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Chapter 62 - Private Discussion

Song Lingshan couldn’t help herself as she looked at the now composed Yang Huaijun. “Cap’, do you know Lin Yi?”

“I mistook him for a friend of mine- got a little overexcited back there.” Huaijun said with a laugh. “Hope I didn’t give you too big of a shock.”

Lin Yi had asked him not to reveal who he was, after all, and Huaijun respected his friend’s wishes.

“No, I’m fine…” Lingshan said, shaking her head. She had her doubts, however- what kind of friend was it, to make even Captain Yang lose his composure like that? She decided not to prod into Huaijun’s business.

Lin Yi was just about to stop a taxi when he saw Li Fu’s car drive up to him. Li Fu lowered the window and poked his head out in greeting. “Mister Lin, please, get in.”

Lin Yi nodded, accepting the invitation. He pulled open the door on the front passenger seat and got in the car, noticing a man sitting at the back as he did so- It was Chu Pengzhan.

“Uncle Chu.” Lin Yi greeted politely.

“Are you okay, Yi?” Pengzhan greeted back, a kind smile on his lips.

Chu Pengzhan’s smile reminded Lin Yi of that troubling attitude the chairman had with him. The man was treating him way too nicely, what was up with that..? Lin Yi decided to let it be a little while longer, since Chu Pengzhan himself didn’t seem particularly keen on explaining the detail. “It’s nothing, just a couple of thugs breaking into school grounds. I punished them a little- the cops let me go after understanding that.”

“As long as you’re fine.” Pengzhan said with a nod. “I had heard from Li Fu what you did for Yao Yao, back at the bank. You have my sincere thanks.”

“Just doing my part, no worries.” Lin Yi didn’t think much of the incident- he’d been paid to protect Mengyao; he was just doing his duty.

“Right, about Yao Yao… How are you getting along with her? She’s not still trying to get you kicked out, is she?” Pengzhan’s head started hurting a little at the thought of his troublesome daughter.

“Not at all, Yao Yao and I are actually getting along pretty nicely.” Lin Yi said with a smile. He wouldn’t do something as classless and stupid as telling on Mengyao- the girl could be as much of a pain as she wanted, but Chu Pengzhan would never cease to shower her with his love; he’d always take her side. One wrong step from Lin Yi and he’d get fired. With that in mind, he’d decided to drop in a little praise for Mengyao.

Li Fu opened his mouth in response to Lin Yi’s words, but decided not to say anything…….

“Haha, that’s nice to hear.” Pengzhan smiled gladly upon hearing the news. “Yao Yao’s actually a good kid, she’s just a bit of a handful- just let her have her way a little once in awhile.”

“No worries there, Uncle Chu. I will.” Lin Yi promised. He recalled Baldy’s words back in the SUV yesterday, and he decided to tell Chu Pengzhan about it, after some hesitation. “Uncle Chu, there’s something I need to discuss with you.”

“Oh?” Pengzhan smiled. “What is it, please tell.”

“It’s about the bank robbery yesterday……” Lin Yi said.

“I see… Let’s talk about this in detail somewhere else. Li Fu’s no outsider, but he’s driving- I wouldn’t want him to be distracted.” Pengzhan said with a nod.

“Okay.” It didn’t seem like he was returning to school anytime soon, so Lin Yi decided to just skip the whole day.

“Mister Chu, are we going home?” Li Fu asked.

“Yes. Home, back to Seabay Villa.” Chu Pengzhan confirmed.

Seabay Villa was Chu Pengzhan’s personal villa, but it remained mostly empty due to the chairman’s often and extended business trips. Mengyao, on the other hand, lived in the Pengzhan Villa District near the school for convenience.

The Pengzhan Villa District, naturally, was under Pengzhan Industries, though Mengyao choosing to live there was mostly due to Yushu, who resided there as well. The two had been inseparable since primary school.

The villa Chu Pengzhan lived in was in the outskirts of the city, and it covered a huge patch of land, surrounded by flower fields and plains. There was only a single road that led to the main building.

It also went without saying that they’d entered private property- outsiders weren’t allowed in here without a permit. Li Fu had scanned his card on the main gates’ laser before they opened for them.

Lin Yi glanced at the brand name of the system- it was probably the most up to date rolling code lock system: No copies could be made, since the door system had a unique code that corresponded with the card’s code, generated to match the card’s own generated code.

The system, however, wasn’t foolproof. Naturally, Lin Yi kept his mouth quiet about it- the area was highly safe as it was already. The events from yesterday were still a mystery, and Lin Yi intended to upgrade the security measures in Mengyao’s villa because of that. He couldn’t guarantee Mengyao’s safety every hour and minute, after all.

Li Fu parked in front of the villa, and got out of the car to have Lin Yi and Chu Pengzhan’s doors opened. He stepped back into the car shortly after the two had exited.

“Is Li Fu not coming in with us?” Lin Yi remembered what Chu Pengzhan had said, about Li Fu not being an outsider and all.

“He’s parking the car in the garage, he’ll join us shortly.” Pengzhan understood Lin Yi’s intentions, smiling as he gave the kid a pat on the shoulder. “Li Fu’s been with me for more than ten years, Yi. You can always go to him if I’m not around; he’ll help you out no matter what!”

Lin Yi nodded in response- Chu Pengzhan’s words put Li Fu in a very trustable position.

The villa’s interior wasn’t luxurious or extravagant at all- not in the sense of golden ceilings and marble pillars. It leaned towards more of an elegant antiquity and class; Chu Pengzhan was evidently a man of taste.

“Sit wherever you want, Yi- treat the place as home.” Chu Pengzhan said as he got Lin Yi a pair of slippers, placing them in front of him.

The gesture overwhelmed Lin Yi- Chu Pengzhan was clearly treating him as more than just an employee or subordinate, it was almost as if he were family!

“Thanks Uncle Chu.” Lin Yi kept the thoughts internal as he put the slippers on.

Lin Yi’s collected composure, in turn, impressed Chu Pengzhan. He wasn’t familiar with Lin Yi’s past, but it seemed that the kid had a wealth of experiences under his belt- someone who’d seen the world.

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