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Chapter 129
Chapter 129: Young Master Lu’s Trip

Lu Fan was indeed troubled by it .

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The Dragon’s Blood Elixir was a valuable and excellent elixir that was used to lay a solid foundation .

By using dragon’s blood, the body could gain tremendous strength .

And once the power of the dragon’s blood inside the body is activated, then physical strength might even increase several-fold .

Lu Fan already had a plan for the Dragon’s Blood Elixir .

He was going to use it to build up Beiluo City’s strength .

Even though the whole world had heard about Beiluo City, it was only because of White Jade City .

Everyone knew White Jade City was extremely powerful, while there was nothing special about Beiluo City . In fact, Beiluo City could be taken effortlessly by enemies if not for White Jade City .

Therefore, Lu Fan believed it was necessary to strengthen Beiluo City’s position .

They couldn’t rely on White Jade City for everything .

Just like the last battle of the long street in the capital city…

Only Nie Changqing and Ning Zhao were actually fighting .

The 500 armored horsemen of Beiluo City simply served as a foil to the cultivators .

It was not Lu Fan’s intention that Beiluo City would be dependent on White Jade City .

Besides, White Jade City is situated inside Beiluo City . So the stronger Beiluo City became, the more powerful White Jade City would be .

“The dragon’s blood… For now, the only heavenly dragon descendant is the Torch Dragon is, and it’s such a waste to use its blood to make Dragon’s Blood Elixir .

“The other dragons are not heavenly dragon descendants as of yet . However… Although their blood doesn’t quite meet the standards for creating Dragon’s Blood Elixir, the elixir made from those dragons’ blood should be potent enough to be used in normal people’s bodies . ”

Lu Fan leaned on the back of his new wheelchair .

The wheelchair, made up of a thousand sharp silver blades, was the first Spirit Tool Lu Fan forged .

The level and grade were pretty high as well . This Earth Level High Grade wheelchair is composed of a thousand Earth Level Low Grade blades .

Lu Fan gave it a low-key name, Thousand Blades Chair .

As Lu Fan’s palm gently stroke the armrest of the chair, the armrest immediately bloomed like a lotus flower with the sharp silver blades spinning and gleaming .

“Since the Torch Dragon’s blood is too extravagant, I will use a common Jiao dragon’s blood instead . ”

Lu Fan pondered while caressing the armrest of the wheelchair .

Naturally, he would choose the dragon he disliked the most since he needed to extract the blood .

The images of the eight dragon descendants flashed in Lu Fan’s mind as he continuously stroke the armrest of his wheelchair .

Eventually, he picked the black Jiao dragon .

“Mmm, you’re it .

“You love to eat meat and have more blood anyway,” Lu Fan muttered .

Capital city .

The black Jiao dragon was lying on the Dragon Gate leisurely . Suddenly, its eyes widened, and its scales stood up . A sense of fear rushed to its head from the tail .

The wheelchair moved slowly . Leaning on a railing, Lu Fan looked over at the whirlpool in the Beiluo Lake .

His eyes sparkled .

He saw through the Dragon Gate and watched the progress of the battle at the Dragon Gate in the Secret Realm .

Jing Yue blended in the Beiluo Army sent by Lu Changkong and fought against the terracotta warriors . He inhaled several wisps of the Spirit Qi .

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Jing Yue was satisfied with the feeling that he had reached his peak .

He struck a terracotta warrior’s head into pieces with his sword .

Jing Yue landed on the ground and carefully took out a Gathering Qi Elixir from his pocket . He licked it before reluctantly putting it back .

“It’s a little sweet . Little Ni put too much sugar in this elixir . I need to tell her that she needs someone to test the elixirs for her . ”

Jing Yue licked his lips and then charged at the enemies again .

He didn’t have to run away again . He did not need to flee now that the experienced Beiluo Army is here .

“Don’t be a coward . Only chickens would run away!”

On the iron chain bridge…

An atmosphere of oppression and fear pervaded .

Countless swords, shinning like sheets of rain, almost blocked every corner of the iron chain bridge .

Ning Zhao was stained with blood and covered with sword wounds .

She clenched her teeth and kept resisting the attack from two plumes of purple smoke .

She fought hard and strenuously . There were several times when the attacks from the swords of the purple smoke couple almost slashed her throat .

She could really die in this battle .

The Secret Realm was not a place for fun . Death was a common occurrence here .

Even people from the Beiluo Army could walk in alive and be carried out dead .

Ning Zhao didn’t slack off as it could result in her untimely demise .

The Young Master asked her to break into the Secret Realm, and she didn’t want to disappoint him .

Although the Young Master had become stronger, Ning Zhao still wanted to shield him from all the troubles .

She needed to be exceptionally powerful to achieve that .

The Young Master said that her natural talent wasn’t impressive . Thus, she had to hurry up and break through to the Internal Organs Realm . The Young Master even gave her the Condensed Core from the ancient Qi Refiner that was obtained from the Secret Realm of the Hidden Dragon Ridge .

She had no intention of letting the Young Master down .


She waved the Cicada Wing Sword and forced the purple smoke couple back while releasing wisps of Spirit Qi .

Wiping off the blood on the corner of her mouth, Ning Zhao stood up firmly and rushed forward again like a white shadow .

In the pavilion…

Lu Fan watched the fight in silence . He was well aware of Ning Zhao’s persistence .

Ning Zhao was stubborn and had been chasing him . Even though she knew she didn’t stand a chance to catch up with him, she never gave up .

Even an ordinary person could become immortal .

Also, Ning Zhao already had a much better start than other common people .

Lu Fan sat upright in the silver Thousand Blades Chair as if ice and snow were turning under him .

He went down the White Jade City Pavilion and appeared on the island .

In the distance, Ni Yu was making elixirs . She was astonished when she saw the Young Master went down the pavilion .

She wiped her face and was going to run to him .


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Lu Fan gently waved his hand and pushed Ni Yu back to the black cauldron .

“You keep making the elixirs . ”

Lu Fan’s soft voice lingered in Ni Yu’s ears .

Meanwhile, Lv Mudui and Lv Dongxuan were brewing tea . They stood up in haste when they saw Lu Fan .

“Young Master . ”

Lu Fan slightly nodded at the two .

Mingyue held a pipa and stood aside . Disconcerted and curious, she stared at Lu Fan .

Was this elegant young man sitting in the wheelchair the Young Master Lu? According to the widespread rumors outside, he was extremely mysterious, perverse, and cruel .

Then why did he look so courteous and amiable?


Lu Fan saw Mingyue as well . He found the young woman vaguely familiar .

“Mingyue, come and greet the Young Master . ” Lv Dongxuan waved at Mingyue in a hurry . The young woman trotted over while holding the pipa .

“Young… . Young Master… . ”

With an innocent face, Mingyue felt ill at ease .

The Young Master Lu of Beiluo was a living legend like God .

Mingyue… Mingsang…

Lu Fan’s eyebrows arched . “Were they sisters?”

Lu Fan slightly nodded as a greeting to the young woman .

Lv Dongxuan simpered . The thick golden beaded necklace hanging on his neck glittered in the evening twilight .

“Young Master, what do you think about Mingyue? Does she have the gift to be a cultivator? Can she study the cultivation method from you?”

Lv Dongxuan rubbed his palms together nervously .

Lu Fan waved his hand dismissively .

“Let her play the pipa on the island for now . We will discuss further when she can blend the Spirit Qi with the sound of the pipa,” Lu Fan replied in a low voice .

His wheelchair moved on its own to the direction of the Secret Realm of Beiluo Lake .

Lv Dongxuan gasped in astonishment .

To blend Spirit Qi with the sound of pipa? How… How should they do that?

Watching Lu Fan’s receding figure, Mingyue clenched her teeth and ran to the bluestone stairs . She held the pipa and started to play .

Lu Fan went to the lakeside of Beiluo Lake .

The Thousand Blades Chair began to change . The blades transformed into a sled and slid slowly into the Dragon Gate in the Secret Realm .

On the bank of the lake…

Lv Mudui and Lv Dongxuan exchanged a surprising look .

The Young Master Lu went into the Secret Realm . Did that count as leaving the island?

This was the first time they saw Young Master Lu leaving the island!

The more intriguing part was what Young Master Lu wanted to do in the Secret Realm .

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What did Lu Fan want to do in the Secret Realm?

Lv Mudui and Lv Dongxuan would never be able to guess right .

When Lu Fan entered the Dragon Gate in his wheelchair, the Secret Realm that was saturated by a strong stench of blood quieted down instantly .

The silver wheelchair was dazzling and flashy . Wearing snow-white clothes, Lu Fan held his chin with one hand and gently tapped the wool blanket on his lap with the other hand .

His eyes glanced at the Secret Realm .

The terracotta warriors that were fighting against the Beiluo Army froze at once .

Covered in blood, Luo Cheng gasped for air . He was stunned when he saw Young Master Luo enter the Secret Realm .

Jing Yue was also stupefied .

“Wow, Young Master, the homebody, really came to the Secret Realm?!”

Everyone stopped moving as soon as Lu Fan appeared . The ardent soldiers of Beiluo stared at Lu Fan with both admiration and reverence .

Lu Fan nodded slightly .

His fingers caressed the armrest of his wheelchair .

He raised and motioned his hand forward as though he was plucking the strings on an instrument .


The resonant metallic sound rang out next to everyone’s ears .

A ray of silver light shot out from the armrest of the wheelchair .

It swept across all the terracotta warriors like a fish in the water .


All the terracotta warriors exploded one by one .

They turned into strands of the Spirit Qi and plunged into the bodies of the soldiers nearby .

The ray of silver light dashed back to the armrest of the wheelchair .

Many soldiers were exhilarated .

Did the Young Master just reward them with the Spirit Qi on his trip?!

The soldiers got down on one knee in elation and joy .

“Thank you, Young Master!”

Lu Fan didn’t speak .

He held his chin with one hand while the wheelchair moved forward on its own at a leisurely pace .

His figure became blurry once he went on the iron chain bridge .

Jing Yue couldn’t help but tremble . The Young Master… was more and more unfathomable . With his silver blade, the enemies would be decapitated even if they tried to run for hundreds of miles in advance .

Nevertheless, Jing Yue was puzzled by something .

Why did the Young Master enter the Secret Realm? What did he want to do?

Lu Fan didn’t interrupt the fight between Ning Zhao and the purple smoke couple .

He went on the iron chain bridge .

Ning Zhao and the purple smoke couple didn’t seem to notice him at all .

Lu Fan moved forward unhurriedly, while Ning Zhao and the purple smoke couple fought next to him frantically and savagely .

Lu Fan’s hair thrashed in the wind, while his clothes were as white as snow . He acted like he was going for an outing in the wheelchair .

Soon enough, he moved across the iron chain bridge and arrived at the floating sky island .

Lu Fan didn’t stop . From the iron chain bridge, he went up to the palace in the middle of the eight gates .

Eight iron chains, coming from eight directions, gathered in front of the palace .

Sitting on the Thousand Blades Chair, Lu Fan appeared on the white jade terrace of the palace .

At the moment he went up to the palace, a fierce source of energy inside the palace became restless and was ready for action .

It was the sleeping giant in the center of the palace .

Lu Fan was unaffected by the restless energy . His slender fingers gently tapped the armrest of the wheelchair .

The clear sound reverberated in the entire palace .

The agitated energy stiffened and then dissipated in a flash .

Lu Fan leaned on the back of the wheelchair and glanced at the eight iron chains . He located the iron chain of the Dragon Gate in the Secret Realm of the capital city .

Lu Fan moved closer to the iron chain while sitting in his wheelchair .

Looking in the distance along the iron chain, he could faintly see the Dragon Gate of the capital city on the other side .

“Em… This is a direct way . ”

Lu Fan’s lips curled up .

The wheelchair floated on the iron chain, passed the iron chain bridge, and then entered the Dragon Gate in the Secret Realm of the capital city .

Inside the Secret Realm…

The old eunuch was dealing with a terracotta warrior .

All of a sudden…

The old eunuch caught a glimpse of the white shadow in the wheelchair .

The sight stopped the old eunuch in his track .

“Oh my god?!”

“The Young Master Lu of Beiluo?!”

“How did she show up here?!”

The old eunuch then saw Lu Fan, sitting in the wheelchair, motioned his hand forward as if he was plucking the strings .

Numerous silver blades dashed out upon his movement .

Following one blade at the front, the other blades formed a giant silver bowl and shot in the direction of the Dragon Gate with the frightening sound of a bellow .

Soon after, the silver rays flew back .

The giant silver bowl, fully loaded with rippling blood, floated in front of Lu Fan .

Lu Fan nodded in satisfaction . He turned the wheelchair around, shot the old eunuch a glance, and then got on the iron chain bridge and slowly disappeared .

The old eunuch was paralyzed with fright with the familiar sense of oppression in the Young Master’s glance .

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