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Chapter 150
Chapter 150: This Sword Is Called Jing Heaven

The setting sun looked like an egg yolk .

The sunset glow shone on a white-clothed man who was stained with blood and unsmiling .

Jing Yue was standing on the boat with his long sword that had gone blunt . He looked back . “The Young Master will not be seeing you . You should leave . ”

Tang Xiansheng’s smile froze on his face .

This man was so blunt…

Tang Xiansheng had heard about Jing Yue . He was quite famous in Sword Sect . Swordsmen were supposed to be brave . However, this weirdo would run faster than anyone when he came across danger .

Tang Xiansheng thought highly of Jing Yue because Jing Yue was just like him . They were the same kind of person . They valued their lives more than anything .

That was why among so many people in Sword Sect, Jing Yue left an impression on him .


At this moment, Tang Xiansheng suddenly found Jing Yue very annoying .

Did Lu Ping’an say anything?

Why did this guy say Lu Fan didn’t want to see him?

Tang Xiansheng straightened up slowly . Narrowing his eyes, he looked at Jing Yue . “I’m here to visit Young Master Lu . Please pass on a message for me . ”

He didn’t sound like he was happy .

You should never get angry with a person who is smiling .

If Jing Yue had given him face, then he would also have given Jing Yue face . After all, courtesy is a two-way street .

Jing Yue shook his head . He realized Tang Xiansheng was not happy with him .

After all, only he could hear Young Master’s voice . Tang Xiansheng could not hear it .

“Young Master did say he doesn’t want to see you… Just go,” Jing Yue said .

Then, he took the pole to slap it on the water surface . The water rippled . And the boat sailed toward Lake Island at high speed .

Jing Yue vanished from the misty lake gradually .

The wind was a little warm .

Tang Xiansheng’s luxurious clothes were blowing .

He looked back at Luo Yue . A smile appeared on Tang Xiansheng’s face again . He pointed at where Jing Yue had disappeared . With a false smile, he said, “This guy is unbelievable . ”

Luo Yue was speechless .

In fact, he wanted to tell Tang Xiansheng that Jing Yue had got Young Master’s instruction indeed .

“General Luo, could you pass on a message for me? Just tell Young Master Lu that South County Mayor Tang Xiansheng is here in person,” Tang Xiansheng said .

Luo Yue opened his mouth, but he shook his head .

“That man is White Jade City’s disciple . He said that Young Master doesn’t want to see the Mayor, so the Young Master doesn’t want to see you . Mayor, please go…”

Luo Yue certainly would not disobey Lu Fan’s order for Tang Xiansheng’s sake .

Tang Xiansheng’s face was twitching .

He had never been shut out of the door before .

This Young Master Lu from Beiluo assumed such grand airs .

Even the emperor would see him in person if he went to the capital city . This Lu Ping’an…

“Well, he is truly a cultivator . He has the pride of cultivators . ”

Tang Xiansheng smiled gently .

“Well, so I’ll just wait here by the lake and go to the island when Young Master Lu wants to see me . ”

Carrying his knife, Luo Yue threw Tang Xiansheng a look .

This was just a trick many people would use .

However, Luo Yue looked awkward very soon .

Tang Xiansheng found a clean step on the stairs where there was no blood . He gathered up the ends of his robe and sat down after wiping the step with a handkerchief .

Looking at the setting sun and the beautiful misty Beiluo Lake, he was enjoying the breeze .

If he, Tang Xiansheng, showed Young Master Lu he genuinely wanted to see the latter, then he supposed Young Master Lu would agree to see him in the end .

Tang Xiansheng was really curious about Lu Ping’an .

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There was a rumor .

It was said that whoever got Lu Ping’an’s help would get the world .

He truly believed it . If he could have Lu Ping’an as his advisor, then the world would be his .

Tang Xiansheng was confident . He believed that with his eloquence, he could even convince people a dead person was alive .

A bent sword was straight .

And fishes and shrimps in the sea would even jump out of the water .

Tang Xiansheng looked at the lake’s surface . As long as he had the chance to speak…

All of a sudden…

He felt he was suspended in midair .

He found himself lifted from the step by some people .


“What are you doing?!”

Tang Xiansheng was astonished .

He hurried to struggle, but the Dragon Blood Army in Beiluo City had taken Dragon’s Blood Elixir, so they were extremely strong .

Tang Xiansheng couldn’t wrench himself from their grasp at all . So he was lifted .

Luo Yue arranged his armor . Throwing Tang Xiansheng an indifferent look, he said, “Mayor Tang, I just got the Young Master’s order . He doesn’t want to see you . ”

“And he wants you to leave the dock . ”

“You are in the way . ”

Tang Xiansheng’s face turned pale and then darkened .


Why didn’t Lu Ping’an want to see him? He just couldn’t get it .

He knew Lu Fan had seen the Imperial Advisor Kong Xiu when the latter came here . When the emperor Yu Wenxiu came, Lu Fan also saw him .

Lu Fan even saw the Overlord when the latter came late at night .

Why didn’t he want to see him Tang Xiansheng?

“General Luo, are you kidding? Young Master Lu didn’t say anything . How could you decide on your own?”

The smile on Tang Xiansheng’s face was fading .

“Young Master could transmit his voice across thousands of miles . The order emerged in my head directly . It’s normal that, Mayor Tang, you can’t hear anything,” Luo Yue said in a plain voice .

Several soldiers of the Dragon Blood Army carried Tang Xiansheng onto his carriage .


Tang Xiansheng was pissed off .

Luo Yue frowned . He grasped the handle of the knife he was carrying at the waist as powerful Qi and blood burst .

“You didn’t need to drive me away with such an absurd excuse . ”


As soon as Tang Xiansheng finished speaking…

He heard a plain voice in his head .

“Oh? Absurd?”

“What is absurd?”

It was a gentle voice, but it sounded a little indifferent and aloof .

Tang Xiansheng’s face froze . He opened his eyes widely and glanced around, unable to believe it .

Who was speaking?

Why was he hearing a voice in his head?

Cultivators could do that?

His son Tang Yimo was also a cultivator, but Tang Xiansheng almost knew nothing about cultivators .

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“Don’t make me repeat the same thing for the third time . ”

Lu Fan’s voice came again . Then it went quiet .

Tang Xiansheng opened his mouth .

He apparently perceived Lu Fan’s unhappiness .

So he didn’t have the nerve to pose another question .

Young Master Lu from Beiluo was famous for his bad temper . Tang Xiansheng figured he might not be able to walk out of Beiluo City alive if he really irritated Young Master Lu .

A person so afraid to die like him would not have the nerve to take such a risk .

Tang Xiansheng cupped his hands at Lake Island in awe . Then he went into the carriage .

“Go back to the capital city . ”

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Leaning on the back of the Thousand Blades Chair, Lu Fan was holding the bronze liquor cup with warm green plum wine in it .

His white robe and hair were blowing in the wind .

He certainly had his reason to refuse to see Tang Xiansheng, because it was not necessary .

Tang Xiansheng came to see him for an obvious reason . He wanted to convince Lu Fan to join South County to be his advisor . Lu Fan didn’t want to deal with this indeed .

So he simply refused to see Tang Xiansheng .

He would rather set up the Wind Rain Strategy on the chessboard or watch Nie Changqing and the others fight against the ruler in the Secret Realm than see Tang Xiansheng .

Jing Yue came back .

When his boat had appeared on the lake…

Ni Yu, Nie Shuang, and the others on the island were all relieved .

Ni Yu took out that Gathering Qi Elixir wrapped in cloth with disgust . Then she threw it back to Jing Yue .

Jing Yue grinned . He went to the second floor .

“Young Master…”

Jing Yue knelt on one knee before Lu Fan .

Lu Fan took a sip from the bronze liquor cup . “Great . ”

“From now on, you are a disciple of White Jade City . ”

Jing Yue raised his head in pleasant surprise .

“Thank you, Young Master!”

Lu Fan nodded, playing with the liquor cup in his hand . Then he waved with the other hand .

Suddenly, Jing Yue’s blunt sword flew out and stopped in Lu Fan’s hand .

“Well… This sword is damaged . ”

“Now that you are already White Jade City’s disciple, I’ll gift you a sword,” Lu Fan said .

Then he lifted his hand . With his long delicate fingers pressed against the armrest of the wheelchair, he gently pulled it forward .

The red Phoenix Feather Sword flew out .

The sword flew around Jing Yue; its flame was burning bright .

A pile of melted iron showed up in the air .

Soon, Lu Fan turned the melted iron into a long narrow blade with his mind .

The blade was three feet long, carved with strange patterns .

Floating before Lu Fan, he flicked the tip, the middle part, and the handle of the sword . There were three flicks, and wisps of Spirit Qi burst every time to shake the blade .

The Phoenix Feather Sword returned to the armrest of the wheelchair .

He waved his hand .

The three-foot-long sword moved up to Jing Yue .

“This sword is for you, so you’ll name the sword,” Lu Fan said .

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“A sword is the most frequently used weapon to attack . Sword spirit can increase a sword’s power . I hope you won’t fail this sword . Hopefully, you can work the sword spirit out and become a swordsman who really has a sword spirit,” Lu Fan continued .

Jing Yue was extremely thrilled . His lips were trembling .

Was this the gift Young Master would give him?

Looking at this beautiful sword that tugged at his heartstrings, Jing Yue reached for it . His hands were also trembling .

He grasped the sword like he was holding the hand of his lover .

This was the first gift Jing Yue had received in his life, and it would always be his favorite, one and only .

Wherever the sword was, he would be there .

Lu Fan waved his hand, so Jing Yue went downstairs .

Holding the sword, he was touching it with affection .

All of a sudden…

A shadow showed up quietly behind him . Jing Yue was almost scared to death .

“Could you let me have a look at the sword?”

His hoarse voice sounded like it had been rubbed against gravels .

Jing Yue looked back immediately . Looking around, he saw no one . Not until he had lowered his head did he see a small man .

“Senior Gongshu?!”

Jing Yue was surprised .

He found it was Gongshu Yu, the leader of Jiguan Pavilion, which was now under White Jade City’s command .

Standing with his hands behind his back, the white-haired Gongshu Yu looked pretty old and sad .

He stared fixedly at the sword in Jing Yue’s hand .

He seemed to realize Jing Yue was hesitating .

“Your sword needs a sheath . If you let me have a look at it, I’ll give you a sheath as a gift,” Gongshu Yu said .

Jing Yue smiled . He handed the sword to Gongshu Yu .

Taking the sword, Gongshu Yu was as excited as Jing Yue . He touched the sword gently as if it was a woman with stunning beauty .

He touched the pattern on the sword as well as the edge of the blade .

“It’s truly Young Master’s work… This sword is so well-made . Its creator has fully comprehended the essence of Tool Refining Manual . This is a Spirit Tool, a Spirit Tool of Earth Level High Grade!” Gongshu Yu said .

He had read Tool Refining Manual, so he knew the grading system for Spirit Tools .

He gave the sword back to Jing Yue reluctantly .

“It’s a good sword, but you still need to nurture it . A tool is lifeless, but humans are alive . If a man can inject his Spirit Qi into his tool, then the tool’s power will be further enhanced . ”

“Take Nie Changqing, for example . His butcher knife is not an ordinary butcher knife anymore, thanks to the nurture of his Spirit Qi . Maybe its grade isn’t as high as your sword, but in a real fight, you won’t be able to repel its attack . ”

With his hands behind his back, Gongshu Yu asked, “What is it called?”

Gently stroking the sword, Jing Yue was smiling . “My family name is Jing . This sword is like heaven for me… So I’ll call it Jing Heaven Sword . ”

“Jing Heaven?”

Gongshu Yu ruminated on the name of the sword, slightly nodding .

“Give me three days . I’ll build a sword sheath for Jing Heaven Sword…” Gongshu Yu said .

Then he took out Tool Refining Manual and started to read it while walking .

If he hadn’t sensed Lu Fan had built a sword for Jing Yue, he wouldn’t have paid any attention to Jing Yue .

“Thank you, Senior Gongshu!”

Jing Yue was moved . He pressed his lips into a thin line . The sword the Young Master had given him was too precious .

Young Master thought him highly indeed!

South County .

Tiandang Mountain .

The cold moonlight spilled on the mountain .

The ancient stone stairs of Daoist School were full of all kinds of marks .

A black-robed shadow was walking slowly toward Daoist School’s main gate .

On the field, the Daoist disciple guarding the gate was napping while holding a broom .

When he stepped on a leaf, creating a crunching sound, the Daoist disciple woke up .

The Daoist disciple was slightly startled when he had opened his eyes and saw that black-robed shadow .


However, the black-robed man removed his hood with a restricted smile . A ferocious face showed up, but that face had some coquetry on it .


The Daoist disciple was very nervous . That damn coquetry .

“You are from Nanman?!”

The Daoist disciple was extremely startled when he had seen the face, where ferociousness and coquetry controversially coexisted, clearly in the moonlight .

The black-robed man pointed at the middle of the Daoist disciple’s forehead with his hand in the shape of orchid fingers . Then the Daoist disciple, holding the broom, semmed to go nuts .

“Daoist School… No, it’s called Daoist Pavilion now? Daoist Pavilion under White Jade City’s command?”

The black-robed man smiled .

“Internal Organs is the highest fighting power in this world? Qi Core is the realm to refine Qi . Internal Organs is similar to the Foundation Building Realm in our world . Unfortunately, all of those in the Internal Organs Realm here are just beginners . It would be a little tricky if there were cultivators in the peak of Internal Organs . ”

The black-robed man stroked his own cheek with his orchid fingers and touched his rough hair . He frowned with disgust .

“This filthy disgusting body . ”

“Lu Ping’an, leader of White Jade City, is said to be the number one cultivator in this world . According to the level of this world, he should be a medium-grade Foundation Building cultivator at most . As the duplicate of one wisp of Spiritual Sense, my strength should be enough to handle him . However… I can’t be too careful . Let me try him first . ”

A hoarse laugh of exulting coquetry started .

The black-robed man pointed at the middle of the young Daoist disciple’s forehead . A fluctuation spread, rippling the air . The young Daoist disciple flopped onto the ground in a daze .

In the temple, Daoist School .

Candle flames were flickering .

Behind an old Eight Immortals Table, Xie Yunling was writing and drawing with a writing brush . He was wearing a Daoist robe . The hair around his temples was all white . After the loss on Lake Island, Xie Yunling started to focus on studying formations using Daoist techniques .

He found formations using Daoist techniques were very promising .

If he had had enough Spirit Qi, he would have been able to cause Lu Ping’an more troubles in the battle on Lake Island .

What a pity .

He only had little Spirit Qi .

All of a sudden…

Xie Yunling stopped writing .

There was no wind .

However, the candle flames on the Eight Immortals Table were flickering like crazy .

Lifting his head, Xie Yunling shouted in an aggressive voice .

“Who is that?!”

Then he heard a hoarse laugh of exulting coquetry .

He saw a black-robed shadow wearing a hood before the Daoist Temple .

Xie Yunling blinked .

And the black-robed man vanished from where he had been standing . He showed up behind Xie Yunling like a ghost and put his big hand in the shape of orchid fingers on the latter’s shoulder .

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