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Chapter 238 - Meeting With Lin Yi

Xiaobo wanted to figure things out, clear his head- was he really in love with Fen, or was it just a one-time impulse? He decided to consult Lin Yi.

“It’s pretty early to be thinking about that.” Lin Yi naturally understood his concerns. He gave his shoulder a pat. “It’s not about whether the two of you would go well together- it’s about whether if she’d even accept you in the first place!”

“!!” Xiaobo realized that instant that Fen might not even want to go out with him!

“You can try spending time with her, see how that works out over time- You should be able to figure things out by then if your feelings are real!” Lin Yi said. “But, whatever you decide to do… Remember what’s most important: you can’t hurt Fen. You’ll be fine, but she can’t go through all this again……”

“Don’t worry, boss! I understand! I’ll only speak to her about this after I’ve confirmed my feelings!” Xiaobo said, feeling much better after his talk with Lin Yi.

Tang Yin, on the other hand, hadn’t had a good night’s sleep yesterday… Her mom kept pulling her out of bed to chat, and it was always about Lin Yi…

She wasn’t really in the mood for bed anymore by the time her mother had fallen asleep. Remembering that Lin Yi’s shirt was still with her, she decided to help him wash it first.

Yet a question arose when she reached school the next day: how was she supposed to get the shirt back to Lin Yi? Should she just take it to his class? Would people misunderstand if she did that?

With Lin Yi’s shirt in her hands, Tang Yin kept getting out and back in her seat when first class ended, wondering if she should bring it to Lin Yi. Couldn’t she be more decisive at a time like this?

What was the big deal, anyway- she was just returning a shirt!

She recalled that time where she went to Lin Yi for a recipe… It spread throughout the entire school like wildfire! Her bringing a shirt to Lin Yi would only result in an even bigger mess, and people might even assume she’d slept with him!

Tang Yin shrunk back into her seat at that thought. She remembered her best friend Liu Xinwen suddenly- she could get her to ask Lin Yi to meet up at the field for her!

She put the shirt down and started walking to Xinwen’s class.

The second class ended, and Xinwen started walking to Lin Yi’s classroom- she was down in spirits. This Tang Yin really had fallen! Using her to ask Lin Yi out? How could she keep denying her relationship with him when things were getting this serious?

She didn’t have time to ask Tang Yin why she needed to meet Lin Yi- the ten minute breaks weren’t enough for that at all! Without much of a choice, Xinwen accepted the request, thinking that she’d interrogate Tang Yin during lunch or study hall later.

“Hey? I’m looking for Lin Yi!” Xinwen’s personality didn’t let her care what people thought of her- she went up to a class five student right away.

“Oh, wait a sec!” The student didn’t think much of it- he just walked inside to get Lin Yi out.

A moment later, a curious Lin Yi walked out to see Liu Xinwen waiting for him outside. “What do you need?”

“Lin Yi, what’s your relationship with Tang Yin?” Xinwen decided to interrogate Lin Yi instead, since the girl wasn’t talking.

“Me and Tang Yin? Ah, well……” Lin Yi found Xinwen’s expression to be quite amusing. “Nothing special. Nothing you can’t see.”

“So are you going out with her?” Xinwen asked directly- she was one who spoke her mind.

“Not yet.” Lin Yi said candidly. “What’re you here for? Just to ask me that? You don’t seem that gossipy to me- why don’t you go ask Xiaobo if he’s going out with Fen instead, if you’re in the mood?”

“I’m just asking!” Xinwen curled her lips, sighing. From what she could see, Lin Yi didn’t seem like the type who’d lie, especially when it concerned little things like this.

“Then is that it? I’m going back then!” Lin Yi rolled his eyes as he prepared to leave. What was this girl’s deal, coming all the way here to ask something like that? Even Tang Yin’s mom wasn’t this gossipy.

“Wait, Tang Yin wants you to wait for her under the tree to the left of the field after fourth period!” Without waiting for an answer, Xinwen turned and walked away.

Tree at the field? Lin Yi scratched at his nose- did this count as Tang Yin asking him out? It had to be the first time.

He walked back to his seat to see a very anxious Xiaobo looking at him. “Boss, I saw Liu Xinwen- what did she want to talk to you about?”

“Don’t worry, Fen’s fine. It’s about me.” Lin Yi said, reassuring the guy’s worries.

Xiaobo nodded, not asking anymore questions after hearing that it wasn’t about Fen.

Lin Yi spotted Zou Ruoming during exercise break- the guy was under a basketball pole with a sour face. He was in the thirteenth grade, and the school didn’t require them to join the exercise breaks.

‘Thirteenth grade’ was basically a bonus grade meant for preparing students for the final exams, the gaokao- some schools implemented this for the sake of profits, and the students who could take the grade weren’t just the school’s students who failed the gaokao, either… There were people already in society coming back to school for thirteenth grade, and also students from other schools as well. As long as one paid up, they’d be able to take thirteenth grade for as long as they wanted.

Lin Yi looked at Ruoming faintly- he had a death mark on the guy already. Lin Yi usually never let anyone who’d hurt the people around him go.

Some distance away was Tang Yin’s class, and Lin Yi started waving at her upon sighting the girl, who only responded with a glare before turning her head away shyly.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu, on the other hand, were the main focus of many of the boys during exercise break. The two girls had long since gotten used to getting looked at already.

Zhong Pinliang was still in the classroom as he watched Mengyao, his eyes slowly trailing off to where Lin Yi was… Ever since this fucker arrived, nothing went his way!! This man could not be allowed to exist in his life!!

He was raging when his phone started vibrating- it was his father Zhong Fabai.

“Dad?” Pinliang wondered what his dad might’ve called him for- this usually never happened when he was in school.

“Pinliang. Heibao’s in police custody, and contacted me through the lawyer- he said he wanted to meet you…” Fabai didn’t know why Heibao wanted to see his son, but this wasn’t a request he could just reject without thinking about it. After all, the guy was voluntarily acting as scapegoat- he didn’t want to displease him if possible.

hmm hmm hmm


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