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Chapter 206 - Couldn't You Have Said That From The Start?

“Well, I never said anything about stopping you, have I? I’ll support your decision.” Lin Yi said with a pat on Xiaobo’s shoulder. “But remember that it’s not gonna be an easy relationship.”

“I’ll walk down that road if I love her!! I need to confirm my feelings!!” Xiaobo said with a fist. “Boss, I’m filled with confidence already. Thanks for supporting me!”

“Ah……” Lin Yi was about to give more words of encouragement when his phone rang- it was the Miss.

“What’s up?” Lin Yi made sure not to say Mengyao’s name out loud in front of Xiaobo.

“Lin Yi, where are you? Come home, quick! Shu’s in trouble!” Mengyao said, her tone urgent.

“Trouble? What happened? Calm down, I’ll go there right now!” Mengyao wasn’t being very clear in the call, but Lin Yi made sure to get there as fast as he could- Yushu being in trouble was a pretty big deal.

“You have something to do, boss?” Xiaobo didn’t hear Mengyao’s voice, but it looked like something had come up for Lin Yi.

“Yeah, something back home. I gotta hurry- I’ll drop you at Time Street, you’ll have to walk home yourself.” Lin Yi said.

“Don’t worry about it, boss. I can get off now? There’s a bus stop there.” Xiaobo suggested- Lin Yi had other matters to attend to, and he didn’t want to be troubling him.

“I’m passing by Time Street, it’s fine.” Lin Yi said as he stepped on the pedal.

Songshan’s speed limit was sixty km/h, but it wasn’t a big deal if he went a little above that in places with less traffic. He’d be pretty unlucky if the cameras caught him, however.

Yet Lin Yi had more pressing matters to deal with at that moment- the car was Yushu’s, too, and he was rushing back for Yushu. He was sure Miss Chen wouldn’t mind if he got fined for speeding.

He dropped Xiaobo off at Time Street before going straight to the villa without pause. He charged into the villa. “Yao Yao? Shu?”


Lin Yi frowned- what sort of situation were they in right now? Had Cihua sent somebody to the villa? It didn’t seem likely, there was a twenty four hour surveillance system and even guards on duty.

“General Wei Wu, where’s Yao Yao?” Lin Yi asked as he noticed the general at the stairs, not caring if it understood or not.

Wei Wu raised his head at Lin Yi only to lower it back down again, not paying him any heed.

“Fuck, you damn mutt! I’m talking to you!” Lin Yi said, worried for the girls. He walked over and gave the general a kick.

Wei Wu whimpered at the attack before quickly running out the villa, leading Lin Yi to the backyard.

Lin Yi was pretty doubtful as he followed the dog, wondering if it knew where Mengyao and Yushu were.

He spotted the girls after entering the backyard- the two were right there! Did something really happen? These two girls weren’t so bored that they’d prank call him or anything, were they?

“You girls……” Lin Yi was just about to ask for the situation when he realized what the problem was.

Yushu had half her body stuck on the other side of the fence- what kind of posture was that?

“Lin Yi, hurry- Shu’s stuck, and she can’t get out or go in! What should we do?” Mengyao said urgently as she waved a hand to Lin Yi.

“Ugh……” Lin Yi was quite troubled. “Shu, why’d you squeeze yourself in there?”

“I was playing hide and seek with Yao Yao, and I wanted to hide in there, and I got stuck…… Shield Bro… save me……” Yushu had calmed down a great deal now that Lin Yi was here, but she’d still rather get out as soon as possible.

“Hide and seek? Pfft…… hahaha……” A laugh shot past Lin Yi’s lips before Lin Yi closed his mouth shut- Yushu looked like she was about to kill him with that glare. He scratched his head as he focused on a solution. “Well, calm down, you’re just stuck- you’re not gonna die or anything.”

“But I can’t just stay like this……” Yushu was panicking once more. “Yao Yao, tell Shield Bro your plan! See if it works!”

“Oh, okay!” Mengyao nodded before turning to Lin Yi. “You go to the other side of the fence, and pull on Shu’s arm. I’ll press on her… on that part of her body from this side!”

Mengyao was pretty embarrassed to be using words like ‘boob’ or ‘rack’ in front of Lin Yi.

Lin Yi vaulted over the fence with no effort at all. “Do I pull her now?”

“Yeah, on three!” Mengyao nodded.

“Kay.” Lin Yi said as he lifted Yushu’s arm.

“Ready… One, two, three!” Mengyao pressed on Yushu with all her might as Lin Yi pulled……

Yushu couldn’t take it anymore. “I can’t, I can’t!! Let go... I can’t, I’m staying here……”

Mengyao pulled her hands back, and Lin Yi stopped pulling as well.

“You two… you’re plotting to kill me…… sniff.. Sniff……” Yushu was on the verge of tearing up as she held her boobs from the pain.

“Lin Yi, think of something! What do we do?” Mengyao didn’t know what to do anymore. “Maybe we should call the police?”

“Don’t Yao Yao! That Song Lingshan’s gonna laugh at me so much if she sees me like this!!” Yushu said, shaking her head instantly.

“But you can’t just stay like that!” Mengyao said.

“I can get her out.” Lin Yi interrupted.

“You? Really?” Mengyao blinked. “Why couldn’t you have said that from the start? What’re you still waiting for?”

“But you didn’t let me say anything… I was just following your orders… I thought you had a good plan or something……” Lin Yi said as he put on a bitter face on purpose.

“You!!” Lin Yi was pissing her off! “Lin Yi, you think of something this instant!”

Lin Yi, in actuality, just wanted to mess with Yushu by going along with Mengyao’s plan… It’d teach her a lesson for throwing the codeword ‘tissues’ around all the time.

Lin Yi smiled faintly as he reached a hand out at Yushu, inches away from making contact with her breast.

“Hey.. Shield Bro! What’re you doing!” Yushu was startled- Lin Yi wasn’t trying to cop a feel when she was stuck, was he?

“Getting you out.” Lin Yi said, focusing on the task at hand. He gripped on the upper and lower fences with Yushu’s body between them.

One hand connected with her back, but the lower fence was right under Yushu’s breast… Lin Yi couldn’t really avoid making contact with her left boob as he put his hand on the lower fence……

“Ah……….” It was the first time a man had touched her chest, and her face flushed a bright red, only calming down after seeing that serious look on Lin Yi’s face. At least the guy wasn’t trying to molest her.

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