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Chapter 382 - Call and Ask

After Xiaobo’s interruption and what happened with Zhaoming and the pill, Miracle Doctor Kang’s birthday feast briskly ended right past noon. The atmosphere had been nice, but an indescribably depressing feeling remained throughout.

It was the same with the host as well, and Miracle Doctor Kang never gave Xiaobo’s parents a break the whole time as well, who, despite the huge drama Xiaobo had just caused, weren’t blaming him, as helpless as they felt.

Xiaobo was giving his second grandpa a huge gift, a precious medicine out of good heart- not only had Zhaoming completely disregarded and crushed the pill under his foot, even Miracle Doctor Kang himself never did anything about it before or afterwards! Something was clearly wrong there.

From how things stood, Miracle Doctor Kang treated Xiaobo and his direct grandson, Zhaoming, very, very differently. It didn’t matter how far Zhaoming took things- as long as he was his grandson, the doctor would be able to tolerate all of it. It didn’t matter if Xiaobo had erred or not, as long as there was the slightest suspicion that Xiaobo was trying to attack his name as a miracle doctor with a fake pill, he’d let Zhaoming do things as disrespectful as he had done them.

Xiaobo’s last few words were a bit too much, but that was understandable- he was a boy, after all, it was impossible for him to be all composed and cool-headed all of the time, and Xiaobo’s parents acknowledged that. 

What made them happier was that good friend of Xiaobo’s- he seemed like a really powerful guy, associated with so many big shots and everything… He was really friendly with Xiaobo, too. Xiaobo wouldn’t have a hard time at all if he were following him.

As a result, they felt consoled, despite all the looks and coldness Miracle Doctor Kang’s family was throwing at them.

There were no exchange of greetings after the party- Xiaobo’s parents had to show themselves out, since the other Kangs didn’t bother. They’d disregarded their farewells, too, evidently still pissed because of the humiliation from earlier.

“I have to say, what kind of relatives are these? It’s fine if they stop coming by after their success, it’s not like we mind that or anything, but what’s with us pressing our passionate faces against their cold butts? We were attending their birthday feast, what’s with their attitude?” Mrs. Kang wasn’t a Kang in the first place, and she’d been as dissatisfied with today’s events as could be. “Relatives like these- why’re we still meeting them?!”

“Forget it- if it weren’t for my dad I wouldn’t come as well.” Mr. Kang smiled bitterly. “But your son, he really did shame my second uncle today!”

“Hmph, my son? Isn’t he your son too?” Mrs. Kang couldn’t help but be proud for her son as well. “That person with our son, he’s quite a friend, isn’t he, he knows so many big characters! He’s a much more proper friend than the relatives those cousins of yours are, it’s ridiculous!”

“Ah, right, the girl our son held hands with… She seems to have a bit of a lip, doesn’t she… And the things Kang Zhaoming were saying…” Mr. Kang found the topic on their family to be a bit awkward- after all, the man was still his second uncle, related by blood and his elder. If anything should be said at all it should be his father who should be saying it, not him.

“I saw that too…” Mrs. Kang was a little worried. “The things Xiaobo said, he might actually like that girl… It looked like he was here to stand up for her and everything…”

“Yeah. Should we have a proper talk with our son after getting home? I wouldn’t want it to be a hot-headed love- the girl might be scamming him.” Mrs. Tang was getting even more worried by the second.

“What’s that?” Mr. Kang hmphed helplessly. “Your son, scammed? I wouldn’t be too sure of that!”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Mrs. Kang paused.

“Think about it- Xiaobo might be reckless, but do you think that bro of his is? I think it’s pretty likely that he’d planned everything for the sake of standing up for that Fen girl!” Mr. Kang understood the situation quite well. “I’m afraid that person’s family background is on a different level- you saw how Liu Tianyi and Guan Xuemin both knew him, right! And the boss of the resort… I think that he’s supportive of Xiaobo’s relationship with the girl, but I’m not sure why- it’s just a guess!”

“Now that I think about it, you might be right!” Mrs. Kang said, enlightened. “Well, whatever the case, let’s go home and ask Xiaobo about it…”

In a Donghai sea-view villa district was a luxurious villa housing the Kangs, who were currently gathered in the living room. Miracle Doctor Kang Laicai was on the master sofa, a dark expression in his face as he looked at his sons and grandsons carefully standing in front of him.

“Zhaoming, where’s that Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing?” Miracle Doctor Kang looked at Zhaoming.

Zhaoming hearted thumped in panic as he carefully took out the dog poop- he had it cupped in both his hands as he presented it to the doctor. “Grandpa, the Pill of LIfe Extension and Toxin Cleansing!”

Miracle Doctor Kang nodded and cupped the black substance from Zhaoming’s hands into his own for a better look when a horrid smell attacked him- the doctor almost vomited from the impact. “What’s that smell, it’s horrid!”

“Grandpa, that’s what the PIll of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing smells like… I was choked by the smell, too…” Zhaoming explained carefully.

“Is this even real?” Miracle Doctor Kang frowned. “That kid isn’t very trustworthy at all! Guifeng, aren’t you pretty close with Liu Tianyi? He looked like he was really close with that kid- go to Liu Tianyi and try to learn what’s going on.”

The doctor was evidently displeased when he spoke- after all, Tianyi was here to attend his birthday feast! He was his guest, but left halfway through… Tianyi may be of the Liu family, but the action had very much ao shamed Miracle Doctor Kang today.

Guan Xuemin, on the other hand, was different. Miracle Doctor Kang didn’t dare say anything about that. The guy was paying a lot of respect just by attending in the first place, and the doctor understood that he was no miracle doctor- he was just a scam! The real miracle doctor was Guan Xuemin!

“Alright, I’ll make a call right away.” Guifeng nodded and walked away as he pulled his phone out.

The room was silent for a while- everyone was waiting quietly for Guifeng to finish the phone call.

“Hello? Tianyi, my brother! I’m Kang Guifeng!” Guifeng was actually on the pleasing side when it came to Liu Tianyi- after all, the Kangs needed to rely on House Liu’s influence in many areas for their business in Yanjing.

At the end of the day, all Miracle Doctor Kang had was a miracle recipe- he wasn’t a real miracle doctor, and that meant that there was no reason for these powerful families to try and please them! 

It was quite the opposite- the Kangs were the one who needed to please them for the sake of expanding their business.

To the average person, the Kangs were a family of power, high up in the clouds. It was very hard for one to get their hands on a bottle of Golden Creation, but that wasn’t the case when it came to the powerful families. They could very well get themselves as much Golden Creation as they wanted, not a care about whether there was stock or not.

This was why nobody really relied on Miracle Doctor Kang for anything- they would be in a much different position if that had been the case.

(Miracle doctor literally translates into god doctor/ godly doctor/ godlike doctor… you get the idea. I went with miracle doctor because it sounds catchier)


i wanna be a thousandnaire, so fking baaad, buy all of the things I never haaaad

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