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Chapter 500 - Stalker

"Fatty Lai, bring Grandpa Guan to the side shop and wait for me, I've got something to settle." Lin Yi stopped in his tracks and gave Fatty Lai an order.

"Oh? Okay." Fatty Lai wasn't sure what was concerning Lin Yi, but after reading his expression, he didn't seem he wanted to explain, so Fatty Lai decided to just shut up and walked Grandpa Guan to the nearest shop. Lin Yi, meanwhile, made a quick turn and walked back to the shop in haste.

Little did he know that someone would stalk them on the first day of his arrival to Yanjing.

"Excuse me, sir." The employee smiled sweetly to Kun. "Our customers' purchases are secret."

There's was no doubt Kun looked very handsome, like the main character in a Korean drama. The employee couldn't help but keep looking at him a little more than she should.

Kun furrowed his eyebrows in disbelief. He'd always been the "lady killer," but here the employee rejected his request. Even though he failed the first attempt miserably, he did not give up. He took out his wallet and pulled out a few hundred yuan, putting it on the counter. "Hey, pretty, give me some face, will ya? That guy who came in was my brother. He said that he got a prescription, and I'm worried that the prescription might worsen my father's health, so here I am to confirm the reliability of the prescription."

"Oh, so that's the case!" The homely employee's heart melted a little. Kun really was attractive, but the cash on the counter was more alluring! These workers had always been eking out a living, earning barely 2,000 RMB a month, so 500 RMB was a huge seduction they couldn't resist.

The employee hesitated a little and quickly stuffed the cash into her pocket, pulling out a list of herbs and placing it on the counter. "You can copy it, but you can't take it away."

Kun had incredible memorization. Just by scanning the list once he could memorize all the name of the herbs. "I practice medicine. I know the effects of the herbs just by looking at them. Great, there aren't any problems. Thanks a lot!"

"O-Okay!" The employee gave a sigh of relief. This was her first time betraying a customer. Luckily, Kun said everything was okay. She felt even relieved at the thought that Kun only glanced at it once.

"See ya, pretty, thanks a lot by the way!" Kun left the store but found froze instantly! Lin Yi was standing right in front of him!

"Why are you stalking me?" Lin Yi looked at him and asked evenly.

Lin Yi didn't want to initiate trouble in Yanjing, but someone was following him. He couldn't just ignore him, could he? When facing such a threat, Lin Yi would always choose to confront the pursuer.

The jade didn't give any signals or warnings. The guy wasn't an enemy, so Lin Yi decided to give him a chance to explain himself instead of instakilling the golden class mid phase young man!

Judging from the appearance of the guy right in front of Lin Yi, he might be over twenty years old, but he was already golden class mid phase. He must be pretty good.

"Stalking you? You must be mistaken." Kun lost his composure a little but returned to normal. But in his eyes were traces of shock and surprise. He never knew that there was someone as strong as Lin Yi!

Kun did not hide his presence while following the trio, but he was caught red-handed by Lin Yi. It caught Kun by surprise that he, as a golden class mid phase, was discovered.

"Is that so? Probably not, I'd guess." Lin Yi shrugged and memorized his face. From where Lin Yi was standing in the foreign land, he couldn't bring himself to kill this guy. He would attract too much attention if he eliminated him here.

Since that guy didn't show him any hostile intent, Lin Yi let him pass and gave him a warning not to follow them anymore.

Kun frowned as Lin Yi walked away. He didn't understand how this normal young man caught him off guard.

He got exposed, so he chose to retreat. It wasn't a good time to follow him after what had just taken place. He dialed up his uncle. "Uncle, they found me!"

"Oh?" The middle-aged man was surprised. "Found you? Do they have powerful bodyguards?"

"I'm not sure, I have no idea how they found me, but I was stopped by that young man. He asked if I was following them." Kun was sad and unhappy. He thought that he was a pro and that it would be as easy as ABC. He underestimated his target, which resulted in him being discovered.

"It's okay, come back, your job is done. As long as we found out that Lai Changyi and Xuemin were walking side by side it's fine." The middle-aged paused, then ordered, "Go infiltrate their company tomorrow. Try talking to Lai Changyi and get some information about what he's up to with the goatskin map."

"Okay, Uncle!" Kun nodded and disappeared into the darkness. Kun did not mention to his uncle what actually happened in the pharmacy.

Lin Yi stepped into the store and found Xuemin and Fatty Lai window shopping. Naturally, they didn't come here to shop, so when they spotted Lin Yi they walked towards him.

"Is it settled?" Fatty Lai asked.

"Yup, it was nothing, actually, just met an old friend." Lin Yi smiled. He chose not to tell them about the stalker. He didn't want Grandpa Guan to worry over it.

Lin Yi's instinct told him that Kun wasn't looking for him. It might be due to the drama that had happened in the auction that Kun followed them out of curiosity, seeing how he came out of the pharmacy just now. Lin Yi concluded that he was just a commercial spy, trying to get information out of them. Lin Yi never thought that Kun's tracking was due to the goatskin map.

Luckily, Lin Yi didn't buy all the needed herbs in one store, or else it'd be truly troublesome.

In fact, even if Lin Yi bought all of them in one store, it wouldn't be a problem because it'd be meaningless if they didn't obtain the base of the injury medicine. The base was an important factor for the herbs and injury medicine to work together in order to become effective in healing old scars.

On the way back to the hotel, Lin Yi went into another pharmacy and rapidly bought all the remaining herbs. Lin Yi felt relieved after seeing that Fatty Lai didn't seem to care or memorize the herbs he was buying.

After they returned, Lin Yi started making the special edition injury medicine with his bare hands. It was nothing special or difficult for Lin Yi, so he swiftly filled up the small medicine bottles that they had bought earlier.

Chapter Notes:

I'm going camping for a week so there won't be any chapters. XD  Ciao!!

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Yang Ming is an underachiever in high school. He skips class to shoot pool, cheats on his exams and gets into fights. A twist and turn of fate and luck and he obtains some high-tech contact lenses that give him superpowers and dramatically change his life.

As his journey unfolds, he battles against society's big guns and attempts to bring justice into an unjust world. Along the way, he has many interesting and romantic encounters with the ladies who are charmed by his character.

How will he use his superpowers?

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Who will he choose to be with in the end?

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