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Chapter 38 - Need Me To Take My Pants Off?

Lin Yi tapped the gun against the Baldy’s head. "Don’t move around now you guys, else I’ll kill the hostage! Tell them, Baldy.”

“Guys.... don’t move around…..” Baldy felt helpless- the kid was saying the same things he said to the police! Karma’s a bitch!

“Hm, not bad.” Lin Yi nodded, pleased. “You can talk now, right? Who’s this Cihua Bro?”

“It’s my boss….I don’t know much else, I’m just following orders, okay? Bro, don’t shoot…” Baldy didn’t bother with his pride- now was not the time to be acting tough. His life was on the line, after all!

He accepted the job for a life of comfort in the first place- it wasn’t worth it if his life was at stake.

Lin Yi frowned at Baldy’s answer. The guy was just a grunt; he wouldn’t know anything significant.

“Fine. Just stop the car.” LIn Yi ordered.

“Stop the car? For what?” Baldy asked, looking blankly at Lin Yi.

“For us to get off, what else? Are you saying you still wanna kidnap her?” Lin Yi challenged as he gave his hostage aglare.

“No, I mean… You’re not sending us to the police..?” Baldy was confused, not expecting Lin Yi to let him go.

“Why would I do that?” Lin Yi asked, rolling his eyes. “I’m not a cop- they’re not gonna give me a salary or anything.”

Baldy’s heart lit up upon hearing Lin Yi’s words. So the guy hadn’t planned on turning them in at all! The assignment wasn’t completed, but that was fine- he’d still get away alive and rich from all the money he took. With that, Baldy excitedly ordered for the car to stop.

Lin Yi then pulled out a gun from Baldy’s pocket, tossing it to Mengyao. “Take this. Aim at their tires later.”

“...Okay……” Mengyao didn’t know what Lin Yi was up to, but she took the gun regardless, holding it tightly in her soft hands.

Lin Yi let Mengyao get off before he did, making sure to issue a warning to the group before exiting. “You guys can choose to shoot us, but make sure you actually kill us- else I’ll blow your oil tank up. Understand, Baldy?”

“N-no, we won’t do anything like that…” Baldy said, a chill running down his spine. This Lin Yi wasn’t someone he wanted to be messing with.

Lin Yi checked his jade as he got off the car- it wasn’t reacting at all, and Lin Yi breathed out in relief. The robbers made a wise decision.

Any change in the jade at all, and Lin Yi would’ve spun back and pulled the boss down the car with him.

The SUV vanished in a line of smoke the moment Lin Yi slammed the door shut- they had decided to leave him and Mengyao alone.

“What are you looking at me for? Maybe call Uncle Fu to come get us?” Lin Yi didn’t know if he should be pissed or amused at Mengyao- the girl was staring at her with a blank face on.

“Okay….” Mengyao couldn’t believe it. They survived? She took a look at the now faraway SUV- they survived! But what was this, why was Lin Yi talking to her with a condescending and even commanding tone?!

“Hey, why didn’t you take all their guns and have them sent to the police station?” Mengyao hadn’t let go of what Lin Yi said back in the car. Salary..? Couldn’t he just do something good for once?

“The car was full of cowards. Cowards, people who value their lives. They wouldn’t try anything when their boss had a gun pointed at him, but taking their guns away? They’d never let me do that. They’d just shoot me instead to save their asses!” Lin Yi explained.

“But you had their boss under your gun?” Mengyao asked, not quite catching on.

“You think they’ll give a shit what happens to their boss at that point? They’re all about to be sent to prison! Jeez, can you not be that naive?” Lin Yi answered helplessly. “We only got away because of luck, okay? What kind of people did you piss off anyway, those guys were after you specifically, with a plan and all!”

“Hmph, stop your farting!!” Mengyao was not pleased with Lin Yi’s attitude. “You’re my follower! What kind of follower talks to his master like that?!”

“......” Lin Yi was speechless. This girl didn’t listen to reason at all.

Yushu, on the other hand, was wiping her tears as she sat in Li Fu’s car. What would happen to Mengyao and Lin Yi, now that they were captured? They might be able to come back safe if they got lucky, if not…

Li Fu was trying to contact the chairman, to no avail, when his phone rang. His face burst into worry and joy upon seeing the contact name.

It was Mengyao’s phone, but it could be the robbers calling him with it, most likely asking for a ransom from the chairman. But news was news, after all.

“Hello?” Li Fu picked up, his tone cautious.

“Uncle Fu, come pick me up……” Mengyao said, finding Li Fu’s voice to be sweeter than ever to her ears.

Li Fu arrived a moment later, Song Lingshan’s men behind him.

“Yao Yao!!!” Yushu was the first one to come charging out of the car. She lunged at Mengyao for a hug, holding her tightly. “I thought I’d never see you againnnn!!”

“You idiot! Never see me again?!” Mengyao had recovered from the shock already, and didn’t know if she should be crying or laughing at what Yushu said.

“Mister Lin, are you okay?” Li Fu asked, concerned over the blood on LIn Yi’s leg.

“Got hit by a bullet, no big deal.” Lin Yi said as he limped over. It did hurt quite a bit.

Li Fu was fully impressed- no big deal? There was a bullet in the kid’s thigh! What a man he was!

“Mister Lin, is it? Please come with us to the police station for a report.” Song Lingshan said officially as she walked over to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi only frowned- was this chick blind? Couldn’t she see all that blood on his leg? Lin Yi wasn’t planning on replying her nicely, that was for sure. “Need me to take my pants off for you to see first?”

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