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Chapter 966

Chapter 966: Demon Puppet Revealed

Xiao Yan’s words caused the entire arena to become stunned. Although his performance earlier was extremely shocking, it seemed that it was far from sufficient for him to rely on that strength to speak to an elite peak four star Dou Zong in this manner. Actually, no one could be blamed for thinking like this. With Xiao Yan’s current age, most people would feel that it was a little ridiculous to believe that he could defeat a Wind Lightning Pavilion Elder who had long become renowned. Moreover, Xiao Yan had also stolen the secret skill of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The Wind Lightning Pavilion would not let him off no matter what. Most of the people present were merely adopting a mentality of watching a show play out in front of them.

Cold smiles were lifted on the faces of those from the Hong clan. From the way they saw it, Xiao Yan was completely seeking death by contradicting Chen Yun in this manner.

Han Chi also laughed bitterly in his heart as he let out a sigh. He did not know why the extremely calm Xiao Yan would suddenly say such words. The strength of this Chen Yun was similar to that reclusive Grand Elder of their Han clan. Xiao Yan’s strength could indeed be considered outstanding among those of the same class. However, the person in front of him now was not some Dou Huang. Instead, it was a renowned elite Dou Zong!

Han Xue’s pretty face was pale-white. She clenched her hand, bit her lower red lip with the back of her teeth. She was extremely unwilling to let things develop until such an extent. From the way she saw it, if she had not stubbornly invited Xiao Yan, he would not have ended up getting involved in the matter between the Han and Hong clan. As such, he would also not reveal the matter of possessing the Three Thousand Lightning Movement and end up attracting trouble.

A pair of somewhat icy hands gently held Han Xue’s delicate hand while she was blaming herself. She turned her head and found that it was Han Yue.

“Elder sister…” Han Xue looked at Han Yue. Some moisture was gathering in her bright eyes.

“Ugh, there is no need to worry. Xiao Yan is not a reckless person. If he dares to speak in this manner, he might well possess some confidence…” Han Yue rubbed Han Xue’s smooth, black hair as she comforted her. However, her comforting words appeared somewhat ridiculous even to herself. After all, the strength of this Chen Yun Elder was even stronger than that of First Elder Su Qian from the Inner Academy. Regardless of how strong Xiao Yan was, he was ultimately still a Dou Huang.

The gap between a Dou Huang and a Dou Zong was something that Han Yue, being a Dou Huang, understood clearly in her heart.

“Ha ha.”

While everyone’s hearts were churning with different thoughts, Chen Yun ended up laughing in his extreme anger after being momentarily stunned. This was the first time in so many years that a person from the younger generation had told him he was unqualified!

“It is indeed the case of the young replacing the old. The young people these days are getting more and more arrogant. Alright, alright. Today, let this old me personally witness why the old me is unqualified?” Chen Yun laughed to the sky. However, everyone could hear the fury within his loud laughter. It seemed that this Elder from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion was truly angered by Xiao Yan’s words.

Upon hearing the fury that was hidden within Chen Yun’s words, the hearts of Han Chi’s group sank. However, being the person involved, Xiao Yan merely used a pair of dark-black ink-like eyes to stare at the laughing Chen Yun intently. There was a chillness faintly flashing within them.

Getting into trouble with the Wind Lightning Pavilion was not something that Xiao Yan was willing to see h

appen. However, this did not mean that he would simply allow the other party to do as they pleased in disposing him. Following this old fellow to the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion was definitely not something that Xiao Yan would agree to. When he reached their territory where they had a large number of people, it was likely that he would be unable to survive even if he possessed the Earth Demon Puppet. This foolish act of placing himself in a situation where he would die was something that he would never do.

Although this old fellow Chen Yun was an expert at the peak of a four star Dou Zong, Xiao Yan was not afraid of him. With his numerous trump cards, there was no need to even discuss escaping from Chen Yun’s hand. It was not impossible even if he wished to kill Chen Yun. However, if he did this, he would once again descend into a weary state.

The smile on Chen Yun’s face gradually turned gloomy after being stared at by Xiao Yan’s icy-cold eyes. His shriveled hand curled slightly as threads of frightening lightning flickered. Finally, they leaped and appeared like electric arcs.

“The old me really doesn’t believe that you can escape from my hands today.”

A killing intent was revealed in Chen Yun’s eyes as he slowly stepped forward. His body strangely disappeared the moment his foot landed.

The faces of Han Chi’s group changed slightly upon seeing Chen Yun disappear. This old fellow had indeed attacked!

Han Xue’s pretty face grew even paler. She clenched her hand and suddenly tossed Han Yue’s hand aside. Her body swiftly rushed forward. She had just appeared in front of Xiao Yan when Chen Yun slowly appeared.


Han Chi’s face became shocked as Han Xue suddenly rushed forward. He hurriedly cried out.

“You are seeking death!”

Chen Yun, who had appeared, glanced at Han Xue, who was blocking the path in front of him. The corner of his mouth emitted a cold cry as he waved his sleeves. A majestic force swept out and arrived in front of her in the blink of an eye. Under such a powerful force, even Han Xue’s heart formed a chill that was difficult to resist.

Just when Han Xue was waiting to die, a suction force suddenly surged from behind. Her body was swiftly pulled back before Xiao Yan grabbed her delicate waist and quickly withdrew.


Chen Yun let out a cold snort when he saw Xiao Yan intervene. A silver glow appeared under his feet. His body trembled while a thunderous roar sounded.

Xiao Yan’s body suddenly shifted while he was quickly withdrawing. He could not care for the delicate beauty in his embrace as he threw his palm against her. A gentle force erupted, throwing her gently toward Han Chi’s group.

Xiao Yan’s eyes shrank slightly after having just sent Han Xue away. A ghost-like figure appeared above his head as a ghost-claw that was flickering with a lightning glow trickily and viciously struck at his head. It carried a terrifying force that tore through the sky.

The faces of Han Chi’s group immediately turned ugly as they watched Chen Yun, who had used such a vicious strike against Xiao Yan the moment he attacked. Han Xue, who had just been received by Han Yue, had an even paler pretty face. Her lovely body had become unsteady.

The lightning glow ghost-claw came crashing down in front of many shocked gazes. Just as quite a number of people felt unable to watch the bloody scene and planned to shut their eyes, a bright silver-colored glow suddenly erupted in front of Xiao Yan. A blurry human figure appeared amid the silver glow.


The silver glow had just appeared when a completely silver-colored arm suddenly penetrated the silver glow and violently collided with Chen Yun’s lightning ghost-claw. Immediately, a muffled sound and a frightening air wave spread out like ocean waves from the point of contact. Spider-web-like cracks began to appear on the ground wherever the wave passed.


The silver-colored arm and the lightning ghost-claw paused for an instant before old man’s body shook. Under the violent airwaves, its owner’s feet hurriedly took over a dozen steps back in empty space before barely managing to stabilize his body.

The sudden scene caused all the eyes present to solidify. This was especially the case when they saw that it was actually Chen Yun who was unable to hold out and was forced back in the exchange. Shock came surging out of their hearts in an uncontrolled manner.

Chen Yun steadied his body and swiftly raised his head. Some astonishment had also appeared on his face, which was covered with killing intent. His eyes stared intently at the silver glow as he spoke in a deep voice, “Who are you? This is a matter of my Wind Lightning Pavilion. Please do not intervene!”

The silver glow slowly scattered under Chen Yun’s focus. Finally, a human figure that seemed to be completely constructed from silver appeared in front of the eyes of everyone present.

The human figure was not very huge. Instead, it appeared a little skinny. Its skin was like silver while both of its eyes were empty, and a vague silver glow flickered within it. Moreover, the thing that really shocked people was that there was not a single person who could sense its breathing.

“It is actually a puppet? How is it possible that this fellow possesses such a powerful puppet?”

Chen Yun was immediately startled after the silver glow disappeared. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that this was a puppet without any will. Moreover, the thing that he really could not believe was that the strength of this puppet was stronger than him!

“I have said before that you do not have the qualification to cripple me.”

A voice that contained a dark chill was slowly emitted from behind the silver-colored human figure. Immediately, Xiao Yan stepped forward and stared at Chen Yun with dense eyes.

Chen Yun’s face twitched a little as he sinisterly said, “It is unexpected that you actually possess a Dou Zong class puppet. I have really underestimated you…”

The moment these words were said, both the people from the Han and Hong clan became dull. A Dou Zong class puppet? This… how was this possible?

“Kill him!”

Xiao Yan was expressionless. His finger suddenly pointed toward Chen Yun as he slowly gave a command.

Xiao Yan’s voice had just sounded when the Earth Demon Puppet in front of him stepped on the ground. With a ‘Xiu’ sound, it transformed into a light figure that charged toward Chen Yun. This act of completely relying on its physical speed to cause a sonic boom along the way caused everyone watching it to become speechless.

Chen Yun’s heart sank as the Earth Demon Puppet charged over. After the brief exchange earlier, he knew that the strength of this puppet was stronger than him. Its physical body was so strong that it was frightening. Additionally, it did not have the slightest feeling of pain. If one were to really fight, Chen Yun was definitely no match for it.

“Hong Li, I will hold back this puppet. You will kill that brat. Once he dies, the puppet will naturally stop. Once he is finished off, I will give this Dou Zong class puppet to your Hong clan!” Chen Yun hurriedly dodged when the silver glow flickered. At the same time, he let out a cry.

Hong Li was initially startled when he heard this. Immediately, a greediness that was difficult to hide erupted from his eyes. A Dou Zong class puppet was worth the entire Hong clan going all out to obtain!

“Old Chen, please be reassured. I will personally act and kill this brat to take revenge for my son, who was injured by him!” Hong Li licked his mouth and smiled in a savage manner.

“Relax, if anyone dares to stop you, I, as an Elder of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, will announce that that person will be an enemy of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. We will not rest until we finish him off!” The next words from Yun Chen caused Han Chi, whose feet were just about to move, to turn gloomy.

“Ha ha, thank you Old Chen!”

Hong Li let out a loud laugh as he gloatingly glanced at Han Chi. After which, he revealed a cruel smile toward the indifferent face of Xiao Yan. His dark, cold voice was filled with an incomparable killing intent.

“Brat, relax, I will first break all your four limbs and allow you to taste what is called a fate worse than death!”

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