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Everyone had seen Chen Xiang refining Hundred Beasts Dan before, but they all felt that it was equally stunning. This was because at night, the beautiful multicolored light being released by the transparent pill furnace was even more dazzling, giving off a kind of multicolored gentle light that made people feel intoxicated.

Although the process of refining a Hundred Beasts Dan was a little complicated, he could still imitate the details in his mind, allowing Chen Xiang to imitate the process as he refined the Hundred Beasts Dan in reality.

In less than an hour, he had successfully refined a batch of Hundred Beasts Dan!

"Begin Yuanshen Dan!" Su Meiyao's tone was somewhat stern, because Yuanshen Dan were much more difficult than Hundred Beasts Dan and they had high requirements for spiritual sense as well. The process of refining pills was also very different from the other common pills.

Seeing Chen Xiang refining and playing with the Hundred Beasts Dan, everyone on the stage became excited, because Chen Xiang was about to refine the second type of low-grade profound level pill. This was something that everyone was very curious about.

Chen Xiang took out a spiral shaped white grass and a flower that was the size of a thumb. When these two small and exquisite spirit medicines came out, many people started to discuss about it, especially the Alchemist s.

Those Stage Seven Alchemist s were also whispering to each other. From what they knew, this kind of medicinal pellet was not a common pellet, but a kind of pellet out of the way.

"Qianqian, what pill is this?" Yao Haisheng asked. He knew that Wu Qianqian learned alchemy from the Elder Dan and was very close to him.

Yun Xiaodao, Xv Weilong and the others also looked at Wu Qianqian, waiting for her reply.

Wu Qianqian was continuously flipping through the memories of the medicinal herbs in her mind, but she did not find any information related to the two medicinal herbs. She shook her head slightly.

"Boss Leader, you are very knowledgeable, have you recognized what it is?" Wu Kaiming asked.

"I don't know him." Gu Dongchen's face was also filled with thought, he thought back to all the pills he had learned about for the past ten thousand years, and looked at Lian Yingxiao beside him: "Island Master Lian, you are a collection lunatic, do you know what this is?"

Lian Yingxiao shook his head. "I don't know.

Just as everyone knew the answer, a faint and arrogant voice came out: "That is the Spiritual God's Flower and the Spirit-Raising Grass, it's used to refine Yuanshen Dan!"

It was actually the Yuanshen Dan, which made everyone immediately remember that the Yuanshen Dan had appeared not too long ago. Furthermore, it had appeared once in the Dan Fragrance Pagoda, and it had even sold for a high price of fifty million Spar.

"This must be Yue Jianglin's voice! Looks like the Yuanshen Dan at the auction were refined by Chen Xiang. This fellow must be very angry to have been scammed. " Gu Dongchen laughed.

Lian Yingxiao and Wu Kaiming also laughed out loud. At the same time, they were shocked that Chen Xiang could actually refine such a hard to refine pill, and even find such precious medicinal ingredients.

"Yue Jianglin hasn't gone back to feed his son the Yuanshen Dan. He probably wants to see if he can find the person who earned fifty million from him." Hua Xiangyue laughed, Liu Meng'er also revealed a mischievous smile, she had also participated in the same thing back then.

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Meng'er heaved a sigh of relief, because Chen Xiang still had the Yuanshen Dan's medicinal herbs, which meant that Chen Xiang still had a chance to get first place.

Zhu Rong looked at Chen Xiang in envy: "Younger Brother Shen's Yuanshen Dan sold for fifty million, when we go back, we must definitely make this tycoon treat us to a meal."

Fifty million Spar could be considered a large number among the disciples of the clan. Yun Xiaodao and the others prepared to eat a big meal.

However, they did not know that Chen Xiang had used up all of his Dragon Soul.

Chen Xiang was refining a Yuanshen Dan, so all of the Alchemist s were dazzled. To them, this was a rare sight, because they were able to witness the entire process of refining the Yuanshen Dan, and they were able to see it clearly, although they were not sure if Chen Xiang would succeed or not in the end.

This was the first time he used this Magic method furnace to refine such a difficult pill, and also the first time he used the Foreseeing Alchemy to assist him in refining. Furthermore, there would be a lot more need to be refined.

This was because during the refining of the Yuanshen Dan, those Medicine aura would need to swallow divine intents and the amount of devouring would also need to be refined, but he had refined it before, so it was not very difficult for him, he could practice it according to his memories!

However, if he were to refine those high-grade pills that he had never refined before, it would be difficult for him to refine them. What he needed the most was his senses, the feeling of being able to be displayed and being refined.

This was the essence of the Foreseeing Alchemy. It required an extraordinary spirit sense and a huge consciousness to support it!

There were many supplementary medicinal ingredients and they were all very old. Chen Xiang needed to make accurate estimates of the age of these medicinal ingredients before he could start training.

In the dead of night, how beautiful was she? Chen Xiang's transparent pill furnace seemed to contain a peerless treasure, causing people to be amazed, and made those who watched the competition all night feel that it was worth it.

Chen Xiang frowned, he was extremely serious and had to pay attention to the situation inside the Magic method furnace. He had to control the flames, suppress the tyrannical Medicine aura with his consciousness, and control the Magic method furnace formed with the magic power well … While he was practicing, he also needed to do these things at the same time. This was truly a high requirement for his spirit.

Right now, Chen Xiang was equivalent to refining two batches of Yuanshen Dan at the same time, or maybe even more difficult than refining two batches at the same time, because if he wanted to precisely practice one furnace in his mind, that would be something he imagined, but it would have to be the same as reality. If the furnace he imagined had problems, then the furnace in reality would follow suit.

Therefore, in order to reduce the number of failures, the tempering process could not be too fast, it was only a little faster than in real life!

Suddenly, Chen Xiang frowned, what he was hoping for finally happened, because there was a problem with the Yuanshen Dan he was practicing in his mind, it immediately failed, and the pill furnace exploded!

In that instant, he found the problem and quickly calmed down! Because he had let those Medicine aura devour too many divine intents, he immediately made adjustments to prevent those Medicine aura with ownerless souls from devouring too many divine intents. In this way, he avoided the mistakes that occurred while he was practicing in his mind.

After successfully avoiding a single mistake, another batch of Yuanshen Dan appeared in Chen Xiang's mind, and he started to practice from the moment he avoided a single mistake.

This allowed him to once again understand the impressiveness of the Foreseeing Alchemy. If he were to practice it correctly, he would be able to know his own mistakes in advance, and then he would be able to avoid them!

Everyone thought that Chen Xiang was focused on refining pills, and it was extremely difficult as well. However, no one knew that Chen Xiang was learning a new pill refining technique! But everyone was watching with relish, the Alchemist s were even more dumbfounded, because they saw the legendary Yuanshen Dan that was extremely difficult to refine. ~

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