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Chapter 943: Repair

Xiao Yan felt quite surprised that this Luo clan was really able to take out a Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast Monster Core as recompense. Although the rank of this Monster Core was one rank lower than the one that he required, it was after all a similar object no matter how one put it. The final effect might be a little poorer since it was a rank lower, but at the very least, if they were unable to find a rank 7 Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast, this thing would be the final life saving grass.

At the very least, with a rank 6 Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast Monster Core as a spare, they would not end up in a dead end if they really ended up reaching that stage.

Xiao Yan’s gaze exchanged looks with the Little Fairy Doctor. He nodded slightly and said, “Although it has not reached our requirements, we can accept a rank 6 one.”

Luo Cheng sighed in relief when he heard this. The Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast was extremely rare and its Monster Core was even harder to find. He really did not know just who sold this rank 6 Monster Core to the Luo clan, but it eventually ended up in their collection. Their Luo clan had already gotten a cheap deal by being able to use a rank 6 Monster Core to get an expert, with similar strength to the ancestor, to lend a hand.

“Ha ha, everyone, please follow me. With the help of this young lady, I think that it is possible to repair the Wormhole by today.” Luo Cheng smiled as he spoke. He immediately cupped his hands together, turned around, and led the way in front. Xiao Yan hesitated a little before following behind him.

Xiao Yan’s four person group followed behind Luo Cheng as they penetrated the enormous Horizon City. Perhaps it was because they had come for the first time, but Luo Cheng did not increase his pace. While he walked, he introduced some of the renowned shops within Horizon City to Xiao Yan’s group. This candid and talkative manner made him seem like a completely different person from the one that they had initially met.

Walking behind Luo Cheng, Xiao Yan’s group was not too receptive of Luo Cheng’s unceasing words. Despite the obscurity of this old fellow’s words, Xiao Yan could still sense that he was trying to inquire about their background during the conversation.

Xiao Yan had met many old foxes. Hence, he also understood the principle of letting the tongue slip if one talked too much. Therefore, he vaguely replied some of his questions and did not give Luo Cheng any chance to probe into his background. After a couple of such conversations, Luo Cheng, who failed to gain anything, could only laugh bitterly in his heart. He withdrew the thought of continuing the inquiry.

The few of them spent around half an hour passing through half of Horizon City before a black rock plaza that occupied an enormous amount of space appeared in Xiao Yan’s sight.

The size of the plaza was extremely vast. It was completely built using some kind of black rock. A faint tough feeling was emitted from its coldness. At this moment, the Plaza had been sealed off by the many guards of the Luo clan. There was a an extremely powerful spatial strength spreading from a towering rock platform located within the plaza.

With Luo Cheng opening a path, Xiao Yan’s group entered the plaza without a hinderance. After which, they followed him as they walked along the towering rock stairs, slowly climbing up. A couple of minutes later, all of them appeared on the rock platform.

This rock platform coincidentally occupied the middle of the plaza. When the group swept their eyes around, they were able to absorb the scene within a few hundred meters of the plaza into their eyes. Other than some experts from the Luo clan, there were currently two old men who did not appear to be members of the Luo clan standing on the rock platform at this moment. The aura of the two of them was quite strong. Although they were inferior to Luo Cheng and the Little Fairy Doctor, they were also genuine elite Dou Zong. According to Xiao Yan’s guess, they were likely the helpers that Luo Cheng had invited.

The expressions of the two old men were cold and indifferent. Their eyes faintly revealed some arrogance. However, the members of the Luo clan around could only face them with smiling faces. They did not dare to slight these two even a little.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept briefly across these people before turning to the middle spot of the rock platform. A dark-black spatial hole, at least a hundred feet in size, was slowly rotating at that spot. Waves of shocking spatial strength overflowed from it, causing one’s expression to change. However, it seemed that there was signs of chaos in the spatial strength at this moment.

“Is this that Wormhole? It is indeed an extremely expensive thing…” The dark-black spatial hole was just like a black hole, emitting an unusual suction force. Looking from a distance, one could only see a never-ending darkness and hear an unusual soul-stirring whistle.

Xiao Yan’s group, who had climbed onto the rock platform, had naturally attracted everyone’s attention immediately. Upon seeing Luo Cheng, the two old men with a somewhat arrogant air cupped their hands toward him. The arrogance on their faces was withdrawn a little. Their strength had just reached that of a two star Dou Zong. There was a big gap when compared to a person like Luo Cheng who had been in the Dou Zong class for decades.

“Ha ha, these two are Old Han and Old Shi. They are also quite renowned figures within a thousand kilometer radius of Horizon City. They have also been invited by the old me to help repair the Wormhole.” Su Qian smiled as he walked closer. He pointed to the two old men and smiled as he spoke to Xiao Yan.

After saying this, Luo Cheng’s turned his gaze to the two old men and smiled as he said, “These few young friends are also helpers that the old me has invited.”

“Helpers? Old Luo, although I know that you really wish to repair this Wormhole as soon as possible, but you need not find such young people, do you? Don’t you trust the two of us?” Before Xiao Yan’s group could speak, the two prideful-looking old men frowned and spoke with displeasure upon hearing Luo Cheng’s words.

“Two people who are only lingering at the initial stage of the Dou Zong class actually speak with such arrogance. Aren’t you afraid of biting your tongues.” Zi Yan curled her mouth with disdain as she spoke. She was the first to become furious after being underestimated in such a manner.

“Where has this little girl come from? Don’t randomly come and get involved here.” The two old men frowned. Their expressions changed a little when their gazes swept over Zi Yan. Clearly, they had seen something surprising in Zi Yan. Even their tone had also changed slightly.

Xiao Yan was too lazy to bother about these old fellows with proud eyes. He turned to the Little Fairy Doctor and faintly said, “Go and take a look. We will not be delayed if it can be repaired quickly.”

The Little Fairy Doctor tilted her head. After which, she slowly stepped forward. As her feet moved, the majestic aura that was deep within her body once again swept out like floodwater, causing everyone else on the rock platform, besides Luo Cheng and Xiao Yan’s group, to be stunned.

“This girl is actually also an elite Dou Zong? It is really unbelievable… no wonder she was invited by the ancestor.”

The many Luo clan members on the rock platform involuntarily exclaimed with changed expressions on their faces, full of great shock.

Compared to them, the ones with the most embarrassed expressions were the two old men. With their strength, they could naturally sense that the Little Fairy Doctor’s ability was comparable to Luo Cheng’s after she had unleashed her aura. She was far stronger than them. They immediately began to quietly cry out bitterly in their hearts.

Luo Cheng quietly mocked the two people in his heart when he saw the embarrassment on the two people’s faces. These two fellows were extremely prideful. Other than experts who were stronger than them, it was difficult for anyone to be viewed properly by them. This time around, they had lost quite a lot of face in their carelessness.

“Ha ha, it is but a misunderstanding. Everyone, please do not mind. This Wormhole is something that a forefather of my Luo clan built. After existing for so many years, the spatial imprint that is present between the two locations has also become a little blurry. It is due to this reason that a problem has occurred. All that the three of you need to do is use spatial strength to deepen the imprint between the two locations. The problem this time around should be resolved after that.” Knowing the importance of the key matter at hand, Luo Cheng did not waste any time. He smilingly opened his mouth and rushed to the main topic.

Xiao Yan’s gaze glanced at the enormous Wormhole in front of him. His finger rubbed his ring without him noticing it. If Tian Huo zun-zhe was awake, it would likely not be a problem for him to repair the Wormhole alone given his control over spatial strength.

The Little Fairy Doctor and the other two sat cross-legged outside of the Wormhole while Luo Cheng stood at the point where the Wormhole and the rock platform made contact with a solemn expression. His gaze swept over the three people as he spoke in a deep voice, “Please lend me your hand!”

The space around Luo Cheng’s body immediately became distorted after his words sounded. A spatial strength surged out and whizzed toward the interior of the Wormhole. The Little Fairy Doctor and the other two Dou Zongs hesitated a little before forming spatial strengths of various power that forcefully entered the interior of the Wormhole…

The whistle that was emitted from the Wormhole became louder after these four spatial strengths charged in. The suction force,that was spreading out, gradually became stronger. Seeing this situation, the many experts from the Luo clan on the rock platform let out numerous orderly cries. Waves of powerful Dou Qi surged out before immediately agglomerating into an energy barrier outside of the Wormhole, isolating the suction force. Looking at the familiarity of their movements, it was clear that this was not the first time that they had done such a thing.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared intently at the Wormhole. He only sighed in relief a moment later, after failing to discover anything wrong. After which, he sat down and began to quietly wait.

The time required to repair the Wormhole was not as long as Xiao Yan had expected. After around one to two hours, the Little Fairy Doctor’s group, who had their eyes shut, slowly opened them. A thread of paleness also drifted onto their faces. Clearly, repairing this Wormhole exhausted them.

The movement of the slowly rotating space shook slightly as the few of them recovered. Immediately, threads of silver lingered around the Wormhole. Looking from a distance, it appeared as though they were stars within a black hole. Moreover, the chaotic spatial strength that had been transmitted from within slowly scattered.

“It is finally completely repaired. Ha ha, all three of you, thank you. I, Luo Cheng, will remember this favor…” Luo Cheng let out a loud hearty laugh as he sensed the Wormhole gradually recovering its normal state. He turned around, cupped his hands toward, the Little Fairy Doctor and the other two, before speaking sincerely.

“Are you alright?” Xiao Yan swiftly got up, arrived beside the Little Fairy Doctor, and softly inquired.

“Aye… I’m only a little exhausted. It was not very difficult to repair this Wormhole.” The Little Fairy Doctor nodded slightly and smiled as she replied.

“This friend. This is the remuneration that the old me promised.” Luo Cheng waved his hand and a jade box flew toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan randomly caught the jade box in his hand. He opened it and a purple-red-colored oval-shaped Monster Core appeared in his eyes. His finger touched the Monster Core and sensed the energy affinity within it. A moment later, Xiao Yan nodded. Although he had never seen the Monster Core of a Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast, the affinity that was recorded was similar to this…

Xiao Yan stored the jade box into his Storage Ring. His heart also sighed in relief. His gaze was thrown to the Wormhole as he softly asked, “Can the Wormhole be used now?”

“There should not be a problem. However, the old me still advises you to wait a period of time. After all, it has just been fixed. It is not really secure leaving now…” Luo Cheng hesitated a little upon hearing the question before replying.

“There is no need. We still have some urgent matters and cannot stay for long…” Xiao Yan shook his head as he responded. He did not wish to stay in this Horizon City for long. Moreover, he was somewhat anxious to reach the Central Plains.

Luo Cheng could only nod his head in disappointment when he heard this. He took a palm-sized wooden boat out of his Storage Ring. The wooden boat was faintly emitting a silver glow. This thing hid a thread of an extremely weak spatial strength.

“This is a Space Boat used to travel the Wormhole. Its manufacturing process is quite expensive. Each of one costs over a million and an ordinary person really cannot afford to use it. This young miss has helped my Luo clan greatly today. Our Luo clan can be considered to have taken advantage by just giving a rank 6 Monster Core. This small thing shall be considered a thank you gift.” Luo Cheng smiled, and gabe a simple explanation as he handed the wooden boat to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s gaze was somewhat surprised as he glanced at this wooden boat. It was the first time that he had heard of the so-called Space Boat. Immediately, he felt things were somewhat comical. He laughed and received it without rejection.

“In that case, thank you Old mister Luo. I will personally visit and thank you if I return in the future.” Xiao Yan cupped his hands to Luo Cheng. He ceased hesitating and waved his hand at Zi Yan and Xin Lan. After which, the four people paused outside the Wormhole before finally stepping into it at the same time…

The four figures instantly disappeared the moment they stepped into the Wormhole at the same time. A silver glow slowly spread before flashing into the dark-black space…

Luo Cheng smacked his mouth as he watched the four figures disappear. He sighed, “I wonder just which faction these few people belong to. I seem to have never heard of such a young elite Dou Zong within a thousand kilometer radius… could they be people from the Central Plains?”

Luo Cheng frowned slightly when his words reached the end. He immediately sighed again before turning around and descending the rock stairs. Everyone hurriedly followed behind him. Only some guards remained stationed in this place.

The rock platform also became quiet after everyone scattered. Only that enormous Wormhole emitted some bright silver glows at a steady pace, connected with an interesting part of the continent…

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