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Chapter 113 - The Presence of Killing Intent

A lot of things had taken place recently. Chu Pengzhan had made his position clear in the board of directors meeting, hinting to the more rebellious staff that they’d do well to mind their step.

But a steeled heart aimed maliciously at Chu Pengzhan wasn’t something he could just contain with ease. It was also because of this acknowledgement that Li Fu made sure to check the car for any signs of being tampered with before starting the car.

It wasn’t likely that there’d be a bomb rigged to the car, but the brakes and tires might’ve been tampered with- It was a necessary precaution to check.

Lin Yi pretty much knew that the chairman wanted to talk to him in private. It had to be pretty important, seeing how he’d sent Yushu and Mengyao on ahead first. There was just no way he’d be so passionate about getting some food in containers for Lin Yi.

“Uncle Chu, is something the matter?” Lin Yi said as he packed the remaining dishes into some containers.

“Haha, you see through everything, don’t you.” Pengzhan said as he helped Lin Yi with the containers. “I’ve done a bit of research in the dark regarding the problem back at the company- we’ve confirmed the suspect, but we need evidence before anything else. There’s a lot more at stake here… It involves some of the company’s elders- it’s a matter of face and the relations we have with them. It’s not something I can have a direct hand in.”

“Are you asking me to help gather evidence, Uncle Chu?” Lin Yi asked.

“Not necessarily. Just stay by Yao Yao’s side- don’t let anything happen to her. I’ll be able to take care of things around the company for now.” Pengzhan said with a shake of his head.

“Alright. Give me a call whenever you need me, Uncle Chu.” Evidence? You won’t be needing evidence when I’m involved, Uncle Chu- just give me a name and I’ll erase him for you… Why go to the trouble of getting evidence…...

Chu Pengzhan was Lin Yi’s employer, however. It was his job to follow the chairman’s orders.

“You have enough to spend, Yi? Must be pretty expensive to be spending time with Mengyao, I reckon? Heard you guys went shopping yesterday?” Pengzhan asked, changing the topic.

“Well… I wouldn’t say expensive.” Lin Yi shook his head. He smiled bitterly as he pointed at the clothes he was wearing. “Even this set of clothes was bought using the Miss’ money, so I haven’t really spent anything yet.”

“Haha, the gentleman’s gotta pay when you go shopping, you know!” Pengzhan said with a laugh. “Here, I’ll have Li Fu get you a credit card later- you can just swipe it next time.”

“Ah… alright then.” Lin Yi smiled, shrugging. There was no reason for him to say no to free money- after all, it was his employer offering it, and he wasn’t one to reject money from an employer. Although, he wasn’t quite sure why Chu Pengzhan would do something like that.

The two got off the elevator and stepped into the underground parking lot. They were making their way to Li Fu’s car when Lin Yi’s jade started sending him a signal- Lin Yi’s heart froze instantly as he darted his eyes about, going on complete alert.

“Yi, what’s wrong?” Pengzhan asked as he saw Lin Yi stop walking all of a sudden.

“Killing intent…” Lin Yi said faintly.

“Hm?” Pengzhan paused. Killing intent? He didn’t sense it himself, but killing intent was not something sensed through conventional means- Lin Yi being able to detect something like that, however, wasn’t a surprise at all considering who he was.

Lin Yi said no more, pulling Pengzhan to the side violently…

A huge crash sounded as a chandelier shattered into pieces where the two were just standing. (no idea what a freaking chandelier’s doing in an underground parking lot, but oh well…)

Chu Pengzhan’s face paled instantly as he looked at the broken up chandelier in front of him. A hint of rage flashed across his eyes. The chandelier was huge, and they were safe completely due to Lin Yi’s high reaction speed- the two of them would have no doubt been hit with the chandelier should they have continued at their pace.

It was made of glass, and while it wouldn’t kill anyone, it’d sure as hell injure anyone quite badly if it had hit them directly…

He knew for a certainty that this was an act of revenge for the board of directors meeting last friday- these people were getting more and more out of control! Pengzhan couldn’t believe their guts!

It seemed that they were going all out- kidnapping Mengyao was just part of their recklessness, apparently.

Li Fu, naturally, witnessed the scene along with Mengyao and Yushu, who cried out after staring blankly for half a second. It was too close a call!

Li Fu, on the other hand, was a lot more collected than the two girls, and was already making his way swiftly to where the chairman was. “Are you okay, Mister Chu?”

“Call security up here- have them investigate this. Seal the parking lot’s exit- don’t let anyone out!” Pengzhan said solemnly.

“That won’t be necessary.” Lin Yi said as he looked at the wires above the shattered chandelier. “Those wires were cut really thin by someone…”

“Oh?” Pengzhan turned his focus to where Lin Yi was pointing, and noticed that there was a very neat cut on the wires above. His face only darkened more. “But how did they manage to get the timing right, to have the chandelier fall on us just as we pass through?”

“Heh… I’d say they had the power closed off earlier, turning the chandelier on only when we were passing under. The thin wires couldn’t handle the electricity powering up the chandelier, and were melted instantly- resulting in the chandelier dropping on us.” Lin Yi explained. “Well, that’s just my guess- there might’ve been some other method they used….”

Pengzhan wasn’t a slow man- he understood the possibility of Lin Yi’s conjecture immediately. There was no need for any investigations, if that were the case- it’d be fruitless judging by how meticulous the perpetrators were. All the evidence would’ve probably been destroyed already.

“Let’s go.” Pengzhan said as he pressed his rage down with a deep breath. With that, he started walking with Li Fu to where the car was.

“Yi, sit in the back with the girls- I’ll sit in the front.” Pengzhan said to Lin Yi.

“Okay.” Lin Yi nodded. He was just about to open the door when he realized it was Mengyao on this side- he decided to walk to Yushu’s side before getting in.

He did have a better relationship with Yushu than he did with Mengyao, after all. The Bentley was quite spacious, too- it was a comfortable fit even with three people in the back.

Mengyao’s heart tightened when she saw that Lin Yi was going for the backseat, panicking and blushing as she remembered Yushu’s words earlier…....

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