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Chapter 338 - Answered Prayers

The first option was but a threat and warning to Gubang- exposing his crimes and sending him to prison wouldn’t really benefit Pengzhan at all.

There were too many variables involved as well- how much evidence was there, and how long would the lawsuit take? The second option was blatantly better for the both of them. 

Without a doubt, Pengzhan knew that Gubang would pick the second route.

“Fine, eighty million it is!” Gubang didn’t feel like bantering with Pengzhan anymore- he had more important things to attend to. With this money he’d be able to start a smaller real estate company for Master Bin as compensation, and Cihua would probably leave him be.

Gubang had practically lost it all today- the chairman’s seat he treasured would never be his now, and he even had to leave the company, losing his shares and only getting compensated eighty million that wasn’t even for himself!

Gubang wouldn’t mind continuing his war against Pengzhan with Cihua’s support, but the man had intent of killing him!! He’d never be afraid of Pengzhan if Cihua was backing him up, but as things were Gubang didn’t have the effort to spare fighting Pengzhan anymore. The best bet for him was to take the money and scram.

Gubang went through the paperwork that very afternoon, handing over his shares to Pengzhan and leaving the company with an eighty million compensation, under the mocking and shocked eyes of the other shareholders.

As of today, Vice-chairman Jin was no longer a board member and shareholder.

The board members and shareholders by the sidelines, on the other hand, understood the sort of situation they’d be in if they’d involved themselves with Gubang…

After all, Jin Gubang had seemed so full of potential, confident and powerful as he went against Pengzhan with the third shareholder… No one expected Guangbo’s shares to just magically transfer to some son-in-law of Pengzhan’s!!

It was clear as day at this point- Pengzhan Industries was under full control of Chu Pengzhan.

Yushu and Mengyao, on the other hand, were living the high life in Lin Yi’s absence……

“Aah, I finally get to walk around naked!” Yushu said comfortably as she lay on the sofa, completely nude.

It was how she rolled- she stripped herself clean of clothes the second she got home. According to her, clothes hindered growth…

“Ahem, Shu- maybe you should take care of your image a bit? Even if Lin Yi isn’t here, Uncle Fu still comes by!” Mengyao said as she looked at Yushu, speechless.

“Uncle Fu knocks when he comes, though.” Yushu said, not a care in the world as she exhibited her flesh for Mengyao’s eyes. “What d’you think, Yao Yao? Have I gotten curvier?”

“Stop pushing those mountains in my face- I’ll cut them off!” Mengyao glared. Did having a nice figure mean you could just strut it around? Maybe she should talk about how she was shorter than her!

Contrary to how Yushu’s body focused its growth on her boobs, Mengyao’s focused on the spine…….

“But I wasn’t showing off or anything……” Yushu slumped back into the sofa, troubled. Why didn’t anyone praise her beautiful figure? She couldn’t even show it to anyone, too- Mengyao was her only viewer! And even then! Mengyao still didn’t give her praise! Yushu couldn’t help but sigh helplessly.

“Why don’t you go show it to your precious Shield Bro? I myself am not interested, so go away, I wanna watch TV!” Mengyao looked down at Yushu, her eyes full of disdain. What was she so proud of, anyway? She’d have to let some guy grope those boobs eventually……

“Oh, I actually could, but I’m worried you wouldn’t let me……” Yushu squinted her eyes at Mengyao.

“Why would I stop you?” Mengyao felt like ignoring her.

“You’re the main wife and I’m the secondary one, remember? You’re first in line!” Yushu grinned.

“..........” Mengyao glared at Yushu. “Will you calm down with all of that? I get it now, you’re only well-behaved when Lin Yi’s around! So that’s Lin Yi’s role in the house!”

“Ah, you’re missing him too, aren’t you, Yao Yao!” Yushu blinked as if she’d come across amd discovered a new continent, swinging her arms around gleefully.

“What??” Mengyao was a bit irritated. “I just want him back faster to shut you up! I can’t take it anymore- how did I endure someone like you for more than ten years?!”

Mengyao found that she was at her limits- when Lin Yi was around, she’d hold in Yushu’s reins a bit, but… She’d reverted to her original form after Lin Yi had taken off! Mengyao decided to pray for Lin Yi to come back more quickly.

A clack sounded, and the door to the villa opened……

“Huh??” Mengyao’s eyes went wide as she turned to the door- had her prayers been answered??

Yushu froze as well, her body still upright after her arm-swinging mocking of Mengyao when Lin Yi stepped in to see everything in plain view, Yushu’s body directly facing him from behind the sofa……

“Uh………. Not a good moment, huh…...” Lin Yi gulped as he stared- he found it a herculean task to turn away from something like this……

He’d actually been lusting for Yushu quite a bit, but her status as Mengyao’s best friend made it inappropriate for him to make any moves… He’d been hiding his intentions, but the chance for a view like this was one in a million, something he couldn’t look away from- as a result, Lin Yi the assassin convinced himself that all this had happened outside of his control, that it was Yushu’s decision to display herself to him……

“Cover your eyes!! You can’t look!!” Mengyao snapped out of it and shrieked at Lin Yi’s perverted actions.

“Oh…” Yushu extended her hands, and just when everyone thought she was aiming to cover her breasts up, her palms landed on her own eyes……

“.............” Why was this girl covering her eyes up..? Did she not know who Mengyao was talking to..?

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