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Chapter 15

15.) It’s a Mystery why I Disguise Myself as a Piggy!!

While my whole body is shivering I start thinking.

In the summer of the second year student in Kurushu Magic Academy, there was no big event happening at this time around. (Ed: In the anime?) (Tl: He didn’t mention any of that)

Well, there are rumors that I’m honestly trying to redeem myself steadily, but they are only limited to the academy grounds only.

That’s why, what the headmaster said just now is really fascinating me.

But, what is that higher stage he said? And, what is the reason why the headmaster decided to help me make a comeback?

Such an ominous atmosphere flows out to the corridor, and sensei who was the culprit of binding me with magic speaks out first.

[…Hey, what is that higher stage he said?]

[…Like hell I know what it is]

No, before you think that. undo my binding sensei.

[…Dening, after the headmaster, it’s my turn to ask you. Why did you turned yourself intentionally into a pig?]


Late at night, we went into the Yolem drink district. We came to a stall that seemed still open and enter there. This is the stall that sensei often bring his student in the anime. I’m kinda moved right now.

[You don’t want to have a political marriage and intentionally turned yourself to be that useless pig as a facade?! Who is the girl?]

[I won’t tell you, but she is a commoner]

[Oioi-It’s just like I thought, you are a legend level eccentric person. The political marriage of the eldest son of the Dening duke’s household is known by every single people in this world you know. You are really fit to be called a legend, who else want to turn themselves into a pig just for the sake of marrying the girl they love-. Ah, when I hear this kind of interesting story the sake becomes much more delicious. The true reason for the wonder child downfall was actually this kind of reason. I never expected there was a wonderful actor in the Dening family. This could become a true legend one day]

The one who is responsible with Daris’s defense, is the family who holds most of military powers in the country, The Dening duke household.

Because of that, all the male direct descendants of the Dening household can’t freely choose their marriage partner. Not just the men, all the women born in that family will have to be married into a different country or to the descendants of a powerful military family.

[Then, what will you do after this? Apologize to the duke? Apologize that you have been acting as a pig? I have also heard about Duke Baldley’s rage when I was at the military. Well honestly speaking, a commoner absolutely shouldn’t say a duke’s name easily-. …Uwaaaa I can’t even imagine how scary he might have been]

While Rokomoko sensei is drinking his sake, he hugs his own body with his two hands.

It seems he just remembered a bad memory from when he was in the military. Even though I’m not interested in his story, but somehow my body is shivering in fear.

My father, Baldley Dening is the one who is supporting the current leader in this Daris Kingdom.

He is someone who holds&n

bsp;tradition above anything else, and is he also a brave general who has led his soldiers to fight head on with the empire many times.

[Sensei, What should I do? Ah, please don’t let my father know about this conversation]

If you want to know what is my happiness.

It is to be together with Charlotte, forever and ever. Yes, it’s so simple when you just say it like that.

But the wall blocking that it is so big.

Baldley Dening.

In other word it is my own father who is standing between me and my happiness.

With that much merits, even the Queen of Daris will ask his opinion whenever a war breaks out. When my engagement with the Princess of Sarkista in other words Alicia, was canceled, I can still remember being beaten to half dead.

[Ha, HAAAH!? You want to ask ME about love? And like hell I will tell about this kind of talk to the duke! I’ll die even only by standing near him when I said it!]

[…Isn’t it? Ah, this radish is delicious. But, I still want to eat meat. Hey uncle can I have more meat—? …Uncle?]

Somehow the stall’s uncle fell asleep, even though he is still standing.

Well, we’re still going at it with our drinking until we make a stupid happy face.

Let’s not cause any trouble. …Uuuh, I still haven’t eaten any meat.

[Someone who can just talk easily to the Queen is surely not someone normal. But Dening, if I remember correctly, your father was quite doting on you, wasn’t he? If you just say it, he will give in right? And you, who was known as the wonder child, if you said you will join the candidacy to become the head of your house again, your father will forgive you …Nah, that’s impossible]

Well, it’s true that my father dots on me a lot.

But, at the moment when I say that I will marry a commoner, I can see it clearly, he will send me to the front most line to fight endlessly against the empire.

[Absolutely impossible. If I become the family’s head and marry a commoner, those people after me will follow my example. And at that time the Dening house would be in crisis]

[…You’ve got it bad too huh. My sympathy… But I’m thinking, what if the Duke acknowledged them, it’s not a problem if they were just a commoner. Won’t he get more merit if he did that? More than that he is also a legend level, among us he was known for his defensive battle…]

My father, Duke Baldley was known for his defensive battle in the Darian prairie.

It was a legendary battle where only a few hundred soldiers of the Daris Kingdom were fighting together against a mighty army of ten thousand soldiers of the Empire.

[It is a mission that your father had to do… Moreover he wants to use your power to make this world more peaceful. Now, when I think of a world without the Dening duke household. Uwaa, I can’t believe what I said just now, that’s-]

While drinking, Rokomoko sensei keep making a ruckus while saying, ‘World peace is the best’. Even the standing half asleep stall owner as if understanding what we were talking about says, ’peace is important’ as if agreeing what was just said.

Good grief, so I’m the only person who is worried.

As I saw those two happy people, a smile floats in my face.

[World peace huh… But, I’m glad I talked to you sensei]

I feel happier after doing it.

Everyone will feel good after telling another person what they have in their mind.

[Aah, by the way Dening. Did you know about the monster calling perfume that was recently distributed to this city? Actually the royal palace, no, my former employer asked me to investigate it]


Rather than know about it, I have one already. Moreover I know how it smells and even the taste…

When I was still the dark piggy (Ed: Darth Buta) I bought it from a smuggler in this city, for someone who watched the anime, I already know that the mastermind behind this is a merchant.

But, it was just something that wasn’t talked about very much in the anime. His name is, hmm what was it again? I can’t remember his name but, if I’m not wrong the name of the store is…

[I think I have heard about that from the wind, sensei. If I’m correct the store name is…]

[What!? Are you serious Dening!!!??!]

After gossiping a bit with sensei I left the stall.

Well, I can only remember the store name vaguely, so if I was wrong please don’t complain to me sensei!


Let’s see, I guess for now there is no useful Information from the anime. Try your best my memory, if I can remember it I’m sure it will become useful. Well I will wrote it down all I can remember next time.

Later, a house was turned into pieces, and the merchant who was distributing the dangerous perfume was captured and put into jail by the Daris Kingdom.

The one who achieved this were the Royal Knights.

The royal palace turned into an uproar once they knew that the monster calling perfume was one of the empire’s plot against them.

Then after that incident was resolved, a rumor about the real person who made the capture possible, make all the people in charge pop their eyes. From then on, the figure of a person who once was the wonder child of Daris will rise.

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