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Chapter 123: 123
Chapter 123: Young Master Thinks Very Highly of You

Nie Changqing looked at the Daoist nun by the Dragon Gate .

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For the first time, his eyes displayed some emotion .

Were there prodigies in this world?

If there were, Li Sansui was absolutely one of them . This woman was more freakily talented than even her elder brother Li Sansi .

It had not been long since the Dragon Gate Secret Realm in the Daoist School had opened, but the fluctuation of Spirit Qi in Li Sansui really shocked Nie Changqing .

Talent mattered a lot to refining Qi in the Qi Core .

Li Sansui’s talent in refining Qi surpassed that of every other gifted person in the world, maybe except his Young Master . Even Overlord was no match for her .

The Daoist nun standing at the Dragon Gate had reached Ninth Stage Qi Core Realm, which was incredible!

How had she been cultivating?

“Brother Nie, long time no see,” Daoist nun Li Sansui said, as she stood at the Dragon Gate, gazing at Nie Changqing .

Her long eyelashes fluttered slightly .

Nie Changqing nodded at her .

“It’s been a long time . ”

The butcher knife fell into Nie Changqing’s hands . Gazing at Li Sansui, Nie Changqing breathed out slowly .

The happy big-hearted teenage girl in his memory looked so melancholic and heavyhearted at this moment .

Love could devastate a person .

“Sansui, stop him!” a Daoist priest standing at the Dragon Gate shouted at Li Sansui, whose Daoist robe was fluttering .

Li Sansui glanced at him, frowning .

She chose to ignore him .

Nie Changqing glanced at that Daoist priest . Then the butcher knife flew out of his hand like lightning .

It turned into black radiance in an instant .

The Daoist priest roared in a low voice . With his Qi and blood bursting, he confronted the butcher knife with the palms of his hands . However, his arms were cut off . He fell on Star Picking Peak, screaming tragically .

The butcher knife, spinning at high speed, shook off the man’s blood . Then it flew back into Nie Changqing’s hand .

“Too loud,” Nie Changqing said flatly in a low voice .

At the Dragon Gate, the melancholic Daoist nun was indifferent .

“Brother Nie, go . I don’t want to fight you,” the Daoist nun said in a low voice, her red-lipped mouth slightly open .

“You and Sister Ru are beautiful memories for me . I don’t want to ruin those memories . ”

On the flagstone-paved field of Star Picking Peak, Nie Changqing’s pupils slightly constricted .

The butcher knife flew back . He grasped it .

“Sansui… Are you going to stop me like the rest did?” Nie Changqing asked .

The Daoist nun sighed, shaking her head .

“Even if my yes-man brother were here, he wouldn’t let you see Sister Ru either, even at the cost of his life . Reunion isn’t always good,” Li Sansui said .

“All I want is to take Ru’er back so that Shuang’er can stay with her mother, and our family can be complete again . Why is that so difficult?”

Nie Changqing gazed at the ground . His white robe was blowing in the wind .

“I promised Shuang’er I would take Ru’er back . I’ll kill whoever tries to stop me . ”

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“It wouldn’t matter to me even if I eliminated the entire Daoist School . ”

Nie Changqing lifted his head . His unshaven chin glistened like a diamond under the sun .

At Star Picking Peak, the Daoist disciples all turned pale . They looked startled .

Nie Changqing’s cruelty and the image of the field stained with blood had shocked those Daoist disciples who had been practicing hard in their isolated little world .

Li Sansui looked at Nie Changqing quietly, with her long eyelashes fluttering slightly .

Nie Changqing looked Li Sansui in the eye .

The scholar’s white robe fluttered .

The Daoist nun’s azure robe was blowing in the wind .

After a long while, Li Sansui spoke, her voice, as silvery as spring water, echoed along the summit of Star Picking Peak, “Brother Nie if you insist, let’s make a deal…”

“If Brother Nie can take one strike from me, I won’t stop you anymore . ”

Nie Changqing, holding the butcher knife horizontally, did not speak after a good while . “Deal . ”

As soon as he agreed, aggressive energy arose at Star Picking Peak .

White thick clouds emerged, covering the entire sky .

Li Sansui lifted her head . The fabric cover of her bun loosened . Instantly, her long hair hung down in the sunshine and the clouds .

“Cloud,” Li Sansui murmured .

Then, behind the Dragon Gate, a translucent jiao dragon was emerging . The dragon growled, the sound of which echoed across the entire Star Picking Peak .

The heavy clouds seemed to turn into a swirl . A gale started at the peak .

Li Sansui closed her eyes . Her mind settled like still water .

The tumbling clouds stacked up and formed a giant Cloud Dragon . It was not very vivid .

However, pressure spread, oppressing everyone on the field of Star Picking Peak . They could not even breathe .

Everyone was astonished .

The abilities of the Daoist nun amazed them all .

Nie Changqing’s white robe almost molded to his body . He looked amazed too .

Even though it was not a real Cloud Dragon he was facing .

He felt slightly pressured by what Li Sansui was showing at the moment .

Since he had reached the peak of his Qi Core Realm, very few people in this world could make him feel this pressured .

Besides Young Master, maybe only Overlord and Ning Zhao could .

But now, there was one more person . Daoist nun Li Sansui who had refined Qi Core for the first time .

However, Nie Changqing did not flinch .

He took a step forward, with his hands spreading slightly . The butcher knife floated in front of his face .

The Spirit Qi in his Qi Core surged like crazy, rising incessantly around him .

In the air, the Cloud Dragon growled .

On the field, Nie brandished his knife!

Li Sansui, closing her eyes, pointed at Nie Changqing from far away .

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Nie Changqing looked cold .

The butcher knife spun in front of him at a high speed . It flickered across space .

The unreal shadow of the knife’s radiance was fifty feet long . It immediately struck the Cloud Dragon growling in the sky .

The Daoist priests watching were all amazed by the fantastic fight between the two cultivators .

Lake Island, Beiluo .

Lu Fan raised his eyebrow slightly while he ate the Eight Ingredient Porridge . The lines in his eyes surged violently as if there was an overwhelming pressure .

Ni Yu, carrying the black pot on her back, was really enjoying the food . Her eyes were like crescent moons of happiness . Raising her head, she happened to look Lu Fan in his eye . Totally unprepared for what she saw, she did spat out her food .

Lu Fan gave Ni Yu a disgusted look when he regained his senses .

“Is this how you eat your porridge…”

Ni Yu was speechless .

Thumping her chest to clear it and stomping her feet, she was choked with sobs .

Lu Fan stopped teasing Ni Yu . He was slightly shocked .

“Daoist nun Li Sansui… She reached the ninth stage in her first try to refine Qi . No wonder she and the Cloud Dragon found each other immediately . ”

As expected of Li Sansi’s sister, she was talented .

Neither brother nor sister had been easy to deal with .

Li Sansi bluffed the Torch Dragon with a flute melody .

Li Sansui captured the Cloud Dragon’s heart with her talent .

The Cloud Dragon was not as great as the Torch Dragon .

But it was, after all, a dragon descendant . And it also showed how freakishly talented Li Sansui was .

And gathering clouds to form a dragon…

That was applying Spirit Qi . It could be regarded as a Daoist technique or Daoist method .

“What a pity! Li Sansui had not refined Qi for long enough yet,” Lu Fan exclaimed, shaking his head . Then, he stirred the porridge and scooped half a lotus seed into his mouth .

Ning Zhao came to the Dragon Gate holding her Cicada Wing Sword .

The little yellow jiao dragon was lying on its stomach on top of the Dragon Gate . Opening its mouth, it yawned .

Ning Zhao stopped for a second . Then, she walked through the Dragon Gate .

Soon, Jing Yue, carrying his sword box on his back, also entered the Dragon Gate .

As soon as he entered, Jing Yue was shocked .

It was his first time in a Secret Realm . The well-made terracotta warriors around him were exquisite . The iron chain bridge and the floating sky island beyond these warriors were like images that only existed in legends . They were really shocking .

An island floating in the sky!

As Jing Yue was looking around, amazed, the lifeless warriors suddenly opened their eyes and gave Jing Yue a good scare .

He unsheathed the sword on his back . Pointing the sword at the ground, he jumped into the air to dodge a terracotta warrior’s knife strike .

Landing at the Dragon Gate, he turned around, intending to flee out of the gate .

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However, when half of his foot was out of the Dragon Gate, he hesitated .

Why did he come to the Secret Realm in the first place?

To improve himself . To be stronger, so that he could escape faster .

If he quit as soon as he came here, how would he be able to improve himself?

Besides, the opponent was only a terracotta warrior . Jing Yue had a chance of winning .

“No escape this time! Fight!”

“Jing Yue have some faith in yourself . You can do it!”

“Young Master thinks very highly of you!”

Jing Yue turned back, slapping himself on his face .

Then, he ran into the crowd of warriors holding his sword .

One warrior unsheathed its terracotta knife . Jing Yue’s pupils constricted . Knocking the sword to the ground, he jumped up and then advanced holding his sword .

He whipped the warrior with his sword several times .

Then he finally seized a chance to cut the warrior’s head off .

The warrior fell apart immediately . A wisp of Spirit Qi flowed out of it and then into his body .

Standing there, Jing Yue closed his fist tightly to cheer for himself .

“I made it!”

“From today on, Jing Yue won’t flee anymore!”

Jing Yue’s resolute voice was echoing through the crowd of warriors .

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly felt movement .

Something was wrong .

He saw the other warriors open their eyes, one after another . Their terracotta knives glared and were quickly swung at Jing Yue .

Jing Yue crawled and rolled out of the Dragon Gate . He fled .

Ning Zhao, already beyond the warrior area, looked back at Jing Yue, who had escaped in a disgraceful manner . She was as calm as always .

As if she had anticipated Jing Yue would flee .

She took a deep breath .

The Cicada Wing Sword in her hand was shaking slightly .

She stepped onto the iron chain bridge haltingly, her white dress fluttering .

The moment she walked onto the iron chain bridge; she heard a vague roar .

The sound was isolated as if the world was unaffected by the sound .


Ning Zhao thought of something .

She looked at one side of the iron chain bridge . Despite the distance, she saw a man fighting desperately on another iron chain bridge .

“Overlord?” Ning Zhao murmured .

Her pupils gradually constricted .

Now, she was even more competitive .

“Young Master said he wanted me to be the first cultivator to reach the Internal Organs Realm . I won’t let Young Master down!”

She tiptoed along the boards of the iron chain bridge .

And then she across the bridge .

At that moment, in a three-legged bronze cauldron on the floating sky island, purple smoke curled upwards and turned into a man and a woman .

A tremendous pressure instantly shrouded Ning Zhao . The man and the woman were so strong that they gave Ning Zhao’s fair skin goosebumps .

“They are strong…”

“But the stronger they are, the more motivated I am to reach a breakthrough!”

Ning Zhao let out her breath heavily .

Grasping the Cicada Wing Sword tightly, she rushed forward .

The two purple smoke figures acted as well .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

From the iron chain bridge, one could only make out the sound of clanging swords .

Dragon Gate Secret Realm, Dongyan River .

Overlord brandished his ax to repulse the two figures . Feeling something shift, he looked at the iron chain bridge in the distance .

“Is someone else trying to get to the floating sky island from another Secret Realm?!”

“Wanting to get to the floating sky island before me, Xiang Shaoyun? I won’t allow it!” Overlord snarled in anger .

Demonic Qi was tumbling around him .

The purple smoke couple launched a quick attack .

Overlord neither dodged nor parried .

A purple smoke sword completely pierced through Overlord’s shoulder .

Overlord stumbled .

However, his face, with Demonic Qi clinging around it, displayed an excited smile . The smile pulled the corners of his lip up .

He lifted his hand to grasp the purple smoke sword that had pierced his body .

Then, he struck the man transformed by purple smoke, who was struggling to draw the sword out, with his head .

The latter was sent flying .

Overlord brandished his long ax, striking three times in a row, leaving only the black shadow of his ax lingering in the air .

He cleaved the purple smoke man into half!

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