord of Xirong ran with all his might .


It was as if the Heaven and Earth had solidified yet again to become a chessboard . No matter how much he ran, he could never run out of this region, out of the shackles of this chessboard .

Snow scattered again .

Morphing to form a hand that laid down a Go piece .

Like a chess player, it floated down slowly to a point with one finger .

The Lord of Xirong howled .

The flames had spread to his entire body now and his entire being had become a white flame .

He clenched a fist and the flames rose into the sky, melting the ice and snow around him, colliding with the finger that had broken through the clouds .


The man on fire kneeled with his head pressed to the ground .

“Lord of the Plane! Spare me! I did not mean to offend you, and I’m willing to sacrifice 100,000 Xirong soldiers for this life of mine!”

The man on fire raised his head painstakingly . The horrifying Spirit Pressure had made it difficult for him to even speak .

Nevertheless, he howled in fear .

He did not want to die!

The Lord of Xirong’s voice was completely unadulterated .

Indistinctly, as if one with the snow and wind, it had echoed through the entire expanse of snow .

The Xirong soldiers kneeling on the ground were shocked, looking up at their lord in disbelief .

The various tribe leaders were so horrified, their bodies were shaking .

Their lord…was going to sacrifice them to the god?

In Heaven and Earth, clouds rolled .

After a while…

They morphed to form a human face, a humongous human face . The person opened his mouth and the world was filled with a sound not unlike that of an explosive rumble .

“No problem exists without a root cause . You caused my child from White Jade City to be beaten until he vomited blood, so you will be the one to repay this debt .

“North County will be responsible for Xirong’s debt . ”

The face spoke and it was as if the voice had crushed the falling snow to pieces .

Beneath, the Lord of Xirong who was kneeling in the snowy expanse had been startled .


A debt of beating up a child from the White Jade City?

The Lord of Xirong was reminded of the scene at Tianhan Gate, where he had been engaged in a heated fistfight with that stubborn, big-headed child .

Had it been that one blow that had forced this monster of the Golden Elixir Realm to intervene?

Just because of that one punch?

In that instant, the Lord of Xirong felt an immense force suffocating him .

He had actually been very meticulous and had even taken on the face of the Lord of Xirong so as to not attract attention, all to surreptitiously invade this world .

He had not been negligent this entire time .

But just one punch to a single child…

And that one punch was the reason he was going six feet under .

He was unwilling to accept this!

“This world is but a Low Level Martial World, why has the Golden Elixir Realm appeared here? Why is a Lord of the Plane like you at the Golden Elixir Realm?!

“I refuse! I will not accept this!” the Lord of Xirong howled .

The clouds rolled again to form a huge palm, shaped to put down a Go piece on a chessboard .


The Lord of Xirong howled indignantly, but it was thoroughly drowned out by a thunderous roar, not unlike an avalanche .

The 100,000 Xirong soldiers kneeled in the raging snowstorm . They were trembling as they watched their lord perish by the power of the Heaven and Earth .

Beiluo Lake .

There was a light breeze sailing across the lake . The lake water was very much like a clear mirror, and imperceptible waves were rippling across it .

All of a sudden, the thick fog stirred and the lake caved in . It looked like there was a transparent boat sailing on top of it .

The thick fog tore apart and a gigantic palm made of Spirit Qi floated into view .

The blond man kneeling on the ground shook .

Nailed by silver blades, the Buddhist monk who was on the verge of death could not help but look over .

Only to see…

There was a soul restrained in the center of the palm, and it appeared to have lost all will to live .

The soul was covered in white flames and howled unceasingly, giving off an extremely strong sense of resentment and indignance .

When he saw the blond man and Buddhist monk, the soul of the Lord of Xirong was stunned .

The blond man looked at the soul of the Lord of Xirong and smiled awkwardly .

“What a coincidence, you’re here too . ”

The Buddhist monk, on the other hand, opened his mouth but said nothing .

The soul of the Lord of Xirong recovered from his stupor and began struggling and screaming again .

The blond man looked at the struggling soul with sympathy .

He wanted to remind the other .

But before he could, the young man with the handsome face intervened from where he sat in his wheelchair .

Lu Fan glanced at the Lord of Xirong’s soul as he struggled .

He raised his hand from the arm of his wheelchair .

A silver light gleamed .

In the next moment, the soul of the Lord of Xirong who had been struggling did not dare move anymore .

In front of him dangled silver blades that were giving off a cold aura, and every single one of them gave off a terrifying aura . Every single blade was a high-grade treasure!

At that moment, the soul of the Lord of Xirong finally got a good look at the young man sitting in the wheelchair .

“Lord of the Plane?

“Qi Condensation Realm?”

The Lord of Xirong froze in shock .

From the beginning, the Lord of Xirong had had the same misconception the blond man and the Buddhist monk did .

But when Lu Fan raised his hand and waved it about gently, the silver knife pierced right through his body to forcefully cut away the white flame that had integrated into his soul, the Lord of Xirong understood…

There were some people who looked like unimpressive Qi refiners, only they turned out to have extremely terrifying monsters from the Golden Elixir Realm .

The white flame that had been carved out floated right in front of Lu Fan with a wave of his hand .

Cold as ice, and yet hot as fire, to think these two odd traits could coexist in this single ball of flame…

Lu Fan stared at the flame and it seemed as though his figure was reflected in the flame as well…

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