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Chapter 208 - The Miss Brought A Man Home?

“No, I’m not joking.” Song Lingshan said solemnly. “Look, Lin Yi- I know it’s hard to believe, I myself couldn’t believe it, but it’s a fact!”

“Was Heibao the only criminal in the car?” Lin Yi frowned- Heibao shouldn’t be this strong… He wouldn’t have got beaten up that badly the other day if he were.

“Just him! I know what you wanna say, Lin Yi, but I’m sure that Heibao did all this alone.” Lingshan said. “I don’t know if you’re familiar with the division classes, but Old Zhang is a retired special ops master, and he always escorted criminals- he was there this time too. The two of them fought, and turns out Heibao’s on a higher level than he is!! I trust Old Zhang’s words.”

“Division classes? I’ve heard about them from Jun Bro.” Lin Yi was doubtful, but Lingshan was quite insistent- things might’ve actually been simpler than he thought. “Sky, Earth, Mystic, Golden, right- just a golden class master is strong enough to trample over cities.”

“Not bad. Old Zhang’s golden class, at the early phase- he isn’t as strong as me, but his skills were plenty for dealing with normal people!” Lingshan said. “According to him, Heibao’s at the peak late phase of the golden class- Old Zhang wouldn’t have lost without even putting up a fight otherwise.”

“Golden class peak late phase??” Lin Yi couldn’t believe what he was hearing- what the hell? How did someone so weak turn out to be a golden class peak master all of a sudden? What kind of international joke was that??

“So, either he hid his abilities since the start, or he’d managed to raise his level to the peak late phase of the golden class, with some sort of unknown method!” Lingshan explained.

“The latter seems more plausible.” Lin Yi said after some thought. “There was no reason for him to get caught on purpose and then revealing his skills- he could’ve offed me when I beat him that day, and get away before you guys arrive.”

Lin Yi may have been exaggerating a little, however- it wouldn’t be that easy for a peak golden class to kill him off that easily. The division system was a common skill measurement, but practitioners practiced different types of martial arts… Fighters on the same division class phase might very well have a huge difference between them.

“That’s right, we think so too.” Lingshan said. “This information isn’t out yet, but I’m just calling to warn you- you’re the one who brought him in, so he might actually come for you. Where do you live? I can assign some officers around your location?”

“No need. I’ll send him back to you guys if he does come for me.” Lin Yi said faintly. Golden class peak late phase, huh… It’d actually save Lin Yi a lot of trouble and time if Heibao did decide to go to him by himself.

“This isn’t a joke, Lin Yi- I don’t know if you understand the strength a golden class peak late phase fighter has?” Lingshan wasn’t too pleased with Lin Yi’s attitude- she’d warned him out of kindness, but the guy didn’t seem to care one bit! How could a man be like this? How was he even a friend of Captain Yang?

“I know, a bit stronger than you right? Don’t worry, I’m a bit stronger than you too. I’ll be fine.” Lin Yi said seriously.

“.......” Lingshan was speechless. “Fine, do whatever you want! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

She hung up the phone with that, furious at Lin Yi for stepping on her kindness.

“Heh, Heibao leveling up all of a sudden. Preeetty interesting.” Lin Yi mumbled to himself as he put aside his phone, thinking that Heibao could level up all he wanted, as long as he left him alone.

Yushu, on the other hand, was trying to get past Mengyao before dinner when she’d caught her. “Chen Yushu. Where you headed?”

“Ugh…… Yao Yao, I’m going to the toilet.” Yushu said weakly.

“There’s one in the room- why’re you going out?” Mengyao said, pointing at the bedroom washroom.

“Oh… I forgot- I thought we were at school!” Yushu said as she made her way to the bathroom helplessly.

“Take your phone out.” Mengyao said, not planning on letting Yushu go.

“Ah… Okay……” Yushu mumbled as she handed her last hope to Mengyao- there was no escaping the confession tonight, it seemed.

Dinner tonight had been brought in by the secretary from Pengzhan Industries instead of Li Fu- he’d told Mengyao that he was attending an event with her father.

Mengyao didn’t mind- this sort of thing happened quite often, and she knew the secretary herself.

The villa doorbell rang at six pm, and Lin Yi went to open the door for Li Fu, only to see a stranger. He was a man.

“‘Scuse me, who’re you looking for?” Lin Yi asked without opening the metal gate for him.

“Eh?” The man was taken aback as well- he raised his head to look at the house number… He did come to the right place, this was the Miss’ home, so… why was there a man here?

Only Chu Pengzhan and Li Fu knew about Lin Yi staying at the villa- no one else at the company did, and it was only natural that the secretary would be confused.

“I’m sorry, is this Miss Chu Mengyao’s home? I’m looking for her…” The man asked carefully after making sure he was at the right place.

“Oh, you’re looking for Yao Yao? What’s the matter?” Lin Yi asked cautiously before spotting the food containers he had with him- Li Fu was at a business event with Pengzhan, and this man here was probably filling in for Li Fu.

“Delivery, right?” Lin Yi continued without waiting for a response.

“Ah, yes!” The man nodded as he started suspecting who Lin Yi was- he was even calling her ‘Yao Yao’, and seemed to be quite close with her… This man wasn’t the Miss’ boyfriend, was he? Did she bring him back home when the chairman wasn’t there? She probably wasn’t expecting him to just catch them like this, either…

The man was a bit saddened at the thought. After all, he’d seen this as a chance to make a good impression on Mengyao! Delivering food straight to the Miss’ home wasn’t a job just anyone could do, too- one had to be quite trusted.

Yet he had to bump into the Miss’ boyfriend, how unlucky was he? She probably wouldn’t like him catching her secret like this, too, and she might even talk shit about him in front of her father because of that…

The bright, pleasant future he’d envisioned with this opportunity faded into darkness that instant, and the man couldn’t help but curse at his misfortune.

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