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One year later.

‘Hao Hao, no,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

On a giant bed, a powerful little baby boy who had natural white hair was levitating objects in the air with his violet eyes.

‘Hao Hao, be good and mummy will read you a different story,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Suddenly all the flying objects fell onto the floor.

Yuan Gun Gun put down the Snow White book, and she picked up the Cinderella book.

The fallen objects flew around the room again.

‘Hao Hao, the books you want mummy to read are hard for mummy to read,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Let mummy read you these stories for now.’

Na Liu Hao’s violet eyes looked stubbornly at his mummy.

Yuan Gun Gun smiled and kissed Na Liu Hao’s chubby cheeks.

‘Then wait for daddy to come home and he’ll read you the books you want to hear,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Na Liu Hao let the objects fall onto the ground again.

‘Mummy’s Hao Hao is a good baby,’ Yuan Gun Gun praised.

Na Liu Hao looked at the door, and waited for Na Liu Ting Du to come home.

Yuan Gun Gun thought her son was a special baby. When her son was born, the doctor wanted to examine Na Liu Hao’s bottom. Na Liu Hao levitated a heavy object and knocked the doctor unconscious. It made the nurses scared to touch Na Liu Hao.

Na Liu Ting Du was happy to take care of Na Liu Hao at the hospital. Yuan Gun Gun remembered how Na Liu Hao opened his beautiful violet eyes the moment he was born. Na Liu Hao was an otherworldly beautiful baby. But Na Liu Hao didn’t look like Yuan Gun Gun or Na Liu Ting Du.

Yuan Gun Gun asked Na Liu Ting Du often why Na Liu Hao didn’t look like them. Na Liu Ting Du would always answer because Na Liu Hao inherited genes from an older generation.

Na Liu Hao’s violet eyes were beautiful when he was happy. If he was angry, his eyes would turn a different color. Yuan Gun Gun took him to see a paediatrician, but the paediatrician told her that he had healthy eyes.

Na Liu Hao was a stubborn baby. He only wanted Yuan Gun Gun or Na Liu Ting Du to hold him. If he was unhappy about something, he would levitate objects into the air. If he didn’t get his way, he would make objects fly into walls or make the window glass shatter.

Na Liu Ting Du opened the bedroom door. Yuan Gun Gun jumped off the bed, ran to him and hugged him. He pecked her lips.

‘I’m home,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

‘Hao Hao hates the fairy tales I read to him,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘He wants me to read the books you read to him. But those books are hard for me to read.’

Na Liu Ting Du smiled. He walked to the bed, picked up Na Liu Hao and kissed Na Liu Hao’s chubby cheek.

‘My darling son, daddy will give you a bath then daddy will read you the books you want to hear,’ Na Liu Ting Du said.

Na Liu Hao smiled at Na Liu Ting Du, and made Yuan Gun Gun jealous of the father and son’s harmonious relationship.

‘I want to help bathe Hao Hao too,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Alright,’ Na Liu Ting Du. ‘Even though you make the bathroom messier every time you help bathe Hao Hao.’

Na Liu Hao nodded his head, because he agreed with Na Liu Ting Du.

‘You father and son pair are picking on me again,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

In the bathroom, the family of three laughed together while giving Na Liu Hao a bath.

At midnight, Na Liu Ting Du came out of the bathroom. Yuan Gun Gun was waiting for him on the bed.

‘Big brother Du, I made your side of the bed warm for you,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Na Liu Ting Du laid on his side of the bed, it was warm. He rolled onto Yuan Gun Gun and kissed her lips. She pushed his chest.

‘Big brother Du, no,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Ling Ling, let me love you,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘I promise I won’t hurt you.’

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t regain her memory. Na Liu Ting Du loved her, and she convinced herself she loved him. But she didn’t want to sleep with him. She felt guilty for always rejecting her husband. She knew her husband restrained himself since she was pregnant with Na Liu Hao. But her heart always hurt at the thought of sleeping with Na Liu Ting Du.

End of Chapter 169

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