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‘Young master, the water was really cold,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘The water went into my ears, nose and mouth. I couldn’t keep my head above the water. Young master, I was really scared I was going to die. I didn’t want to die before having children. There are more delicious food I haven’t tasted yet. I can’t die without meeting the baby white fox and baby panda my daddy promised he’ll get me when I return home.’

Hao Yan Che silently hugged Yuan Gun Gun and let her talk.

A long time later, Yuan Gun Gun cried herself to sleep. Hao Yan Che helped her lie back down on the bed, he pulled the bedsheet over her body and watched her sleep.

Yuan Gun Gun occasionally sniffed her nose in her sleep. Hao Yan Che caressed her soft face.

‘Young master…’ Yuan Gun Gun murmured.

Hao Yan Che gently kissed her lips.

‘Young master is scary…’ Yuan Gun Gun murmured.

Hao Yan Che considered knocking Yuan Gun Gun’s head. But he didn’t want her to wake up and make a racket.

Hao Yan Che watched Yuan Gun Gun sleep until the middle of the night. He carefully got out of bed, and walked to his bedroom.

The next day the servants gossiped about their future young mistress’ near death experience. They were certain their young master loved Yuan Gun Gun, because he was more worried about her health than his damaged watch that was more expensive than the swimming pool. Yuan Gun Gun quickly recovered from the swimming pool incident, but she didn’t play with water again out of fear of drowning.

Xiao Yuan resembled its young mistress. Xiao Yuan loved to follow beautiful people, especially beautiful cooks. All the kitchen maids loved the adorable Xiao Yuan. Every day Xiao Yuan would stay in the kitchen during the day, and walk out with a bloated stomach at night.

Xiao Bi was a glutton like its young mistress. Every day Xiao Bi would hide in Yuan Gun Gun’s apron, and Hao Yan Che would toss Xiao Bi out to the garden but Xiao Bi always remembered to hang onto the nuts in its hands.

Xiao Chen loved to watch TV in its mistress bedroom. Xiao Chen didn’t like being outside.

Xiao Gun loved money. Xiao Gun used its spikes to collect money, and stored it under its mistress’ pink bed.

Hao Yan Che pretended he couldn’t see the animals’ strange habits as long as they didn’t go into his bedroom or cling onto Yuan Gun Gun’s body. If they dared to cling onto Yuan Gun Gun’s body, Hao Yan Che would be angry at them. Behind Hao Yan Che’s back, Yi Tu would say to Jia Tu that Hao Yan Che was displaying symptoms of jealousy.

One day in the dining room, Hao Yan Che was displaying symptoms of jealousy again.

‘Yuan Gun Gun!’ Hao Yan Che called. He pinched Yuan Gun Gun’s ears. ‘Does everything I say to you go in one ear and out the other?’

Yuan Gun Gun rubbed her ears.

‘No,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘It’s not my fault Xiao Bi likes to hide in my pockets.’

Hao Yan Che tossed Xiao Bi out the window.

‘Xiao Bi!’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Xiao Bi closed its eyes, and held onto the nuts. Luckily Chen Jia Wen caught Xiao Bi before Xiao Bai fell onto the ground.

‘Young master, don’t throw Xiao Bi outside,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘You’ll scare Xiao Bi.’

‘Next time I won’t throw it,’ Hao Yan Che said.

‘Really?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘Next time I’ll strangle it to death.’

Hao Yan Che strode to the study room. Yuan Gun Gun looked frustrated at his back.

‘Why aren’t you following me?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘See, it’s jealousy,’ Yi Tu whispered to Jia Tu.

The following morning at a quarter past eight, Hao Yan Che heard a piercing scream from Yuan Gun Gun’s bedroom. He ran to her bedroom, and saw the look of devastation on her face. Someone slaughtered a chipmunk and left it at her bedroom door.

End of Chapter Forty-Seven

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