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Yuan Gun Gun jumped off Na Liu Ting Du’s lap and ran to Yuan Ting Liu.

‘Of course,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. She hugged Yuan Ting Liu. ‘Daddy is my daddy. I really missed daddy.’

‘I thought you forgot you’re daddy because you didn’t see me in the living room,’ Yuan Ting Liu teased.

‘Who said?’ Yuan Gun Gun asked. ‘I called daddy at the door. It’s daddy who forgot me.’

Yuan Ting Liu noticed Hao Yan Che’s kiss marks on his little girl’s neck.

‘Daddy,’ Yuan Gun Gun called.

Yuan Gun Gun didn’t know why Yuan Ting Liu was quiet.

Na Liu Ting Du saw the kiss marks on Yuan Gun Gun’s neck too. He picked up a cookie from the coffee table and put it in his sour mouth.

Feng Du Du sensed the tension in the living room.

‘Gun Gun, come shopping with mummy,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘Mummy will cook dinner for you before you leave.’

Yuan Gun Gun smiled, and ran to Feng Du Du.

‘Yes mummy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Ting Liu, Ting Du, do you two want to join us?’ Feng Du Du asked.

‘No,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘We’ll give you and Gun Gun privacy to spend time together.’

Feng Du Du knew Yuan Ting Liu’s answer before she asked.

‘OK,’ Feng Du Du said. ‘We’ll see you and Ting Du at dinner time.’

‘Bye daddy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Bye big brother Du.’

Only two solemn men were left in the living room.

‘Kiss marks,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

Na Liu Ting Du heard Yuan Ting Liu state the truth and the pain in his heart increased.

‘Ting Du, Gun Gun has always been a simple girl,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘She doesn’t need designer clothes, jewellery and gourmet food. Do you understand?’

‘Dad, I understand,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘But right now she’s receiving the best of everything.’

‘In the past I had doubts,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘But now I’m certain that Hao Yan Che loves Gun Gun. Ting Du, ask yourself what chance you have left. Ting Du, I know you’re more capable than me and on par with Hao Yan Che. But success is meaningless if you’re wasting precious time being away from Gun Gun. While you’re building your career, Hao Yan Che and Gun Gun’s bond deepens. Perhaps in Gun Gun’s heart, Hao Yan Che is her man and you’re her big brother for life.’

‘Dad, you’re right,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘Perhaps I don’t have a chance left.’

Yuan Ting Liu wanted both his children to be happy.

‘Dad, even if it’s true,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘I want to use my last chance.’

‘Ting Du, like I told you before,’ Yuan Ting Liu said. ‘No matter what happens, you’ll always be my son.’

Na Liu Ting Du smiled bitter sweetly at Yuan Ting Liu. Na Liu Ting Du believed Yuan Ting Liu truly loved him as a father.

In the dining room at ten at night, Yuan Gun Gun rubbed her satisfied stomach.

‘I’m full,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘Mummy’s food tasted delicious.’

‘Gun Gun, do you want to eat ice-cream?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

‘Yes,’ Yuan Gun Gun said. ‘But Che only lets me eat ice-cream once a week. This week I ate ice-cream already.’

Na Liu Ting Du didn’t want to hear Yuan Gun Gun call Hao Yan Che’s name intimately.

‘Don’t you want me to take you to eat ice-cream?’ Na Liu Ting Du asked.

‘I… I’ll go,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Good,’ Na Liu Ting Du said. ‘Let’s go.’

Na Liu Ting Du and Yuan Gun Gun stood and waved to Yuan Ting Liu and Feng Du Du.

‘Bye daddy and mummy,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

‘Um, go eat ice-cream,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘Gun Gun, mummy…’ Feng Du Du said.

Feng Du Du didn’t want to see Yuan Gun Gun leave her so soon. Yuan Ting Liu pulled her onto his lap, and stopped her from chasing after Yuan Gun Gun.

After Na Liu Ting Du left with Yuan Gun Gun, Yuan Ting Liu let go of Feng Du Du.

‘Let’s go to our bedroom,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

‘What for?’ Feng Du Du asked.

‘Exercise,’ Yuan Ting Liu said.

At eleven at night, Yi Tu went to the Yuan Mansion to pick up Hao Yan Che’s little treasure.

‘Hello, I’m here to pick up your young mistress,’ Yi Tu said to a maid.

‘I’m sorry,’ the maid said. ‘Young mistress went to eat ice-cream with young master Ting Du.’

‘Na Liu Ting Du?’ Yi Tu asked.

‘Yes,’ the maid said.

‘Thank you,’ Yi Tu said.

Yi Tu said a prayer for Yuan Gun Gun on the way to the car.

At Gossip Lovers, Na Liu Ting Du reserved a VIP room and ordered Yuan Gun Gun’s favorite ice-cream desserts like fried ice-cream.

‘Big brother Du, you should eat the delicious ice-cream here,’ Yuan Gun Gun said.

End of Chapter 103

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