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In the morning, Yuan Gun Gun woke up in a daze. The next moment she was shipped into the Rolls-Royce.

‘Gun Gun, be good and if anything happens, you need to tell mummy,’ Feng Du Du said.

‘Yes, mummy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun stuck her head out of the window and she kissed Feng Du Du’s cheek.

‘Gun Gun… my little girl…’ Feng Du Du said in between sobs.

Yuan Ting Liu held Feng Du Du’s waist to stop her from jumping into the car with Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Gun Gun, remember to listen to daddy’s advice,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘Learn to take care of yourself and others. Don’t cause trouble.’

‘Yes daddy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Daddy, don’t forget…’

‘Baby panda and baby fox,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

Yuan Ting Liu rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

‘White fur baby fox,’ Yuan Gun Gun reminded.

‘I promise,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘Dad, mum go back inside,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘I’ll take Gun Gun there and I’ll come back.’

‘Um,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

Yuan Ting Liu sadly pulled Feng Du Du inside their home.

Na Liu Ting Du sat in the car and closed the door.

‘Uncle Zheng, you can drive now,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

Mr Zheng drove and hummed the phantom of the opera tune.

Yuan Gun Gun knelt on the car seat like a little puppy. She stuck her head out of the window until she couldn’t see Yuan Ting Liu and Feng Du Du.

‘Gun Gun, do you remember everything I told you last night?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

‘Yes big brother Du,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Good,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

The last thing Yuan Gun Gun remembered was she slept on Na Liu Ting Du’s lap in the car.

‘Gun Gun wake up,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. He patted Yuan Gun Gun’s biteable pink cheek. ‘We’re here.’

‘We’re here already?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked in a drowsy voice.

Na Liu Ting Du helped Yuan Gun Gun out of the car.

‘Stand straight,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

Yuan Gun Gun looked at the Hao Mansion. It looked like a painting of a mansion in a forest.

Na Liu Ting Du rolled Yuan Gun Gun’s suitcases to the front door where a crowd was waiting for Yuan Gun Gun.

The caretaker Mrs Chen was a forty-year-old woman.

‘Hello Miss Yuan,’ Mrs Chen greeted.

‘Aunty you can call me Gun Gun,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘I’m the caretaker,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘Miss Yuan, you can call me Mrs Chen. Come with me inside.’

‘Gun Gun, I have to go,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. He passed the suitcases to Yuan Gun Gun. ‘Be good. If anything happens call me.’

‘Bye big brother Du, I’ll miss you,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t care about the crowd, she kissed Na Liu Ting Du’s cheek.

Na Liu Ting Du rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

After Na Liu Ting Du left, Yuan Gun Gun ran to Mrs Chen.

‘Mrs Chen, I’m sorry I made you wait,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Let’s go,’ Mrs Chen said.

Years later, Yuan Gun Gun looked back at her time being a maid as the most painful period of life when she was bullied the most.

Yuan Gun Gun’s dad was a rich man. She wasn’t shocked by how big the interior of the Hao Mansion was.

‘Everyone can go back to their duties,’ Mrs Chen said to the maids and butlers.

‘Yes Mrs Chen,’ the maids and butlers said together.

‘Miss Yuan, follow me,’ Mrs Chen said.

Yuan Gun Gun followed Mrs Chen to a princess bedroom. The walls were pink, and the curtains were white silk. In centre the bedroom was a canopy bed and a vanity table.

Mrs Chen closed the door and she assessed the chubby little girl in front of her. The little girl owned a good pelvis, good for child bearing. The little girl had ample breasts, an average waist, average legs and a round bottom. The little girl had beautiful hands and a loveable round face. Mrs Chen loved the little girl’s big round eyes with long eyelashes. Mrs Chen also loved the little girl’s small straight nose and apple red lips. Mrs Chen concluded the little girl was an innocent chubby beauty.

Yuan Gun Gun widened her eyes, swallowed her saliva and looked at the stern Mrs Chen. She wasn’t certain if Mrs Chen liked her.

Suddenly Mrs Chen pulled Yuan Gun Gun to sit on the bed.

‘You’re the type of girl I like,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘In front of other people, call me Mrs Chen. When it’s only us, you can call me aunty Chen.’

Yuan Gun Gun would forget everything if someone smiled at her.

‘Aunty Chen,’ Yuan Gun Gun called sweetly.

‘You’re a loveable girl,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘I want you to hear you call me again.’

‘Aunty Chen,’ Yuan Gun Gun called.

‘You make me want to squeeze your cheeks,’ Mrs Chen said. She squeezed Yuan Gun Gun’s cheeks. ‘You have adorable soft cheeks.’

Yuan Gun Gun smiled and let Mrs Chen squeeze Yuan Gun Gun’s cheeks. Mrs Chen thought Yuan Gun Gun was too good for Hao Yan Che.

‘Aunty Chen, if you’re the caretaker, does that mean in the future you’ll be training me to be a maid?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked and rubbed her sore cheeks.

‘Yes,’ Mrs Chen said. She patted her chest. ‘As long as you follow aunty, your work life here will be smooth under my watch.’

‘Aunty Chen, what will I be doing each day?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘We’ll talk about it another time,’ Mrs Chen said. She squeezed Yuan Gun Gun’s irresistible cheeks again. ‘You can unpack first. Later you’ll serve young master dinner.’

‘Serve?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘You’ll find out later,’ Mrs Chen said. She smiled cryptically. ‘I’ll leave you here to unpack. Someone will come soon to bring your uniform.’

Mrs Chen rubbed Yuan Gun Gun’s head.

‘Uniform?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Yes,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘Everyone here wears a uniform according to their status. After you change into your uniform, I’ll take you to young master’s bedroom for you to wake him up.’

‘Yes aunty Chen,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Gun Gun… remember you can’t touch young master,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘Young master is a clean freak, he doesn’t like people touching him. If you touch young master, he’ll take you out to play golf. But you’ll be his golf club.’

Yuan Gun Gun pictured her head hitting a golf ball and she gulped.

‘Remember, in front of everyone you need to call me Mrs Chen,’ Mrs Chen said. ‘Hurry up and pack.’

‘Yes aunty Chen,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Mrs Chen left Yuan Gun Gun to sit on the floor and pack. Yuan Gun Gun thought Na Liu Ting Du was right, Hao Yan Che was a scary man. Thinking about being used as a golf club again made Yuan Gun Gun shivered.

End of Chapter Eighteen to Nineteen

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