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Chapter 36 – Life Saving Grace

Translator: Jostena 

Editor: Callis & Dragon

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Brother, help me with the battle! Elder brother, I will go first to meet this group of monsters!” Zhang Maorong took off his clothes in a very heroic manner, while showing his naked, strong upper body. He picked up an iron bar, and strode towards the iron door.

Zhan Yun and others remained silent. Zhang Maorong already had so many flaws that they did not know where to begin belittling him.


Zheng Jiahe couldn’t help but mutter, “Who is your brother? How big of a face do you have that you would dare say that you are Zhan Ge’s elder brother? Believe it or not, he could make you kneel down and beg for mercy in minutes! Do you think you are an ancient general? Troublemaker! Why are you taking off your clothes? For fear that the zombies couldn’t smell your flesh?”

Song Chengshu and the others close to him heard him clearly. They tried their best to stifle their laughter until their faces turned red. Thanks to the dim torches and low lighting, they did not attract attention. However, Zheng Jiahe’s muttering spoiled the serious mood. Even the urge for battle brewing inside Zhan Yun had disappeared completely.

“If you have so much energy, then I’ll take a break. You go on.” With that, Zhan Yun pushed Zheng Jiahe forward.   

“Ah? Me? ” Zheng Jiahe was confused. Why did he fall into trouble? 

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“Hahaha, he let you go, so go quickly.” Song Chengshu said happily, “If you lose to him, don’t come back.”   

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When Zheng Jiahe strode to the iron gate, he saw that the zombies were desperately pushing their heads close to the iron railings, trying to squeeze their heads and arms in between the bars to bite the food in front of them. Zhang Maorong wielded his iron rod wildly and smashed at the bodies of the zombies.

Zheng Jiahe didn’t know what to say. Couldn’t you simply hit a zombie’s head? Why bother smashing their arms? Even if they hit the body, scattered their limbs, and then broke their bones, the zombies could still bite. Alas, some people are still spiritually chaotic ah. 

Zheng Jiahe lifted his golf club and aimed for the head of a zombie. As if he was playing a game of whack-mole, he knocked it off with a thump.  The head of a zombie was as easy to break as a watermelon. It was so fast and cruel that the zombie at the gate collapsed and Zhang Maorong, who was on the other side, was startled.

You see, the skull was very hard, and the zombies were not human. They wouldn’t collapse just from intracranial hemorrhage caused by any heavy blow. The skull must be smashed open and the brain completely destroyed to kill them. It took a lot of strength to do so. Even a strength ability user like Zhang Maorong, who had been smashing so hard, would feel tired.

But what about this man? Wasn’t he an ordinary person?

Zheng Jiahe did not notice Zhang Maorong’s whirling thoughts. He used his golf club to push aside the zombie hanging on the iron gate, so that he could continue to kill the others behind it. 

At this time, there was a tall zombie at Zhang Maorong’s side who took the opportunity to grab the iron stick in his hand, and pulled on it fiercely. Zhang Maorong was distracted, and he hit the iron gate hard. Countless claws firmly tore at Zhang Maorong. He panicked and struggled desperately, but he was caught by the zombies, with numerous bloodstains blooming on his body. Several other zombies opened their mouths and bit Zhang Maorong.

Zheng Jiahe and Zhang Maorong fought on opposite sides of the iron gate, so even if Zheng Jiahe wanted to save him, he still needed to run from the left to the right side of the gate. While it would only take a few seconds, these seconds was enough time for Zhang Maorong to die several times.

My life is over!!!

Zhang Maorong felt death approaching and closed his eyes in terror. 

However, in the next moment, the crisp ‘bang bang bang!’ of gunshots rang out; the heads of the zombies who had seized Zhang Maorong exploded. Zheng Jiahe arrived just in time and pulled Zhang Maorong back.

“Thank you… Thank you…” Zhang Maorong had a hard time finding his voice.

Song Chengshu and Su Ruizhe took cover and pretended to take out a medicine box from the car. Then they cleaned and bandaged Zhang Maorong’s wounds.

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Fortunately, the bodies of the ability users had some resistance to the zombie virus. But this was only the beginning of the apocalypse, and the zombies would continue to evolve. By the late apocalypse period, the ability users would definitely be infected with the zombie virus if they were scratched or bitten by higher-level zombies. 

It’s like a person who caught a cold. If he had a strong body, he could recover quickly. However, if he had a weak body, it might turn into pneumonia. If he was infected with a high-risk virus like SARS, it would be fatal. The same was true of the zombie virus. Once the body of an ability user could no longer resist the attack of the zombie virus, only death and mutation awaited them.

The awakening of Zhang Maorong’s ability wasn’t too long ago, so he didn’t have much fighting experience. Though he built a small safety zone, the majority of his success could be attributed to luck. He couldn’t compare with Zheng Jiahe, who had been fighting zombies every day and was about to break through to the second level.

Crystal nuclei could not help an ability upgrade, but could only help supplement and replenish the power consumed when an ability was used. If you wanted to advance, you must constantly use the ability to push yourself to the limit in order to improve the ability’s energy. Once the energy reached a certain level, there would be an opportunity for a breakthrough.

Now, Zheng Jiahe was not far from a breakthrough. 

Zheng Jiahe killed the remaining zombies by himself, and then returned with an expression of a puppy inviting praise, “Brother Zhan, it’s all been settled!”

“Yeah, good job.” Zhan Yun rarely praised him, but made an exception in this one instance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhang Maorong rested for a while and finally recovered some spirit. Now, he also understood that his instincts weren’t wrong. These people were really not simple.

The young man with a golf club, who looked like a weak chicken, was actually more powerful than he was. But this person was obedient to Zhan Yun. Needless to say, even in the chaos and with the distance, Zhan Yun could kill those zombies so accurately and quickly that it was like walking through a hundred steps. 

Not to mention the other people who had merely looked on coldly and didn’t lift a finger, he would never dare to be indifferent to these people.

Zhang Maorong’s attitude was much more respectful than before. “Brother Zhan, thank you for saving my life just now.”

Zhang Yun waved his hand, “Raise your head, you don’t have to be polite.”   

Nevertheless, Zhang Maorong did not dare take this courtesy for granted. He quickly led them to the back, “You all worked hard today. Follow me and have a rest in the back.” 

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