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The silver sports car slid past the midnight street raising a piece of dust.

Xiahou Xuan stood in front of a mansion and smiled contemptuously. Without the secret support of Xiahou Xuan himself, the Xiahou family would only become a third family.

Do you think you have been isolated from the Beijing for many years? If you will kill yourself, do you think you will be able to keep the family of Xiahou? Naive! Ridiculous! Ignorant! Damn it!

The place was in Xiahou Jian’s.

In less than three minutes, the mansion quickly rushed out a few people. They saw Xiahou Xuan's rosy face; something might not have happened in general, but they could not help but be puzzled and look at each other.

A middle-aged man was the first to converge. He laughed and wanted to pat Xiahou Xuan’s shoulder, but he was hiding away from embarrassment.

Xiahou Xuan’s lip arched and thought, "Oh? Is he not angry? How can he be so hard to resist? I think he would like to have a good game!"

Calming down his dissatisfaction, Xiahou Jian said with a smile, “My son is back! Years away, Your dad can’t recognize you!”

“Is it?” Xiahou Xuan's reserved and aloof remarks blocked all the words of Xiahou Jian.

"The Ming people do not speak secretly; you have 50 or more fathers. It is time to enjoy the happiness, this Xiahou Jian’s burden can be unloaded." Xiahou Xuan laughed so hard that he wanted to vomit blood to Xiahou Jian.

“What are you doing! Do not dare to put yourself with the Wei Hou's family member in front of our house!” A good-looking man who seemed like a twenty-seven-year-old screamed.

Mo took a pistol from his waist, slowly installed the muffler, aimed at the man’s eyebrow, ready to shoot.  "The boss was not allowed to be insulted by anyone!" He thought.

Seeing this, Xiahou Jian hurriedly pulled the man behind him, stared at Xiahou Xuan, blamed, and condemned, “This is your brother! How can you get and point your gun to your brother!”

“Brother? Are you sure he is my brother?" Xiahou Xuan sneered. Obviously he looked like his mother. And he had an elder brother. "Ha! It’s so funny!"

“You, you!” Xiahou Jian was gasping for breath while pointing his fingers to Xiahou Xuan, not knowing what to do.

In the past few years, Xiahou Xuan lived on his own and grew alone and he believes that his own son has a a close relationship with one of the Wei Hou family member and also believes that he had no ability to fight her and did not understand that his son had already had that kind of strength, Xiahou Jian thought, "Why did my own son refuse to let go of her?"

“Three months later, it will be the family ranking that will matter in the capital. Before that, you’d better think clearly.” Xiahou Xuan turned around, about to leave. Suddenly he remembered something. He turned around again and said, “Xiahou Jian! One less than four of the capital, is so!”

Xiahou Jian pressed the impulsive Xiahou Jie and said, “Nature is better than Xiahou, but you…!!!”

Xiahou Xuan said “Xiahou Xuan will go home with a Wei Hou’s family member.”

Listening to his voice with full of sarcastic tone, Xiahou Jian felt that moment that he already didn't know the identity of his son. He never thinks that this is his own son now.

Mo was busy looking sideways at his own boss and saw nothing in his eyes. He even kept a faint joy when he went out with this remark, "And next time when you use poison, remember not to use imitation." Xiahou Xuan went away.

Looking at the car of Xiahou Xuan, Xiahou Jian bit his teeth hard and felt as annoyed like to his wife, Xiahou Xuan's mother. He always looked at him as if he was his servant.

Zhou Huiren stepped forward and held Xiahou Jian then she said softly, “Why don’t you get angry with that guy? We don’t have Seven Leaf and for sure, without her, he will not survive.”

Xiahou Jian looked at his second wife with a gloomy smile but didn’t think much about it. After all, he already knew that she was not a good person. This woman was a bit of a snake; she was also worshipping herself. However, unlike Xiahou Xuan's mother, Xiahou Xue, she had a beautiful face. If it wasn't for her unfathomable financial power, he would not court and marry her or cause himself a burden.

“Huh? What about the Seven Leaf? And where is Lian?” Xiahou Jian turned back and discovered that Xiahou Lian was missing.

“She went after Xiahou Xuan, that bastard!” Xiahou Jie’s gripped her teeth in anger. There’s always a chance for him to compensate for that bastard.


Xiahou Jian dumped Xiahou Jie with a slap in the face and angrily he said, “Are you scolding me or scolding him?”

“Ah… Father! I'm sorry!” Xiahou Jie touched his face and quickly apologized.

When Zhou Huiren saw the situation, he pulled Xiahou Jie and said to Xiahou Jian, “Jie doesn’t want to be angry. He is just carried away by his emotions that's why he said that thing!"

“Hum!” Xiahou Jian left and walked into the door.


“Boss, the chick’s driving skills behind us is not good. I will slow down and go down so that I could talk to her. Her driving makes me really unhappy!” Mo asked quite unpleasantly and glanced at Xiahou Xuan in the rearview mirror.

“Bullshit, I will send you to the concentration camp in Brunei to drive this car to make you feel cool.” Xiahou Xuan also had some irate tone in his voice. The so-called “younger sister" driving skill was really too bad.

Mo giggled and thought, "Brunei’s concentration camp?! It’s a place where you'd never want to go again once you die." And then he said, “Ok, I'll shut up boss. Hehehe.”

Twenty minutes passed before the two cars opened in front of the manor.

Xiahou Xuan who lazily leaned on the car, got off then. The golden sun-kissed body approached and it seemed like he is the son of the Goddess of beauty because of his handsome face and looking very tall.

“The driving of my brother was so fast that's why I can’t catch up.” Xiahou Lian was a beautiful woman with a long, golden hair. She then strode on the cat step and twisted her back to the bottom of her body.

Amazingly, the two has the beauty like Xiahou Xue but Xiahou Xuan is more dazzling and charming than her because Xiahou Xuan is the only child of Xiahou Xue.

Xiahou Xuan looked up at her eyebrows. With the woman’s way of walking and her tone of voice, she didn't know that she cannot seduce his half-brother.

Suddenly, Wei Yang’s little face flashed in Xiahou Xuan's head; that innocent smile seemed to be able to melt all.

Xiahou Xuan wrinkled his eyes and ultimately did not say anything at all.

"Do you want to go inside in my house?” Xiahou Lian was shocked. She immediately answered, “You mean, you want me to go inside and sit down with you in your house?"

This luxurious property looked even more gorgeous than Xiahou’s and it’s everywhere. With a low-key elegance and dignity, the house can’t be compared.

Xiahou Xuan nodded his head. For him, he just only invited her because he wants to investigate her because he knew that she was an owner of a drug manufacturing. The unsuccessful seven leaf estimate was also being imitated by this woman.

Xiahou Lian walked into the gorgeous villa behind the two people, Mo and Xiahou Xuan.

She looked around the pure white hall and the elegant furniture with an implicit luxury.

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