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Chapter 101 - Bras

Tianyi didn’t say anything much, simply going along with his father’s wishes. The crowd started dispersing as well- the show had ended.

Lin Yi was just about to leave the scene along with the crowd when Xinyan’s voice stopped him. “Wait…”

“Ah… what’s up?” Lin Yi said, his finger suddenly pointing at the car some distance away from her. “You can’t park here you know, they’ll fine you.”

“Hah?” Xinyan blinked, not expecting Lin Yi to mention something like that out of nowhere. She smiled in response. “Thanks for what you did back there, I never expected you to be a doctor!”

“It’s just some Eastern massaging- you can go get a book on that from Newchina and learn if if you want.” Lin Yi said casually, not intending to reveal anything to the girl.

“Uh…” Xinyan didn’t expect it to be that simple, but it really did seem like Eastern massaging, now that she thought about it. “Well, thanks a lot anyway! I’d be in trouble if you hadn’t come along.”

“That woman was being unreasonable in the first place.” Lin Yi said with as smile. “Didn’t expect to see you here- didn’t get to thank you for last time, but I guess we’re even now!”

“Ah.. guess we are…..” Xinyan said with a frown. She had wanted to invite Lin Yi to get something to eat with her, and it would’ve taken quite a bit of courage too… She couldn’t really do that now, not after what Lin Yi said, especially when she was the girl.

“Be careful next time, try to avoid populated areas when you drive.” Lin Yi said with a nod. “Well, seeya- I have friends waiting for me.”

“Ah, yeah… Sure…” Xinyan nodded, a bit disappointed- her parents weren’t with her, and she could’ve hung out with Lin Yi for a bit, but the guy turned out to be busy. She couldn’t help but feel down at the thought.

She thought of Lin Yi as even more mysterious and intriguing after what had taken place today- a young man skilled in Eastern massaging? He looked extremely practiced as he did it, as well… The old man looked like a completely healthy person after Lin Yi was done with him.

“Weird guy……” Xinyan sighed as she watched Lin Yi disappear into the distance. She then turned and started walking back to her car.

Lin Yi would’ve liked to spend some time with Xinyan if he hadn’t come with Yushu and Mengyao. His circumstances were different now, after all- he was on a mission. Mengyao would’ve exploded if she saw him shopping with another beauty anyway.

He was here to carry his Miss’ bags, after all…

Lin Yi then pulled his phone out and sent Yushu a text. “Where are you guys?”

Yushu replied a while later. “Pengzhan Stores, third floor, bra section.”

“Ugh…” Lin Yi was a bit speechless at the text. Bra section..? And isn’t Pengzhan Stores part of Pengzhan Industries- the Miss is shopping at her family store?

Lin Yi shook his head. He looked around and spotted a huge ‘Pengzhan Stores’ sign.

It certainly wasn’t small- the labels and directions at the front door detailed quite a lot of brands, including both international and local ones. The vast majority of the selections were all top-tier brands, and there wasn’t even a handful of regular brands.

Lin Yi got on the lift and exited on the third floor, only to see that the entire floor was dedicated to underwear and bedroom supplies. Lin Yi sent a text to Yushu, telling her he’d arrived as he waited.

Yushu wasn’t replying, but Lin Yi didn’t think much of it- the girl was probably trying on a bra or something. “Shield Guyyy!! Over here!!”

Lin Yi raised his head at the sudden call, and spotted Yushu waving at him some distance away… The girl seemed to be… holding a black bra in her hand…

Lin Yi blinked in response, supposing that only a weirdo like Yushu could so something shameless like that…

He then manned up, and started walking towards Yushu under the surprised gazes of the other customers. Lin Yi’s level of shamelessness was more than capable of dealing with this sort of situation- he’d even crossdressed once for an undercover mission.

Lin Yi walking towards her like that when she had a bra in her hand put an embarrassed look on Yushu’s face, however, and she quickly put it away as everyone else stared at her.

Even Mengyao walked away from Yushu, acting as if she didn’t know these people.

Yushu was starting to get really embarrassed- she’d only wanted to mess with Lin Yi a bit when she waved the bra at him, she’d never have thought that everyone would be staring at them like that!

“Shu… You’re too embarrassing……” Mengyao said as she stared at Yushu from the side. “How could you……”

“Yao Yao… I didn’t know people would look……” Yushu said softly- she didn’t know it’d be so embarrassing!!

The people who shopped there weren’t the type to mind other people’s business, and shortly got back to their own concerns after a couple of looks.

Yushu’s face was still red when Lin Yi came over- it amused Lin Yi a bit. “You guys done? I’ll carry your stuff.”

“Done? We’re just getting started!” Mengyao said, still frustrated from Lin Yi rushing to the pretty girl to help her with the accident- why would he go and do something like that, anyway? “Here, take these bras!”

“Hah?” Lin Yi paused as he tried to process the order- did the Miss just ask him to carry their bras? He was a bit more shameless than your common man, but still… It wouldn’t look very nice for him to be carrying a couple of bras as he followed after two young girls, now would it?

He noticed that Mengyao’s bras were bagged up already, and let out a breath of relief. There was only a brand stamped on the shopping bag- no one could tell what the contents were.

“Yours?” Lin Yi asked as he turned to Yushu.

“Here……” Yushu said as she handed her bag to Lin Yi.

And with that, Shield Guy Lin Yi followed behind the two girls, making sure to keep his distance the whole time. Lin Yi was carrying more than ten shopping bags when Mengyao spun around abruptly. “Lin Yi, did you buy any clothes yet?”

“Me? I think it’s pretty nice like this.” Lin Yi said as he looked at his school uniform. ”Don’t really feel like buying new clothes.”

“No, you have to!! People will think Shu and I are students if they see you in that uniform!” Mengyao said firmly.

“But you are students…” Lin Yi nodded with a bitter smile.

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