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Chapter 479 – All Of My Enemies, Kill Them!

Terry didn't think the same, he was feeling really good right now. His family had already surrounded the Dark Soldier Fort of the Calci Family. He had never felt this elated before.

Seeing Zhao Hai and Megan on the wall, Terry sneered and said, "Megan, have you ever thought that this day would come? I've shown my interest to you all these years, but what did you do? You chose Zhao Hai instead of me, today, I will make you regret that decision."

Megan looked at Terry's appearance and coldly snorted, "Of course I'd choose Big Brother Hai and not you. You don't even compare to Big Brother Hai's little finger."

Zhao Hai said, "Megan, no need to exaggerate, how can you say that to Mister Terry? Why did you say that he can't compare to my finger? He is well worthy to be on the same level as my little finger."

When Megan and the others heard Zhao Hai, they couldn't help but smile. They knew that Zhao Hai rarely cracked a joke. But even in this situation, he still managed to say one, this made them appreciate Zhao Hai's temperament.

Megan smiled and said, "Right, just as what Brother Hai said, Terry, you're comparable to his little finger. That's why I didn't choose you."

Terry's face turned pale when he heard Megan and Zhao Hai's exchange. His dashing appearance completely disappeared from his face. He looked fiercely at Megan and said, "Why are you smiling, do you really think that you can deal with me?"

Zhao Hai looked at Terry's face and smiled faintly, "I didn't want to take care of you this soon, but since you came to the front door, why wouldn't I grant your wish? Seeing you so rampant, I think it's time for your life to end."

When Terry heard what Zhao Hai just said, his face couldn't help but turn black, then he said, "Enough wasting breath, today, I will make sure you die without a proper burial."

Zhao Hai looked at Terry and smiled, "In the past, those who wished me death didn't bade well. They didn't succeed, so why should you?"

Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as he had Alien appear, Zhao Hai and the girls disappeared from the wall as well and entered Alien's body. Alien opened its mouth as Zhao Hai's voice boomed out, "One of the worst mistake that your Robert Family did was being enemies with me!"

As his voice fell, the Robert Family suddenly saw their lines being disrupted, undead creatures were appearing. As soon as the undead appeared, they immediately attacked the Warriors of the Robert Family. Now, the family's formation was a mess.

And at this time, Alien jumped down from the wall. While it jumped down from the walls, it was also followed by some figures. Randolph and the others stared, those who jumped down with Zhao Hai were actually undead cavalry.

These undead cavalry were in the shape of Beastmen. Skeletal versions of a tall bullheaded Beastman was sitting on a horned bulls. When they fell to the ground, they produced a small indent on the surface. They seemed to be unaffected by their force of impact as they jumped over the fort's moat and immediately attacked the Robert Family.

Randolph and the others were very startled when they saw Zhao Hai's strength. These undead that Zhao Hai released were very different that what normal Dark Mages would summon. Their clan was a family of Dark Mages, they had researched summoning magic. However, they always managed to summon inferior undead. After each fight, those undead would need to be maintained well, otherwise, their strength would continually grow weak. Also, they weren't a match against general Warriors, they can only use their numbers as an advantage.

But Zhao Hai's undead didn't fit any of these descriptions. Their fighting strength was extremely formidable. They aren't any weaker than an 8th ranked expert. This strength made Randolph and the others extremely surprised.

What is most important was their numbers. These undead were numerous, from what they can count, Zhao Hai had already released about ten thousand. And the undead were still continuing to rush towards the Robert Family's troops, their numbers constantly increasing.

One could say that it didn't even take five minutes before Zhao Hai managed to destroy the Robert Family's siege line-up. The undead already broke their formation, it was impossible for them to recover.

At this time, Alien was stood in front of the fort's bridge, its big mouth opened as Zhao Hai's voice sounded out, "Hahaha, Robert Family, do you really believe that you can deal with this Zhao Hai? Hahaha. Since, you're already here, let me tell you. While I attended your banquet tonight, all of your businesses outside the capital have already been destroyed, your people all killed. Not only did we kill your people, we also looted everything and burned all of the infrastructure. Even if you didn't act this night, your family would still be finished tomorrow. It's very ridiculous that you still think that you can deal with me."

Robert Patriarch and Terry recoved, ever since Zhao Hai's attack began, the two of them were staring blankly. When Zhao Hai's voice was heard, they came back to normal and changed their faced. They believed Zhao Hai's words because there was no need for him to tell a lie at this moment.

From the present situation, Zhao Hai's undead held the upper hand. It seems like the attack on the Calci Family was already going to fail. Zhao Hai had no reason to deceive them.

Robert Patriarch's complexion was pale, he coldly snorted and said, "Ignorant junior. You're quite proud of your undead, but can they contest against 9th rank experts? I request the elders to make a move, my Robert Family has reached a life and death moment!"

Zhao Hai's voice came again, "Do you think that if you have a few 9th rank experts, you can change the outcome? It's useless, since I've decided to deal with your Robert Family, nobody can save you!"

At this time, a cold voice was heard, "Can nobody really save them? I don't believe you. My Robert Family has existed in the continent for more than 1000 years. With just your strength, exterminating my Robert Family is just a dream!"

Zhao Hai lifted his head and saw several human shapes floating in the air. All of them had a Warrior's appearance. Zhao Hai looked at them and counted ten 9th rank experts.

Without waiting for Zhao Hai to speak, a voice suddenly sounded out from inside Dark Soldier Fort, "Savage Wolf's Evil Sword, I didn't think that you're still alive, Hahaha. Good, I thought that I wouldn't be able to settle our enmity in this life. Today, we can finally settle the account between us." Along with the voice, seven figures appeared from the Calci Family. Six of them were dressed like Mages while one of them wore a Warrior’s clothing. Even if the mountain was filled with Antimagic Powder, its potency was too weak to affect these 9th ranks.

At this time, the 9th rank named Evil Sword laughed and said, "Dark Demon, I also didn't think that you're still alive. In the past, you're not my match, now, you're still not on my level. Although the Antimagic Powder isn't very effective against 9th ranks, you're still very restricted in your actions, feel it, your strength should be 80% compared to usual, right? Appearing this time is the same as courting death. In any case, without killing you, we won't be able to ensure the Calci Family's destruction."

Without waiting for Dark Demon to speak, Alien suddenly vanished from the bridge, exposing Zhao Hai's group underneath the 9th rank experts. When Randolph saw this, he was startled, he knew how terrifying 9th rank experts were. If Zhao Hai appeared, a 9th rank would only need to move a finger in order to erase him.

When Zhao Hai appeared on the bridge, he looked at Evil Sword and Dark Demon before opening his mouth, "Sorry for the disturbance. If you want to chat, go find a suitable place. I don't want you standing on my head while you talk."

Evil Sword looked down at Zhao Hai then coldly snorted," Ignorant Junior, die !" His hand moved as Sword Qi, whistled forward and headed towards Zhao Hai's direction.

Randolph felt his heart skip a beat. At this time, Zhao Hai moved and grabbed a whip. Seeing Zhao Hai wanting to meet his Sword Qi with a whip made Evil Sword sneer, in his mind, it was impossible for a whip to meet his Sword Qi.

However, he couldn't believe his eyes with what he just saw next. The whip just blew the Sword Qi away, just like how a fan disperses smoke.

Zhao Hai received the whip and then looked at Evil Sword, "Daring to injure me meant that you and my Buda Family are now enemies. I ask my Buda Clan's protectors to please come in!"

As Zhao Hai's voice fell, ten large figures suddenly appeared from the forest. These figures didn't belong to humans, but instead they were in the form of beasts. These were 9th rank experts from the Carrion Swamp.

Zhao Hai didn't send a lot of 9th ranks, only ten. Moreover, these ten weren't the strongest 9th ranks from the swamp, but instead, they were the weakest ten. However, these ten were enough to deal with Robert Family's 9th rank experts.

After these ten beast appeared, they immediately flew towards Zhao Hai while shrinking their bodies at the same time. When they arrived in front of him, they gave a bow to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "The enemies of my Buda Clan, kill them!" The beasts gave Zhao Hai a nod before flying into the air.

One of these ten was a 9th ranked eagle, he looked towards Evil Sword while using spiritual transmission to shout, "What audacity, to actually dare oppose our Buda Clan. Today, all of you will die!" Then all of the ten 9th ranks rushed towards Evil Sword's group. There wasn't any politeness at all, there wasn't much that was said.

At this time, it doesn't matter if they were from the Calci Family of the Robert Family, all of them were very shocked. They didn't expect the Buda Clan that was previously exiled to have ten 9th rank experts, moreover, they were actually Magic Beasts!

Chapter 480 – Rooting Out the Source of Trouble

Most importantly, they had noted how these 9th ranks treated Zhao Hai. One must know that 9th ranks belong to the top influences in the Continent. It was impossible for them to give someone a salute. Even if they gave respects, it would only be to another 9th rank. No matter what your status was, if you're below their ranks they would never salute to you. This matter didn't exempt even the Rosen Empire's monarch.

However these ten 9th ranks of the Buda Clan actually gave Zhao Hai a bow. It was completely different from how other 9th ranks treat their patron families.

Randolph and the others weren't the only ones who were startled by this scene, the other 9th rank experts stared as well. THey didn't think that those 9th rank Beasts would act like this.

It was universally known that 9th rank Magic Beasts have an edge over 9th rank Humans. At the same time, they were also more arrogant than the Humans, it was very hard for a Human to come into contact with them, therefore making it impossible for a family to have them as a foreign elder. But this impossible thing was actually achieved by Zhao Hai.

However, the 9th ranks weren't given enough time to think about this as the Buda Clan's 9th ranks met with Evil Sword's group. The scene of 20 9th ranks fighting was then witnessed.

Dark Demon looked at this development, he didn't expect that people would interfere with his family's matter. Moreover, they were 10 9th rank experts. This force was more formidable than the Calci Family.

Megan and the others just stood with Zhao Hai and didn't make a move. They knew that the other party wouldn't be able to escape. With only 10 9th ranks, Zhao Hai already held the upper hand, not to mention the 30 others still inside the Space.

Randolph blankly stared as Zhao Hai's group chatted. Randolph's heart was extremely terrified right now, he wasn't terrified about the fact that Zhao Hai was strong, he was scared because of their earlier matter.

Initially, he wanted to ask a 9th rank expert to deal with Zhao Hai. If this went forward, the Calci Family would surely suffer bad luck.

The fight with the 9th ranks this time cannot be finished in a short time. Although the Buda Clan's 9th ranks have the upper hand, it would be impossible for them to quickly deal with the 9th ranks of the Robert Family . The fight continued on.

At this time, Dark Demon's group also made their move. Initially, Evil Sword's group was able to hold on. But with Dark Demon's group coming in, they can already feel a sense of danger.

While the fighting in the skies continued, the battle on the ground was coming to an end. At this time, Zhao Hai had all the undead surrounding Dark Mountain close in to prevent any stragglers from escaping.

At this time Robert Patriarch and Terry's face were as bitter as chinese goldthread. They have never thought that the situation would turn into this.[1]

Terry looked at Zhao Hai with eyes that seem to be spouting fire. He felt that his whole life was left to ruin by Zhao Hai. Everything he had was snatched away from him. The only thing in his mind right now was to kill Zhao Hao.

While thinking about this, Terry inserted his hand into his chest. In his chest, there was an ancient Magic Scroll. Ancient Scrolls were passed down from ancient times, but most of them weren't of good quality. There were only a few of them who were very useful, some of them even contained formidable magic spells.

The Magic Scroll that Terry has was special, as long as someone ripped it open, one can transfer to another person instantaneously within a radius of a hundred li(50km). This scroll was very rare, there were only a few of them present at this time.

Terry knew that Zhao Hai's whip wasn't simple, it should be one of those Ancient Artifacts with special magical attributes. However, the whip was currently used as Zhao Hai's belt. Zhao Hai was a Mage so he shouldn't have the quick reflexes of a warrior. As long as the used the scroll and teleported to Zhao Hai's side, he should be able to kill him in one blow.

Terry wasn't thinking of anything else other than killing Zhao Hai. Seeing that Zhao Hai was talking with Megan and wasn't observing him at all, he immediately took the scroll out.

It was not only Zhao Hai, there was nobody who was paying attention to Terry. All of them were attracted to the fighting in the skies. Among the Robert Family's 9th ranks, three of them were already killed while seven were heavily injured. They wouldn't be able to last long.

Because their attention was focused on the sky, nobody looked at Terry since the battle on the ground was already finished. In their opinion, those on the ground were insignificant compared to those at the skies.

At this moment, Terry's eyes flashed a cold light as he quickly tore the Magic Scroll into shreds. A white light them shot up into the sky, making people shift their gazes.

When the white light vanished, Terry disappeared from this present location and reappeared two meters right beside Zhao Hai. He immediately brandished his spear as he stabbed towards Zhao Hai.

The spear emitted a fiery radiance, indicating that Battle Qi was used to increase the effectivity of the strike. At this time, Randolph and the others pales, Megan and the others gasped.

When everyone thought that Zhao Hai would die, Zhao Hai immediately waved his Magic Staff towards Terry's spear, *Ting* Then the strike was averted.

Terry looked at Zhao Hai with a surprised expression. Zhao Hai looked at Terry and said, "What? You think this can kill me? Are you this naive? I forgot to tell you, I actually cultivate both Magic and Battle Qi." Then he waved his hand as his Magic Staff turned into a sword. Then he slashed towards the leg of Terry's horse.

Terry immediately responded and pulled the reins. The Demon Horse not only evaded Zhao Hai's strike by raising its legs, it also directed a kick towards Zhao Hai's head.

Compared to Zhao Hai's head, the horse's hoof was much bigger. If this hoof gets in contact with Zhao Hai, his head would certainly turn into something like a smashed watermelon.

But Zhao Ha's response was very quick. His body immediately moved and moved towards the belly of the horse. His staff lengthened and stabbed towards the belly of the beast, and also penetrating Terry's body.

The staff immediately shortened as Zhao Hai moved away from Terry. Terry continued to sit on his horse as he stared at Zhao Hai with an unbelieving expression. Then his body shook before he fell down with a thud, followed along by his horse.

Zhao Hai's fight made the crowd turn their attention towards them. Randolph and the others stared blankly at Zhao Hai. They didn't think that Zhao Hai was a Magic and Battle Qi dual cultivator, moreover, he also had formidable Battle Qi.

Robert Patriarch looked at Terry with a grim face. Terry was the grandson that he valued the most. Now that he died in front of him, Robert Patriarch suddenly felt that he did something wrong.

Zhao Hai looked at Robert Patriarch and coldly snorted, "Robert Family's Patriarch, I said that the worst thing that your family did was making me your enemy. Now, tell me, did I speak wrong?"

Robert Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai and then burst into laughter, he loudly said, "Good, Zhao Hai, Good, Buda Clan. Starting today, the Robert Family is now erased from the Continent, the Robert Family has lost. Zhao Hai, I only ask one thing, spare the roots of my Robert Family. Can you promise me this?"

Zhao Hai looked at Robert Patriarch and then shook his head, "No, if I don't cut out the roots, it will sprout come spring. If our enemies completely eliminated the Buda Clan, there would be no Zhao Hai right now. If your family had any newborn children, since they don't have any understanding, I will spare them. However, I will never let them inherit the Robert Family. I will let them keep their surname, but I will tell them that they have no relationship to you."

Robert Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai and couldn't help but show despair. At the same time he laughed again, "Good Zhao Hai, good. It's a pity that we don't have a child like that in our family, an innocent child. Hahaha. I've shamed the ancestors, I've shamed the ancestors!" He said as he drew his sword and killed himself.

At this time, the forces of the Robert Family had all been exterminated, the battle on the sky was finished as well. All of the 9th rank experts of the Robert Family were killed.

Zhao Hai was not polite, beside the Robert Patriarch and Terry, he turned all of the Robert Family's forces into undead. Then he scanned the area using the monitor to see if they were still some survivors. Only when seeing that there were no enemies did he stop.

At this time, the 9th ranks of the Buda Clan gave Zhao Hai a bow before their bodies flashed and vanished. At this moment, a batch of 9th ranks appeared in the sky. The 9th ranks in this group were numerous, approximately 40 people. But if one would look carefully, one could see that these 9th ranks didn't belong to a single clan, but different families instead. They came to see what was going on.

Dark Demon met with them and told the 9th ranks what was happening before all of them left. They didn't care about this matter anymore, in their mind, this has nothing to do with their families. Other than the life and death of their clans, these 9th ranks wouldn't bat an eyelid at anything else. Worldly matters were always handed over to their juniors.

After the 9th ranks left, Dark Demon turned his head towards Zhao Hai and nodded. Zhao Hai nodded back before his body as he returned to Dark Soldier Fort. The family's other 9th ranks followed him as well.

Although Dark Demon nodding towards Zhao Hai looked like simple matter, it was a surprising event. Even if these 9th ranks see Randolph, they wouldn't go out of their way to greet him. Seeing them take the initiative in greeting Zhao Hai showed how they see him in their hearts.

Zhao Hai didn't think about this right now. He waved his hand as a Blood Hawk appeared. The Blood Hawk then carried the Magic Staff towards the Robert Family's fort. He must root out the source of the problem. Thus, he sent the Blood Hawk over.[2]

Coptis, bitter tonic used to treat malaria Maybe he can teleport anywhere but can't send undead outside a certain range of the Magic Staff?

Chapter 481 – Exterminating an Entire Family

Zhao Hai had read too much novels on Earth. The protagonists on those novels share the same feature, they were all hardworking but their hearts were to soft.

Having a soft heart had always been a feature of protagonists. Before they fight against their enemy, they would talk a lot of nonsense before showing their superiority.

Even if Zhao Hai said a lot of words, they were short compared to those main characters. Moreover, his heart was ruthless enough to completely pull out the roots.

Constant good fortune only happens in film and television. In reality, people cannot have too many miracles. When a family is destroyed, it was nearly impossible that one or two heirs that escape would be able to come back for revenge. But that won't happen, Cai'er was already monitoring the entirety of the Robert Family's fort, ensuring that there won't be any survivors.[1]

With the Space's surveillance, not only the people on the ground were seen, the 9th ranks in the sky as well as the underground passages can be seen. Under such circumstances, there was no way for the Robert Family to run away.

Zhao Hai didn't like troubles, he also doesn't like leaving behind something that would inconvenience him. If he handles something, he would make sure to remove all loose ends.

Robert Family might survive, as long as someone stayed behind, there would be a constant possibility of them resurging. Although he didn't turn Robert Patriarch and Terry into advanced level undead, Zhao Hai knew that the Robert Family wasn't simple.

Just by their clan's strength, it was impossible for the Robert Family to acquire and produce Antimagic Powder, it was also impossible for them to have ten 9th rank experts. The Calci Family was considered as one of the top families in the Rosen Empire, and even they have only seven 9th rank experts. Therefore, the Robert Family having three more than them was very unreasonable. Because of this, Zhao Hai believed that Robert Family is part of a huge influence. Their 9th rank experts as well as the Antimagic powder was most likely supplied by this influence.

While Zhao Hai sent the Blood Hawk to deal with the Robert Family, he started to collect all of the Antimagic Powder that the Robert Family spread all around the mountain.

Because of Zhao Hai's worries, he hasn't taken the powder to the Space. But this time, he took the powder and placed it inside the Space.

When the powder entered the Space, a prompt was heard, "Radioactive isolation powder detected. Space doesn't have the formula. Extrapolating formula from ingredients. Added formula to the Processing Machine's list. Extracting Antimagic Powder's characteristics, added the property to the Space's insecticide."

Zhao Hai didn't expect to get the properties of the Antimagic Powder. It seems like the Space's poison would be stronger in the future. Most importantly, Cai'er's poison fog could now isolate magic, increasing the security of the Black Wasteland by another level.

Zhao Hai didn't mean to receive the powder into the Space to obtain its benefits. He just wanted to store it so that he may use it in the future.

While Zhao Hai received all of the Antimagic Powder, he went to manage the matter with the Robert Family. At this moment, the Robert Family no longer had any experts. All that was left in their fort were old and weak. All of these people cannot contend with Zhao Hai's undead. They didn't even have the opportunity to fight back.

Zhao Hai didn't exempt anybody, he even slaughtered the children. All of the members of the Robert Family were now dead. Not a living witness was left. Starting this day, the Robert Family was no more.

Beside this, Zhao Hai had also found the Robert Family's treasure and storehouse. Without hesitation, he took all of them.

When treating his enemies, Zhao Hai would never be lenient. He knew very well that if he softened this time, he would be the one to suffer in the end. For Zhao Hai, the people who wouldn't take revenge and won't be a threat were only one type of people, dead people!

After living in the continent for this amount of time, Zhao Hai had already learned about how to act. If you are too soft, then you will get killed in the end. If you are not ruthless, people would constantly place you under their foot.

He had dealt with Boris' 9th ranks before, he also slapped the Radiant Church's face. But even if he managed to shake some people, its influence wasn't very great. Rosen Empire was the continent's most powerful nation, it doesn't matter if they were commoners or nobles, every citizen of the empire held gread pride. Because of this they didn't care about what Zhao Hai did before. At the very least, the Robert Family didn't pay any attention to him.

But now, he believed that it would be different. Zhao Hai had taken care of the Robert Family in one swoop. Even if they think that it was the Calci Family who did it, they have to acknowledge that Zhao Hai had a hand in it. Zhao Hai can't do anything if they place the credit on the Calci Family, but in the end, Zhao Hai was engaged to Megan. This would make people think that Zhao Hai had a powerful backer. These people wouldn't be thinking so little about Zhao Hai any longer.

After collecting all of the powder, Zhao Hai returned to Dark Soldier Fort. At this moment, people from the fort were sending people to repair the damages in the surroundings. The pits that were caused by the undead were being pounded and levelled. The roadblock as well as the trees can only wait to be repaired tomorrow.

Upon arriving at the fort, people immediately invited Zhao Hai to the fort's lobby. Randolph and the other high level members of the Calci Family were already waiting for him there.

Zhao Hai gave his greetings to the people in the lobby. This time, there were only a few of them who didn't return his gesture, there were even some who stood up before giving a salute.

Looking at their behaviour, Zhao Hai couldn't blame them. People in the continent tend to be realistic, they would only respect strength. If you are strong enough, then people would give you respect. If you aren't strong, then they won't be giving you face.

In the past, although Zhao Hai had some sort of strength, the Calci Family still looked down on him. With how he dealt with the Robert Family, the Calci Family's people had no choice but to reevaluate how they see this young man.

The strength that Zhao Hai showed today was far from what they thought. Under such circumstances, those present knew that offending Zhao Hai wouldn’t' be wise. Nobody would help them, even their own family members. If the Calci Family were to choose, they would rather pick Zhao Hai and wouldn't care about the life and death of an ordinary family member. A big family like them was this practical.

After Zhao Hai sat down, Randolph looked at all the people in attendance and then nodded, "My Calci Family nearly suffered a tragedy today, it was one of our clan's biggest crisis. We're fortunate that we have Little Hai, otherwise the Calci Family would have been ended tonight."

Nobody disagreed with Randolph's words, they knew that what Randolph said was true. Because of the Antimagic Powder, all the Mages of the family were unable to use magic. Because of this, the fighting power of the family was greatly affected, even their 9th ranks wouldn't be able to help them,. Regarding the Calci Family, tonight's attack was extremely dangerous.

Randolph then said, "Compared to the attack on our family, the matter regarding Antimagic Powder is more important. Our Calci Family is a family of Mages, the appearance of Antimagic Powder was too great of a threat to us. This matter should be figured out and dealt with."

Just as his voice fell, someone outside gave a notification. And then four servants came in carrying two bodies, both belonging to the Robert Patriarch and Terry.

Zhao Hai turned all the attackers into undead creatures. Only these two individuals were left untouched. Zhao Hai knew that these two still held great use.

Randolph looked at the two bodies on the ground and said, "Robert Patriarch and Terry are dead, now that there is no Antimagic Powder, we can now turn them into undead. Who is willing to do it?"

In the Calci Family, there was no shortage of Advanced Level Dark Mages, so Randolph asked such a question. Zhao Hai looked at the scene and quickly said, "Grandpa, slow down. I don't think it would be a good idea to turn them into advanced level undead right now. Although it would be good to make them into undead, the Calci Family cannot deal with the matter of Antimagic Powder alone. This matter should be passed on to the Imperial Clan. The Rosen Imperial Clan is also a Mage family, they should care a lot about the Antimagic Powder. If we turn these two into undead right now, I'm afraid that the Imperial Clan would mistake us for forcing them to admit. Grandfather should bring them tomorrow to the Imperial Palace and then turn them into advanced undead in front of His Majesty. Interrogate them then, that way His Majesty wouldn't have any suspicions."

When Randolph heard Zhao Hai, he immediately understood what he meant. He thought for a moment and then nodded, "Little Hai's words are true. I think we should delay this matter and bring them to the Imperial Palace tomorrow morning."

The other people in the family didn't oppose. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, "Grandfather, I just sent my undead to the Robert Family, completely eradicating their line. I've also looted all of their treasury and storehouse. However, I didn't take any bodies away from their fort, Grandpa might like to take them. Also, I have no need for Terry and Robert Patriarch's space equipment, I'll give those to Grandfather."

When Randolph heard Zhao Hai, he can't help but stare, he looked at Zhao Hai with an face full of disbelief and said, "Little Hai, did you really kill all of the Robert Family? Are there any survivors?"

Zhao Hai shook his head, "No survivors. I've seen their Clan registry. After coordinating their bodies with the descriptions, there shouldn't be any members left."

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Chapter 482 – Engraved Ark

Zhao Hai didn't lie, he really was basing on the list. However, he didn't use the list outside the family, but instead, he used the one he got from the Robert Family's treasury. Every single person from the Robert Family was in that list.

From the list that he got, he inspected each member one by one. From the direct line to the side branches, every single one was taken care of, there were no survivors.

Also, since God's Grace Day has passed, the Robert Family held the same custom as other clans. At this season, all of their members were in their fort. This made it easier for Zhao Hai to deal with them, it was like catching all of the fishes in one net.

A Great Clan like the Robert Family had a lot of matters to take care of as well, if it weren't because of God's Grace Day, it would be impossible to see all of the family members in one place. All of them would be spread out, managing their external operations.

However, when God's Grace Day comes, it was imperative for them to return to the Clan. The family had too many members, if they didn't return to Savage Wolf fort, the family would certainly place that member into suspicion. They would think that they might have failed in their own assigned operation.

Now, the faces of Randolph and the others were pale as they looked at Zhao Hai. Although they were Dark Mages, they were also Great nobles, they knew how tough it would be to exterminate another Great noble clan. But Zhao Hai actually told them about the elimination of the Robert Family in a nonchalant manner.

When one counted the direct line as well as the branches of the Robert family, they would number between 1 thousand to 2 thousand people. From Zhao Hai's words, it seems like he had actually killed these 1 or 2 thousand people.

Killing a thousand or 2 thousand people isn't something strange for someone like the Calci Family. But they knew that there were elderlies, women, and children among the thousand people from the Robert Family. Zhao Hai wasn't polite, he actually killed them all. This startled the Calci Family.

Randolph stared deeply into Zhao Hai, this was the first time that he experienced Zhao Hai's ruthlessness. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but turn towards Smith. Now, Randolph was inwardly rejoicing, he felt very lucky when he recalled their planned attack on Zhao Hai. Otherwise, the Calci Family might have been completely exterminated.

Taking a deep breath to calm down, Randolph looked at the people in the room and said, "Alright, now everyone should go back and rest. You still have some matters to attend to." The crowd nodded before they stood up and left.

Zhao Hai went towards Rustling Tree courtyard along with Smith. While walking with Zhao Hai, Smith said, "Little Hai, did you really extinguish the Robert Family?"

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "I did. I did so not only to eliminate the threat of the Robert Family, but most importantly to showcase my might!"

Smith understood Zhao Hai's words, he nodded and said, "Alright, I won't be butting into your matters. Also, Little Hai, are you planning to leave Carson City?"

From what Smith had seen, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to stay here for too long. He had a lot of matters to take care of, it was certain that Zhao Hai would leave the Capital.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "I'm ready to leave anytime, but I still need to wait for the results regarding the Robert Family's matter. What happened would certainly shake the entire continent."

Smith sighed and said, "The appearance of Antimagic Powder would really make the situation of the Continent quite turbulent." He said as the two of them entered Rustling Tree courtyard. At this time, Zhao Hai returned to his own residence.

Laura and the others were waiting for Zhao Hai in the waiting room. When they saw that Zhao Hai has come back, Laura and the others immediately went and welcomed him. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Brother Hai, did we make a fortune this time?"

Laura and the others were natives of the Ark Continent. They had no qualms regarding Zhao Hai's extermination of the Robert Family. This was because this matter was very common in the continent, families and clans would disappear from the map every year. To them this matter wasn't strange.

Also, they understood the situation back at the Black Wasteland. They knew that the place needed a lot of things, and what it needed the most was money.

When spring comes, a hundred thousand Beastmen slaves would arrive in the Black Wasteland. In managing these 100 thousand slaves, money was extremely crucial. Zhao Hai was also preparing to go buy some slaves in the slave market in Carson City. This will require even more resources, therefore, the thing that the Buda Clan needed the most was money.

But now, in addition to the gold they have gotten from Grand Duke Lionheart, they also acquired the money of the Robert Family. At this point, they didn't need to worry about managing these slaves.

The accumulated wealth of a millennium-old clan was difficult to imagine. A family as large as the Robert Family would have more than one treasury. The one at Savage Wolf Fort was just one of the biggest vaults that they have. Aside from this one, the Robert Family has secret treasuries in many places that they had built for over a thousand years.

One must know that these things are not cheap to build. Most importantly, this was also built in order for the family to wade through difficulties, allowing them capital to start anew.

But the addresses of these vaults weren't in the treasury of the Robert Family, but instead it was stored in their secret vault. This vault was made even more covertly than the treasury. They built it in such a way that those who had found the treasury wouldn't think that the vault exists. Placed in this secret vault were the most important artifacts of the Robert Family as well as their mostly hidden secret documents.

Zhao Hai didn't have the time to look at all these things. After reading the addresses, he placed them on the side. For Zhao Hai, what they had gotten from the treasury and the secret vault was already enough for the Buda Clan to use.

When Zhao Hai heard Laura, he smiled faintly and said, "Not only a fortune, it was a mountain of fortune. What we got was enough for our Buda Clan to use."

Laura and the others cheered, they knew clearly how important money was to the Buda Clan. Once could say that aside from population and background, the Buda Clan was now comparable with a millennium-old clan.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and smiled. He was very happy as well. What he obtained from Savage Wolf fort would strengthen the backbone of the Buda Clan. For Zhao Hai, this was very good news.

The group chatted for a while before the entered the Space. They had obtained so much from the Robert Family, they wanted to go and take a look.

Inside the Space, Zhao Hai immediately withdrew all of the things that he had looted from the Robert Family. Each person divided the loot and inspected them one by one.

Zhao Hai held the document about the location of the other vaults. Aside from Savage Wolf fort, the Robert Family also had 12 other secret vaults outside. The total value of these vaults was five times more than the contents of the vault from Savage Wolf fort. This was a huge fortune for Zhao Hai, he gave the document to Cai'er and made her mark the locations on the three-dimensional map. Now, they can easily see where those vaults are located,

Laura held another document, after reading for a while, her complexion changes as she turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Brother Hai, you should look at this right now."

Zhao Hai placed the document in the hand down, and took the document that Laura was reading. The document that Laura held described an organization. From what Zhao Hai has read, the organization was named Engraved Ark. All of the people in this group held numbers, but they had a huge population. Moreover, Zhao Hai had seen the mission of the group, it was to subvert the entire Ark Continent.

Not only were they hostile to Mages, they also hostile to Warriors, Royal Clans, and nobles. One could say that the group held negative sentiment towards all of the people in Ark Continent.

The Antimagic Powder was produced by them. Moreover, they were also researching other things. Some of them were drugs, from what Zhao Hai had read, these drugs had the same effect as viruses on Earth.

This was too scary, Zhao Hai suddenly remembered a word from Earth, Anti-humanity. The vision of this organization had some anti-human elements to it. They wouldn't stop before they make the entire human species vanish.

Zhao Hai's face was very ugly while he was reading the document. Although this document had some introductions for the organization, important aspects of its operation was rarely written. All of its members used a code number, and they also couldn't use this code to trace the origin of the member. The organization's means of sending information was all through encrypted means. Once something goes wrong, the organization would immediately change the way they encrypt their messages. Because of this, Zhao Hai ruled that it would be impossible to find this organization.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, "It looks like we need to hand this document over. This information isn't simple. If this organization succeeds in its plans, the Ark Continent would certainly suffer a disaster."

Laura nodded and said, "I'm thinking the same, Brother Hai, what do you think? Are they people of the Ark Continent? Why would they want the destruction of the continent?"

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, "Nobody knows what these people are thinking about. But I can affirm that these people are lunatics."

Megan sighed and said, "Big Brother Hai, are you going to give this to Grandpa? I think that it won't be good if we participate deeply in this matter."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "Alright, I'll hand this over to Grandfather. No matter what these people wanted to do, it wouldn't affect our Buda Clan. After all, there was no way for these people to enter the Black Wasteland. Right, go and see if there are more documents about this organization."

Megan and the others nodded. The group continued to read the document that they acquired from the Robert Family. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any other information about the group. There were some information about the other families in the continent, all of these would be very useful to Great Clans.

Chapter 483 – Eternal Alliance

For Zhao Hai, these materials were very useful. His current understanding about the carious Great Clans of the continent was pitifully small. With the Buda Clan having no intelligence unit, acquiring information about these families was very hard.

The other documents were not very useful. Most of them were internal data about the Robert Family. But these information were no longer useful for Zhao Hai, the Robert Family was already exterminated by him. Those data were equivalent to waste paper at this point.

The group organized these documents, some were discarded, some were saved. After that, Zhao Hai and the others went to rest.

The next morning, Zhao Hai took the document about Engraved Ark out of the Space. After eating their breakfast, he immediately handed the document over to Randolph. After that, he went out of the fort to release some undead and made them clean the toppled trees of Dark Mountain.

When Randolph saw the document, he was startled. Then he immediately took Robert Patriarch's and Terry's bodies with him as he rushed towards the imperial palace.

The emperor naturally knew about the happenings last night. Of the 9th ranks who went to check the fighting yesterday, some of them belonged to the Royal Clan. Even if those 9th ranks didn't say too much, they still passed the information about the conflict at the very least.

Randolph gave the document as well as the corpses over to the Emperor. The Emperor immediately had someone call the Royal Dark Mage over to turn Terry and Robert Patriarch into advanced level undead before interrogating them.

In the end, all the matters were made clear. From Robert Patriarch and Terry's mouths, they admitted that they were members of Engraved Ark. Moreover, the Antimagic Powder was mostly manufactured by the organization.

Regarding these matters, the Rosen Empire immediately published the document out to the world. At the same time, they also communicated with the other nations of the continent, making them pay special attention to anything involving Engraved Ark.

Rosen Empire was the continent's most influential nation, their rallying power was formidable. With how they were perceived by the entire continent, this time's announcement from the Empire naturally turned the continent in an uproar.

Zhao Hai did not seem to care about these things at all. He spent one day in taking care of Dark Mountain and then stayed in his residence from then on.

Green and the others were still uninformed about last night's battle. Zhao Hai wanted to tell them and ask about what they think.

Zhao Hai didn't worry too much about Engraved Ark. All of the people under him were slaves, and slaves weren't allowed to be members of the organization. For Engraved Ark, slaves held zero value, therefore, it was impossible for them to join.

Moreover, Zhao Hai had also read from the document that the population of Engraved Ark was relatively small. However, Zhao Hai believed that the status of those people mustn’t be low. Otherwise, how could those people pull the Robert Family over into joining them.[1]

On the other side, people were in an uproar. They had just been informed that the Robert Family had been eliminated. When they received this new, all of them were very surprised. They cannot believe that one of the most powerful families in the continent was now nonexistent. This was too unbelievable.

Afterwards, the Imperial Palace had released some news, which made them even more startled. Antimagic Powder, Engraved Ark, all of these things seemed to be from their imaginations. After their initial uproar, people couldn't help but turn speechless.

And then, another information from the Calci Family came, which made everyone shocked silly. This information actually said that the Robert Family's demise was accomplished under Zhao Hai's hands.

But this information was something that majority of the people from Rosen Empire didn't believe. Then, another piece of news was passed on. All of the Robert Family's stores outside of the capital have been destroyed. All of their personnel were killed, their goods were looted, and lastly, their shops burned. It can be said that the Robert Family's final chance of survival went up in smoke. From this day on, the Robert Family became just a word in the history of the Ark Continent.

These news went like bombs as it exploded inside the minds of all the residents of Rosen Empire. Millenium-old clans were much like the symbols of invincibility in the Continent. The number of Millenium-old clans that were exterminated in the entire history of the continent can be counted on one hand. Almost all of them were done from the inside, they all perished due to internal conflict. On the other hand, the Robert Family was actually destroyed completely by someone else.

In the past, when a millennium-old clan dissolved, there were generally some survivors left. But for the Robert Family, there wasn't anyone left, all of their members were killed. This was too terrifying.

The Great Nobles of the continent were startled as well. They were even more startled when the Calci Family spread the fact that the extermination was Zhao Hai's doing. Naturally, these people didn't believe that it was Zhao Hai, one person cannot defeat the Robert Family. However, they were certain that Zhao Hai had a huge hand in the operation.

Now, all of them are changing the way they see Zhao Hai. The Calci Family's strength was similar to the Robert Family. The Calci Family destroying the Robert Family was impossible. But now that Zhao Hai joined the Calci Family, they were actually able to eliminate the Robert Family. If they didn't believe that this was because of Zhao Hai, then they might as well kill themselves for their stupidity.

Because of this, these Great Clans were now scared. Now that the Calci Family had united with the Buda Clan, their cooperation was much more formidable. Zhao Hai was far from what they previously thought; a playboy who liked playing around, eating and others.

Starting from today, all of the Great Nobles in Rosen Empire began to look seriously into Zhao Hai. His image of a playboy had now vanished.

The dissemination of information in the continent was very quick. In a day's time, almost everyone in the continent knew of this matter. All the Mages in the continent became insecure. At the same time, all of the nation's Mage's guild decreed at once that all Mages must unite and look for this Engraved Ark, they must destroy this organization. Otherwise, if this group's plans were to succeed, and they produce a lot of Antimagic Powder, all of the Mages in the continent would suffer a huge accident.

Right now, the thing that was in Zhao Hai's mind was how this organization came to be. How this organization started, how they became a secret. From what Zhao Hai had heard, this information seem to have their own faith.

Faith was mysterious, people in the continent had different faiths. Warriors worship the Martial God, Light Mages worship the Radiant God, Dark Mages worship the God of Darkness, Wind Mages worship the Wind God, Water Mages worship the Water God, Fire mages worship the Fire God, Earth Mages worship the Earth God, Elves worship the God of Life, Beastmen worship the Beast God, and the Dwarves worship the Artisan God. But the Engraved Ark's source of faith was actually out of the norm, what they worshipped seem to a Demon.

Why 'seem'? This was because Zhao Hai had no concrete testimony that the organization worshipped a Demon. However, Zhao Hai had seen an image from the back of the document, it was a portrait of a devil. The devil had eight arms, three heads, six feet, and looked extremely terrifying. From this, Zhao Hai inferred that the Engraved Ark worshipped a Demon.

Zhao Hai knew that if a person didn't have faith, he wouldn't be such a lunatic. It was because of faith that people did overly extreme things.

While Zhao Hai was ruminating on these matter, a servant immediately came bearing a message that Jason had come to visit. Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he had the servant invite Jason to come in.

Jason was different from his usual wacky and joking face, now he had a serious expression on his face. Zhao Hai made him sit down and had the servant retreat. Then Jason turned to Zhao Hai and said, "Little Hai, are you really responsible for what happened last night? Is the Engraved Ark real? Did the Robert Family really use Antimagic Powder?"

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "I am, but my initial intention was to destroy all of the Robert Family's businesses. I didn't expect the Robert Family to assassinate me, moreover, they actually used Antimagic Powder. But since they were defeated, they became afraid that the Antimagic were to be made known to others, so they attacked Dark Soldier Fort. Later on, they were eliminated by the Calci Family. Then, I went to kill all of the remaining Robert Family members before looting their treasury. It was there that I managed to uncover the matter about Engraved Ark."

Jason's face had a heavy expression, he nodded and said, "I believe that this organization is real. You don't know, but before I came here, I rummaged some data from my family and managed to see that there were a lot of strong Mages that suddenly died in the past. Moreover, their death actually didn't involve them using any magic. These cases became one the mysteries of the continent. Now it seems like these incidents were caused by Engraved Ark, they were using Antimagic Powder."

Zhao Hai stared, he truly didn't know about this, he looked at Jason and said, "Really? There was such a thing?"

Jason nodded and said, "I just figured that out. As far as the information that my Crook Family has, there were at least 100 Mage deaths in the last ten years alone. 20 of them were 8th rank experts. But nobody thought more into these incidents, after all, these people came from different nations, their deaths were very far apart. But now that new information came about, people would certainly think that there was something wrong with the deaths of these Mages."

Zhao Hai nodded and said, "It seems like this Engraved Ark has existed for quite a long time. No wonder they had such strength, but it's a pity that there was no way to find out about their identity."

Jason nodded, then his face turned serious as he looked at Zhao Hai, "Little Hai, today I came to look for you because of Grandfather's proposal. He wanted my Crook Family and your Buda Clan to be in an eternal alliance starting this day. What do you think?"

Zhao Hai stared, he didn't expect the Crook Family to initiate forming an Eternal Alliance with him. This Eternal Alliance wasn't easy to enact. There were too many people involved in it and there were too many matters to consider.

The Eternal Alliance was also called the Ironclad Union by the people of the continent. When two families form an Eternal Alliance, if one of them falls, the other would have to help them recover and achieve their previous strength. This alliance had the same meaning as a Beastman's Beheading Blood Oath.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he became happy. The Crook Family's influence in the Rosen Empire wasn't much smaller than millenium-old clans. If Zhao Hai forms an Eternal Alliance with such a family, then his Buda Clan would benefit a lot from it.

Zhao Hai immediately nodded happily and said, "I fully agree. But I still have a few reservations. Just by our relationship, forming this alliance seems to be wrong."

When Jason heard Zhao Hai, he couldn't help but laugh and said, "I'll go back to grandfather and express your concern. If you have time, go to my family's fort and play. You can also discuss this matter with the family."

Zhao Hai nodded, "Alright, I'll go there tomorrow." Then as he said that, a knock was heard. Zhao Hai immediately responded and said, "What's the problem?"

The servant's voice was heard, "Young Master Zhao Hai, the Patriarch had sent a message. His Majesty, the Emperor, wishes to see you in the palace immediately. He said that he has an important matter to consult with."

Zhao Hai stared, Jason stared as well. They looked at each other, confused. But Zhao Hai immediately recovered and said, "Alright, I'll go tidy my clothes and then I'll immediately leave." The servant issued a sound of compliance as he walked.

Zhao Hai frowned towards Jason and said, "Why do you think his Majesty called for me?"

Jason also frowned as he replied, "I really cannot say, but it should have a something to do about what happened yesterday. You should go, right, why haven't I seen sister-in-laws today?"

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "They're currently rummaging through all of the documents from the Robert Family in another room. We didn't expect that the Robert Family would have a lot of information about Great Clans in the continent, these things are very useful to my clan." Actually, Laura and the others were sorting through all of the Robert Family's documents inside the Space, not in another room.

Jason smiled faintly and said, "You lucky guy. This time, you looted the Robert Family. The wealth of a millennium-old family, you're really making me envious."

Zhao Hai laughed and said, "Lucky, right? As it turns out, there's nothing much faster in gaining money other than robbing people. It seems like I need to do this a few more times."

Jason laughed as well, "Are you really a guy who likes to rob? I really didn't see it before, but you actually have the potential to be a thief. Hahaha. Right, we shouldn't be talking too much, the Emperor is waiting for you, we can't have him wait too long." Zhao Hai nodded and stood up, then he tidied his clothes before leading Jason to the exit.

When they came out of the courtyard, a servant was already waiting for them with along with a carriage. The two rode the carriage as they left Dark Soldier Fort. Jason rode his carriage, but before leaving, he reminded Zhao Hai about his visit to the Crook Family. Zhao Hai nodded before boarding the carriage that the Calci Family already prepared for him.

Since Zhao Hai's carriage was destroyed, Randolph personally assigned this carriage to Zhao Hai. The carriage was pulled by a Demon Horse, the carriage itself was very spacious, it had a room inside that could fit six people. It also had a bedroom inside. The carriage was made from Iron Driftwood as well as Saint Lightwood, it looked beautiful and elegant.

A lot for a secret organization, but small compared to the population of the continent. I think xD
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