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Chapter 249 - Something Wrong With Your Head?

Lin Yi had been waiting for ten minutes before Jingyi arrived.

“Thought you weren’t coming- I was just getting ready to go home.” Lin Yi said lazily as he got in the car.

“Bad traffic- people are getting home from work.” Jingyi said a little apologetically. “So hubby, should we go get something to eat first?”

“Who are you calling hubby?” Lin Yi frowned. “Is there something wrong with your head? Calm down with your names, I didn’t say yes to this.”

What the hell was up with this woman, why was she so clingy? It wouldn’t be too bad if Mengyao heard something like this, it’d just be a tantrum or two before the whole thing blew over, but if Tang Yin were the one who happened to witness this…

The thing was, it’d be acceptable if he really had done stuff with the girl, he was never one to shy away from responsibilities… But they didn’t do shit! Why should he bear the husband name for this Sun Jingyi for no reason at all?! He still had to do stuff for her for free!

“I’m your lover now, why do you keep running away?” Jingyi chuckled. “You’re the one who said it, right? Said you’d never go back on your word?”

Lin Yi shut his mouth- he did say that. He was even going along with helping her out, too, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t throw a couple of complaints out there.

“Fine. But stop calling me hubby or honey, it’s scaring me- nothing good comes out of you calling me that.” Lin Yi shrugged.

“Sure thing- I’ll call you those things when something good would come out.” Jingyi said.

“Do what you want.” Lin Yi didn’t really bother giving a retort anymore- in all honesty, the girl was a real beauty- he wouldn’t mind flirting with her a bit if she weren’t so troublesome, but she really was just too much trouble. “I’ll pass on that dinner. Where do you need me? Just get me there and I’ll get you the documents so we can get this over with!”

“We’ll go now, but… It might be a bit hard.” Jingyi said as she looked at the time. “According to one of my men spying on the area, Zhang Tongtian, the chairman of the Tongtian Trading Company, keeps bringing his lover back to his place these past couple days… The two’s probably passionately going at it right now, so it’ll be tough for you… I was thinking that you could go after they’d fallen asleep.”

“It’s fine.” Lin Yi said casually. “I’m the one thieving, not you, right? Let’s hurry up- I still have stuff to do tonight.”

“Alright.” Jingyi left it at that after what Lin Yi had said, and started driving to Zhang Tongtian’s home.

Zhang Tongtian was quite the name- it sounded like he could see everything under the sky.

The man lived in a high-end villa district- Lin Yi could tell that the Tongtian Trading Company was earning this Tongtian person quite a fortune. One had to have connections too, to be able to do trading well.

There wasn’t much of a procedure when the security checked her at the entrance- her red Audi A41 wasn’t too luxurious, but it was a favourite of many women, and quite numerous in the district.

She stopped near a three storey villa, and pointed up. “That’s the place. The footage is in a silver dv, should be in the bag he always has on him. He’s really careful with the thing, and doesn’t just hand it to people to look after for him.”

Lin Yi nodded and got out of the car. “You wait here.”

“How’re you gonna get in…….” Jingyi hadn’t finished the question when Lin Yi had vaulted over the wall and entered the villa already…

Could this person really be a Grand Thief? Jingyi blinked- this man was intriguing her more and more! He had extraordinary agility on top of his kungfu skills… What was a man like him doing in a place like Songshan?

Jingyi was thinking about how Lin Yi would get in the house when she saw him climb up the wall like Spiderman- he opened one of the windows and entered.

Jingyi couldn't’ believe what she was seeing!

Stuff like this was nothing hard to Lin Yi, not in the slightest- Heibao could just jump up to the second floor, and so could he. Yet he didn’t want to reveal too much with Jingyi watching him, deciding to just climb up instead- it wouldn’t look too unbelievable, since anyone with high enough agility could perform a feat like that.

From inside a room were the huffing and panting of two people having sex. There was a living room on the second floor Lin Yi was on, too, but it wasn’t lit.

Lin Yi left them alone for now- the dv camera Jingyi was talking about was the priority here. Lin Yi looked around the living room instead of ruffling through things.

Tongtian might’ve been too excited to get on the bed with his lover- all his clothes were thrown onto the sofas, along with his bag. He probably never even considered that someone would just climb into the second floor living room like this- it was seven, too, not a time robbers worked.

It didn’t take Lin Yi long before he found a silver dv in the bag- he thought it was a high quality camera as he muted it and looked for the video.

He played it and saw a man handing another man a bank card- one of them was saying something. They were in a cafe.

The camera had most likely been situated at a neighboring table, not too far away, concealed enough for the two to not have noticed.

It had never occurred to these two men that they’d been recorded this one time, out of all the trades they’d done.

Lin Yi turned the dv off, pulled the memory card out, and slipped it into his pocket. He was putting the camera back into the bag when he spotted a backup memory card!

Could there be a copy of the footage? Lin Yi inserted the backup card into the dv, but realized that he’d overestimated Zhang Tongtian’s IQ- it was empty.

It might’ve been included with the camera when purchased, and Tongtian probably just put it in his bag without caring much for it. With an empty memory card in his hands, however, Lin Yi’s dark humor started surfacing once more…….

He took the dv to Tongtian’s bedroom door and started recording what was taking place on the bed- he wasn’t too impressed with Tongtian’s figure, but that lover of his was pretty nice. Although, Lin Yi wasn’t very interested in women like that.

Having recorded some footage of Tongtian, Lin Yi put the dv back into the guy’s bag and disappeared out of the window…

“It’s done? That fast?” Jingyi was quite surprised- she wasn’t expecting Lin Yi to finish the job this quickly.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly- this mission was low-stakes and unchallenging enough- it was nowhere near fast! He’d have gotten out of the villa if he didn’t record Tongtian out of boredom.

“Here.” Lin Yi said as he pulled the memory card out of his pocket and handed it to Jingyi. “I played with his dv for a bit, too- pretty interesting thing. I’ll buy one myself someday.”

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