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Chapter 1093 - The Eighth King Kong, I, Zhu Long

Ten seconds!

In an instant.

There were brothers on one side, and all the brothers on the other.

Long Fei didn't even want to give up.


He had to make a choice now.

Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, the joints on his body popping out. Looking at the amount of blood on song qiancheng's head, Long Fei thought to himself, "He still can't kill him in one hit."

If they couldn't kill him in one hit …

Then Li Yuanba and the others would fall into a deathtrap.

Long Fei would never take his brother's life as a joke, no matter what.

green dragon ancestor said again: "Boss, let's go to Dragon Domain first, they will be fine."

The time was almost up. If he did not make it to Open Dragon Domain soon, the Dragon Domain would collapse, the entire god's martial continent would collapse, and in the end, the entire plane of the god's martial continent would collapse.

song qiancheng laughed complacently, "Hahaha... Long Fei, you have only touched me now, hahaha … Why aren't we moving? "

"F * ck!"

"Is a dog like you worthy to fight with me? Hit me? Now, let's fight one more time. You're so awesome, let's fight one more time? " song qiancheng was extremely angry.

Long Fei's gaze was gloomy, and his heart was filled with anger.

Gu Tongtian moved through the air and floated above song qiancheng's head. Staring at Long Fei who was on the ground, he sneered. "Long Fei, you still have a chance to choose right now."

"Be good and listen to me. Otherwise, everyone in Yuan Long dynasty will die."

whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh … *

Numerous Flying Fairy Stronger Man descended and stood behind song qiancheng. Their eyes were ice-cold and filled with contempt as they stared at Long Fei.

In the distance.

Long Sanfeng and the others had already arrived, and they were extremely worried.

"Young Master!"

"Long Fei!"

All the girls started to worry for Long Fei, and started to silently pray.

Everyone was worried for Long Fei.

The current Long Fei was simply too difficult.

He did not want to give up on anyone, especially his seven king kongs. It was impossible for him to abandon them, even if the world were to be destroyed.

song qiancheng laughed out loud, and said: "Be obedient, be as obedient as a dog, understand? "Hahaha..."

"Hahaha …"

The Flying Fairy Stronger Man behind him all started to laugh loudly.

He mocked and despised them.

None of them knew that the god's martial continent was about to collapse, that the entire plane was about to explode.

They did not know that Long Fei was the only one who could save them.

Long Fei looked at the mockery on their faces, and when he saw the looks of contempt on all of their faces, he sneered, and said: "You like to ridicule others?"

"Then go to hell together."

At this moment.

Long Fei made a decision, she would not save him!

He wanted to be tough!

What god's martial continent, what saving a plane, what the hell did that have to do with him.

Long Fei's awareness was not that high. In the face of a life and death situation with his brothers, what point did he have in giving up his brothers and saving tens of billions of people?

Especially their ridicule against the nerve in Long Fei's heart.

If you like to laugh, then go to hell.


Long Fei's gaze was tinged with killing intent as his blood surged. He locked onto song qiancheng and said: "You don't dare to touch me, right? "I'll take a look at each of them."

song qiancheng frowned, feeling the killing intent coming out of Long Fei's body, he became nervous: "Long Fei, what are you trying to do?"

"Aren't you afraid that I'll kill them all?"

At this moment.

A manic voice sounded, "Kill me? I'm going to kill you. "

Li Yuanba's voice.

The Hell's Wheel moved, Li Yuanba's golden body rushed out with the seven king kongs following closely behind.

"You all..."

"You all..."

song qiancheng's eyes bulged out, his pupils flickered, he could not believe that they would be able to come out. The Hell's Wheel's power was too strong, no one could endure the pain of a hundred and one death.


Even in his wildest dreams, song qiancheng would never have thought that Long Zhanting could enter the Hell's Wheel.

You know.

He was someone who signed a contract with the Death God, there was no death land that he couldn't go to.



seven king kongs moved in unison.

Long Fei saw a ray of hope.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

song qiancheng's entire body was bound by the seven king kongs.

Long Fei grinned and laughed wildly, saying, "Hahaha … song qiancheng, go and die. "

song qiancheng's eyes trembled, "No, no... Don't kill me. "

"I am song qianqian's father, you cannot kill me."

"Brother Gu, save me."

"Master of Magic Tribe, save me …"

No one saved him.

Long Fei rushed over from afar, kicked song qiancheng's lower jaw, and sent him flying into the air, after which he roared loudly, "Father, let's go to the Imperial Palace!"

"Yuan Ba, you guys go too!"

The moment he finished his words, both of Long Fei's arms swelled up, and shot out like a cannonball towards song qiancheng's chest, blasting him flying in the direction of the Imperial Palace's black hole.

"This is bad!"

"Long Fei is about to enter the Open Dragon Domain!"

western devil lord's forehead shook.

The expressions of the numerous Flying Fairy Stronger Man s changed. With the opening of the Dragon Domain at hand, they could not afford to miss out on the opportunity.

And then …

The Flying Fairy Stronger Man s were out of control and rushed towards the palace.

At this moment.

The Death Reaper Rune on Long Zhanting's body spread out, and with a heavy sound, he said, "Nobody can even dream of approaching the Imperial Palace!"

His right hand turned into a palm, slamming heavily onto the ground.

The runes on his body were like Spirit Channeling techniques, falling onto the ground one by one and forming a huge formation model. When a drop of Long Zhanting's blood essence fell, all the strength in his body increased greatly as he roared towards the sky, "Lord Death God, descend!"


A powerful aura of death descended from the sky, exploding at the heart of the formation.


A malevolent giant with a black sickle in his hands slowly rose from the ground.


The real god of death!

With empty eyes, his sinister laughter resounded in the hearts of everyone present, "Hehe …"

"Long Zhanting, you still have one last wish."

"I will help you achieve it."

The hollow voice of the god of death resounded in the sky. Long Fei stopped in midair, his face sank as he shouted loudly, "Father …"

Long Sanfeng was also stunned, "Ting'er …"

Long Zhanhai was also at a loss, and muttered: "Third brother!"

Everyone was stunned.

Long Zhanting.

Mysterious disappearance!

The next time he appeared was in this manner.

Sign a contract with the Grim Reaper!

Long Sanfeng's heart ached, "Oh god, why did you do this to my Long Family, to us?"

Long Zhanting looked at the direction of the palace and smiled, saying: "Father, your son is unfilial, I am sorry!"

"Long Fei."

"We will depend on you to get the Long Family together."

"Father, I trust you. You will definitely succeed."

Long Zhanting laughed and said, "Lord Death God, let's begin!"

At this moment.

Li Yuanba and the rest of the seven did not leave as well. They had to buy more time for Long Fei.

In that instant.

Long Fei's Arhat King Kong was out of his control as he broke through the void. A monk carrying a broken fan on his back and dressed like a beggar landed on the ground.

"I'm Descending Dragon!"

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