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Chapter 187 - Tang Yin's Soulmate

Lin Yi kept the CD to himself when he got back to class instead of giving it to the girls right away- they couldn’t watch it now anyway. Yushu did send him a text asking if he’d bought it or not, to which Lin Yi replied that he did.

Yushu then turned around to squint her eyes at him.

Tang Yin and Xinwen were with Mrs. Tang as she moved the stand to a warehouse nearby, a place where the majority of the vendors stored their stuff. It was a bit pricey at three hundred kuai a month, but it beat pushing carts around so much.

Tang Yin couldn’t help but feel happy herself as she looked at the excited smile on her mother’s face- she’d never expected popularity like that from just a simple change of recipe! She had even thought it’d be pretty difficult to use up the ingredients they had prepared, but they’d sold out just like that… It was just the first day, too!

While the recipe wasn’t of much value to Lin Yi himself, the Tang family now owed him a huge favor, something even Tang Yin didn’t deny.

“Yo, Yin Yin, your Lin Yi’s pretty good, isn’t he?” Xinwen said to Tang Yin as they walked back to school after Mrs. Tang go on a bus.

In actuality, she was testing Tang Yin’s reaction- she still had questions regarding what she saw that morning, and she couldn’t find the time to talk to her about it because of how stressful twelfth grade was. They were best friends, but it wasn’t uncommon for them not to see each other for a full day once in a while. It wasn’t until Tang Yin called her over to help out at the stand because of the overwhelming popularity that Xinwen could finally ask her about it.

“Ah……” Tang Yin blushed at Xinwen’s words as she replied a little shyly. “My Lin Yi? I’ve nothing to do with him, okay, Wen Wen? What’re you saying.”

“Is that so……” Xinwen said as she looked at Tang Yin questioningly. “Yin Yin- are we soulmates?”

“Yeah… why’re you asking that all of a sudden?” Tang Yin said as she tightened up, wondering if Xinwen had noticed anything. Although, she didn’t actually have anything fishy going on with Lin Yi in the first place, did she?

“Why’re you hiding things from your soulmate then?” Xinwen asked as she tapped on Tang Yin’s forehead. “Tell me honestly, Yin Yin, have you fallen to the enemy already?”

“Fallen to the enemy… What are you talking about……” Tang Yin was already panicking at that point. “I don’t get what you’re saying?”

“Still pretending, huh?” Xinwen said with a disappointed look at Tang Yin. “I’ve always thought that the two of us kept no secrets from each other, Yin Yin…… I wasn’t expecting this from you- I’m so disappointed!”

“Wen Wen, what’re you talking about!! I honestly don’t know what’s going on!” Tang Yin said panickedly. “Just say what you wanna say!”

“How did you get to school yesterday, Yin Yin?” Xinwen sighed as she stared into Tang Yin’s eyes.

“I……” Tang Yin lowered her head, too guilty to look her soulmate in the eyes. Could the girl have found out about her getting to school in Lin Yi’s car? But she had made sure to look around before getting off, hadn’t she? How would Xinwen have caught her?

“Why the silence, Yin Yin?” Xinwen forced.

“I…… Came in Lin Yi’s car……” Tang Yin confessed. “But Wen Wen! Let me explain, it’s not what you think……”

“Oh? I’m listening, tell me what happened.” Xinwen sighed in relief at Tang Yin’s confession- at the end of the day, Tang Yin decided not to hide it from her anymore.

“Li Erlan was bothering me again yesterday, and Lin Yi happened to drive by and see it…… He got out of the car to get rid of Li Erlan before he drove me to school……” Tang Yin explained carefully. “That’s it, Wen Wen. It really is that simple…… There’s nothing between me and him……”

Xinwen did bump into Erlan yesterday- she believed Tang Yin partially because of that. “Then why’d you get in his car?”

“I was panicking and confused at the time, I got pushed into the car by him in the middle of all that……” Tang Yin explained, feeling wronged. “He was already driving by the time I realized what was going on……”

“So that’s how it was… Are you sure you didn’t fall for him or anything?” Xinwen said with a sigh of relief.

“Of… course not……” Tang Yin said after some hesitation, shaking her head of the mere thought of it. Her, falling for Lin Yi? That was just impossible.

“That’s good.” Xinwen nodded. “By the way, I went to Fen’s house yesterday, her emotions aren’t very stable… Her mom told me that she’s been saying that person’s name all the time, and even hallucinating……”

Tang Yin sighed at the news. She’d been helping her mom out at the stand every day, and hadn’t quite the time to be visiting Fen at night, relying on Xinwen to do that instead. Things with Fen seemed to be getting really serious, as things stood, and Tang Yin decided that she hadn’t much of a choice. “I’ll pay her a visit tonight……”

“I suggested Aunty Cui to get her to the psychology department in the hospital……” Xinwen said. “But their family’s in more or less the same situation as ours, and she’d spent quite a lot on Fen’s medical fees the past few years already… They probably don’t have the funds for that.”

“Did that person ever visit Fen?” Tang Yin said angrily, blaming everything on that man- Fen would never be in her situation now if it weren’t for him. She wasn’t complete anymore, but getting herself a good boyfriend was nothing difficult, not with her looks!

“No- you think that bastard Kang Zhaoming would ever visit Fen? When the sun rises from the East maybe.” Xinwen said with a cold chuckle. “I’d have castrated that damned bastard if Fen hadn’t stopped me then!!”

 “......” Tang Yin blushed at what her soulmate was saying- she was a pretty tough woman…… Tang Yin, for one, couldn’t bring herself to say something like that.

“Let’s stop talking about this. Well, I’m gonna go back and study.” Xinwen said, pushing her unhappy thoughts aside as she walked with Tang Yin back to the school…

Lin Yi had to go ask Tang Yin about going to her house this weekend with Xiaobo, and couldn’t be going home with Mengyao and Yushu tonight. He told the two of them he had something to do with Xiaobo with a text, and the girls left first after Mengyao sent him an ‘okay’ back.

Lin Yi made sure to pack his stuff up slowly, only picking the pace up after the girls had left.

“Why’re you so slow today, boss? Hurry up! What if they sell out again?” Xiaobo said, evidently quite worried that Mrs. Tang wouldn’t be there again.

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