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The soft morning light sprinkled on Wei Yang’s little face who was sleeping quietly when Xiahou Xuan, who took care of her for the night slowly laughed. This little guy can really be noisy.

In one night, for the first time, she had to patiently deal and explain to him about amnesia. Although she seemed so heedless at that time, she shrugged her shoulders and was convinced that she had to stay with him for a long time. Reason was that she was afraid to go home because people in that family wouldn't necessarily be familiar.

Having conversed with the man and being with him for a little while, she can be sure that this guy came from a big family. She was digging her way in to adapt. She also did not know if this would bring her to a big trouble in the future.

Suddenly she felt something in her arms, so she arched and looked down. It was the man’s little head.

Xiahou Xuan smiled to her looking very happy. To him, she seemed to be an angel that the heavenly faction brought down to redeem him. He was alone; but, he was not brave to accept that, as a member of one of the world’s three leading families in the big black road, "I, Xiahou Xuan, has not been afraid of who! Is it trouble? Just let it go!"

It’s just that… This little girl seemed to be a bad girl… However, every night seemed to be really great. For some time, she wanted to tell stories herself. She hated to see the lights shining too bright as it was hard for her to coax herself to sleep. And at midnight, she always kicked him out of the bed.

“Hey…” Wei Yang sang softly, wrapped up in Xiahou Xuan’s waist, and idly looked up. She said, “Brother…”

Wei Yang’s voice, "Brother!" just blurted out, and it seemed like his heart was knocked by a hammer.

Xiahou Xuan, who was intoxicated by the sweet voice of Wei Yang, suddenly noticed Wei Yang’s indifference. He picked up Wei Yang’s upper body and asked, “What’s wrong? Is it still painful?”

For the warm black eyes of Xiahou Xuan, Wei Yang stunned. And then she smiled sweetly, diluting the pain on the bones. Rocking her head on Xiahou Xuan's waist she said, “No, I'm just hungry.”

Xiahou Xuan's mouth curved open, speechless.

“Well, I’ll ask someone to prepare. You should wear your clothes on first.”

Wei Yang did not fully grasp Xiahou Xuan who was just about to rise. She said, “My brother is wearing clothes and I am not.” She pointed to the bra, which was lying on the sofa near the bed.

"Er… I'll call someone to come in and help you to wear it." Xiahou Xuan remembered that she was only "eight years old". However, he can't blame her. Though, which child in eight years of age was like that? Xiahou Xuan glanced quickly at her chest.

“Yang Yang wants you!" Wei Yang began to flare up shamelessly.

Looking at Wei Yang’s willful, little, and lovable appearance, Xiahou Xuan acted normally. Indeed, an eight-year-old child shouldn't be like this!

“No, not me. You choose a personal service.”

"But Yang Yang wants her brother!”

Xiahou Xuan's mouth arched fiercely. He felt that if he went on like that, he will have cramps in the corners of his mouth.

“Ugh ugh. Uhm..” Xiahou Xuan coughed like there was something that tickled his throat, and then said seriously, "Yang Yang, yesterday, although I didn't mention it, you lost your memory. You are not really only eight years old; you are eighteen years old!”

Wei Yang moved her head, blinked, and said, “I don’t understand. My brother is going to help to get Yang Yang's dress, and I'm hungry! ”


If it will be thought of carefully, if Xiahou Xuan would look for someone to dress her, other people will see her without clothes. Xiahou Xuan wouldn't want that to happen. So, would he actually do it for her? Wear it. She’s only eight years old anyway!

Wei Yang, who just turned away, smiled wickedly as the prank succeeded and thought, "Stupid brother. Heehee." She giggled. "He thought that I was only eight years old, but no. Looking at his awkward and embarrassing look, it felt fresh and fun!"

Xiahou Xuan was sweating so hard and his hands were trembling on the breast line of the bra, cursing the person who invented such button. He went out on the road by the car for one hundred times and one hundred times. Hey! He never touched a woman. How could he wear such a thing?


In the hall, Wei Yang knocked the dinner plate with a knife and fork and her mouth scrambled high as if she had not eaten in years.

The maids standing on both sides trembled in disbelief. They didn't know what to do. The girl who looked so beautiful was not like a real person in front of the dining table. It made them feel scared!

After returning to his room, Xiahou Xuan went down the stairs, fixed his sleeves, and then sat down.

“What’s wrong?” After a night of getting along, Xiahou Xuan finally concluded that this little girl was a hard-serving, very picky master!

“Yang Yang does not drink milk!” Wei Yang pushed the cups away.

“Yang Yang doesn’t like cheese! I don’t like bread! I don’t like cake without cream!" Wei Yang pushed all that's in front of her and her eyes began to turn red, as if she was going to cry.

“So, what are you going to eat?” Xiahou Xuan laughed very happily. This willful and short-tempered girl was just having the look of an eight-year-old child. He felt that he was very poor about this because what he did not know was that children were still less mature that's why they are hard to please! Of course, this would be a later talk!

Wei Yang looked at Xiahou Xuan who seemed to be unhappy, and asked, “Does my big brother feel that Yang Yang is not very attractive?”

“No. Ah, why does Yang Yang think that so?”

Wei Yang looked at Xiahou Xuan, sipped her lips, and then gently smiled. She jumped down the chair and threw herself into Xiahou Xuan's arms, but she didn’t say a word. It turned out that there was a brother who spoiled her. It was such a feeling where people wanted to cry and just feel happy.

Xiahou Xuan lowered his head and saw Wei Yang’s shoulders pumping. It seemed like she was crying, feeling some pain in her heart.

Hugging Wei Yang, Xiahou Xuan said in a soft tone, "From now on, you will be called Xiahou Wei Yang, The Xiahou Xuan's sister!"

In fact, what he knew was that she knew nothing then. He thought that it would be inappropriate to send Wei Yang back to her original home because Wei Yang was not familiar with her family and it was likely that her family was not even looking for her. It would be given that if they were worried about Wei Yang, they will look for her.

“Xiahou Weiyang? Is this Yang Yang's new name?” Wei Yang looked up at once, and there was no trace of tear on her face. Xiahou Xuan sipped the corner of his mouth and it was like he was cheated on!


“Ahhhhh! It’s like Yang Yang is being adopted! Yehey!" Wei Yang jumped from Xiahou Xuan's arms and turned around and smiled. "From today, I'm eighteen years old! Oh, this feels so good! It is like I'm sleeping now and then wake up and have grown up! Fortunately, I am not like sleeping beauty… I do not need to sleep for a long time. Otherwise, I will wake up an old lady! In that case, I will cry to death."

Xiahou Xuan, who was completely defeated, felt powerless to beckon to Wei Yang, and said, “Whatever my Yang Yang loves to eat or if you want to go down and you want something else to do, these people will help and listen to you.”

When she returned to Xiahou Xuan’s arms, the two rows of maids said, “Good day Miss!”

“Oh.” Wei Yang lightly replied, turned to Xiahou Xuan excitedly, and said, “Brother, Yang Yang wants to go to university, too!” Eighteen years old, the age of college!

Xiahou Xuan looked at Wei Yang with suspicion. That was very, very obvious! — Are you OK?

Xiahou Xuan's mouth dropped open and Mo scolded her. She pretended to be cold and said, “Don’t underestimate me.” In fact, she poked her finger to him, although she knew a lot but she never went to school and study.

Xiahou Xuan was stunned, such courage. The trouble that he picked up was really… Things were getting more and more interesting! He never put Wei Yang in the direction of being a princess of the family, and the princess of Wei’s family never appeared in public. Wei Yang already made a clear expression on the news about her death. He did not want to think that this woman was “dead” once.

In the eyes of the ice and snow melting, Wei Yang blinked and rushed into Xiahou Xuan’s arms. Then she said, “I felt that my big brother was frightened by Yang Yang. Haha!”

Xiahou Xuan was surprised and unable to resist.

“Well, I’ve been studying the primary and secondary school courses with my teachers in the past few days, and I will arrange it so that you will be go to the university. Edward’s Royal Academy is a good idea."

“OK… But what about you? Will you stay at home while I am at the university?" Wei Yang looked up from Xiahou Xuan’s arms, and her pure eyes were gleaming with anticipation.

While rubbing Wei Yang’s soft wine-red hair, Xiahou Xuan laughed softly, “I will let you to go to the university alone because I must go out to do something and will come back in the evening.”

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