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Published at 11th of December 2019 11:30:23 AM
Chapter 97.2

97) Epilogue : The Wind Prodigy is Returning (2)

Around the border between the Knight Nation Daris and the Empire . The Wind Prodigy was reading a book alone in the grassy place while waiting for the night .

“I have to practice orc language buhi . Because I’m a monster when trespassing to the imperial country .

It is written in the monster encyclopedia, it describes various monsters, their characteristics, habits or so . He’s estimating various monsters while turning up the page one by one .

“Of course I’m an orc, but Charlotte and the Great Wind Spirit…” he murmured so alone, and suddenly raised his face . He suddenly thought of something .

“…Come to think of it, when will he go to the southern buhi? I don’t know the time axis around there buhi . ”

This time, a battle between a treasonous great phantom thief and empire’s three musketeers will happen in the Freedom Federation . This is another Shuya’s awakening event, but he has already come to a clean decision for such matters .

Shuya, if you are the protagonist, do your best .

“…I beg you―――”

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The Wind Prodigy murmured so while thinking about one of the three musketeers, who were sent from the Empire to the Freedom Federation for a secret mission .

“―――I’m gonna shake you, Freedom Federation’s rebel . The one that your thief snatched, I’ll make your nation pay for it . My name is Dryvac Steibelt . With the resurrection of the Living Dead, it will be your country’s fall . ”

“―――Please don’t rampage until I go there, Living Dead Dryvac Steibelt . ”

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The highest strength of the empire that you can hear around the world . The Living Dead held a brown-haired boy that lost consciousness, kicked off the luggage and got off from the wagon .

The destination is Freedom Federation, but he thought it would not be necessary to arrive in a hurry .

“Good grief… what a troublesome boy―――hey! Is there no hospital around here!? There’s an injured child! He was attacked by a troublesome monster and about to die! Can someone lend me a hand!?”

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The stage moves from Daris to the ruins of the imperial country . The people waiting for them in the ruins of the imperial country are not humans, but many monsters .

But, she is no longer afraid . Because, no matter how many she’s being surrounded by monsters, there is a very reliable boy at her side .

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