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"This man is so powerful. Is he really human?"

All of the Infantes present were alarmed—they finally understood the disparity between Wang Xuanming and them. Dracula was using 90 per cent of his power, and they dared not go toe to toe with such terrible might even at the peak of their strength. Perhaps only Field in his prime condition could match such might, and none of the other Infantes was worth considering.

This time, Field understood why Wang Xuanming had claimed that the Infantes were no match for him. This human's body was even tougher than that of Dracula, and his attacks were comparable in strength to Dracula's magic. "Seeker of Truth from the East—he's really has unlimited potential," thought Field.


Wang Xuanming struck with the overpowering Break Heaven Fist again, and it came crashing down upon Dracula with a blinding golden light. The vampire returned the favor with one blow of his Blood Prison Demonic Punch. And an energy storm was created by the clash of the gold and bloody seas. The two combatants, who were in the eye of the storm, engaged each other again. The others could only hear the rumbling of thunder coming from the center of the storm, which was created by the physical contact between Wang Xuanming and Dracula.

"Gates of Hell!"

Dracula roared angrily as a countless number of blood bats flew out from his back, forming a gate which then began to open slowly, releasing countless demonic souls. They were either on horseback or armed and came charging toward Wang Xuanming with the force of thousands of troops.

"Soul of War Immortal!"

Wang Xuanming channeled the divine golden glow into his forehead and unleashed the Soul of War Immortal technique. A small golden man walked out of his forehead. He looked real and walked very slowly, as if each step he took made time flow slower. The small man then began to strike at the countless demonic souls, and his punches were as powerful as Wang Xuanming's—another overwhelming force had appeared on the battlefield.


What surprised everyone was that the demonic souls began to flee in terror, having completely lost their original aura of terror. They began shrieking pitifully, completely no match for the small man's punch. Just like this, he killed all of them with a single punch, and the demons only had time to scream before turning into ashes.

"Let me see how powerful the power of souls can be!" shouted Dracula, as an incredibly real looking but small figure of his soul emerged from his body, looking exactly like a miniature version of him.

It charged forward to engage the small gold man. This was a battle of souls between the two combatants, and the form of carelessness would lead to their deaths; even Dracula could not resurrect his soul.

They stood rooted to the spot with their eyes closed, and both of them had channeled their consciousness into their souls for a fight to the death. Even though the small figures were only their souls, every time they clashed, the world trembled. In the blink of an eye, their souls had exchanged hundreds of blows, causing much damage to Heaven and Earth.



The space between Wang Xuanming's eyebrows split open, and he coughed out a mouthful of blood. A crack appeared on the small gold man, but Dracula did not get off easily as well—his soul had turned darker. Both combatants re-absorbed their souls back into their bodies and they stared at each other cautiously.

"You're good. You're the only human that can force me to use all of my power; it wouldn't be a disgrace if you died fighting me!" said Dracula chillingly.

"Haha, indeed, there's some disparity between immortals and ordinary folk," Wang Xuanming replied as he wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips. The glow surrounding his body had dimmed a little. He was severely wounded and could not keep up this form for much longer.

"You can't maintain your forbidden art form for much longer. Bow down to me and serve me, I'll let you live," Dracula said as he unleashed his full might, his aura tearing open a crack in the surrounding skies.

"Huh! You're just a demon, how could I, a Chinese descendant, bow down to you! I'll show you how terrible the Huaxia lineage is. Even if I perish, don't think that you'll walk out of this fight unscathed!" Wang Xuanming replied resolutely.

He then channeled all of his energy into his final onslaught. At this moment, Alice had arrived to fight alongside him. She looked at Wang Xuanming emotionally before summoning her Demon Hunting Bow and readying it to fire. Wang Xuanming nodded at her and charged resolutely toward Dracula, who was at full power now. The final battle began.

"Listen up, all you Blood Hunters. I have a plan to seal Dracula up again, but... I don't know if you guys will be willing to try," Clara's voice rang out in everyone's head. They were surprised—was there really still a way to seal the vampire again?

"Peru told me that if all of the Blood Hunters offered their lives as a blood sacrifice to complement my forbidden sealing magic, I can create a huge formation and seal Dracula up for another 20 years. Of course, this would take all of your lives, and I won't insist. You people decide," Clara said as she got up with much difficulty. She looked at them with much sadness; this technique that Peru told her about was too cruel.

Everyone turned to look at the Blood Hunter Clan, awaiting their reply. They knew how well the Blood Hunters had performed in this battle, and that only Wang Bugui was left to hold their torch, as nearly all of their youths had perished in the fight. This was a huge sacrifice to make, and nobody would begrudge them if they refused.

"We agree, if our sacrifice can seal Dracula again!"

Nobody expected the Blood Hunter Clan to be so firm, as a high-ranking officer led all of his people out. The humans looked at them—there were thousands of them before the battle, but now fewer than 1,000 were left. Each of them was wounded in some way, and there were still a few young faces amongst them.

All of them had multiple wounds, and even the young women who were most vain were covered in blood. Their limbs were broken in various degrees and had to support one another, and some of their elderly were already on their last breath and coughing away as they leaned on other people for support as they walked. Even so, none of them had discarded his or her weapon.

"No, no, Father and the rest will win, you guys can't do this!" shouted Wang Bugui, his eyes filled with tears. He could not accept the reason as to why his clansmen had to be offered as the blood sacrifice.

"Wang Bugui, you're the hope of our clan, you can't cry! The responsibility of our clan will fall on you now," chided an elder, his eyes also wet.

"Bugui, in future... I can't play with you anymore. Take good care of yourself," said a girl who was three years older than him, as she sobbed. It seemed that these would be her last words to him.

Many people began talking to Wang Bugui, offering their last goodbye. It was going to be the last time they were going to see him.

"No, stop talking, I don't want to hear all these! I only want you people to live... I don't want to lose all of you!" Wang Bugui shrieked, his heart in pain. The haughtiness and evil look on his face had long gone, replaced by that of a tearful young boy. He was no longer the most powerful genius of the Blood Demon Clan, but a young boy afraid of losing his family.

His screams, however, were not going to change things. The other members of the Blood Demon Clan walked resolutely up to Clara and Hanae Chiou had to stop him from following suit.

"Of the entire Blood Demon Clan, only Wang Bugui will survive?"

"Right. Only the rest of us will go on this path of no return."

"All humans should begin retreating. The young will leave first, along with the women. The men and elderly will wait for them to retreat before doing so," ordered Clara, before turning to Wang Xuanming. "Wang Xuanming, help me hold Dracula back. Alice, hold all of the Infantes back. I'll prepare the sealing formation!"

"How long do you need?"

"Five minutes."

"Leave it to me!"

Wang Xuanming threw all of his remaining strength into delaying Dracula, while the other humans began slowly moving off according to Clara's instructions.

"Don't let them escape!" Nattiavelle said, as she prepared to lead the Infantes on an assault of the humans. Just as she was about to move, however, a silver arrow flew toward her with amazing speed and force, causing the Blood Clan soldiers at the front to explode. Nattiavelle looked at Alice with a chilling gaze before leading a few Infantes to engage her.

"Blood Ignition Technique!"

Alice shouted, as the blood in her body began igniting into flames, and blood red tattoos began appearing all over her body. She then unleashed another blazing silver arrow, stopping Augustus, who had taken the lead, in his tracks. Nicolas then came charging over, and Alice backflipped, creating a space of a few dozen meters before them, before firing another arrow at his head before she landed.


Nicolas blocked the silver arrow at the very last minute, and out came Lambert and Nattiavelle from the settling dust. Alice leapt high into the skies, unleashing a volley of arrows on the Infantes. It managed to stop Lambert, but Nattiavelle was still rushing toward her. Just as she was about to hit Alice with a small black magic circle, the human stepped on her longbow and used it as a springboard to evade the attack.

Alice managed to land behind her enemy and swept at her with her longbow. Nattiavelle frantically turned around and summoned a blood shield to block the attack, but was still knocked back by the blow. Alice seized the opportunity to unleash an arrow of tremendous power at her.


The shot created a huge explosion, and Dracula and Wang Xuanming were right below them. The human fighter struck again and again with his Break Heaven Fist, and Dracula was able to withstand the blows unharmed. The vampire then unleashed the Torment of Divine Destruction, which Wang Xuanming absorbed using his Undefeatable Body of the World, before attacking with his Meteorite Kick, forcing Dracula to retreat. He then rushed forward and followed up with an Extreme Heaven Explosion and a Kick of the Universe.

Dracula manifested a huge spear of blood, but it was shattered into pieces. Wang Xuanming did not let up and struck with his Primordial Palm. This made Dracula truly angry, and he punched the giant palm and his opponent backward, before using both fists.

Wang Xuanming used his strange footwork while staggering backward to evade the blow and returned the favor with a punch of his own. Seeing this, Dracula triggered his magic to blow up the space between them.


It did not kill his opponent, and instead, Wang Xuanming came kicking at him with the Universal Buddha Manifestation technique. Dracula transformed into a bloody giant and punched at his opponent, and they continued battling in their giant form for hundreds of blows before stopping.


Wang Xuanming was gradually unable to keep up—it was basically self-destruction trying to maintain such a form. He forced himself to remain standing upon seeing that not all of the humans had been evacuated, and he sent Hanae Chiou a psychic message at the same time. "Chiou, take Bugui and the others with you and leave quickly... I can't guarantee that none of the Infantes will come after you guys. Quickly!"

Upon hearing that, Hanae Chiou hurriedly grabbed Wang Bugui and instructed Druid and Merutia to leave. Clara was busy chanting, and the remaining humans created a wall of life to buy her time.


Alice roared, bringing her Blood Ignition Technique to its maximum level. She channeled her blood into her arrow, each shot a massacre. Thousands of Infantes fell under the arrows, but her life force was slowly draining away as well. Furthermore, a few Infantes were drawing near the evacuation point, and Wang Xuanming unleashed the last of his power with a mournful howl, upon seeing this.

"Roar! Ultimate Break, Destruction of the Mountains and Rivers of 10,000 Realms!"

The soundwaves from his shout shook all of the Blood Slaves to death, and he shot toward Alice in a blaze of golden light, punching away all of the Infantes doing battle with her. He then smashed the surrounding space with a blow of the Break Heaven Fist, knocking Augustus and Lambert, who were going to launch a sneak attack on Clara, on their backs.

"Who dares to take even a step forward!" he said, as he turned to look at all the other Infantes. He then looked at Dracula angrily, saying, "My life is ending shortly. By all means, unleash all of your power and fight me seriously. Will you dare to engage me in a battle to the end?"

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