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Chapter 34

34.) The northern princess was hiding her secret


(Charlotte POV)


[I wonder why Slow-sama loves that story…]


She was lying there on top of the bed while covering her face with a pillow.

Alicia-sama said that whenever she saw Slow-sama reading that story, he would always enter a trance. I really want to know why Slow-sama loves that story.


[I can’t say it… I can’t say anything about my past… Why was he interested in that kind of fairytale? …Umm, is it possible that Slow-sama actually knew about my past and that is why he took an interest in that book?]


Maybe it was just a talk from when he was a child, so there won’t be anything meaningful on it, just pure curiosity.

Even though I think that I should have been calmer when Slow-sama came here, when I see him getting slimmer by the day and see him right in front of me, it makes me hesitate to ask about it somehow.


[That should be impossible,shouldn’t it? …It was such a long time ago… Even the memory in my mind has turned somewhat vague…]


If Slow-sama walks around the academy right now, it will be a fatty that you only see once in a while. And I believe that after he got the weight reducing medicine in his hands, his thinning speed became much faster.


Especially today, it made me think, ‘Eh? Isn’t he a bit thinner than yesterday?

It was as if he already turned himself into someone else, and it makes me unable to get the courage to ask.


[But, is it okay like this? If it stays like this…]


My life until now was filled with peacefulness.

Today, I was able to talk to Alicia-sama that has been watching the affair from afar up till today.

Slow-sama and Alicia-sama.

They always fought with each other even in the past, but I always thought, ‘what a nice pair’, while jealously looking at them a number of times.


But even though my chest had a prickling feeling whenever I thought about those two, I am just an attendant.

Slow-sama’s attendant.

No matter who it is, they will say I was his attendant.

It would be so wrong for me to be asking for more happiness than this.


[Even though I have been secretly helped by Slow-sama numerous times, it’s impossible!… It’s reallyreallyreally impossible! I think I have become crazy… If I am thrown away, I will have nowhere to go!] (changed ‘was’ to ‘am’; could be ‘was’ if ‘will’ is changed

to ‘would’)


Charlotte was flapping her legs for a while. Then, she covered her face on the pillow after she was sick of it.


I have always done my best to become a cool attendant, but only this room is special. Because only inside this room I can become my former self.

(well, I made somewhat big changes. If you could take a look to see if you agree with them…)


[Hmmm, well… If I said who I really am now, ‘Hey, I am the princess of the northern empire’ wouldn’t it be strange? He will think I’m weird]


Slow-sama was once called the wind child prodigy.

But, he somehow slowly changed into something weird. He became fat and lazy, he was always over eating, he began saying things in sarcasm, and he always ate snacks in between time.

But weirdly, he turned into a nice guy only towards me.

I don’t know why he did it, but it is Slow-sama I am talking about, so I believe there must be some meaning behind it.

It was just as if Slow-sama was seeing a big dream, and that dream made a change on his mind.

When he finally told me that, even though I felt happy, I also felt somewhat lonely.


That Slow-sama, whom is currently still in the middle of dieting, is right now trying to find a dangerous person that is currently lurking around in this academy. And that was personally requested by the headmaster, Sir Morozov.


‘Slow-sama is an incredible person just like I have always thought’, or so I thought after hearing that story.

This is Slow-sama I am talking about, so is it possible he already knew who I really am?

As I think about things so far, a lot of things are starting to come to mind.

There is also this one question that I always had since I was a child.


[Why did Slow-sama made me an attendant…]


For me to become an attendant in the Duke Dening’s Household is something not appropriate no matter how you see it.

There is only one reason why: I can’t use magic at all.

With just that, I was already disqualified as an attendant to the Dening Household.

Because throughout history, the Dening Household has always been through series of battles. The standard plan of training is quite simple, through a real battle. It was learning by doing the real thing.

I was also taught about things such as how to survive since I was a kid, and for someone who can’t even use magic and only became a half-complete attendant, I can still remember those days that were truly harsh.

Even though I can think fondly of those days, if I think back, there was a time when I needed to remember poisonous vegetation no matter what, even if I needed to try it myself, and whenever I think back at that time, I always thought ‘the Dening Household is extremely dangerous’.

And in that family, if there are people who were born capable of using magic, they will soon throw those people into the battle field to forge themselves.

That is why the only person from the Duke Dening’s Household currently in this academy is Slow-sama. (this is quite troubling, if I remember correctly wasn’t the head master knows Slow’s father? ) no problem, this refers to those CURRENTLY IN the academy, I added that word and it works.


I am so happy here.

That is why I have been thinking, ‘it would be truly great if this kind of life continues as it is.’

I believe Slow-sama will soon resign from this academy once he regains his radiance, and soon he will be going to those kinds of places full of battle.

If that time comes, then I won’t be able to go where Slow-sama will be, and the Dening Household will choose someone more appropriate for him and make them Slow-sama’s new attendant. (same as the previous chapter’s note)



It has been a while since I last read this fairytale of The Dragon’s Bride.

The black dragon took away a princess that could connect her heart with the monsters.

As of now, I still haven’t awakened that power yet, as the northern empire princess, as long as I live, there will be one day that I will awaken this power.

The southern empire has always been looking for me because of the probability that I could have this power to understand monsters.

If there is a one-in-a-million chance that the southern empire knew where I was, I believe that the Daris and the Dening Households would be entangled in trouble.

I have been resolving myself, to do the one thing I need to do the most.


[I will not let Slow-sama who have been helping me to get entangled into any trouble]


If the story in the story book is true, I wish that a truly strong black dragon takes me away to a place truly far from everyone.

Everyone will be happy that way, or so I believe.




That was what I have been thinking lately.



{Slow and Charlotte, I know things about you two because I have been always watching you both, nyaa}


The Great Wind Spirit is currently looking at Charlotte who was lost in her self–pondering on top of the bed.

No matter how much interest it has for Slow, it can’t be compared to how interesting Charlotte is.


That is why it won’t tell Slow what Charlotte is thinking when she is alone.

Because it still doesn’t have the right to say one’s thoughts to someone else; even though it has been living since forever.


And then, slowly, the Great Wind Spirit—Art Ange—realized something.


Slow and Charlotte.

One day, this story will be theirs.


{The dragon’s bride. It was actually a story about a noble man with the princess of the northern empire. They both had a good favour between them nyaa. But one day, the princess was taken from the noble man by the black dragon Sekhmet. The black dragon Sekhmet was far, far, far more powerful than the noble man nyaa. But even though the nobleman was getting stronger since then, it was still not enough to recover the princess from the black dragon Sekhmet nyaa}


It was a story that begun ten or so years ago.


It was involving one of Daris’ most influential Noble.

He was always able to produce excellent soldiers one after another, and he also held a huge territory in his hands. He was the third son of the Duke Dening’s Household, Slow Dening.


{Slow. It is true that you already know who Charlotte really is. The moment you told Charlotte what you had always held on your chest—-}


The anime, [Girl and Shuya]

There is a fact in the back setting that could clearly be seen, that the piggy duke and the commoner attendant, Charlotte had some kind of connection between them.

The viewer has become tired of waiting.

The people who knew about the back setting of the story have been shouting to remake the animation and make him the real protagonist.


But there is someone that always stands there alone fighting against the southern empire without anyone knowing.

The northern empire princess living as a commoner attendant was never revealed till the end, the piggy duke was always protecting her from the shadows.

It was certain that the curtain to their love story will be lifted in the near future.


{—–Your story will begin nyaa}

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