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Chapter 937

Chapter 937: Breaking Through Again!

It had been nearly two days since the eruption of the Pill Lightning back then. During these two days, Xiao Yan’s figure had been sitting cross-legged on that rock platform with his eyes tightly shut. Waves of suction force surged out of his body, completely absorbing the surrounding compact natural energy…

Xiao Yan had been maintaining this absorbing condition ever since the Pill Lightning had ended back then. Moreover, his aura had also become unstable under this condition. Waves of powerful Dou Qi were like the tide as they repeatedly overflowed from Xiao Yan’s body before slowly shrinking back into it. This appeared to be like a cycle that went on continuously…

With the eyesight of Su Qian and the others, they were naturally aware of the condition Xiao Yan was in. At this moment, he was in a condition where he was about to breakthrough and advance. Hence, Su Qian had not only dispatched people to seal the stairs that led to the rock platform, but had also isolated a large area below the rock platform. At this moment, if Xiao Yan were to be disturbed and end up leaving this condition, his losses would be quite great. After all, this kind of breakthrough opportunity was not something that would appear just because one wanted it to.

During these few days, the students of the Inner Academy had already become extremely familiar with the black-robed figure on the rock platform. When they occasionally passed by from a distance, their gazes would carry respect and reverence as they looked at the somewhat skinny figure. He was able to reach this level at such a young age, one that was even higher than some of the seniors within their clan. Moreover, everyone knew that Xiao Yan currently still belonged at an age that was most optimum for training. Who knew just what kind of frightening stage he would reach in the future?

The respect within quite a number of students involuntarily became denser as these thoughts flashed in their hearts. Xiao Yan’s achievements were worthy of their respect.

Despite being under the watch of a countless number of gazes, Xiao Yan on the rock platform appeared to have lost his senses to the outside world. He sat cross-legged like an old monk in meditation without even moving a little… Although his body might seem like a statue, some of those who were more sensitive could detect the aura surrounding his body swiftly increasing in strength.

The sky was without any clouds within tens of thousands of kilometers.

The Little Fairy Doctor stood in the empty sky. She was wearing simple and light clothes. Her long snow-like hair was randomly restrained by a purple-colored ribbon. Her white hairs drifted when the breeze blew over, emitting an ethereal feeling. Her narrow body was covered by a plain yellow-colored dress. The clothes, that contained golden threads, highlighted the skin that was revealed, causing it to appear even paler. Her beauty caused some of the male students to unintentionally slow down while walking within the academy. Some unusual glints appeared in their eyes.

There were not many students in the Inner Academy who knew much about the Little Fairy Doctor. All that they knew was that this cold, indifferent and beautiful woman had been following senior Xiao Yan. Moreover, this girl, who did not appear much older than them, was an elite Dou Zong who was even stronger than First Elder Su Qian!

In the face of the Little Fairy Doctor’s achievements, which were even more frightening than Xiao Yan’s, quite a number of the so-called geniuses within the Inner Academy quietly felt their faces turn pale under this demon-like training talent. However, this did not prevent the Little Fairy Doctor from being the ideal lover of many male students within the Inner Academy.

She was strong and possessed a great demeanor. Most importantly

, she was extremely beautiful. Moreover, she appeared feminine, demure, and pitiful. This matched the most important criteria that a man used to select a lover, causing one to involuntarily wish to go and take pity on her. Of course, they could only think such thoughts within their hearts. This was because they clearly knew that if they did not possess Xiao Yan’s talent and charm, it was basically impossible to successfully subdue such a monster-like girl.

The Little Fairy Doctor was unaware that she had gained such a reputation within the Inner Academy in such a short amount of time. Even if she was aware of it, she would not pay much attention to it. Her encounters during these years had created her somewhat cold and indifferent character. Unless it was someone she was familiar with, she would not take the initiative to make contact or chat with them.

At this moment, her pretty eyes were staring at Xiao Yan on the rock platform. She would spent a great amount of time just looking at Xiao Yan during this time everyday. This continued without stopping for five days. The stubbornness of the Little Fairy Doctor had attracted some males to feel their pity for her soar. From the looks of the flame that was burning in their eyes, it was likely that they would be unable to control themselves and charge up to issue a challenge if not for the enormous gap between them and Xiao Yan. After which, they would rescue this beauty from her bitter wait.

Of course, this so-called impulse had just rose when it was swiftly destroyed before it could even reach their minds because their rational told them that if they really did this, it was likely that Xiao Yan would not even need to act. The perfect lover in their hearts would randomly wave her hand and send them flying like a fly.

A gentle breeze blew across the sky. The Little Fairy Doctor’s clothes adhered to her body, outlining her moving curves. Her delicate hand gently pushed away the snow-white hair that landed in front of her forehead. Her pretty eyes studied Xiao Yan, who did not show any activity. Her pretty brows were involuntarily bunched up as she muttered, “Are you still not done? Is the time taken for this advancement not a little too long?”

It had been four days since Xiao Yan had entered his training condition. During these four days, his body had maintained this condition, not moving even a little… if the Little Fairy Doctor wasn’t able to sense the gradually strengthening aura within Xiao Yan’s body, it was likely that she would have really thought that an accident had occurred during his training…

A soft sigh was transmitted from the Little Fairy Doctor’s small mouth. She immediately turned her body around and was preparing to leave…

However, the instant she turned her body, a wave of energy was suddenly transmitted from the rock platform.

With the Little Fairy Doctor’s ability, such an energy uprising, that was not considered overly intense, was discovered by her almost instantaneously. Her body suddenly turned and her pretty eyes carried a thread of joy as she watched the rock platform.

At this moment, the energy around the rock platform had become extremely turbulent. Numerous mottled natural energies swiftly agglomerated, appearing to form a swirl above Xiao Yan’s head. Finally, they poured into Xiao Yan’s body from all directions.

The pouring in of this energy only continued for a short dozen plus seconds before it slowly scattered. When the final thread of mottled energy disappeared, Xiao Yan’s eyes, that had been shut for four days, abruptly opened!

A powerful aura suddenly surged out of his body in all directions the instant he opened his eyes!

The violent flow of the aura only lasted a short instant before it was swiftly withdrawn into Xiao Yan’s body. However, this sudden change still stirred the attention of quite a number of people within the Inner Academy. At that moment, numerous gazes were thrown to the rock platform. Some exclamations were involuntarily emitted when they saw Xiao Yan open his eyes.

Xiao Yan did not mind the noise that sounded within the Inner Academy. He twisted his neck and he immediately clenched his fist randomly, sensing the Dou Qi within his body that was much more powerful when compared to a couple of days ago. He involuntarily parted his mouth and smiled. The current him had finally successfully broke through the six star Dou Huang level and reached the seven star Dou Huang level.

“Seventh star… there is still a gap of two stars before I can reach the peak of the Dou Huang class. Dou Zong… is also not far away…” Xiao Yan slowly stood up from the rock platform and muttered to himself. His gaze immediately swept to the northern sky of the Jia Nan Academy as he became a little absentminded. Back then, Xun Er had gone this direction when she left…

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared absentmindedly at the northern sky. A moment later, he abruptly clenched his fist. A cold stern glint flashed across his dark-black eyes. At this moment, he also recalled the man who had arrived at the Inner Academy back then and brought Xun Er away. His name was definitely a memory that was difficult to remove for Xiao Yan.

“I am the new deputy commander of the Black Submerged Army, Ling Quan.” Back then, the young man, stepping on a four winged single horned beast, had spoken with a cold smile to Xiao Yan from a higher position.

“Ling Quan…”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. A coldness flashed across his eyes. The him back then was as weak as an ant in front of the so-called Black Submerged Army’s Deputy Commander. However, he currently had the confidence of finishing him off under his ruler should this person once again appear in front of him!

After Xiao Yan’s swift growth within a short couple of years, the current Xiao Yan was no longer that small Da Dou Shi who anyone could knead with their hands!

“Xun Er, wait for me… Central Plains, wait for me too!”

Xiao Yan overlooked the entire Inner Academy as he stood on the rock platform. A pride suddenly surged from his heart before filling his chest.

“Have you advanced successfully?”

A graceful lovely figure appeared in the
air outside of the rock platform and gently asked Xiao Yan a question while the latter’s mood surged.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded as he looked at the Little Fairy Doctor who appeared exceptionally innocent in her pure and simple clothes. He said, “It has been tough on you providing protection during these couple of days.”

“Why is there a need to say such polite words between us?” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were lowered as she softly spoke. A bashful red that a girl ought to have climbed up her pink face. Her tone seemed to contain slight displeasure.

“Ke ke, I have been reckless. I will not say it in the future if you don’t like it.” Xiao Yan hurriedly changed his words when he saw the Little Fairy Doctor appear a little unhappy. He only sighed in relief when he saw her face become a little better. He smiled and said, “Let’s go, after I put some things in order, it might be time for us to leave.”

“Are we about to leave? When will it be?” The Little Fairy Doctor was startled when she heard this before speaking somewhat unwillingly.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. His gaze returned to the northern sky. For some unknown reason, a heat and impatience had suddenly surged in the current him. He seemed to really anticipate the so-called Central Plains…

“Within three days…”

Xiao Yan suppressed the heat in his heart, turned his head, and smiled. He answered the Little Fairy Doctor while looking at her smooth-jade-like face. At this moment, the Little Fairy Doctor suddenly felt that the man in front of her was filled with a confidence and surging strength that was difficult to describe.

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