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Chapter 415 – Returning to Jade Water City

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai had no great use for this cavern, he already had the Space for storing things. But for Little Jin, this cavern can be used as a storage area to preserve some Bread Fruits.

To be honest, there weren't many things inside Ape Island. Apart from Little Jin's tribe, the only other things were the Bread Trees. It was very strange that the only tree present on the island were Bread Trees, this made Zhao Hai very curious.

Although he was curious, there was no way for Zhao Hai to research this matter. The final conclusion that he reached was that it may be caused by the Goldmetal Tree.

Even if Zhao Hai was in Ape Island, he was also quite mindful of the stone mining operation. But Zhao Hai knew that there was no need to worry, making those undead do the mining was actually a good idea. This was because the undead can use their own bodies as their own tools, they didn't need one at all. The situation went a lot better when Zhao Hai sent the Jie Li Shi twins to summon some stone golems. Summoning stone golems was the same as picking them and transporting them over, they were two tasks in one.

The group stayed on Ape Island for a whole month. Naturally, they didn't stay there all the time, they also went back to Iron Mountain Fort from time to time, and on the other times, they just stayed inside the Space and trained.

Zhao Hai mainly practiced on his martial arts. And after one month of training, Zhao Hai's present fighting capability can now rival an ordinary 7th rank Warrior.

These past few days, Zhao Hai had some good sparring partners, Little Jin's tribe members. Those apes were very big, but they were also very flexible. Zhao Hai achieved great results when he sparred against them.

Besides martial arts, Zhao Hai also practiced his control over metal. Now he can control a metal ball the size of a soccer ball, allowing him the ability to change its form as well as make it fly all over the place. One day, Zhao Hai was able to transform the iron ball into armor and donned it on his body.

The current armor looks like a couple of ropes interlinked with each other. Because of this, he took quite a while in forming it. He wanted to make the ropes even more thin, but that would be very tiring. The more intricate the metal's form is, the more difficult would it be for Zhao Hai to do it.

However, for Zhao Hai, he  thought that his progress was already good. He was quite satisfied with his armor right now.

One month quickly passed, now Zhao Hai and the gorillas on the island have become very familiar with each other. Zhao Hai even gave each of the gorillas their own names, making the apes like Zhao Hai even better.

For a whole month, under the endless effort of the undead, the entire island that they were on was more than levelled to the ground. The island now has a mountain sized depression making the middle of it hollow. The hole went below the sea level, only the area surrounding the island was abstained from being mined since if they get the stones there as well, the whole island would get flooded.

Although they were only mining for one month, the amount of stones that they got was a lot. Even if the stones weren't enough to expand Iron Mountain Fort, it could still be able to build enough stone houses to accommodate 10,000 people.

Zhao Hai knew that it was time to set sail, so he retrieved all the undead back into the Space and then boarded the Haven to head back to Jade Water City.

These past few days, Zhao Hai hadn't received any letter from Smith. He didn't know what the Calci Family thought when he snatched 20 of their ships. Will they want to deal with him even more, or will they talk peace with him?

To be honest, Zhao Hai really wanted to be partners with the Calci Family. No matter what, the two of them had the same enemy. Even if Juwan disappointed him, he just let him go every time. He hopes that the Calci Family would put him in an equal position and just cooperate with him.

Another thing that worried Zhao Hai constantly was Southern King Boris. The attack on Ruyen's ship was sent by him, this shows that he's starting to take action against the Calci Family. Although Zhao Hai already warned Evan about this, he still couldn't help but worry.

No matter what, Evan had been very helpful to him and was also a friend to the Buda Clan. Now that Zhao Hai had implicated him, he hoped that the Purcell Family could stay safe.

While the ship was sailing on the sea, Zhao Hai held on his hand two iron balls, playing with them as though they were baoding balls. This was a habit he had developed recently, additionally, it could also help him exercise his ability to control metal.

The Haven was quite calm as they spent the next few days sailing. He retrieved all of the boats he released before, he didn't want Charlie to find out his total amount of ships. Zhao Hai currently believed that there was no other person that knew how many ships he actually had in hand.

Seeing that they were getting closer and closer to Jade Water City, Zhao Hai increasingly grew excited. No wonder Humans are social animals, it was much less stressful when having in contact with other Humans.

The ship slowly docked on Charlie's private pier. The people in the pier already knew the Haven as well as Zhao Hai's status.

The people at the pier knew that when Zhao Hai had set sail before, Charlie was there to bade him farewell himself. This gesture showed Zhao Hai's exceptional identity. This made the personnel extremely careful when receiving him. In the end, this was Charlie's special pier, all of those who were allowed to dock their ships here should be Charlie's trusted people, nobody dared offend them.

Zhao Hai and the others got down from the Haven and sat on their carriage as they headed off to their shop in Jade Water City. From the pier, the shop was just a short distance away, so Zhao Hai chose to visit that place first.

While he was still quite a distance away from the shop, Zhao Hai noticed that there was a notable amount of traffic present. This made Zhao Hai stare blankly, he didn't expect to see such a scene.

To him, the shop was mainly meant to be a contact point, its business quality didn't matter. But now, it looks like the business here was doing very good.

Zhao Hai went around the crowd and arrived at a small entrance behind the shop. The entrance was meant for special people, average citizens wouldn't be able to enter through here. Naturally, there were no people seen here.

The group went inside the courtyard and saw the busy atmosphere inside it. They could see a lot of people with slave marks on their heads moving things around the courtyard. This made Zhao Hai somewhat confused.

However, Zhao Hai quickly came to understand that these people must have been bought by Mu'en. He obviously needed a lot of helping hands here, so it was natural for him to buy some slaves. It seems like Mu'en's methods are really good.

At this time, the slaves also took note of Zhao Hai. They were surprised since they knew that the courtyard had three gates, the front gate, the side gate used for unloading cargo, and a special gate at the back. That gate was guarded by Zhao Hai's undead, only Mu'en's family were able to pass through there and nobody else. Now that they saw a group inside the courtyard that didn't enter from the front nor the side gate, the slaves reckoned that they must have passed through the back gate. And seeing that the group wasn't coming to cause trouble, did these people know the Manager?"

At this time, Shun had already called Mu'en to the courtyard. When they arrived, Zhao Hai immediately sent Shun to fetch the shop's Manager. When Mu'en saw Zhao Hai and Laura, he immediately gave a bow and said, "Young Lady, Young Master, you came back."

Zhao Hai nodded, "Mu'en, go arrange some people to unload some marine products from the Haven. Remember that the products are frozen into huge chunks, make sure to handle them carefully while avoiding injury to your people."

Mu'en nodded and said, "Young Master, Prince Charlie isn't currently in Jade Water City, it seems like he returned to the capital. Will you still be heading to the City Lord's Mansion?"

Zhao Hai thought for a moment then said, "I'll have to go, these marine products that I've brought needed to be delivered to Charlie to be processed. But go and prepare some rooms for us here, we will come back to rest in the evening. We wouldn't be staying at the City Lord's Mansion." Mu'en nodded, then Zhao Hai added a few more instructions before they headed to the mansion.

Just as they were halfway there, they were met by a group of city guards. When the group saw Zhao Hai's unique bull-pulled carriage, they immediately stopped as their leader dismounted from his horse. He went forward to Zhao Hai's carriage and said, "Is this mister Zhao Hai's carriage?"

Zhao Hai opened his door and walked out. He looked at the person and said, "I am Zhao Hai, and you are?"

The person quickly replied, "Sir, I am the Guard Commander of the City's garrison legion. Today I came to offer the City Lord's invitation as well as to escort mister to the mansion. The City Lord has prepared a welcoming banquet for your group."

Zhao Hai nodded then said, "Alright, lead the way." The commander nodded, then jumped on his horse. The group then escorted Zhao Hai's carriage as it headed to the City Lord's Mansion.

At this time, the people on the streets also took note of Zhao Hai. Among them, there were those who knew about the person on the carriage. This was because of the uniqueness of Zhao Hai's bull-pulled carriage. They knew that this person cannot be offended since even the Prince was very polite to him. The people immediately gave way and avoided the carriage.

They quickly arrived at the City Lord's Mansion. Zhao Hai saw Trezebo surprisingly stood at the front gate to personally welcome him. When the carriage stopped, Trezebo went forward an laughed, "Mister Zhao Hai's actions are really very quick. I didn't even have the time to get notified, otherwise I would've had come and meet you at the pier."

After he got down from the carriage, Zhao Hai smiled, "I wouldn't dare tire the City Lord. City Lord is too polite, how could I just let you personally meet me, I think I don't really deserve it."

Trezebo laughed, "Mister is the one being too polite, how could I get exhausted. Right, I'm inviting mister for a meal. I've prepared some good food and wine to welcome mister and his group back to the city." He said as he pulled Zhao Hai towards the interior af the mansion.

Chapter 416 – Strength

When the group entered the City Lord's Mansion, Trezebo turned to the housekeeper and said, "Go deliver mister's stuff to Purple Bamboo Courtyard."

Hearing this, Zhao Hai immediately said, "City Lord doesn't need to be too polite. I now have a shop inside the city, there's no need for me to live in Purple Bamboo Courtyard anymore. Also, that place is the Third Prince's personal space, it wouldn't be good if I stay there for long."

Trezebo laughed and said, "Mister doesn't need to worry. His highness wouldn't be there for the majority of the year. Moreover, his highness already gave us order to allow you to keep staying in the courtyard. Mister can rest assured."

Hearing this, Zhao Hai had no choice but to continue staying at Purple Bamboo courtyard. He had the others go to the courtyard to settle down first, then had Shun go inform Mu'en that it would be impossible for them to stay at the shop.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the dining hall, he saw that there were only seats enough for two people inside. This made Zhao Hai stared ot Trezebo puzzlingly, Trezebo smiled and said, "Let my wife accompany Laura and the others. Today let's just eat with only the two of us  so that we can discuss matters."

Zhao Hai nodded and didn't say anything more. After the two sat down, the housekeeper immediately took action and served them liquor as well as had some people set up the dishes.

While they were sat down, Trezebo lifted his wine glass and said, "This glass is for mister. For enduring the tiresome sea travel, wading through salty sea breezes and sunburns."

Zhao Hai also lifted his wine glass and said, "City Lord is very polite, actually I haven't done anything, it was the captain who had all the troubles." Then they bumped glasses and downed the liquor in one go.

After drinking the wine, Trezebo looked at Zhao Hai and said, "Looking at mister's appearance, I reckon your harvests aren't small? What good things did you acquire this time?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "The most precious ones are this." He waved his hand as giant corals appeared on the room, the clam shell appeared on the table as well.

Zhao Hai opened the shell gently and revealed the giant pearl. Trezebo stared blankly at the treasure, even if he had seen a lot of good things, he hadn't seen a pearl as large as this before.

This was because pearls and corals on the Ark Continent are very precious, not only because they are attractive, but also because they were Magical materials, very valuable Magical materials.

Naturally these pearls and corals were also loved by women. Presently, there were only a few people who would use these as Magical ingredients, most were used by Nobles to decorate their houses.

Seeing this magnificent display, Trezebo took deep breaths so calm down his mood as he turned his head to Zhao Hai, "I didn't expect mister to have such a huge harvest, I really didn't expect."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "These are the most valuable, I also have aquatic Magic Beasts, most of which were shrimps. I already froze them and is currently being transported to my shop's warehouse. And last I also have some edible seaweeds and the like, not really worth a lot of money."

Trezebo gave a nod and said, "That's fine, the continent's supply of those gets fewer and fewer every year due to the ruthless overharvesting of those Mages. They almost wiped out the entire coastline region of marine resources. Even if we are a port city, it has become more and more difficult for us to eat seafood. Your products should get very popular."

Zhao Hai smiled and said, "Good, as long as these things get sold. I was actually afraid that nobody would buy them. Right, you can take those in two days, after all, I already promised His Highness that I'll only be acquiring those products. He can then decide how he wants to sell those."

Trezebo laughed, "Rest assured, His Highness had already prepared, he's now just waiting for you. Right, when will the fire fishes arrive? Everything on my side is fine, you can start sending them."

Zhao Hai smiled, "Be relieved, they should arrive in two days, you could get them then. Right, what happened to His Highness? Why did he return to Carson City? Did an accident happen?"

Trezebo smiled faintly, "Not really an accident, it was just that His Highness cannot leave Carson City for a long time. Carson City is the capital of the Rosen Empire, almost all of the big powers are centralized there. If His Highness left for a longtime, some people might start to loosen the ropes of his influence."

Zhao Hai nodded, then gave a sigh, "His Highness really had rough. Right, did His Highness have any other tasks that he's left to you?"

Trezebo smiled and said, "Rest assured, under normal circumstances, we who are on his side generally had nothing to do. We just continue doing our own thing."

Zhao Hao nodded, "When the things get shipped in two days, have some people come and receive it. I think that His Highness should be needing a lot of money lately, we must make sure that His Highness gets the money he needs."

Trezebo sighed, then with a serious voice, he said, "This is the only thing we can do right now. After all, the current Emperor's body is still quite healthy. His Highness cannot overly try to win people over, therefore, we can only build our strengths at the moment."

Zhao Hai agreed, "You go tell His Highness that if there is anything I need to do, don't be polite to me, just go approach me directly. If he wants to make money, I can only provide these few products I have on hand. However, if there are other matters, tell him that I'll do my best to deal with them."

Trezebo smiled faintly and said, "Mister can rest assured, if there really is something, His Highness would surely be impolite. Right, will mister stay for long this time? It's going to be God's Grace Day, the whole continent will be celebrating."

Zhao Hai smiled, "Yes, it's the day where the continent celebrates the greatest, but isn't this the best time to do business? I'm going to return to the deeps seas in two days and get some more marine products. I believe that it's the season best suited for selling those items."

Trezebo gave a stiff smiled and said, "Mister is really a Merchant, still thinking about business when it's God's Grace Day. Hai, it would be impossible for people like you to not get rich."

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, "I have no choice, I have my Clan to support. If I don't think of more ways to get money, we wouldn't have any income."

Trezebo's eyes showed a small glint in them as he looked at Zhao Hai, but he didn't say anything about it and just smiled and said, "Who doesn't?"

Zhao Hai just smiled and didn't talk anymore, he just continued to drink wine. Since Zhao Hai didn't want to talk anymore, Trezebo didn't ask. He just talked about drinking more wine and tasting more dishes. He also talked to Zhao Hai about the other people on Charlie's side.

Zhao Hai was mindful to everything that Trezebo said, he was now on Charlie's side, naturally he would want to know all about Charlie's group.

The rest of the meal was spent with casual conversation. After eating, Zhao Hai returned to Purple Bamboo Courtyard. Laura and the others were already there. When they saw Zhao Hai return, they immediately welcomed them. Laura then asked, "Brother Hai, what did you talk about with Trezebo?"

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, "Nothing really, we just casually conversed. Laura, God's Grace Day is approaching, I'm afraid we won't be staying still, I plan on returning to the sea in two days."

Laura replied, "God's Grace day is less than a month away. We should travel and maybe return to Iron Mountain Fort. What plans do you have when we go to the sea this time?"

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "Naturally to trade with the Rock Shrimp Tribe again. In God's Grace Day, people would be splurging their money everywhere. All Great Nobles would want to eat delicious dishes during that time. When we go back and trade with the Shrimp Tribe, we should get a lot of seafood ingredients, those things are surely very in demand nowadays."

Laura thought for a moment and said, "That's good, we will surely have big profits. We should get Trezebo to prepare good stuff for us in return."

Zhao Hai nodded, "Right, we should also get good things since we still need to return back to Iron Mountain Fort. Maybe I'll also send a letter via Blood Hawk to Brother Wales along with some gifts."

Laura smiled and said, "Brother Hai, you seem to have forgotten. The Beastmen don't celebrate God's Grace Day. They'll be attending the Ten Thousand Beasts Festival. Hehe."

Zhao Hai stared blankly and patted his head, "Right, I forgot about that. Brother Wales is a Beastman, he doesn’t celebrate God's Grace Day. Hahaha. Also, it's something interesting to think about, when God's Day passes, it should be about one year since we met."

Currently, it was late winter. When Zhao Hao woke up last time, it was early spring. As long as God's Grace Day passes, spring will arrive soon after. Time really passes by quickly.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, "Time really does come by fast, we actually know each other for nearly a year." She and Zhao Hai had also met during spring season, since it was now winter, they will soon be knowing each other for one year.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, "After this period of time, if we are not busy, we should ask Grandpa Green to prepare our matter, what do the two of you think?"

Meg and Laura's face immediately turned red, they knew exactly what matter Zhao Hai was talking about, it was their wedding. The two of them were too embarrassed to answer, but they didn't disagree.

Seeing the duo's appearance, he couldn’t help but smile, "Don't be embarrassed, I only held off our wedding up to this time because of some matters. First, it was because I was still under the effects of the Water of Nothingness. Second, I don't want the two of you to marry me in secret. I must let the entire continent know about the women that I'm going to marry. I must let the continent know that the Buda Clan was once again standing on its feet, that the two of you are women of the Buda Clan. I will make all the people in the continent stop looking down on you."

Laura and Meg looked at Zhao Hai with a gentle look. Laura spoe softly, "Brother Hai, we don't really mind, as long as our Buda Clan is strong, it didn't matter if nobody knows of our wedding."

Zhao Hai looked at them and said, "Marriage is a huge milestone of our lives, we cannot be careless about it. Alright, we'll hold this matter until we discuss it with Grandpa Green and others. We should find a suitable time to reveal our Buda Clan's might."

At this point, Laura frowned and said, "Brother Hai, is this really a good idea? If we expose our identity, then wouldn't trouble arrive at Iron Mountain Fort? If we show the secrets of the Fort, I think that it would be unfavorable for us."

Zhao Hai replied with a serious voice, "I know that. But now that the poison fog on the Black Wastelands aren't any less than those in the Carrion Swamp, even 9th ranks would think twice before entering. With the poison present being strengthened by the Space, ordinary 8th ranks have to chance of entering the area. If 8th ranks enter, they would be weakened, by that point they would become fodder before us. With the undead, Cai'er and the Blood Hawks, let's see who would dare come and enter our territory."

Laura thought for a moment, it was true. They have underestimated their current capabilities. At present, the Buda Clan is not weak. Now that the Black Wastelands have become pretty much like the Carrion Swamp, they could easily deal with those who dared enter it.

Meg, at this moment, chuckled and said, "Elder Brother Hai, you forgot to include the Blood Devouring Mosquitos. In the Space, we have large quantities of those mosquitos, there was no number that could describe it. Let's see which expert can withstand a barrage of attacks coming from those. Also, if they really dared to wage a war with us, we can just repeat what we did back in Purcell Duchy. Just release pests in their territory, let's see how well they'll fare then."

Hearing what Meg said, Zhao Hai couldn't help but laugh. "I must say, Meg, you have quite some sinister ideas. Hahaha. But your idea is good. Before, I couldn't just act recklessly because of my body, but now that I've been cured, we'll see who will dare face us. Let's just hope that the people in Aksu Empire wouldn't dare mess with me. ."

Laura also smiled at Meg's idea. At this point, Laura thought that their strength was already formidable, there was no enemy that they couldn't deal with.

In all honesty, Zhao Hai had always neglected to take note of the strength of his undead creatures. One should know that Zhao Hai currently had a total of 700,000 undead on his hands. And these 700 thousand undead all have strength equal to 8th rank. If those 700 thousand undead were to be released by Zhao Hai in one go, then it wouldn't be a problem even if they raze the entire Aksu Empire to the ground.

Although Zhao Hai also knew this, he just placed the idea on the back of his mind. This was because he knew that he couldn't just release massive amounts of undead to wage war with other Humans, this was a one-way ticket to being public enemy number one and Zhao Hai didn't want that to happen. He wasn't a lunatic who wanted to take control of the whole world. He was just an average person who didn't have any grudges on the entire Human race, he didn't want to be embroiled in war all the time.

However, the heavens seem to think otherwise. It seems to dislike Zhao Hai being out of the limelight. When Zhao Hai and the others were chatting, a sound from a Blood Hawk was heard as it headed straight to Purple Bamboo Courtyard.

Chapter 417  – Smith's Worries

Drawing back time a couple of days ago, Smith sat inside his study with a blank look. Phil was at the side looking at him with a pained expression. Phil understood Smith's current mood. This was because, just now, Smith received a letter from the family stating that they will still deal with Zhao Hai, and this time they would be bringing along some 9th rank experts.

Smith couldn't fathom how wise and smart people like the elders of the family became dumb as a rock when it came to Zhao Hai's matter. Smith felt like he was appealing to some cows.

And because of Smith's constant messages, the Family was now quite dissatisfied with him. This brough Smith a huge headache. He knew that Zhao Hai was not alone anymore, he now has Charlie at his back. Moreover, the Prince came to think highly of his new friend. If the Family happened to kill Zhao Hai, they would form an enormous entity with Charlie. If the scenario where Charlie becomes the Emperor in the future comes true, then the family wouldn’t have any good days going forward.

He also knew that the Family didn't care about Charlie since he was only the Third Prince, not the Crown Prince. Although Charlie has the right of inheriting the throne, he was always acting very low-key, this made the family's disregard the Third Prince.

However, Smith knew that Charlie wasn't that incompetent, otherwise why would the current emperor hand him Jade Water City.

Although the Imperial Clan had a huge influence, its truly high income cities only numbered three, Jade Water City, Rising Water City, and the Empire's capital, Carson City.

Carson City, the Imperial Capital, was currently the residence of the Crown Prince. He was currently helping the Emperor manage the Empire, it can be said that Carson City is under the Crown Prince's rule.

However, Carson City was a city full of dragons and tigers. In addition to the Crown Prince's influence, the other prince's center of power were also present in the city. There were even forces in the city that exceeded his influence. Even the Calci Family's branch on Carson City wasn't that less than the Crown Prince's faction. With the addition to his Imperial Uncles, it was very difficult for the Crown Prince to fully control the city. Therefore, Smith wasn't optimistic about the Crown Prince.

The Second Prince controls Rising Water City. It was a good place, geographically similar to Sky Water City. However, Smith was also not optimistic about the Second Prince. This was because this Prince was very shortsighted. He manages Rising Water City like how an abusive farmer overly milks his cows. Because of this, a lot of Merchants were forced to leave the city. If not because of its good location, Smith was afraid that Rising Water City would already be bankrupt.

The Third Prince Charlie manages Jade Water City. Even after being the Third Prince, the major forces of the empire didn't seem to take note of him. This in itself made people feel very strange. The third successor of the continent's most powerful nation was someone nobody paid any attention to, this matter was too mysterious.

This can only show that the prince had been acting very low-key recently that nobody paid him any attention. But Smith knew that someone was more terrifying when he was invisible. If you don't take note of him, you wouldn't be able to know the cards on his hand. This was a talent that made someone extremely frightening.

And this time, Zhao Hai chose to leave Rising Water City in order to transfer to Jade Water City, offending the Second Prince along the way, preferring a man no one paid any attention to. This in itself showed Zhao Hai's nature, so why didn't the family consider this?

Can the people in the family really not see the bigger picture? They might have forgotten about that aspect since they were too focused on dealing with Zhao Hai. Not only would they offend the Third Prince, they would also be harming the Calci Family's prestige.

Zhao Hai's status was very well-known in the continent. People knew that he is a Dark Mage. And when people heard that he went to Sky Water City, they should have faintly guessed that he ran away from the Radiant Church and Southern King Boris and reckoned that he might have hired himself to the Calci Family.

Even if the various forces in the continent were unaware of the existence of the League of Dark Mages, they should still be knowledgeable of the fact that the Calci Family was held the pinnacle influence regarding the Dark Mages in the continent. Because of this reputation, numerous Dark Mages would join the League of Dark Mages. This was because they could not only receive assistance, the organization was also quite loose.

In this case, the family's action against Zhao Hai was improper. What would the other Dark Mages think when they hear of this? Will they still join the league? Can they still work hard for the league? Later on, Dark Mages would think twice about joining up with the Calci Family. They would fear that they might be treated like Zhao Hai, wherein the treasures they had on hand were seized by the family.

In the eyes of outsiders, this was the case. Zhao Hai had fire fishes on hand that the Calci Family fancied, so they wanted him to hand it over. But Zhao Hai refused, which caused this whole event.

Outsiders weren't privy to the inside affairs of the family. In their minds, Juwan was just a member of the family, he didn't have that much influence, so it was impossible for them to think that he was the root cause of the situation.

Smith was currently worried about this matter. He feared that the Calci Family's image on other Dark Mages were now quite smudged. If this matters gets larger, then the League of Dark Mages might even disband.

What Smith didn't understand was his brother Peter who had the most understanding with regards to the league. Why didn't he prevent this? Not only did he not prevent it, he also disregarded Smith's warnings. This made Smith very confused.

Phil, who was Smith's housekeeper, naturally understood. But he didn't have any other choice right now, Smith was only the 2nd successor to the Family. Above him were the Elders and the Patriarch, while at his surroundings were the other successors. The moves that Smith could do were quite limited.

Phil also thought that the family wouldn't go too far in dealing with Zhao Hai. After all, this matter seems like the Family was stealing openly. Moreover, they were going against their own Mage. He didn't think that this matter would reach this point.

Currently, Zhao Hai had already snatched more than 30 ships from the family. And although he didn't kill 8th rank experts, he wasted their cultivation.

In all honesty, Phil was very angry when he heard about this, he didn't expect that Zhao hai would be so ruthless, actually crippling those 8th ranks. But he also knew that Zhao Hai still kept the family's face into consideration, otherwise Juwan would already be dead.

The one that Phil didn't expect the most was the family sending a 9th rank to cope with Zhao Hai. This wasn't a clever decision for the family.

Can a 9th rank really be mobilized that easily? But for of an uncooperative Dark Mage, the family actually planned to send a 9th rank, the resources they would use would be very huge. More importantly, they were going to send the 9th rank to deal with Zhao Hai, what would the members of the league think of this? Would they still support the family in the future?

Phil thought that the situation had become very troublesome. At this point, Smith suddenly talked to Phil, "Uncle Phil, what do you think is going on in the minds of the family? Why do they really want to deal with Zhao Hai? I think this decision shouldn't be just because of Juwan."

Phil nodded and said, "Mobilizing a 9th rank is a very huge matter, it wasn't something the Fifth Young Master can decide on. The decision should have been made by either the Patriarch or the Elder's Assembly, but as to why, I have absolutely no idea. Is it because they think that he might have become overconfident because of the previous matter that he dared to slap the family's face? Or are there some ideas on the mind of the Patriarch?"

After listening to Phil, Smith's eyes lit up, "Uncle Phil, are you implying that the family is scared of Zhao Hai?"

Phil looked confused at what Smith just said, "Scared? What do they need to fear about Zhao Hai? Even if he is quite talented, it was impossible for him to defeat a 9th rank expert. Why would the family be afraid of him?"

Smith let out a long sigh and said, "I think the Family didn't fear Zhao Hai's strength, but instead his ideas. In the past, didn't the plan to suppress the Radiant Church came from Zhao Hai? They feared that through Zhao Hai's understanding of the Radiant Church, he could influence other Dark Mages and slowly wrestle control of the League away from the Family. Therefore, they took this chance to eliminate Zhao Hai. Moreover then think that Dark Mages only think of themselves, they wouldn't care about Zhao Hai. This made the Family decide on this action, since they didn't fear Dark Mages would leave the league and form their own alliances on their own."

Phil stared and muttered, "Is it really this? Even if those Dark Mages didn't leave the league, they would still be afraid to share their information to the league. This would be a huge blow to the organization."

Smith coldly said, "I'm afraid that it isn't that simple. Zhao Hai's idea made it possible to have more Dark Mages emerging from the empire, further increasing the family's influence. In the future, it was highly probable that those young Dark Mages would hire themselves to the family. At this point, the family wasn't worried about the Dark Mage's inheritance anymore. For them, the leagues was no longer important, so they decided that it was fine to deal with Zhao Hai."

Phil stared blankly at Smith, "Really? Can the family actually do that?" Although he was asking a question, he already agreed with Smith's words. This may actually be the reason why the family didn't hesitate in dealing with Zhao Hai.

Phil had served the family for his entire lifetime, so he already understood the mindset of the family. Although the Calci Family was very low-key recently, deep inside, they didn't change their bearing as Great Nobles. They were still greedy, greedy for wealth and greedy for power.

A few years ago, because of the Radiant Church's suppression of the Calci Family, they felt the need to establish the League of Dark Mages. Upon establishing the league, they treated all of the Dark Mages in it quite nicely. But in truth, the Calci Family were still looking down on those Dark Mages. There were even small Dark Mage clans that weren't destroyed under the Radiant Church's hands, but instead in the Calci Family's. This was to ensure that the family stayed quite high up on the minds of the Dark Mages.

Chapter 418 – The Devil Resurfaces

Now because of Zhao Hai's plan, the family didn't need to fear Radiant Church's suppression anymore. Therefore, they shifted their focus towards the Dark Mages and proceeding to deal with those who pose a threat to the family. And Zhao Hai was without a doubt such a person.

From the family's point of view, Zhao Hai's strength was only 7-8th ranks, he wasn't a threat regarding that area. However, the idea that Zhao Hai provided the family was too effective that the family came to fear him. For Zhao Hai to give that kind of idea meant that Zhao Hai's capabilities are quite high. If given the opportunity, perhaps he can establish his own Great Clan, when that time comes, the Calci Family would have a hard time in getting the hearts of all Dark Mages.

Moreover, in their opinion, Zhao Hai's body had all the conditions required to build a family. He is young and his strength isn't that bad. He has a lot of good to not worry about money. He is smart as well, all of these combined together was enough for the Calci Family to make a move against him.

Phil didn't agree with the family's methods. It was because the family had caused huge damage to all the Dark Mages and ensured that they didn't increase in power. With only the family facing against the Radiant Church, the profession was in fear of getting exterminated. Now that the family is doing better, they got back to their previous actions again, this was really a short-sighted behavior.

Smith didn't replied to Phil's words, but with a serious voice he added, "The Family's brains is starting to rot again. Do they really really want to aid the Radiant Church? No, we cannot just allow it."

At this time, Phil recovered from his thoughts, he looked at Smith and sighed, "Master, I'm afraid that wouldn’t' be easy, how would we protect Zhao Hai? The family will send a 9th rank this time, don't consider Zhao Hai, even the Third Prince Charlie couldn't just casually mobilize a 9th rank."

While Smith may have a calm face, his mind's thoughts were continually spinning. He was trying to figure out ways in order to save Zhao Hai. In his opinion, Zhao Hao was a very talented man, one full of potential. He is a good blessing to all Dark Mages. Moreover, Smith wanted to preserve the mission of the League of Dark Mages, to be there for Dark Mages but not controlling them. They need to make the league keep its loose management.

It was precisely because that if the Family were to become strict in its management of the Dark Mages, they might kill those who were disobedient. When that time comes, Dark Mages would still respect the family, but not because of reverence, but because of fear. So when the league of Dark Mages became established, the family just supported it at the side and didn't step in to rule it directly. The family knew that Dark Mages were mostly uncooperative.

The current practice of the family was very wrong. If their actions cause the Dark Mages to hold back on their contribution, this wouldn't be very good for the overall situation of all Dark Mages. It would only make it easier for the Radiant Church to deal with the Calci Family, as well as slowly exterminating the Dark Mages in this world.

The advice that Zhao Hai offered, making Dark Mages proliferate in the Rosen Empire, requires time. For a child to study, become talented and assume a responsible position, it would take at least 20 years. Who knows what happens in 20 years? If the Rosen Empire feels like the Dark Mages were increasing their strengths rapidly, then they would start suppressing them. Adding that on top of the threat of the Radiant Church, the trouble to Calci Family would be huge.

Therefore, the League of Dark Mages cannot be disbanded. Zhao Hai cannot die, he must live, otherwise the will of the Dark Mages will wither away. Then the League of Dark Mages would only exist in name.

However, protecting Zhao Hai wasn't easy, the family was determined to deal with Zhao Hai this time. And from what Smith understood from Zhao Hai's disposition, he wouldn't make any compromise, this would further the matter into a bad outcome.

But at this time, the devil suddenly resurfaced inside Smith's head. It started to occupy his mind, moreover, its control got bigger and bigger.

This devil was of course the idea that has been brewing inside Smith's mind these past several days, the idea of marrying Megan off to Zhao Hai. This idea existed inside the thoughts of Smith for a long time, but he didn't have the courage to go through with it.

Wanting to protect Zhao Hai wasn't easy, but if Zhao Hai weds Megan, then he would become a person from the Calci Family. This way, the family wouldn't be able to act against him. Upon taking a further look, this really was the best way to avoid Zhao Hai's conflict.

The thought was getting more and more intense, to the point where Smith couldn’t resist it anymore. Seeing Smith's change in complexion, as though he had been convinced of a solution, Phil asked, "Did the City Lord find a way?"

Smith turned to Phil and nodded, "I have one, but it needs the agreement of a person to work. If she wouldn't agree, then it will be useless."

Phil was confused while he stared at Smith, "Who is it? Is it the eldest Young Master? But didn't the eldest Young master agree to the family's action?"

Smith shook his head and said, "It's not Big Brother, it is Megan."

When Phil heard Smith's words, he immediately understood the idea. His expression couldn't help but change. Since he was with Smith for a long time, he also watched Megan grow up, for Phil, the Calci Family's Plum Blossom Princess was like his own granddaughter. When he heard Smith, he didn't like it at first.

However, he was also a person that could see the bigger picture. Seeing him ruminate on his words, Smith looked at Phil, he knew how Phil felt for Megan, so he added, "Megan told me a few days ago that she didn't just want to eat sleep and wait to die. She wanted to do something for the family and wouldn't want to marry another noble who only knew how to eat and play. But if we marry her over to those legitimate successors of other Noble families, I'm afraid that she would get bullied. We protected her too much for all her life that now she is bored with her life. Uncle has also met Zhao Hai, that young man is very good, although he already has two faces, you can clearly see that their attitudes towards each other are very good, this is great news for Megan. And most importantly, Zhao Hai is also very strong. Even if his strength get bigger than us in the future, we have Megan on his side to monitor him. What do you think?"

Phil was still as he listened to Smith's words, from what Phil heard, Smith shouldn't have just thought this matter for one or two days. It seems like he already thought this out completely.

Phil's impression of Zhao Hai is also very good. He was low-key, down to earth, and one who knows what the right thing to do. Although his origins are mysterious, it was undeniable that his future was limitless. If Megan were to marry Zhao Hai, that would be great as well.

However, Phil still said, "What we think is unimportant, only Megan's opinion on this matter can be put into considerations. If Megan disagrees, then I will not make Zhao Hai marry her."

As soon as Smith heard Phil, he knew that his housekeeper had already agreed. But as Phil said, everything hinges on Megan. If she agrees, then everything else would be very easy to handle. If she doesn’t then they wouldn't force her. Smith was, after all, still protective of his daughter.

Smith nodded and said, "Uncle Phil can be relieved, if Megan disagrees, then we would find another solution. But I think that we should find another person to ask her, I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to disagree if either you or me asks, that girl's skin is too thin."

Phil smiled faintly and said, "Oh, time indeed passes quite fast. In a blink of an eye, Megan reached marriageable age. Hehe, City Lord, I think you should discuss this with the madam, she would be the best person to ask this matter."

Smith nodded, "Right, then I shall immediately go talk with the madam. I must make this clear to her first, otherwise she wouldn't just agree." Then he rushed off, Phil shook his head and followed right behind.

Smith's wife was also quite influential, because of the family's rule of not marrying off their daughters for benefit, naturally wives of the family were also held at high status.

However, even if Smith's wife held some power, she had always been supporting Smith ever since the two of them married. She never intervened in family affairs. When she's at home, she just raised some flowers and plants. And since she was also a Potion master, she spends majority of her time researching potion making. This made her quite distant to the matters of the family.

But because of this, Smith held a lot of affection towards his wife. Their feelings for each other never changed after dozens of years being together. Smith also didn't have any other lover, the affection the two held for each other was the envy of everyone around them.

When Smith went to the courtyard where he lived, he didn't find his wife. Soon, he went to his wife's medical garden. This was where she researches medicine as well as prepare her husband's medicines. Common people weren't allowed here, even servants, this was the madam's personal order.

Upon reaching the medical garden, Smith spotted his wife watering some herbs. The madam was wearing cotton garments, she held a canteen on one hand and was carefully dripping water on the plants. She looks very earnest and charming, Smith just stood there for a while.

Before long, the water inside the canteen was used up. When she looked up and saw Smith just standing there, she couldn't help but smile, she stared at her husband and said, "Dear, what are you doing here? Is there something you need from me?"

Smith recovered as he quickly nodded, "I do, I have an important matter to discuss with you. Let's return to the courtyard first."

Seeing his husband seem so serious, the madam nodded gently. Then she placed her canteen down and walked with Smith towards their courtyard.

Chapter 419 – Megan's Thoughts

After they arrived at the courtyard, they sat down as a servant went and served them some tea. After that, Smith waved his hand to make the servants leave the room for the two of them.

Seeing the situation, the madam couldn't help but stare, she turned her head to Smith and said, "What's the matter my dear City Lord? Why are acting so mysterious?"

With a calm face, Smith looked at the madam and said, "This matters implications are going to be big. Today, I received a letter from the family that said about their plans of sending a 9th rank expert to deal with Zhao Hai."

The madam stared at her husband,, then she knit her brows. Even if she didn't care much about the matters of the family, she took not of Zhao Hai since she has a good impression of the young man. In her opinion, Zhao Hai was an honest and reliable man with great strength. Such a young man was very difficult to find nowadays.

In the past, she didn't care too much about the family's plans of dealing with Zhao Hai. For her, it should have been just been Juwan doing his thing. She believed that Smith would have this under control. However, she didn't realize that the family would go and send a 9th rank expert to Zhao Hai. With a 9th rank dispatched, the matter turned more complicated. How could the situation reach this point?

Seeing the madan not talking, Smith said, "I want to save Zhao Hai, if the family were to kill him, no Dark Mage would trust the family ever again. This loss would be too much for the family."

The madam frowned, "But didn't you say that the family will send a 9th rank expert? If this decision came from the Patriarch and the Elder's Assembly, then how can we guarantee Zhao Hai's safety?"

Smith looked at his wife and said, "Dear, Megan's age isn't that young. I think it’s time for her to get married. I want you to ask her how she feels about Zhao Hai."

Upon hearing her husband, the madam's expression changed. But she wasn't a normal woman and didn't immediately oppose, she thought about it more carefully.

Seeing his wife like this, Smith was glad, he looked at her and added, "You know what kind of man Zhao Hai is. You have also seen Laura and Meg. I think if Megan were to marry Zhao Hai, then she wouldn't suffer in the future. This way, Megan would have a safe home to return to. At the same time, we would be able to save Zhao Hai. However, this matter fully depends on Megan, if she doesn't agree, then I will think of another solution. I'm here to ask ask you opinion, what do you think?"

The madam thought for a moment and then nodded, "That young man Zhao Hai is good. But my condition is that if Megan were to marry him, he should reveal to us his own family background. Otherwise, I will oppose to their marriage."

Smith nodded, Zhao Hai's background is very mysterious. Nobody in the continent knew, this was one of the misgivings inside Smith's heart.

Now that the madam agreed, Smith can now proceed to the next step, he turned to his wife and said, "Since you agreed, then the next matter is easy. I want you to help me ask Megan what he thinks about this. After all, this is not something that a father could just ask his daughter. Don't ask directly, ask her what she thinks of ZHao Hai first. After all, the time that they came in contact wasn't that long. Inquire her slowly, but remember that I will need to send Zhao Hai a letter in the next days, making him come back to Sky Water City immediately. If Megan disagrees, at the very least we should inform him that the family is planning to send a 9th rank to deal with him."

The madam nodded, "Alright, leave it to me. Dear, do you really like Zhao Hai? The plan was decided by the family, if you really go on with your plan with Zhao Hai, then you would be offending almost everyone."

Smith sighed, "I cannot please everybody. But if the family succeeds with this operation, then its fate would be beyond redemption." Then Smith told his wife about the speculations that him and Phil came up earlier. The madam frowned, even if she didn't care about these matters, it didn't mean that she couldn't understand it. She lived inside the family for along time, so she was still clear about its inner workings. She agreed with Smith's speculation.

After Smith talked, the madam sighed and said, "The family had been suppressed by the Radiant Church for so long. Now that they experienced a single win, they already thought that the world belongs to them. Right, Zhao Hai is a good young man, but he’s currently together with the Third Prince. This matter is too risky, did you already think about that?"

Smith smiled faintly and said, "I didn't really think much about it, but that situation was in the end caused by the family. Zhao Hai isn't a fool, he's smart. Seeing that he had some accidents here, he naturally would give himself an escape route. But that doesn't matter, even if our Great Family didn't join struggles for the throne, Zhao Hai didn't belong to our family. Even if he marries Megan, he wouldn't bear our family name, so it should be fine for us. And if the Third Prince were to succeed, then it would be a good bonus for our family. In the end, this matter has both danger and benefits, half and half."

The madam then said, "Alright, I will go approach Megan in the next two days. What about you? When will you send the letter for Zhao Hai? You should use the Blood Hawk he gave you to get it to him as soon as possible or else it would be too late if the family already sent their 9th rank expert."

Smith nodded and said, "From what I heard, Zhao Hai was still not in Jade Water City. This made it difficult for us to find him, which also made it difficult for the family to find him. And even if he comes back, he should still be safe inside the city. After he returns to Jade Water City, I will immediately send him the letter asking him to come back to Sky Water City."

The madam knit her brows, "But will Zhao Hai come?"

Smith replied with a serious tone, "He surely will, for his two previous actions, it showed that he didn't want to get in serious conflict with the family. But even if he suffered a bit from the family, he should still have good impression of me. If I send him a letter, he will certainly come."

The madam nodded, "Alright, then I shall ask Megan's opinion as soon as possible." Smith also nodded, then sighed. The madam looked at him and knew that he was anxious about this situation, so she consoled him, "The family had been around for so long, it has surely experienced its ups and downs, but it is still standing today. It wouldn't be easy for it to be destroyed."

Smith sighed and said, "It was because the Calci Family existed for a long time that father and the elders thought that nothing fatal would happen to the family. In the past where the Radiant Church still had its knife on the family's neck, the family was constantly pushed till their backs were on the wall. And now that the we have won a single battle, they didn't see that there was virtually no damage done to the core strength of the Radiant Church. The family even couldn't wait before they completely got rid of their enemy, this is too pitiful."

The madam sighed as well, she knew that her husband had given his all for the family for all these years. But now the family was heading towards its current direction. It was no wonder that Smith felt very sad.

When the day turned noon, the madam found Megan inside the study room, reading. These days, Megan rarely went out to play, for her going out was now pointless. She had already played around sufficiently, already ate everything she found delicious, right now, there was nothing that came to interest her.

The madam naturally knew Megan's thoughts. She quietly stood at the door of the study and looked at her daughter who was focused on her reading. The madam's heart couldn't help but sigh, her daughter had finally grew and and reached marriageable age.

While Megan was very focused, the madam coughed slightly, this woke Megan up. Then she saw her mother and immediately placed down the book as she stood up, "Mom, why did you come? I thought you were at your medicinal garden."

The madam smiled and said, "I just can't stay inside the garden all day. Right, Megan, why haven't you gone out to play? Is there something wrong? Are you unhappy?"

Megan shook her head and said, "It's nothing, but nothing just excites me. I feel bored when I go out to eat and drink. I might as well read at home."

The madam arrived at Megan's side as she patted Megan's head, she smiled and said, "My small Megan had grown up, she finally became very sensible. Hehe. Your father will certainly be happy."

Megan pouted her lips and said, "I don't think so. I already told father and asked him to do something for me. But until now, he still hasn't come up with something for me. I can only be here everyday, reading and being bored to death."

The madam couldn't help but smile to Megan and reply, "You silly thing. You think handling matters is that amusing? That is much more boring compared to reading a book. Otherwise, why do you think I always stay inside my medicinal garden and handed everything about the house over to the housekeeper? You silly girl should think properly for yourself, truly."

Megan spat out her tongue and chuckled naughtily. Seeing Megan's expression, the madam couldn't help but sigh heavily inside. But she still said in a soft manner, "Megan, do you like Laura and Meg?"

Upon hearing her mother's words, Megan couldn't help but put on a gloomy expression as she nodded, "Sister Laura and Sister Meg have become my best friends. They also saved my life, but the family is currently going after them. Mom, couldn't Dad just stop them?"

The madam sighed, "You silly girl, do you think that your father is the Patriarch? There are some matters that your father cannot handle, he must listen to the family."

Megan didn't say anything, although she was like her mother who didn't care much about family matters. Children of the family were still aware of the simple matters within it. She also knew that there were some things that even her father cannot deal with.

The madam looked at Megan and knew that her daughter understood. At this time she softly said to Megan, "There really is something wrong with the family, hai, I don't know what would happen to Zhao hai. Right, Megan, what do you think of Zhao Hai?"

Megan's heart couldn't help but jump when she heard her mother. To be honest, Megan's impression of Zhao Hai was very good. When she was attacked before, she asked Laura and Meg and found out that without Zhao Hai's warning, the two wouldn't be able to protect her. Because of this, Megan felt grateful to Zhao Hai.

But she was a girl, thin-skinned, she couldn't go to Zhao Hai and express her gratitude personally. Also, when Zhao Hai was staying inside Sky Water City, they didn't have a lot of interactions with each other. In her mind, Zhao Hai was that man who seem to have an ever-present smile on his face, someone who loved Laura and Meg, the kind of love that made people feel envy.

The most important point was that Zhao Hai respected Laura and Meg very much. He just let Laura do their thing and trusted them wholeheartedly. He also seem to have something that made Megan feel attracted to. Therefore, when the madam asked Megan what she thought of Zhao Hai, her heart couldn't help but beat crazily,  making her face flushed.

Smith's wife was an experienced person, when she saw Megan's expression, she understood. She sighed and thought that this girl had finally fallen. But the madam still opened her mouth and say, "Mister Zhao Hai just recently dealt with your fifth Uncle. He also snatched 20 ships from the family. I heard that your fifth uncle is still out at sea."

Megan stared, she gave her mother a look and said, "Mom, what about fifth uncle? Why did he find trouble with mister?"

The madam sighed, "Not only this, your father has received a notice from the family today. It said that the family would be sending a 9th rank expert to deal with mister Zhao Hai. This time, I'm afraid that mister Zhao Hai wouldn't be able to escape."

Megan's complexion paled, she looked at her mother and said, "Mom, are you sure? The family would really send a 9th rank expert to kill mister Zhao Hai? How can the family do this? No, I'm going to find father, I'll make him save mister."

The madam held Megan's hand hastily and said, "Megan, wait. Don't worry, your father and I already discussed this. Sending the 9th rank was still awaiting approval from the Elder's Assembly. But we also think that rescuing Mister Zhao Hai is very difficult, at the very least your father wouldn't be able to do it."

Megan's face changed color, she looked very anxious as she asked, "Mom, what should I do to stop the family from sending a 9th rank to kill mister?"

The madam looked at Megan's face and knew what her daughter was thinking. She patted Megan's head and said, "You father had thought of a way to save Mister Zhao Hai. Megan, you're not young anymore, I think we should start looking for your husband. Did you already have someone on mind? You can tell me and your mother will help you in this matter."

As soon as Megan heard her mother, her face immediately reddened, "Mom, we are talking about Mister's matter. How did we arrive to my own matters?"

The madam smiled, "You're already not young. At your age, your mother had already kissed your dad. Let's talk about it? Why are you so embarrassed?"

Chapter 420 – Megan's Idea

Megan looked at her mother, she wasn't embarrassed, but she really didn't have someone who had moved her heart inside Sky Water City, for her this matter was quite awkward.

At this time, a figure slowly appeared on her mind, becoming clearer and clearer. The person wore a gentle smile, had a decent body, wore his robe in a way that she hadn't seen before, and was speaking in a very relaxed tone. After the image became very clear, she saw one person, Zhao Hai!

When thinking of Zhao Hai, Megan's face couldn't help but turn red. However, when she was reminded of Zhao Hai's present situation, her complexion paled. But Megan was  stronger than before, she had once come across a situation where she was helpless. She learned something from the assassination attempt done on her.

Without a doubt, she was concerned about Zhao Hai. So when her mother told her about his current predicament, she became very anxious. At this point, her mind had two matters in it, one was Zhao Hai, and the other was her marriage.[1]

But when Zhao Hai's figure appeared on her mind, the two immediately connected with each other. Megan seemed to have cleared her mind as the two thoughts united.

When the madam saw that Megan didn't speak, her expression changed alternately from feeling strange to feeling confused. She looked at Megan and said, "Megan, did something happen? What are you thinking about.

Megan turned her head to look at her mother's eyes and said, "Mom, what method did father think about to save mister Zhao Hai? Can you tell me?"

The madam looked at Megan and said, "Megan, we really cannot do anything. It's not something you should worry about. Come tell me what you were just thinking about."

Megan looked at the madam and said, "Mom, if I marry mister Zhao Hai, can father save him?"

Megan's question took the words out of the madam's mouth. Her main purpose for explaining Zhao Hai's situation today was to gauge Megan's thoughts about the young man. If Megan had a good impression of him, then the madam would slowly inch their conversations in the next few days  towards marrying Zhao Hai. If she agrees, then the matter would be easily solved.

The madam didn't think that Megan would actually think of such a thing. Because there are a lot of factors involved, the madam thought Megan's mind would be on other matters.

Megan saw her mother not speaking, she thought that her idea wasn't received well. She quickly added, "Mom, if I marry mister Zhao Hai, he would be one of us. If he becomes family, then won't the family stop sending people to deal with him?"

The madam recovered, she looked at Megan and sighed, "Megan, do you really want to? If you marry Zhao Hai, you would have to share him with Laura and Meg."

Megan's face turned red, but she still nodded firmly, "Yes mom, I'm thinking that if marry mister, it won't just be because I have a favorable impression of him, but also for the sake of the Calci Family."

The madam looked at Megan in shock, "Megan, why do you say that?"

Megan replied, "Mom, although I don't know much about the family, I'm quite aware of its recent situation. Mister Zhao Hai has the ability and strength, if he became a member of the family, it would gain a lot from him. I know what our ancestors said about not marrying the family's women for benefits, however, I have a genuine good impression towards mister. And now that the family is going to send a 9th rank after him, father wouldn't be able to save him easily. But if I marry mister Zhao Hai, he would become one of our own, that would give father a proper reason to save him, right?"

The madam stared at Megan, she didn't think that her daughter would say those words. She hugged Megan and said, "My little girl has grown up. Megan, what you said is indeed true. But do you really like Zhao Hai? If not, your father and I won't support you in marrying him."

Megan said in a soft voice, "Mother, I have decided."[2]

The madam still felt as though she had something strange in her heart, she thought that Megan indeed had interest in Zhao Hai, but not to the point where she would want to marry him. And the reason behind Megan's decision would be in a large part her consideration for the Calci Family. This would leave a bad taste in the madam's mouth.

Fortunately, Megan has feelings for Zhao Hai, and its stronger that what she expected. The madam replied, "I've wronged you, my little Megan. But don't worry, if Zhao Hai dares to treat you badly, then I'll let Father tidy him up. Now that you have made your decision, we have a way to save him. I'll go tell your father to send Zhao Hai a letter so that he can be safe as soon as possible."

Megan nodded, then the madam stood up and left the room. Megan was left in the room staring, thinking about what she just said. Now that her words had finally caught up, her face immediately turned hot as though it was burning. She didn't know what she just did, she just uttered those words unconsciously. Now, when she recalls her words, she couldn't help but blush.

But no matter what, she has already decided. Changing it now would be impossible, and Megan didn't think of changing it anyway. She just felt strange, she didn't expect that she would actually get engaged.

At this point, the madam's mood was very complicated. When she returned to their courtyard, she found Smith and told him about Megan's situation.

Smith didn't think that Megan would make her decision this quickly. While he felt relief, he was also angry at Zhao Hai. Smith didn't know when Zhao Hai had unexpectedly captured her daughter's heart.

Although Smith looked highly upon Zhao Hai, as a father, he was obligated to get mad at the person who took the heart of his daughter.

At this moment, the madam looked at Smith and said, "Dear, will you write Zhao Hai's letter now?"

Smith thought for a moment and shook his head, "Not is not the time. We'll wait until Zhao Hai returns to Jade Water City before sending it. In any case, we have his Blood Hawk with us, he'll receive the letter at the quickest time possible."

The madam nodded then sighed, "I hope that nothing goes wrong this time. Otherwise, Zhao Hai will be in danger. I wish that the family wouldn't be quick in sending people to deal with him."

Smith agreed, "Right, now we can only trust Zhao Hai's speed."

When Zhao Hai saw this Blood Hawk, he knew that this should be the one he left behind for Smith. He immediately went outside and took the letter that Smith wrote to him.

After reading the contents of the letter, Zhao Hai's complexion changed. Naturally, Smith didn't include his plan of marrying his daughter to Zhao Hai in this letter. He only wrote about how the family disagreed with his plan of reconciling with Zhao Hai and that they were prepared to send 9th rank experts. He also expressed that he has a plan to deal with the matter and that Zhao Hai needs to meet him at Sky Water City.

Zhao Hai didn't expect the Calci Family to send 9th rank experts to deal with him. Although he didn't fear the other party's 9th rank expert, he also didn't want to develop a mortal enmity with the Calci Family. If he does become enemies with the family, it would be disadvantageous to his future plans. The family might pressure Charlie, and Charlie might not want to offend the Calci Family in favor of him. At that time, Zhao Hai feared that he wouldn't be able to stay inside Rosen Empire.

When Zhao Hai returned to the room, he gave the letter to Laura. From what Laura saw in Zhao Hai's complexion, it must have been a serious matter. She immediately read the letter and soon enough, her expression also changed. She handed the letter off to Meg as she turned to Zhao Hai, "Brother Hai, what do you think?"

In a serious voice, Zhao Hai replied, "I guess we have no other choice other than to head towards Sky Water City and go see what Smith plans to do. Otherwise, we can only deal with the 9th rank of the family and hope that they will stop bothering us."

Laura thought that this situation was impossible. If they really kill the 9th rank of the Calci Family, they definitely wouldn't let them off. 9th ranks are extremely important to any family.

After Meg and the others read the letter, their faces changed as well. They understood that if the Calci Family goes through with sending 9th ranks after them, then that meant that the family has decided to completely destroy their group.

Laura said, "When do we leave?"

Zhao Hai replied, "I'll go and talk to Trezebo first. Then let's have the Haven head towards Ape Island while the rest of the ships stay behind to be filled up by Mu'en. I'll go send a Blood Hawk carrying the Ghost Staff back to Sky Water City. After it arrives, we'll appear there via the Space. For us, the seas are no longer safe."

Laura understood what Zhao Hai meant, if the Calci Family sends its 9th rank after them, the seas would certainly be unable to keep them safe. For a 9th rank expert, there was no need to use a ship to travel the sea, flying was enough."

Laura nodded, "Alright, i'll go inform Mu'en while you go see Trezebo."

Zhao Hai nodded and immediately went out to give the Blood Hawk the ghost staff before releasing it. Then he went to look for Trezebo. At the same time, Laura took the carriage and headed towards Mu'en.

Although he might be exposing some of his secrets with his method of going to Sky Water City this time, Zhao Hai didn't care. If they cannot deal with the matter of the Calci Family, then they would have a powerful enemy, Zhao Hai didn't want to see that.

Trezebo was currently on his room resting and drinking wine. At this moment, a servant came and reported that Zhao Hai came to ask for an audience. He stared for a moment before immediately inviting Zhao Hai inside.

But when Zhao Hai came in, Trezebo couldn't help but notice the strange expression on Zhao Hai's face. Trezebo quickly said, "Mister Zhao Hai, what happened?"

Zhao Hai looked at Trezebo and said, "City Lord, I'm afraid I have to leave Jade Water City immediately. I might be gone for several days, but I promise to return as soon as I have taken care of the situation."

Ruyen got baited by her mother. Moms are scary man. I love how they just knew that Zhao Hai would agree, xD, what do you think our homeboy is?
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