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Yuan Gun Gun slept on Na Liu Ting Du’s chest to nine in the morning. Then Yuan Gun Gun spent time with her parents to eleven in the morning.

‘Little treasure, give this to your handsome wolf,’ Feng Du Du said.

‘Mummy, what handsome wolf?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Who else but your young master?’ Feng Du Du asked. ‘Mummy saw him on TV.’

‘Mummy, why…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘It’s to say thank you for letting you see us,’ Feng Du Du said.

Yuan Gun Gun accepted the three tier meal box.

‘Gun Gun, remember…’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘Yes daddy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. She kissed Yuan Ting Liu’s cheek. ‘I’ll remember to knock before I walk into a room.’

Yuan Ting Liu rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

‘Go safely and be good,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘Bye daddy, bye mummy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun sat in the car and she waved bye.

‘Little treasure, we’re waiting for you to come back,’ Feng Du Du said.

Feng Du Du kept waving until she couldn’t see the car.

‘Ting Liu, I’m always worrying when Gun Gun isn’t with us,’ Feng Du Du said.

‘Don’t worry,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Our daughter is a dummy like you. She’ll have her own happiness.’

Yuan Ting Liu took Feng Du Du back to their bedroom.

In the car, Yuan Gun Gun unzipped a big back pack and some of her small friends jumped onto her lap.

‘Gun Gun, now I know why you took so long to pack,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

‘Big brother Du, don’t tell daddy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun hugged the white puppy, kissed the chipmunk, patted the snake and the baby hedgehog sat on the white puppy’s head.

‘Gun Gun, the Hao Mansion isn’t your home,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. He lifted Yuan Gun Gun onto his lap. ‘It’s not good to bring your small friends there.’

‘I know it’s not my home,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘But I’m all alone there. I miss big brother Du, daddy and mummy. Is it wrong for me to bring some of my small friends there so I wouldn’t be lonely?’

‘Do your best not to let anyone discover them,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

‘I promise I’ll be careful,’ Yuan Gun Gun said and kissed Na Liu Ting Du’s cheek.

After the car parked in front of the Hao Mansion, Yuan Gun Gun waved bye to Na Liu Ting Du, she carried the big back pack on her back, held the three tier meal box in her hands and walked into the Hao Mansion.

‘Mrs Chen, I’m back,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Um, young master is at Hao Yan’s company,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘You can go to your room and rest.’

‘Yes Mrs Chen,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun walked to the pink bedroom, and closed the door. She unzipped the back pack and her small friends snooped around the bedroom. She felt happy she brought them with her.

Suddenly the door opened.

‘Big sister Tao,’ Yuan Gun Gun greeted.

‘Gun Gun,’ Qiang Jia Tao said.

Yuan Gun Gun looked at Xiao Yuan jumping at her feet, they were busted on the first day.

‘Big sister Tao…’ Yuan Gun Gun said and held Xiao Yuan in her arms.

‘Don’t worry,’ Qiang Jia Tao said. She rubbed Xiao Yuan’s head. ‘I won’t tell anyone.’

‘Thank you big sister Tao,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Qiang Jia Tao sat on a chair, and Yuan Gun Gun poured Qiang Jia Tao a glass of water.

‘Gun Gun, have you heard that the most dangerous place is the safest place?’ Qiang Jia Tao asked.

‘No,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Gun Gun, if you keep them here, other servants will see them and tell young master,’ Qiang Jia Tao said. ‘Young master will kill them after he finds out.’

Yuan Gun Gun held Xiao Yuan tightly.

‘No,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Usually no one comes into my bedroom.’

‘Gun Gun, you’re just a maid,’ Qiang Jia Tao. ‘Anyone can come in here when you’re not here.’

‘Where should I keep them?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Young master’s room,’ Qiang Jia Tao suggested.

Yuan Gun Gun agreed Hao Yan Che’s bedroom wasn’t a place servants were allowed to enter without permission.

‘What if young master finds out?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Young master won’t find out,’ Qiang Jia Tao said. ‘Look how big young master’s room is. He won’t notice them if you hide them there. Besides, he works or exercise most of the day. He’s only in his room to sleep at night. You can take them to your room at night and bring them to his room before you wake him up.’

‘Big sister Tao, you know young master’s routine well,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘I was young master’s maid before you came here,’ Qiang Jia Tao said.

‘But there is a maid who cleans young master’s room during the day,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Become friends with her and she’ll keep them a secret from young master,’ Qiang Jia Tao said.

‘Thank you big sister Tao,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘You’re a good person.’

‘We’re friends,’ Qiang Jia Tao said. ‘Of course I would help you.’

Qiang Jia Tao walked outside, and Xiao Yuan licked a paw while watching its mistress think about how to sneak everyone into Hao Yan Che’s bedroom.

End of Chapter Thirty-Seven

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