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Chapter 474 - Misunderstanding

That was five hundred thousand yuan, after all, and it was Mrs. Tang’s first time in her life seeing a sum this large! She’d been overjoyed when Lin Yi gave them two hundred fifty thousand, even if they were only left with fifty thousand after the one hundred fifty thousand used to pay Wang Luwei back his debt. Still, it was Lin Yi’s money that he willingly gave. It proved that Lin Yi cared, that Tang Yin had a place in his heart!

So Mrs. Tang was looking at the debit card in her hand happily, indescribably pleased when her ringtone interrupted her. She snapped out of it and saw that it was her daughter.

When Tang Yin asked her where she was, Mrs. Tang blurted out that she was in the bank without thinking about it, regretting it the instant after. From how sneaky Lin Yi was being when he gave her the card, it was evident that he didn’t want Tang Yin learning about this, but now she’d exposed herself!

She hoped her daughter wouldn’t suspect anything.

“I saw that there was quite a bit left after your father’s hospital fees, so I wanted to calculate and see how big of a place we could get,” Mrs. Tang explained quickly.

“Mom, how much did Lin Yi give you this morning?” Tang Yin’s heart tightened as her suspicions solidified. She’d been suspecting that Lin Yi had given her mother money behind her back. Her mother being at the bank proved it!

So Tang Yin didn’t bother asking if Lin Yi had given her money. She simply asked how much, implying that she’d learned of the whole thing and that her mother shouldn’t try to hide it.

“Ah?” Mrs. Tang was surprised. So her daughter had found out already? The possibility that Tang Yin was bluffing didn’t cross her mind, and she hesitated a little before speaking. “Five hundred thousand.”

“What?! Five hundred thousand?” Tang Yin’s eyes widened with shock, and she crumpled as her strength slipped away, as if her mother had sucked it all out with those words. Her phone crashed to the floor, and the battery even popped out of the case.

But Tang Yin didn’t care. She swayed as she leaned against the hallway wall, almost fainting.

Her tears betrayed her and slid down her face. As expected, LIn Yi had given her mother a huge sum of money: five hundred thousand! It was five hundred thousand yuan!

That was enough for them to start a restaurant! Why would Lin Yi give her family that money for no reason at all?

He’d only given them two hundred fifty thousand for her father’s surgery fees along with the money meant for Wei. Why would he give them double that money all of a sudden. What were his intentions?

The first connection Tang Yin made was what Xiaoxiao said this morning, about the break up fee. It had to be the break up fee for Lin Yi to be giving them that much money, right?

It seemed that this had to be the case. Tang Yin leaned all of her weight against the wall as her tears fell silently.

Why? Why did Lin Yi come bother her when he had Xiaoxiao already?

She really was too naïve, too simple-minded. She assumed that he was different from those tyrannical young masters, but what was the difference? Just thinking about what happened to Fen, and Lin Yi’s actions didn’t even need an explanation.

Lin Yi… I hate you! Tang Yin bit her lip, not sure what she should do, or what she wanted to do.

“Tang Yin, what’s wrong? What happened to you. Did someone bully you?” Liu Xinwen came out of the bathroom to see Tang Yin crying next to a wall, her phone in pieces on the ground.

“Xinwen.” Tang Yin forced a smile upon seeing Xinwen. “It’s nothing. Just feeling a bit dizzy…”

“Dizzy? Why’re you crying then?” Xinwen didn’t buy that lie. “Did someone bully you? Yin Yin, tell me. I’ll butcher him with a knife!”

Xinwen had always been a tough nut since she was a kid. She’d never changed.

“It’s nothing, really.” Tang Yin, naturally, wouldn’t tell Xinwen about what she was feeling, even if she was her best friend.

She’d been dumped by Lin Yi. How was she supposed to tell her this? Xinwen was the one who’d warned her to stay away from Lin Yi in the first place, and she hadn’t listened! She had it coming!

Xinwen didn’t want to force things since Tang Yin was insisting on keeping it to herself, so she picked the components of the phone off the floor and put them into Tang Yin’s hands.

“Thanks.” Tang Yin didn’t even bother checking if the phone was still functional. She just stuffed it into her pocket.

“Tang Yin, if you’re upset because of something, you need to tell me! I’ll stand up for you!” Xinwen said a little worried.

“Thanks. But I’m really fine!” Tang Yin shook her head.

Xinwen helped Tang Yin back to class, and the bell rang just as they walked in. Unable to ask any more questions, Xinwen only sighed before returning to her seat…


Lin Yi was driving back to school when he looked at the time on the car dashboard. He realized that first period had long since ended! Tang Yin had wanted him to go to her too. She wasn’t panicking or anything, was she?

Naturally, Lin Yi didn't think that far. As far as he could see, Tang Yin’s expressions told him that while she was a little pissed off. It was far from any feelings of suspicion. There wasn’t much need for him to be worried.

Never would he have thought that the money he’d given to Mrs. Tang out of kindness had been mistaken for a break up fee. He wouldn’t have bothered with that gesture if he’d known this would happen!

He took his phone out and called Tang Yin, and found that it’d been turned off, much to his surprise. She wasn’t angry at him because he didn’t go to her during lunch, was she?

“Are you calling Sis-in-law, Boss?” Xiaobo could guess who Lin Yi was calling.

“I promised to see her after first period, but I had to save you!” Lin Yi smiled wryly.

“Ah? No way! Does that mean I’ve sinned?” Xiaobo said, shocked. “Boss, do you want me to go explain to her?”

“No need, I’ll do it.” Lin Yi smiled. He wasn’t used to having other people do stuff like that for him yet, and as far as he was concerned, it wasn’t that big a deal.

Tang Yin’s angry? Xiaoxiao was actually quite delighted at the news. She clenched a fist happily, glad that she’d finally pissed her off. It seemed that her actions this morning had been rather effective! She should utilize it more.

Lin Yi put his phone under the windshield since Tang Yin had shut her phone off, but it started ringing right as he did.

He picked up thinking it was Tang Yin. It turned out to be Fatty Lai.

“Hello, Fatty Lai?” Lin Yi picked up.

“Boss, where are you? I have good news!” Fatty Lai sounded quite excited.

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