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‘Young master, why do you ask?’ Yi Tu asked. ‘Everyone knows how much you love Gun Gun.’

‘Why is it everyone knows I love her but she doesn’t know I love her?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Young master, not everyone can see from the way you dote on Gun Gun shows that you love Gun Gun,’ Yi Tu said. ‘Especially Gun Gun… she has a simple mind.’

‘You don’t need to be subtle,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘I know my wife is dumb.’

‘Hehe…’ Yi Tu laughed awkwardly.

‘Yi Tu, do you think my dumb wife will sell herself for food?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Young master, you don’t have to worry,’ Yi Tu said. ‘Young mistress Liu Bao is with Gun Gun. She won’t let anything happen to Gun Gun.’

‘You’re right,’ Hao Yan Che said.

After an awkward silence, Hao Yan Che opened his mouth again.

‘Do you think she’ll kick the bedsheet at night?’ Hao Yan Che asked.

‘Young master, only you know if Gun Gun kicks the bedsheet at night,’ Yi Tu said.

‘Na Liu Ting Du would know too,’ Hao Yan Che said.

Hao Yan Che wanted to kill Na Liu Ting Du.

Yi Tu didn’t know why the murderous look in Hao Yan Che’s eyes looked adorable in that moment. Yi Tu laughed at himself for thinking the monster Hao had an adorable side.

‘I’m going to kill my wife,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘Where did she go to die?’

Yi Tu didn’t know without Yuan Gun Gun, Hao Yan Che would be depressed.

‘Yi Tu, don’t sleep tonight,’ Hao Yan Che said. ‘Stay here and gaze at the moon with me.’

‘Yes… young master,’ Yi Tu said.

Yi Tu’s suspicion was confirmed. Hao Yan Che was depressed, because it was the first time he wanted to gaze at the moon.

‘What?’ Hao Yan Che asked. ‘You don’t want to?’

‘No young master,’ Yi Tu said. ‘It’s my privilege to gaze at the moon with young master.’

Hao Yan Che silently looked at the full moon. He didn’t want to return to the bedroom that didn’t have Yuan Gun Gun. He didn’t want to sleep on a bed that didn’t have Yuan Gun Gun. He wanted to stay awake and wait for Yuan Gun Gun to come home. Perhaps Yuan Gun Gun went for a walk, and got lost. He told himself he wanted Yuan Gun Gun home so he could kill her.

In the sin city Las Vegas, Long Liu Bao and Yuan Gun Gun toured the casinos and chapels where people got married under fifteen minutes and divorced under five minutes. It was a city full of temptations like gambling, beautiful hostesses and hosts and alcohol.

‘Bao Bao,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Yuan Gun Gun thought Las Vegas was a beautiful city, but the strangers’ stares on the streets made her scared.

‘Gun Gun, don’t be scared,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘They’re looking at you because you’re attractive. If anyone dares to touch you, I’ll kick them home.’

‘Bao Bao, where are we going?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘If we don’t go to the best casino, it’ll be a waste of a trip here,’ Long Liu Bao said.

‘Do we have to gamble?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Gun Gun, sometimes I wonder what you use to think and speak,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Do you use your lungs or bottom? Do you think casinos are built to hire people to count money?’

‘Bao Bao, if Che finds out I gambled, he will kill me,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Gun Gun, you don’t have to worry,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Your husband’s heart will break if he kills you.’

Yan Gun Gun anxiously followed Long Liu Bao into the best casino.

Inside the casino Yuan Gun Gun linked arms with Long Liu Bao, and she looked at all the different kinds of people around them.

Long Liu Bao felt like she was in heaven. Long Liu Bao led Yuan Gun Gun to a crowded table to test their luck.

A couple of minutes later, Long Liu Bao and Yuan Gun Gun had a taste of their first win.

‘Twenty, pair,’ the dealer said.

‘Gun Gun, we won,’ Long Liu Bao said.

The exotic looking Long Liu Bao and the innocent looking Yuan Gun Gun attracted a bigger crowd.

‘Fifteen, odd,’ the dealer said.

‘Gun Gun, we won again,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Do you think I have a knack for gambling?’

Yuan Gun Gun nodded her head. Yuan Gun Gun relaxed after seeing how happy Long Liu Bao looked.

Long Liu Bao was having a blast winning with Yuan Gun Gun until a thief spoiled their good mood.

Long Liu Bao twisted the thief’s arm.

‘F’k,’ the thief cursed.

‘Do you want to steal my money?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘F’k you bitch,’ the thief said.

‘What did you say?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘F’k you bitch,’ the thief said.

Long Liu Bao smiled at the thief, cracked the thief’s arm and a scream came out of the thief’s mouth.

‘Bao Bao, let’s leave,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘We didn’t lose anything, and it’s scary here.’

Long Liu Bao wanted the break the thief’s other arm.

‘Gun Gun, don’t be scared,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘I was helping the thief to wash their mouth with soap. Remember Gun Gun, we don’t harm people who don’t harm us. But if people harm us, we’ll return the favor.’

Yuan Gun Gun thought Long Liu Bao’s smile at the thief was scary compared to all the times Long Liu Bao smiled at her.

‘Miss, our boss wants to invite you to have a private drink with him,’ a guard said.

‘What if I say I don’t want to?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Our boss only has good intentions,’ the guard said. ‘Boss has prepared the best tea for Miss. Don’t make things harder for yourself.’

‘Bao Bao, let go of the thief,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

Long Liu Bao let go of the thief.

‘Next time remember to wash your mouth before you walk out the front door,’ Long Liu Bao said.

The guard led Long Liu Bao and Yuan Gun Gun to a private room. Nan Gong Yuan was waiting inside the private room.

If Long Liu Bao knew Nan Gong Yuan was a beautiful man, she would have ran to the private room sooner.

Nan Gong Yuan thought the two little monkeys in front of him were loveable.

‘Miss,’ Nan Gong Yuan said.

‘My name is Long Liu Bao,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘You can call me Bao Bao. Miss doesn’t suit me.’

‘My name is Nan Gong Yuan,’ Nan Gong Yuan said. ‘You can call me uncle Gong Yuan.’

‘Uncle?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘I was about to call you little brother.’

‘I’m forty this year,’ Nan Gong Yan said. ‘Do you still want to call me little brother?’

‘Forty?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘Uncle are you a demon? Why do you have such a youthful face?’

‘You’re a straight talker,’ Nan Gong Yuan said. ‘Uncle is really forty.’

Nan Gong Yuan didn’t know why he felt a close connection to Long Liu Bao. As though he should love Long Liu Bao.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, can you adopt us orphans?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

Long Liu Bao didn’t know why she felt a close connection to Nan Gong Yuan. As though he would protect her.

Nan Gong Yuan was surprised Long Liu Bao wanted him to adopt her and Yuan Gun Gun after their first meeting.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, do you know how much loveable orphans like us suffer on the streets?’ Long Liu Bao asked. ‘Uncle Gong Yuan, do you want to see orphans like us be robbed, raped, tortured and beaten to death on the streets? If our parents in heaven saw us die suffering, their hearts can’t RIP anymore.’

‘Alright,’ Nan Gong Yuan said. ‘Uncle will adopt you two.’

Nan Gong Yuan didn’t know how Long Liu Bao’s parents’ raised such a sweet talker like Long Liu Bao.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, you only need to feed and shelter us,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘You don’t need to give us an allowance.’

Nan Gong Yuan didn’t know whether to laugh or faint.

‘Bao Bao, I’m hungry,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, my big sister is hungry,’ Long Liu Bao said.

‘Big sister?’ Nan Gong Yuan asked. ‘You’re her little sister?’

‘Yes,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Uncle Gong Yuan, don’t you know these days how smart kids are?’

Nan Gong Yuan had never seen such a big smart kid until he met Long Liu Bao.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, you can call me Bao Bao and call my big sister Gun Gun,’ Long Liu Bao said.

Long Liu Bao felt like she hit the jackpot. She had a feeling Nan Gong Yuan was going to let her and Yuan Gun Gun live in paradise.

At the Nan Mansion, Long Liu Bao wondered where she would find a rich, handsome and gentle man like Nan Gong Yuan. Nan Gong Yuan treated his wife like gold.

In the guest room Long Liu Bao watched over Yuan Gun Gun while she slept.

‘Che…’ Yuan Gun Gun murmured in her sleep.

Long Liu Bao regretted taking Yuan Gun Gun to escape with her. The only times Yuan Gun Gun didn’t miss the monster Hao was during meal times.

Long Liu Bao shook her head. Those three monsters needed an incentive to change for the better.

Long Liu Bao went for a walk around the Nan Mansion garden then she returned to the bedroom.

‘Gun Gun, wake up,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Your home is on fire.’

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t wake up.

‘Gun Gun, wake up,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘Your bottom is on fire.’

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t wake up.

‘Gun Gun, wake up,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘It’s meal time.’

‘Where?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

Long Liu Bao was in awe of Yuan Gun Gun’s stomach.

After breakfast Nan Gong Yuan took three women out sightseeing and to watch live music concerts. A large group of guards followed them around Las Vegas. Nan Gong Yuan was a rich and famous man, he didn’t want anyone to kidnap the three women under his protection.

‘Are you tired?’ Nan Gong Yuan asked Xiao Lu Zhu. He wiped sweat off his wife’s forehead. ‘We can go home and rest if you’re tired. Tomorrow I’ll take you out again.’

‘I still want to play,’ the three women said.

The guards knew their renowned ruthless boss was famous for doting on his wife. The guards were surprised their boss also doted on Long Liu Bao and Yuan Gun Gun like they were his and his wife’s daughters.

‘Piglet, your body health isn’t good,’ Nan Gong Yuan said. ‘We need to go home and rest. I promise I’ll take everyone out again tomorrow.’

‘I want to play,’ Xiao Lu Zhu said.

Xiao Lu Zhu didn’t look like a thirty-five-year-old married woman. Strangers would have thought Xiao Lu Zhu and Nan Gong Yuan were young lovers.

Long Liu Bao was envious of her closest friends’ adorable names. Feng Du Du, Yuan Gun Gun and Xiao Lu Zhu’s names meant round ball, little chub and piglet.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, can you take us to one more place today?’ Long Liu Bao asked.

‘Where do you want to go?’ Nan Gong Yuan asked.

‘The Stratosphere Tower,’ Long Liu Bao said.

Nan Gong Yuan took the three women to the Stratosphere Tower.

The Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas was famous for its extreme rides, entertainment and dining.

Long Liu Bao dreamt of sitting on the ride at the top of the Stratosphere Tower for years.

‘Bao Bao, Che…’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Gun Gun, I’m not going to give up going on this ride,’ Long Liu Bao said.

‘No,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘I didn’t say give up, I said Che. Look over there.’

Hao Yan Ming and Su An Luo went out together to search for Hao Yan Che’s runaway wife. Hao Yan Ming could smell Hao Yan Che and the Long brothers’ scents on Yuan Gun Gun and Long Liu Bao from a far distance. Hao Yan Ming was certain Yuan Gun Gun was Hao Yan Che’s runaway wife, because Hao Yan Che only slept with his wife.

Yuan Gun Gun couldn’t stop herself from crying. It hurt her to see her husband with another woman.

Long Liu Bao didn’t believe Hao Yan Che would let another person touch him who wasn’t Yuan Gun Gun. Long Liu Bao looked closely at Hao Yan Che’s lookalike’s eyes. Instead of Hao Yan Che’s violet eyes, the man had silver eyes. Heavens knew how to play a deadly joke, the man was Hao Yan Ming.

Hao Yan Ming and Su An Luo walked toward Yuan Gun Gun and Long Liu Bao. Hao Yan Ming was surprised to see them with Nan Gong Yuan, a renowned boss in Las Vegas.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other,’ Hao Yan Ming said. ‘Uncle Gong Yuan, has your health been good?’

‘Good,’ Nan Gong Yuan said. ‘What about you?’

Nan Gong Yuan smiled at Las Vegas’ famous young boss Hao Yan Ming.

‘Good,’ Hao Yan Ming said. ‘Uncle, are these two women yours and your wife’s daughters?’

‘No,’ Nan Gong Yuan said. ‘These two loveable little girls are my guests.’

‘Yes,’ Hao Yan Ming said. ‘They are loveable.’

Yuan Gun Gun recognised the beautiful woman was the same woman Hao Yan Che slept with in their living room. Why did Hao Yan Che act like he didn’t know who she was?

‘Gun Gun, why are you crying?’ Xiao Lu Zhu asked. ‘Do you feel sick?’

‘Che…’ Yuan Gun Gun called sadly.

‘Uncle Gong Yuan, Gun Gun is sick,’ Long Liu Bao said. ‘We should take aunty Lu Zhu and Gun Gun home. Let’s go out another day.’

Long Liu Bao knew the three monsters would drag her and Yuan Gun Gun home within twenty-four hours, because Hao Yan Ming recognised the three monsters’ scents on their bodies.

‘Bao Bao, there’s no rush,’ Nan Gong Yuan said.

Hao Yan Ming found the Gun Gun and Bao Bao who he was looking for.

‘Kids these days are always in a rush,’ Nan Gong Yuan said. ‘You two have a goodnight.’

Nan Gong Yuan turned around and followed Long Liu Bao who looked like she was kidnapping his wife.

Hao Yan Ming smiled at Su An Luo.

‘An An, looks like we’ll get to see a good performance soon,’ Hao Yan Ming said.

Su An Luo ignored her two faced husband. At home he bullied her, and on the streets he acted like a gentle husband.

‘Oh,’ Hao Yan Ming said. ‘Is my little trouble maker still angry?’

‘Someone call the cops!’ Su An Luo said. ‘There is a pervert on the prowl!’

‘Little trouble maker, why are you so aggressive?’ Hao Yan Ming asked.

‘Aggressive?’ Su An Luo asked. ‘I’m not aggressive as you. You only know how to hit me. I hate you.’

‘It’s your fault for touching another man,’ Hao Yan Ming said.

‘So what if I like touching another man?’ Su An Luo asked.

‘If you like touching another man, you won’t step a foot out of our home again,’ Hao Yan Ming said.

End of Chapter 158

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