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Chapter 235 - Tang Yin's Prank

“But……” Mrs. Tang had wanted to ask how Lin Yi was going to take responsibility, but her daughter had sent him home already. She sighed, helpless. “Alright then… Come visit when you have time……”

Lin Yi really had to get going- Tang Yin was complicating things, and it was only a matter of time before things got out of hand.

He got in Heibao’s old van, and started driving back to Mengyao’s villa.

The van wasn’t in good shape, but it had a low profile in comparison to Yushu’s yellow Beetle. He’d decided to keep it for his own use already after going to Song Lingshan to get a licence plate for him.

He wanted to go to Huaiijun, but it was a simple matter- he’d helped that girl out so many times, after all. It’d only make sense to go to her for something small like this. If she were to deny him this simple demand, though, he’d probably ignore her if she asked for help next time.

Tang Yin waited until Lin Yi had disappeared before fidgeting and grabbing her mom’s hand. “Mom, what’re you doing……”

“What am I doing? Yin, this is a huge deal! What if he doesn’t take responsibility?” Mrs. Tang was starting to get worked up. “What were you thinking? Haven’t you learned anything from what happened to Fen?”

Her mother’s panicked face, for some reason, made Tang Yin want to prank her a little. “Weren’t you the one who wanted me to get with Lin Yi? Why’re you blaming me now?”

“I……” Mrs. Tang went silent- it was true that she’d been encouraging her to get with Lin Yi… It didn’t make sense for her to start blaming her daughter after it’d actually happened.

At that thought, Mrs. Tang’s eyes started looking a bit distant. She had thought that it’d be good for her daughter since Lin Yi was from a well-off family, but now look at what her daughter had went and done…

One look at that face and Tang Yin wasn’t in the mood to prank her mom any longer. “Alright, mom, it wasn’t like that.”

“Ah?” Mrs. Tang blinked. “Didn’t you two……”

“No, we didn’t do anything. I actually got kidnapped by a bad guy today, and Lin Yi saved me……” Without hiding anything, Tang Yin explained everything that had happened, even the part where she got drugged. Her head started lowering in embarrassment at the part where she tore her clothes open……

“Yin……” Mrs. Tang had both rage and shock churning inside her as she heard of what had almost taken place between her and Zou Ruoming. She leaned forward and brought Tang Yin into an embrace. “It’s all mom’s fault… I’m so useless, I can’t even protect you……”

“Mom, don’t be like that… You’ve given me enough……” Tang Yin was no spoiled child- she knew what her mother had done for her.

Children from poor families usually matured faster.

“That Zou Ruoming, he’s such a bastard!!! Thank god Lin Yi was there…!” Mrs. Tang sighed, trembling a little as she imagined what might’ve happened. “But, what you said… Didn’t Lin Yi do anything to you in the van?”

“Nothing……” Tang Yin nodded. It was actually why she’d changed what she thought about Lin Yi- she didn’t discriminate against him anymore. He had a completely different nature from people like Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming.

“Then I’ve really misunderstood you two!” Yet Mrs. Tang was still a little doubtful. What cause was there for Lin Yi to reject a girl throwing herself on him? What did that mean??

“Does Lin Yi not like you?” Mrs. Tang said, suddenly realizing another possibility- Lin Yi might not have liked her daughter at all! She’d just been assuming things on her own!

“Ah?” Tang Yin paused. “Mom, why are you asking that?”

“Why would he have rejected you if he liked you? Mom was your age once, I understand how young people think. Being able to reject you, in a situation like that… This is the only possibility!” Mrs. Tang analyzed.

“Come on, mom… Stop asking so many questions……” Tang Yin said, a little embarrassed as she shook her mom’s arm.

“How can I not? I need to understand your thinking here!” Mrs. Tang was starting to worry again- would her daughter have to suffer the same life she’d had if Lin Yi didn’t have feelings for her?

“He said… I’d have to say yes to him first… and become his girlfriend… before he……” Tang Yin’s voice started trailing off in embarrassment before she moved past her mom and ran into the house…

“Oh?” Mrs. Tang shook her head happily, relieved. “This Lin Yi… He’s a really good kid. Hope he’ll treat Yin nice……”

With that, Mrs. Tang started smiling again.

Song Lingshan was with a couple of police officers at Songshan’s First People’s Hospital, right outside of an hospital room.

Lingshan’s brows were locked as she looked at her colleagues. “You guys have any ideas?”

Heibao was awake, but his lips were sealed- he looked like he was ready to die before he’d tell them about how he’d powered himself up.

Yet that information wasn’t related to the case- Lingshan couldn’t just force the guy into talking. She was just curious.

“Cap’n, maybe we should just let it go- he’s lost that power, and we can’t really do anything if he doesn’t wanna speak. It’s got nothing to do with the case at all, so… we can just go back and wrap the case up!” One of her men suggested.

Lingshan was in the middle of thinking when one of the officers watching Heibao ran out the hospital room. “Captain! He talked…”

“Talked? So how’d he do it?” Lingshan asked.

“He said he’d used an elixir pellet earlier in his life, and he could push his abilities to the peak whenever he wanted, except that it wouldn’t last too long before he returned to normal……” The officer explained. “He was trying to sleep when I kept nagging him, so he just told me……”

“Ah?” Lingshan couldn’t believe how useless that sentence was- an explanation like that had no value.

Yet Heibao hadn’t lied.

Lingshan, on the other hand, decided to believe Heibao- there was no other way, since the guy had gotten completely messed up by Lin Yi. How else would Lin Yi have taken him down if Heibao hadn’t returned back to his weaker state?

“Alright, we’ll get him to prison after he heals up.” Lingshan said with a wave of her hand- she’d been pretty busy with this Heibao business the last couple days… It was finally over.

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