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At Han Yan’s company, Yuan Gun Gun delivered reports on different floors.

‘Big sister Feng, here are a copy of the latest reports,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Thank you Gun Gun,’ Feng Ting said. ‘I bought sushi. It’s lunch time, eat together with me.’

‘Sorry big sister Feng,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘If I don’t have lunch with Che, he’ll be angry.’

‘Are you sure?’ Feng Ting asked. She took out the boxes of sushi from a drawer and showed them to Yuan Gun Gun. ‘I bought it just then.’

Yuan Gun Gun hesitated to eat lunch with Feng Ting.

‘Let’s go eat together to the tea room,’ Feng Ting said. ‘I’ll make us hot green tea to eat with the sushi.’

In the tearoom, two female workers gossiped about Yuan Gun Gun.

‘I don’t know what’s so good about Yuan Gun Gun,’ the brunette woman said. ‘She doesn’t deserve to be married to our CEO Hao. I pity CEO Hao has to be married to a woman like Yuan Gun Gun.’

‘Not only is she ordinary,’ the drag queen woman said. ‘She’s been married to CEO Hao for three years, and hasn’t even laid a rotten egg. I think CEO Hao has no interest to sleep with her. The only reason he would marry her is that someone forced him to marry her.’

‘Who knows,’ the brunette said. ‘She must have drugged him, and he was forced to marry her.’

‘What man would love a woman who is ugly and dumb?’ the drag queen asked. ‘Who knows, by the end of this year we’ll hear news about them divorcing. Besides a handsome and successful man like CEO Hao would have mistresses. So it wouldn’t matter if he’s married or divorced. To him, a marriage or a divorce certificate is a piece of decoration.’

‘Hey you gossipmongers, don’t you two have work to do?’ Feng Ting asked. ‘Why are you two so free to gossip about other people? What can’t lay a rotten egg? Can you two lay a fried egg? We’re all women. There is no need to talk trash about each other.’

The brunette and the drag queen stopped laughing the moment they saw Yuan Gun Gun. They were jealous of Yuan Gun Gun, but they didn’t want to lose their jobs. They quickly left the tea room.

Only an angry Feng Ting and a quiet Yuan Gun Gun were left in the tea room.

Feng Ting put the sushi on the table, poured two cups of green tea and consoled Yuan Gun Gun.

‘Gun Gun, don’t take their words to heart,’ Feng Ting said. ‘Most people are ruled by jealousy. Because they see other people have what they want, they trash talk about people out of jealousy to make themselves look good.’

Yuan Gun Gun nodded her head and forced a smile.

‘I’m OK,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘What they said was true. Che and I… the distance between us is the same distance as the sky and the ground. Sometimes standing next to him, I feel that I’m not worthy to be with him. Che married me to take responsibility. But I didn’t drug him or use any other scheme to force him to marry me.’

‘Gun Gun, you don’t need to explain,’ Feng Ting said. ‘I understand. I believe CEO Hao would scheme to get you to marry him. But I don’t believe you would ever scheme to get him to marry you.’

Feng Ting patted Yuan Gun Gun’s shoulder.

‘Let’s eat,’ Feng Ting said. ‘If CEO Hao chose you then it shows how important you are in his heart. Don’t underestimate yourself, you have more good traits than you think.’

Feng Ting put an Aburi Salmon Nigiri on Yuan Gun Gun’s plate.

‘Big sister Feng, do you think one day Che won’t need me anymore?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Gun Gun, no one can predict a person’s heart in the future,’ Feng Ting said. ‘Love comes and go in a blink of an eye. Underneath CEO Hao’s status, he is just like other ordinary man. Whether a man is gentle and caring or not, a person’s heart is still the fastest thing that can change in the world. So you shouldn’t be stubborn. If that day comes, you should let go. If you hold on, you’ll only be hurting yourself.’

‘Big sister Feng, are you saying one day Che will have a change of heart?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked. ‘And I should listen to him and let him go?’

‘No little dummy,’ Feng Ting said. ‘I meant no one can predict what will happen in the future. You only need to worry about appreciating every second and minute of the day. It doesn’t matter what will happen in the future. You only need to go with the flow. Don’t worry about what you can’t control, and don’t put pressure on yourself. Understand?’

‘Is there something I can do so Che won’t ever leave me?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘If such a way existed then there wouldn’t be so many people in the world who kill themselves over love,’ Feng Ting said. ‘Holding someone’s hand for a whole lifetime is something precious. Not everyone is that blessed. But I believe you’re that blessed so you don’t need to worry.’

‘Why?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked.

‘Because the heavens loves dummies,’ Feng Ting said.

Yuan Gun Gun frowned. She was unhappy with Feng Ting’s answer.

After lunch, Yuan Gun Gun ran to Hao Yan Che’s office. She couldn’t believe she took half an hour to eat sushi.

Yuan Gun Gun opened Hao Yan Che’s office. There was no one inside. She sighed in relief, and sat at her desk. She noticed two wrapped boxes on Hao Yan Che’s desk. Did someone sent Hao Yan Che gifts?

Yuan Gun Gun was curious, and walked to Hao Yan Che’s desk. It looked like a woman gave him the gifts.

End of Chapter 143

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