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Chapter 20

20.) My Knight is Overconfident as Always

[Did he just became a Royal Knight Candidate!? Not just that, he is to be The Guardian!?]

After I get back to my room at the inn, I pull out several sheets of papers and write everything I can about the competition and the events after. 

I open my mind as wide as I could to remember and write down every detail I know about Princess Karina.

Princess Karina: Daris’s royal princess, probably the only thing I knew about her was her name. [I’m hungry] Seems like she was described as someone who was extremely loved by the people. [I want to eat] She also rarely come to things like dance balls or the likes.

[I don’t know a thing about her]

But I can’t help it… In the anime It was the Queen of Daris who was always being talked about. That princess didn’t leave any mark at all.

[A special unit The Guardian inside the Royal Knights huh]

There is no such a tale in which a commoner can become a royal knight.

It was a place where all the people who holds tremendous influence in the country were placed, it was a place where only elite nobles could enter.

The Royal Knights were the face of Daris as the knight state, it’s impossible for a commoner to hold their act for even one day there.

Even that Rokomoko sensei is someone who surprisingly came from a count household. Though that person himself told me he wasn’t that good with formality and such.

The first impression I have about Silva was about a party loving kind of guy. At that time he was just 15 years old, I was saved by him when I was trying to escape from death. Even up till now there is no one who could match his abilities, and he already had all that when he was one year younger than I am now. 

And THAT Silva is becoming a Royal Knight now?

And becoming the princess’s guardian on top of that?

[Humans are the biggest mystery in the universe…]

Oh yeah, there is also the possibility he changed while I turned into the Dark piggy.

[I wonder who can tell me exactly what happened that time… Ah, I know]

Well, guess I have to go there now.

He is even staying in the same floor as me.

Okay then, let’s go!

While I take the paper on top of the table with me, I go out from my room.

[Sensei, are you there?]

Ten seconds, that’s the time needed to walk from my room to Rokomoko sensei’s room.

Not long after he answers.

[Who is it-?]

[It’s Dening]

[Which Dening?]

[The pig]

[Ah-, come on in-]

What the heck is with that exchange just now? And why did I even follow up through it. Since I already got the weight reducing medicine with me, it won’t be long before I will be called the macho Dening.

When I enter the room, Rokomoko sensei welcomed me while half-naked. He holds some papers on both his hands while lying on top of the bed.

Uoh, such muscles… After I enter the room, he gives me a thumbs up with one of his hands when he sees my face.

[Oh, I already hear it from the owner’s son who has such a great muscle. Congratulations, for winning the eating competition]

[Sensei, I’m not just eating and sleeping elegantly all this year you know]

[You have the ultimate love brain after all-]

While Rokomoko sensei laughs, he looks at the pa

pers I brought.

He always had such a tired look, but now Rokomoko sensei really looks tired to me.

[Sensei, why do you look so tired?]

[The shop you were talking about, has already been destroyed]

[Fast! As expected of Rokomoko sensei]

[Well, the culprit was quite slippery so I had a hard time him. Ahh, why the heck I have to work even though I want to play around in my holiday-]

Ah, he had already taken care of the shop that was selling the monster calling perfume huh.

That shop owner, in the anime, there was a scene in which he was going to be boasting about how he cannot be captured, because he knew the back alley like the back of his hand. …Well, that scene was skipped now because he was caught though.

Whelp, once again as expected of sensei, he moved really fast.

[Good work sensei]

Looking at sensei closely, there is a pile of papers on top of a desk beside him.

[It is such a hassle to write down a report-. Geez, it’s your fault it turned out like this. Then, what do you want from me? If you want that perfume I will say no to it you know?]

…I’m so sorry, I already have it.

Yeah, that perfume need to be disposed of. But even though we disposed of it, the inside was… I won’t say it to him that the one who already bought it was the dark piggy duke san.

[Emm, sensei, I have a question for you]

[Ng, what is it?]

[Did you know about the former commoner Silva, which became the talk in the town now?]

While still lying down with papers in his hand, he starts talking.

He is showing such an interesting face from behind that paper he read.

[…Him huh…]


Showing such reaction, is it possible he knows him?

[He became the candidate for the princess’s exclusive knight, The Guardian. A former commoner is now the candidate for it, awesome isn’t it]

He progressively became a special knight royalty. There is no honor higher than to beThe Guardian.

This kind of prestige is an important aspect that is unique to the knightly state of Daris.

[…If this goes on, he will be the first born commoner who will become The Guardian. As my best friend, I’m proud of him]

Ooh, something that cannot be ignored just came out.

[Eeh, are you and Silva friends?]

Wow, somehow it’s exciting.

I’m hearing something that seems important.

[Whelp, there is a lot going on. That’s why I also know what kind of relation he has with the Dening household. So when I got back to the academy and found his former employer from the Dening household enrolled, I think that’s why I watched closely over you during my class]

It is true I could feel his strong gaze directed at me while in class though.

So that’s the reason.

I guess he would know a lot of things about me. Oh my, what will he say to me if we meet now? I kinda want to hear it, but I kinda don’t.

[Then, is it possible that you know about Silva whereabouts?]

After hearing that Rokomoko sensei exhale all his air like [BUHO!], and the papers sensei held until now scatter on the floor. Silva wasn’t even lamenting about me turning into that dark piggy duke, he just said it was because it was my rebellious phase and left my side.

Even my father wanted him to stay and serve the family but I heard he left even before the negotiations begin.

It seems he is not who he was in the past.

Even I changed from such a lovely boy to be a pig like I am now.

If I make contact with him now, it won’t bring him any good based on how things are now. Well, I shouldn’t meet him then. He has his own life now.

I prepared myself to hear what sensei will tell me.

But against the nervous me, Rokomoko sensei just told me the info nonchalantly.

[Sure, I’ll tell you now. Honestly he told me that if you ask his whereabouts, to tell you directly]

He jumps off from the bed and stands there facing me.

Uuh, this just feels like that time when I was pinned by his magic, it feels quite intimidating.

While I was feeling intimidated, Rokomoko sensei clears his throat. I wonder if his throat is hurting right now.

[Sensei… What are you trying to do?]

[What a hassle. This is his request: if his young master asks things about him, I have a message to pass. I used the headmaster’s voice before, and now this? Umhh, I was trying hard to remember it all just now, it’s quite a long message you know]

[Something to tell me?]

I saw sensei’s whole body start to leak quite a sound.

[[Aah, young master Slow, howdy. When you ask Rokomoko about me is it because you need my power? Sorry but right now I can’t get satisfied with normal people anymore, Uhmm… how do I say it… Ah, right, for example among mercenaries there was the big hero, Giant Man: lightning user, Electric; and the shape shifter, No Face… Yeah, I was preparing to fight those kind of guys now. WHA!? What the heck is this guy saying, aren’t those guys the strongest mercenaries? …Ah, sorry, oh right next message was… what it is… If I give you an example using monsters it will be a dragon or like ten thousand rampaging monsters. …WHAAAT!? DRAGON!? Isn’t that a disaster class already!? And ten thousand monsters!? Where does his confidence come from!? …Ah, the message? *cough*cough*! …Soo, I beg for your permission to let me prepare to fight those guys, young master Slow… Tch, just die already Silva! It brings me a lot of trouble just to remember this message]]

I think Rokomoko sensei is quite thirsty after telling me those message, he is gulping water like there was no tomorrow.

Yup, his voice was nothing like Silva, but that superficial feeling from the words really reminded me of him. But you really can remember all that Rokomoko sensei… You have such a great memory there. There was also the message from the headmaster, I can’t hold a candle against you.

[But he is as confident as always. Giant Man, Electric, and No Face!? Weren’t they those guys who became mercenaries after they retired from the military? And ten thousand monsters on top of that!? Like hell I believe that! Even if you use all the friggin perfume from that friggin shop, it’s impossible to prepare something like that. Now that I think about it, that shop inventory seems it has already decrease quite a lot…]

Silva, I got your message.

Even though you are using such words, I know you are a knight of justice.

You are as kind as always, you always trying to help anyone who needs help.

And those mercenaries you mentioned. They are your targets to make a peaceful world.

[Thank you very much Rokomoko sensei. I feel like I am always bothering you]

[Umu, It’s okay. I need you in my class after all]

After bowing my head, I get out from Rokomoko sensei’s room and go back to my own.

There are pots and vases lining up along the corridor. Such a high class inn, I can’t even hear the others customer’s voices here.


The door toward my room slightly opened.

How strange, I shouldn’t left it open like this.

[…And what the heck is this voice]

There is a strange man voice coming from my room, no, it is a crying man voice.

Sometimes I can even hear him say things like buhii… Who is it, it must be a weird person… But, listening it closely I think I know that voice…


While readying myself, I try to walk toward the weird voice in my room.

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