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Chapter 955-957

Chapter 955: Acquaintance

Han Lin was stunned when he saw these two pale-faced old man lying on the ground without showing any signs of being dead or alive. Shock flashed across his face when he recognized the two of them. He involuntarily cried out, "Hong Lie? Hong Mu? Why would they end up in your hands?"

"They have come to stop us and capture me." Han Xue indifferently replied.

"This… this is done by him?" Han Lin's face quivered a little as he looked at Xiao Yan with disbelief and asked in an extremely doubtful voice. Being a member of the Han clan, he was naturally extremely familiar with Hong Lie and Hong Mu. Hence, he also knew that these two fellows were genuine expert Dou Huangs. With their combined strength, these two could fight against a six star Dou Huang. Did these two people really end up defeated by the hands of this young man who appeared even younger than him?

"In that case, do you think that there is someone else in our group who can do this?" Han Xue seemed to dislike Han Lin a little. Hence, her tone was not the least bit courteous.

After being choked by Han Xue's words, Han Lin's expression alternated between green and white for a moment before forcefully suppressing the jealousy in his heart. If the elders in the clan knew that he treated an Honorary Guest of the clan in such a manner, he would definitely be punished.

"Ke ke, I was reckless earlier…" Han Lin smiled somewhat unnaturally toward Xiao Yan. After which, he swiftly turned his gaze to Han Xue and said, "Xue mei, let's go. We should return to the clan first. The clan head and the others are extremely worried."

Han Xue nodded slightly. She instructed some people to throw the unconscious Hong Mu and Hong Lie back into the carriage. After which, she swiftly turned her head to Xiao Yan and softly said, "Mister Xiao Yan, let's go. Let me introduce the clan members to you."

Xiao Yan frowned slightly when he heard this. He really did not wish to get too involved with the matters within the Han clan. However, when he saw the pleading look in Han Xue's eyes, he could only sigh, wave his hand, and say, "Lead the way."

A warm smile once again appeared on Han Xue's face when she saw Xiao Yan nod his head. Her coldness seemed to have completely disappeared in front of him. This caused Han Lin by the side to burn with a furious flame within his heart. He had never seen his usually cold and indifferent cousin sister treating a man in this manner after so many years. Moreover, the thing that caused him to be cautious was that the age of this man seemed to be similar to hers.

However, he did not dare to express these emotions on his face after being made aware of Xiao Yan's strength. Hence, he could only put on a forceful smile, turn around, and led the way in front with a stomach full of fury.

The Han clan did indeed possess quite a great strength and reputation within Tian Bei City. This could be seen from how they were omitted from being checked when they entered the city.

The convoy slowly entered the city. A lively and noisy sound pounced onto them, causing Xiao Yan, who had stayed in the desert for quite a number of days, to find it difficult to adjust to within a short period of time.

The size of Tian Bei City was not smaller than any of the cities that Xiao Yan had seen in the past. Perhaps it was because of the good planning, but the entire city had a kind of majestic atmosphere. The spacious streets had an unceasing flow of people, revealing the large number of people in the city.

The Han clan was situated on the southern part of Tian Bei City. Opposite it was the Hong clan, which occupied the northern part. These two clan were like the two overlords of this city, both parties had evenly divided the city into two distinct portions…

Of course, the city also possessed some other small faction

s. However, they were somewhat insignificant compared to the Han and Hong clan. They could only survive within the cracks. They seemed to float around while looking up at the two large beings in the city.

Xiao Yan's group passed through the many roads and streets in the city for nearly half an hour before they slowly came to a stop in front of a courtyard that occupied an extremely vast parcel of land.

When the convoy reached the entrance of the courtyard, they coincidentally saw quite a number of carriages stopping at this place. These carriages had a similar red-colored badge. Han Xue's and Han Lin's expression changed slightly upon seeing this scene. The latter's expression was gloomy as he said, "People from the Hong clan? They actually dare to come to our Han clan and behave atrociously?"


Han Xue's pretty face had also recovered its iciness. She instructed Han Chong's group to unload the goods on the convoy before leaping down from her horse. She then quickly walked into the manor. Behind her, Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before following.

Xiao Yan followed Han Xue into the manor. Along the way, she met some female servants and became aware of what had happened after some inquiry. It seemed that not long after Han Lin left, the Hong clan had led some people to barge into the Han clan. Currently, both parties were entangled with each other in the Meeting Room.

Han Xue increased the speed of her footsteps when she became aware of the location. She led Xiao Yan and Han Lin through various small paths before an extremely majestic-looking hall appeared in front of Xiao Yan's eyes. Despite being quite far away, Xiao Yan was able to vaguely see the many figures that had gathered within the Meeting Room.

Han Xue gently waved her hand as they approached. She led Xiao Yan to a corner where they were coincidentally able to see the interior of the Meeting Room. Her pretty eyes were focused intently on the interior of the hall.

Xiao Yan's gaze also followed hers and looked over. It swept once around the hall before suddenly pausing on a silver-colored bright figure. His face immediately became stunned.

"Han Yue? Why would she be her? She's a member of the Han clan? No wonder I thought Han Xue was a little familiar when I saw her. They are actually sisters…"

Xiao Yan gained a deep impression of this senior within the Inner Academy back then. At that time, he had quietly snatched away the Core Quenching Body Milk, which she had tried to obtain with much difficulty. He had been feeling somewhat apologetic over it. However, by the time he had come out of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower two years later, Han Yue had already graduated and left. Thus, this had become regret in his heart. Unexpectedly, the first faction that he had come into contact with upon arriving in the Central Plains would be her clan. The word 'affinity' was really something difficult to fathom.


The atmosphere within the Meeting Room was quite tense. Many experts from the Hong clan had crossed their hands in front of their chests as they looked at the members of the Han clan with a cold smile. Seated at their leader's spot was a green-clothed man. The man was around twenty-six to twenty-seven. His face could not be considered handsome, but it also possessed an allure. Between his brows was a boastful aura that was difficult to hide. However, he did possess the capital to act in this domineering manner.

"Hong Chen, aren't you going a little overboard by bringing people to barge into my Han clan today? Don't think that you can act fearlessly just because you are a disciple of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The reason our Han clan has stood in this Tian Bei City for so many years is not because we are trampled on by others!" A middle-aged man in brilliant clothes slowly said in the large hall. His voice was not very loud, but it possessed authority even without anger.

"Uncle Han need not threaten this nephew. The reason I am here today is to ask if there is a reply to the condition that my Hong clan had mentioned a couple of days ago?" That green-clothed man, who was called Hong Chen, smiled in an unbothered manner. His gaze immediately turned to the silver-haired lady by the side whose face did not show the slightest ripple before parting his mouth and laughing.
TL: the nephew is not blood related in this case. It is just a term to refer to someone of the younger generation in acquainted family.

"Our Han clan does not have the custom of having two daughters waiting on one husband. Moreover, I will also not allow such a thing to happen. My Han clan will definitely not agree to the request of your Hong clan!" The middle-aged man spoke decisively.

"Hee hee, in that case, you should not blame our Hong clan for not taking into account our relationship!" Hearing this, Hong Chen's face also appeared gloomy as he replied with a cold smile.

"Even if my Han clan cannot be compared with your Hong clan, I dare to say that if your Hong clan wishes to swallow my Han clan, you will definitely suffer a serious loss!" The middle-aged man stared at Hong Chen in a dense manner as he slowly spoke.

Hong Chen once again coldly laughed. He stood up and randomly said, "Perhaps uncle Han is unaware that this nephew has recently formally become the Inner Hall disciple of the Wind Lightning Pavilion."

Hong Chen's words appeared like a heavy bomb, which had been thrown into the hall. Not only did everyone expressions greatly change, but even the usually expressionless Han Yue also twitched her long eyelashes.

The middle-aged man's eyes became gloomier. Under this gloominess was also a bitterness. He did not expect that this Hong Chen would actually be able to become an Inner Hall disciple of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Therefore, the authority he had to speak within the Wind Lightning Pavilion would be increased quite significantly, and the influence of the Hong clan would greatly expand…

"On account of the Han clan once having some relationship with the Hong clan, I can give your Han clan a path. As long as your Han clan can find someone in the same generation, regardless of whether the person is from the Han clan, to defeat me on the Sky Stone Stage in the city three days from now, my Hong clan will not find trouble with your Han clan for ten years. Of course, if you lose, Han Xue and Han Yue will be mine! What do you say?" Hong Chen laughed out loud and immediately spoke when he saw the faces of the members of the Han clan drastically change.

The middle-aged man and some elders of the Han clan involuntarily changed their expressions when they heard this. Although the words of this Hong Chen were arrogant, his training talent was indeed exceptional. Otherwise, he would not have been picked by the Wind Lightning Pavilion. His current strength was likely around that of a seven or eight star Dou Huang. Among the same generation, who was a match for him? This competition was basically one used to bully others… however, if they did not accept the match, it was likely that the Hong clan would use the physical force method. If the Wind Lightning Pavilion were to intervene at that time, the Han clan… would really have difficulty escaping this calamity…

Silence continued for a long time within the hall. Finally, it was broken by a chilly voice.

"Alright, my Han clan will accept the challenge. However, if we lose, I will marry you, but my sister won't!"

Hong Chen suddenly raised his head. His eyes were heated as he looked at the silver-haired Han Xue. A moment later, he laughed out loud, "Alright, we will do as you say. It is fine if I marry the elder sister first! Since this is the case, Hong Chen shall bid everyone goodbye for today. We will meet on the Sky Stone Stage three days later!"

Hong Chen waved his hand after his words sounded. After which, he led the large group and swarmed out. Finally, they swiftly disappeared outside of the courtyard.

The atmosphere within the hall was still quiet as everyone watched Hong Chen leave. A moment later, the middle-aged man finally sighed softly and said, "Yue-er, do you have the confidence?"

"No…" Han Yue tightened her hand. She inhaled a breath of air and said, "However, is there any other method than this? In the Tian Bei City, there are hardly anyone in the same generation who could advance to the Dou Huang class. Those who could contend with Hong Chen basically do not exist. They are pushing our Han clan to the path of death. Only by doing this will we be able to gain some time to breathe…"

"Who says? I have a better choice!"

Han Yue's voice had just sounded when a clear alluring voice was transmitted from outside of the hall. Everyone raised their heads and saw Han Xue running in. All of them rejoiced.

"Girl, you are finally back… however, there is no need for you to randomly get involved in the matter here." The middle-aged man looked at Han Xue, gave her a doting smile before waving his hand. Hong Chen naturally had quite a lot of confidence for him to say those things. He had difficulty finding an opponent among the same generation within Tian Bei City. How would there be a more suitable choice for the Han clan then Han Yue?

Han Xue did not explain more in the face of the middle-aged man's words. She turned around, faced outside, and said, "Come in."

Everyone in the hall involuntarily raised their heads with surprise when they saw her actions. Some muttering noises also sounded within their hearts as their gazes were thrown out of the hall. Did this girl really have a better choice?

A moment later, a linen-clothed, young man wore a helpless expression as he slowly entered the room in front of everyone's eyes. His gaze paused on Han Yue, who had suddenly stood up upon seeing him. He dryly laughed, "Senior Han Yue, it has been a couple of years since we last met. How are you…"

Chapter 956: Feel Out

Even with Han Yue's character, her small peach-blossom-like mouth had involuntarily widened the moment she saw the delicate and handsome face, that wore an awkward smile, belonging to the young man in an ordinary linen garment. A long while later, she finally cried out in surprise, "Xiao Yan? Why are you here?"

Xiao Yan spread his hands. It would be a long story if he were to answer that.

"Huh? Sis, are you acquainted with mister Xiao Yan?" Han Xue was similarly stunned when Han Yue called out Xiao Yan's name. The matters of this world could not be so coincidental, could they?

Han Yue's pretty eyes stared at Xiao Yan. A moment later, she let out a sweet smile. Her gorgeous blooming-flower-like smile caused the tense atmosphere within the hall to lessen a little. Her beautiful eyes roamed once around Xiao Yan before she teasingly said, "I am naturally acquainted with him. If we were to talk about it, I can be considered his senior in school."

"Ke ke, is this little brother also a student of the Inner Academy in the Jia Nan Academy? It is rumored that the requirement the Inner Academy place on accepting students is extremely strict. By being able to enter it, this little brother should also be an extremely talented individual." The middle-aged man in brilliant clothes by the side smiled as he spoke at this moment. These words were not empty words. He had weighed Xiao Yan in detail when he had first appeared. After which, he was surprised to discover that even he, who had half a foot in the Dou Zong class, was unable to clearly see the bottom line of this young man…

"This is my father, the clan head of the Han clan, Han Chi." Han Xue softly introduced Xiao Yan.

"He is more than just a talented individual. He dared to challenge an expert Dou Huang when he was just a Da Dou Shi. After entering the Inner Academy for less than a year, he had become a top three existence in the Strong Ranking. This kind of guts and talent is incomparable within the Inner Academy." Han Yue covered her mouth and softly laughed. Her elegant demeanor was extremely attractive.

The expressions of the members of the Han clan in the hall changed a little when they heard her words. They had a clear understanding of the Jia Nan Academy. Naturally, they knew that most of the students there possessed great talent. Moreover, those who could become the top individuals there were all undoubtedly extremely outstanding people. It was unexpected that this seemingly ordinary man actually possessed such a background.

Han Xue also turned her head to look at Xiao Yan. She was surprised after hearing Han Yue's words. The brilliance in her pretty eyes was even denser. She had heard Han Yue mention the so-called Strong Ranking in the Jia Nan Academy. Even with Han Yue's talent, she could could be ranked behind the top ten. Those people in the top ten were all extremely talented individuals. The top three might have to be described with the word 'monster'…

"Senior Han Yue has praised me a little too much. Those things are only because I have good luck." Xiao Yan bitterly laughed as he shook his head when he saw Han Yue praising him.

Han Yue smiled slightly. Seeing that Xiao Yan did not wish to get entangled over these matters, she changed the topic and asked somewhat curiously, "Why are you together with Xue-er?"

Han Xue by the side quickly took over the conversation when she heard this. She roughly spoke about what had happened in the desert and the things that had happened along the way.

"So that's what happened… we really have to thank little brother Xiao Yan. If you had not leant a hand, it is likely that my young daughter and the Han clan's convoy would have difficulty escaping from calamity." The brilliantly robed man's expression changed when he heard Han Xue explain the unexpected events along the way. He immediately stood up, cupped his hands to Xiao Yan, and spoke with a deep voice.

"Clan Head Han is too courteous. It is only natural that I return the favor after being rescued by others." Xiao Yan smiled as he spoke.

"Ke ke, since you are acquainted with Yue-er and you are also Xue-er's savior, you can call me uncle Han if you do not dislike it. The term clan head Han is really too unfamiliar." Han Xhi waved his head and laughed in a clear voice.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan found it difficult to reject and could only nod his head.

"Father, is the Hong clan here to create trouble again?" Seeing that both parties were briefly acquainted, Han Xue suddenly bunched up her eyebrows and asked.

"Ugh, the Hong clan has always wanted to dominate the Tian Bei City alone. They have always seen our Han clan as an eyesore. It was nothing in the past when our strength were approximately the same. However, Hong Chen has recently returned to Tian Bei City. It is rumored that he has already become an Inner Hall disciple in the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion. His status is already very different from the past. Using this, the Hong clan's reputation has also soared. Currently, many neutral factions within Tian Bei City are already leaning toward the Hong clan." Han Chi sighed as he explained the situation.

Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion? Isn't it Wind Lightning Pavilion?" Xiao Yan asked Han Xue in a somewhat doubtful soft voice when he heard this.

"The Wind Lightning Pavilion is divided into four pavilions, namely the north, south, east, and west. They are situated in the four corners of the northern region of the Central Plains. That Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion is on the Qi Feng Mountain five hundred kilometers from Tian Bei City. Hong Chen is the Inner Hall disciple of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion." Han Xue explained.

Xiao Yan finally came to a sudden understanding. Immediately, he once again felt shocked at the strength of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Just a branch pavilion was sufficient to cause the Han clan such fear.

"Although part of the reason that Hong Chen has made such a request for your sister and you to marry him is because you and your sister have caught his eye, a greater part of it is perhaps because he is planning to gradually erode our Han clan… I will naturally not agree to such a request and trick. The Hong clan might be powerful, but it is likely that they would suffer a great loss if they were to really attack our Han clan." Han Chi slowly spoke.

Han Xue tightened her hand and coldly said, "Therefore, that fellow has proposed such a request to get a person from the same generation to fight him?"

"Ugh… the most outstanding person in the Han clan from the same generation is your elder sister. However, she has currently only just advanced to the Dou Huang class. Moreover, this is because she had a special encounter. That Hong Chen, however, is at the very least a seven star Dou Huang level. Adding the many high class Dou Skills from the Wind Lightning Pavilion, Han Yue is no match for him." Han Chi bitterly laughed and continued, "Moreover, forget about the Han clan. Among the same generation within Tian Bei City, one would be hard pressed to find someone who could contend with Hong Chen. Hong Chen is naturally full of confidence to boldly mention such a condition… hence, the Han clan does indeed have some trouble this time around…"

"It might be a little troublesome, but it is not impossible to resolve. Of course, the precondition is if someone is willing to lend a hand…" Han Yue smiled and suddenly piped up.

Numerous gazes in the hall immediately took the hint and were thrown to Xiao Yan after they heard her words. Han Xue also nodded her head by the side. "That's right. Mister Xiao Yan is very strong. If he can help, he will be able to defeat Hong Chen!"

Xiao Yan involuntarily felt somewhat helpless upon being looked at by so many people. These two sisters had a coldness that kept people at a great distance on their surface. However, they seemed to hide a cunningness under that coldness.

Han Yue clenched her silver teeth when she saw Xiao Yan's helpless expression. She immediately took a couple of steps forward and used a voice that only the both of them could hear, "Xiao Yan, this matter is extremely important to my Han clan. Hopefully, you can lend a hand on account of our relationship in the past. At the very most, I will not bother you about how you secretly took the Core Quenching Body Milk that I found."

Xiao Yan's expression immediately became embarrassed when he heard this. He awkwardly asked, "Senior Han Xue, you… how did you know about that?"

"Have you forgotten that the big ape guarding the Core Quenching Body Milk kndw how to speak the human language?" Han Yue softly laughed.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly. It had actually been that beast…

"What do you say?" Han Yue's gaze was locked onto Xiao Yan. Her pretty eyes contained a begging expression.

Xiao Yan entered his thoughts.

Seeing that Xiao Yan had become quiet, Han Yue was involuntarily a little disappointed. She gently bit the her lower lip, appearing to summon up her courage. She said, "As long as you can help my Han clan through this crisis, I… I…"

"Are you also thinking of becoming my concubine?" The corner of Xiao Yan's mouth twitched as he continued her words.

A redness surged onto Han Yue's pretty face when she heard this. Even her lovely ear tips had become fiery hot.

"Ugh, don't say this. I am really afraid…" Xiao Yan bitterly laughed. They were indeed sisters. Could their hearts resonate with each other? They knew just what he was most afraid of…

"I cannot guarantee anything. All I can say is that I will try my best…" Xiao Yan sighed. Perhaps it was because he felt a little apologetic for having secretly stolen the Core Quenching Body Milk that Han Yue had found. Hence, Xiao Yan nodded slowly after musing for a moment.

Surprise surfaced in Han Yue's pretty eyes when she saw Xiao Yan nod his head. Her eyes were shining as she stared at him, "Really?"

Xiao Yan could only nod once again under the focus of those shiny eyes.

"Father, since Hong Chen was the one who threw out those words that said his opponent would be counted as long as it was someone of his generation regardless of whether that person was a member of the Han clan, mister Xiao Yan would definitely be the best choice." Han Xue smiled sweetly toward Xiao Yan before turning around to speak to Han Chi.

"Ke ke, as your father, I will naturally trust your eyesight. However, this matter has too great of an implication. Although little brother Xiao Yan was able to capture Hong Lie and Hong Mu alive, this point is something that Hong Chen can also do. Being a disciple of the Wind Lightning Pavilion, he knows many powerful high class Dou Techniques . Forget about those of the same level, even those who are one or two stars stronger than him would likely have difficulty completely defeating him. These words might cause a blotch to form on little brother Xiao Yan's heart, but knives and swords don't have eyes in such a match. If any accident happens to you as a result, our Han clan would feel extremely sorry…" Han Chi hesitated for a moment before speaking with a bitter smile.

"Father, you don't believe that mister Xiao Yan can defeat Hong Chen?" Han Xue by the side stomped her foot. She had spent a great amount of breath in order to invite this great-god-like being over. If these words of Han Chi were to offend him, where would she go crying to?

Han Chi could only smile bitterly as he was questioned by his two daughters in this manner. It was not that he did not trust Xiao Yan, but Hong Chen's strength was indeed too great. If they were to lose this match, it would affect the rest of Han Yue's life. Forget about him, it was likely that the entire Han clan, with the exception of these two girls, would not dare to be so careless…

"Xue-er, Yue-er, there is no need to continue forcing elder brother. Why don't we do this. Since the both of you have such confidence in this little brother Xiao Yan, why don't you allow uncle to come forward and test him? After all, this matter concerns the survival of the Han clan and cannot afford even the slightest oversight…" A middle-aged man who appeared around forty or so slowly stood up and smiled as he suggested something to Han Xue and Han Yue.

"As long as this little brother Xiao Yan is able to endure my attacks for ten exchanges without being defeated, we will allow him to participate in this match. What do you say?"

Han Xue and Han Yue hesitated a moment when they heard this. They exchanged gazes with one another before turning their heads to look at Xiao Yan. They spoke in a somewhat uncertain soft manner, "This is my second uncle Han Tian. His strength is around that of an eight star Dou Huang. You… do you have the confidence?"

Xiao Yan similarly understood the importance of the match with Hong Chen toward the Han clan and Han Yue. Hence, he was a little moved by the confidence Han Xue and Han Yue had in him. They were betting their entire fate on him.

Xiao Yan softly laughed. He slowly stepped forward, cupped his hands toward Han Tian, and said, "If I am struck by you even once within ten exchanges, I will cease mentioning this matter!"

The entire hall was in an uproar the moment these words sounded!

Chapter 957: Nine Turning Wind Steps

Upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan, even Han Xue and Han Yue in the hall also became stunned. He would withdraw if his body was touched within ten exchanges? Although they were really confident in Xiao Yan, Han Tian was ultimately a genuine eight star Dou Huang regardless of how one put it. Even if Xiao Yan's actual strength was similar to his, saying these words was really a little arrogant…

"Ke ke, looks like little brother Xiao Yan really has great confidence in himself." Han Chi laughed. He was the first to recover after being stunned for a moment. Most of the people who could enter the Inner Academy were extremely talented individuals. Since Xiao Yan in front of him dared to open his mouth to say such words, he either purposefully used this to escape from the matter or he was really confident in his own strength. He really hoped that it was the latter in such a situation.

"Xiao Yan… you… can you do it? Second uncle practices wind affinity Qi Methods. Agility is something that he specializes in. If you do this…" Han Yue hesitated for a moment before turning her head and softly speaking to Xiao Yan.

"Since the both of you have praised me all the way up to the sky in front of so many people, it would be my fault for appearing ordinary…" Xiao Yan smiled. His gaze paused on Han Tian and said, "Mister Han Tian, please attack."

"Ha ha, good fellow. This arrogance can really compete with that Hong Chen. Alright, since you insist on doing so, I shall try and see how you will stop me from touching you within ten exchanges!" Han Tian laughed loudly. He stepped forward and powerful Dou Qi surged from his body like floodwater. Immediately, numerous spiralling winds formed around him. The wild wind that howled, blew away the layer of dust on the ground of the hall.

"Be careful…"

Seeing Han Tian maneuvering his Dou Qi, Han Yue and Han Xue also hurriedly stepped back. They reminded Xiao Yan in a worried manner.

Xiao Yan tilted his head. However, his body did not move even a little. His sleeves fluttered under the wild wind that headed toward him, but his dark-black eyes had become exceptionally bright at this moment.

"Little brother Xiao Yan, you should be careful. This Nine Turning Wind Steps is a Dou Skill that gave me my reputation. Today, I shall display it. Do not blame me for bullying someone younger just because I am older." The dense wind lingered over Han Tian's legs as he softly cried out. Immediately, his feet stomped forward!


A wild wind was stirred after his footsteps fell. Han Tian's body instantly disappeared within the howling wind.

A glow flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes. In the next instant, his body suddenly stepped forward without any forewarning. Following the movement of his body, a hand that was wrapped by dense Dou Qi flew past him.

"What sharp perception!"

"Flowing wind second turn!"

Surprise immediately flashed across Han Tian's eyes after his first palm missed. Immediately, his feet swiftly formed two mysterious arcs, transforming his body into a spiraling wind that pounced toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan merely smiled in the face of Han Tian, who was closely following him. His feet landed on the ground and an explosion sounded under them. A pushing force caused Xiao Yan's body to shoot forward.

Exploding Steps, Xiao Yan's first kind of agility Dou Skill. He had not displayed it for many years after gaining the Three Thousand Lightning Movement, Now that he had used it with his micro control, the effects were naturally not something that could be compared with back then.

"Third turn!"

Xiao Yan had just stabilized himself when a sudden sharp cry was suddenly emitted from behind him. A wild wind surged over.

Xiao Yan's expression did not change. His right foot gently pressed on the ground. His toes adhered to the ground and swiftly slanted his body, narrowly dodging the attack that came from behind him.

The entire interior of the hall was basically permeated by his Spiritual Strength. Even the slightest activity would be sensed by Xiao Yan. Although Han Tian's so-called Nine Turning Wind Steps was able to stir a wild wind that would hide his body, it was totally ineffective in the face of the probing Spiritual Strength. In other words, every single action of his was clearly imprinted in Xiao Yan's mind. In such a situation, it was easier said than done to strike Xiao Yan. Moreover, if one were to talk about the exquisiteness of ability, Han Tian had some gaps when compared to Xiao Yan…

"Good fellow, you do have some ability! Fourth turn!"

Han Tian's expression also gradually became solemn after three of his attacks were narrowly dodged by Xiao Yan. He let out a deep cry and a dense-green-colored Dou Qi whistled and rotated over the surface of his body. A suction force surged out from within it, causing everyone in the hall to hurriedly step back.

The suction force surged and the speed of Han Tian also greatly soared. With a 'xiu' sound, he transformed into a green glow that shot toward Xiao Yan. However, the latter dodged it once again with an angle that an ordinary person would not expect.

"Fifth turn!"

"Sixth turn!"


The battle within the hall became more and more intense. Han Tian's speed also became more and more frightening. In the end, almost no one, other than a couple of people, could see his figure. All they could sense was the suction force that repeatedly spread from the spiraling wind. Despite this being the case, the linen-clothed, young man's expression still remained calm. His footsteps would occasionally advance and occasionally withdraw or perhaps he would tilt sideways. Each slight movement enabled him to barely dodge Han Tian's attack…


Han Xue's pretty face was filled with joy as she watched the relaxed Xiao Yan. She ended up involuntarily exclaiming in a soft voice.

"He is indeed very frightening. Looks like he has become much stronger during these years…" Han Yue also nodded slightly. Although Xiao Yan could fight with an expert Dou Huang in the past, he was far from this leisurely strolling manner.

"This person is very strong!"

Han Chi looked at the dazzling exchange in the battleground. His face had also gradually turned solemn before he spoke in a deep voice a moment later.

"If he were to engage in a life and death battle with second brother, it is likely that second brother would be no match for him. According to my guess, this person might really be able to fight with Hong Chen." A man who looked somewhat similar to Han Chi slowly spoke.

"Ke ke, let's continue watching and see if he is really able to completely dodge all of second brother's Nine Turning Wind Steps." Han Chi smiled and replied as his eyes watched the battle.


"Nine turns!"

Han Tian's face had already turned green at this moment. A deep-green-colored spiraling wind wildly rotated under his feet. The hard ground was also cracked apart as he moved, revealing the soil under it.


The green glow flashed across the large hall. In the end, however, it merely touched Xiao Yan's sleeves as it flew past.

"Ten turns, Nine Wind Steps!"

Han Tian suddenly let out a stern cry when his attack missed again. His body turned around and transformed into a wind. He took nine strides in a circle-like manner ten feet from Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed. Following the nine steps, nine deep-green-colored rotating winds appeared, completely sealing all of Xiao Yan's paths of retreat!


Han Tian's hand seal moved and the nine spiraling winds immediately emitted a whirring wind sound. Immediately, they rotated in a wild manner and tore toward Xiao Yan in the middle.

"This time around, I will see just how you dodge it!" Han Tian laughed out loud at Xiao Yan who was sealed within the spiraling wind.


A soft cry was emitted from the middle of the nine spiraling winds the moment Han Tian's laughter sounded. Immediately, the space fluctuated slightly. The nine spiraling wind actually paused for an instant!

The instant the spiraling winds paused, a silver glow flashed out in a lightning-like manner. It immediately transformed into a human figure that slowly appeared in front of everyone.

"Mister Han, thank you for allowing me to win!"

Xiao Yan cupped his hands together, grinned,and spoke to Han Tian, whose smile had already stiffened on his face.

"Spatial Strength? You are an elite Dou Zong?"

After the dullness continued for a moment, shock suddenly surged onto Han Tian's face as he involuntarily cried out loud. The slight spatial distortion strength that Xiao Yan had used earlier to pause the spiraling wind was clearly the Spatial Strength that only an elite Dou Zong could use.

Han Tian's face was not the only one which was shocked. Everyone in the hall, including Han Chi had stunned faces at this moment. Being an expert with half a foot in the Dou Zong class, he was even more sensitive to Spatial Strength. In that moment earlier, he was certain that Xiao Yan had indeed used a spatial distortion that only an elite Dou Zong could perform.

"Ke ke, mister Han Tian is mistaken. I have yet to reach that level. This Spatial Strength is something that I can barely use because of some lucky encounter. However, it can only perform some insignificant help." Xiao Yan shook his head as he replied with a smile.

The shock on everyone's faces was reduced only after hearing this. A twenty-year-old or so Dou Huang was already the limit that they could endure. If he was a Dou Zong, it was likely that anyone who saw him would say 'monster'…

"Little brother Xiao Yan is really humble. Spatial Strength is the indicator of an elite Dou Zong. Being able to control it with the strength of a Dou Huang is enough to shock people. I have lost this match. Ke ke, it is really the case of the new generation replacing the old. With your talent and ability, it is likely that you will be able to make a name for yourself even in this Central Plains…" Han Tian gently exhaled. His eyes suddenly landed on Han Xue and Han Yue. He smiled and said, "The eyesight of you two girls is also quite good…"

These words, with a double meaning, caused these two ladies' pretty faces to instantly become fiery-red.

Han Chi also laughed. His gaze slowly swept across Xiao Yan. Although he was wearing some ordinary linen clothes, this ordinary young man appeared like a sharp sword at this moment. Perhaps due to him having just fought with someone, he emitted a heavy pressurizing feeling that caused one to have difficulty underestimating him.

Han Chi stood up, cupped his hands solemnly to Xiao Yan and said in a deep voice, "Brother Xiao Yan, if the Han clan is able to survive the danger this time, the Han clan will never forget your favor!"

The many members of the Han clan behind Han Chi also stood up in unison with solemn faces. They cupped their hands together and bowed to Xiao Yan!

Han Xue and Han Yue by the side exchanged glances before taking a step back and bowing slightly to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed in the face of such great courtesy. Looks like this matter was indeed extremely important to the Han clan. He could only sigh, cup his hands, and say in a deep voice.

"Xiao Yan will definitely do his best!"

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