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Chapter 909: Gather

The next day, on a small mountain peak not far from the ‘Peace Town’ of the Jia Nan Academy, one would occasionally see flashing human figures within the dense forest. There were a couple of withered trees within the forest along with some flowers and grasses. The air was also very fresh.

Over ten human figures stood facing the wind on the mountain peak. The wild wind that blew over was unable to cause the clothes of these human figures to flutter even a little. The ten plus people quietly stood as the roaring wind smashed against their faces. However, not a single person moved because of this. All of them stood quietly. The faint pressuring aura that was emitted caused the mountain peak to be completely silent.

A black-robed, young man stood at the leader’s spot. His eyes were shut while his hands were placed behind him. A long while later, his ears suddenly moved and he faintly said, “They’re here. They’re finally here…”

Over ten black spots suddenly appeared in the horizon not long after Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. In merely a couple of blinks, these black spots turned into human figures that rushed over. They only gradually reduced their speed when they were a short distance from the mountain peak. After which, they slowly descended from the sky.

“Ha ha ha, chief Xiao. It has been a couple of years since we last met, are you still well?” The ten plus human figures rushed down. The leader, who had laughed out loud was a strong man with a naked upper body that emitted a fierceness.

“Chief Tie’s might is not inferior when compared to back then. One can hardly find anyone in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who has such an imposing presence…” Xiao Yan looked at this chief of the Wild Lion Gang, Wu Tie, who had once cooperated with him to deal with the Misty Cloud Sect, before cupping his hands. He spoke with a smile.

“Whose imposing manner can compare with chief Xiao? Currently, who in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ does not know that chief that has not only relied on himself to kill the three great Elders of the Demon Flame Valley, but also caused the Old Ground Demon Ghost to be unable to return. Tsk tsk, that is an expert who was a seven star Dou Zong. He is basically an unmatchable existence within this ‘Black-Corner Region.’ In the end, even such an expert had died in chief Xiao’s hands. Looks like this ‘Black-Corner Region’ will likely belong to Xiao Gate in the future…” A red-dressed pretty lady by the side, who was emitting enchantment throughout her body, covered her mouth and laughed in a lovely bewitching manner. That laughter contained some passion.

This pretty woman was naturally not foreign to Xiao Yan. She was the chief of Luo Sha Gate whom he had also cooperated with before. She was an extremely beautiful woman who hid a viciousness under this lovely body of hers.

“Tsk tsk, the current Xiao Gate has only been established for a few short years. Yet, it has already reached this stage. It is really the fastest rising faction that the old me has seen. Chief Xiao’s credit for this naturally cannot be denied.” An old man who had a somewhat shadowy face also smiled and agreed.

“Chief Su and Old Ying really knows how to joke. These are all mere false rumors…” Xiao Yan slightly smiled. His gaze swept over this group of people as his face became slightly stern. A voice that was not very loud clearly sounded within everyone’s ears, “I think that everyone should also be aware of the intention of inviting everyone here. Since everyone is willing to come, all of you have already taken your stance. Among those present includes friends who have cooperated with Xiao Yan back then. Naturally, all of you should know my character. As long as this matter is successful, the reward will definitely be to everyone’s satisfaction.”

The group of experts who had been invited over immediately smiled and replied courteously after Xiao Yan’s words sounded. With Xiao Yan’s current reputation within the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ all of them did not dare to slight him. This was because they also clearly understood that Xiao Yan was also a tier 6 alchemist. The value of being able to let him owe them a favor was quite great. Currently, the Demon Flame Valley was already declining. In the future, it would likely be difficult for it to contend with Xiao Gate. Lending a hand at this moment would undoubtedly win some favor from Xiao Gate. Hence, most of the experts present did not take much time to think after receiving the invitation from Xiao Gate before they quickly hurried over.

“Everyone should also clearly understand the beginning to the end of the story. I shall not say anything unnecessary. The grudge between Xiao Gate and the Demon Flame Valley is extremely deep. Han Feng and I are also enemies. Hence, the matter today will not end peacefully. Everyone should prepare themselves…” Xiao Yan spoke in a deep voice.

“Ke ke, chief Xiao, you can rest assured. The usual arrogance and highhandedness has long been an eyesore to us. Today, we will borrow the wind of Xiao Gate to teach these bastards a lesson.”

“That’s right. Han Feng is a hypocrite. Back then, he harmed many people in an indiscernible manner. The old me had been backstabbed a couple of times.”

Xiao Yan turned his head slightly and exchanged looks with Xiao Li after hearing the voices seeking a crusade against the Demon Flame Valley and Han Feng. A smile flashed across his eyes. These fellows were really quick to jump on the bandwagon. However, they were at the very least some help. With their aid, the Demon Flame Valley would likely truly be eliminated from the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

“Alright, it is already quite late. Let’s start moving.” Xiao Yan looked at the sky before interrupting the voices seeking a crusade. After which, he turned his head and waved his hand to the forest. One could immediately hear some clattering sound as dozens of human figures rushed out of the forest. Finally, they flapped their wings and remained in the air.

“Let’s go…”

Xiao Yan softly exhaled. A pair of crystal clear bone wings extended from his back. He flapped them slightly and his body swiftly rose into the air.

Seeing this action of Xiao Yan, Xiao Li, and the others hurriedly got up. Only the Little Fairy Doctor and Su Qian were casual and cool among the group. Their feet stepped on the empty air and walked. The ability of an elite Dou Zong to walk in the air really caused others to be envious.

When Su Mei and the other experts saw the Little Fairy Doctor and Su Qian walk in the air in this manner, their hearts shook violently. They exchanged gazes with one another and quietly muttered ‘as expected.’ Currently, there were a total of two Dou Zong class experts on Xiao Yan’s side. Adding this to his own frightening strength, that seriously did not tally with his level, it was likely that the three of them would be able to block three elite Dou Zongs. This lineup… it seemed that the Demon Flame Valley was completely finished…

Su Mei and the others did not dare to slack off as this thought flashed in their hearts. They hurriedly summoned their Dou Qi wings and rushed to the sky.

Seeing that everyone was prepared, Xiao Yan’s expression also became slightly stiff. He waved his hand and his body took the lead, transforming into a blurry figure that rushed toward the direction of the Demon Flame Valley. A large group of figures followed close behind. A wave of faint killing intent spread out.

The Demon Flame Valley was located in an enormous valley within a mountain range in the northern part of the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ The size of this valley was not smaller than a city. It was filled with a large population. Most of the people were external members of the Demon Flame Valley. Those who could become the members of the Inner Valley were mostly elites that were specifically selected from the former group. Normally speaking, the inner group consisted of only ten percent of the external members. Even though this was the case, it still caused the Demon Flame Valley to be filled with people. Although it had existed for a long time, it had continued to flourish within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’

Of course, the greatest reason for this was naturally because of the existence of the Old Ground Demon Ghost. Possessing a seven star elite Dou Zong, the Demon Flame Valley had the capital to contend against the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ The precondition of this, however, was that Xiao Yan did not appear…

Compared to the arrogance and bossiness of the past, the current Demon Flame Valley had undoubtedly kept a much lower profile. Having lost their strongest few experts, the strength of the Demon Flame Valley within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had difficulty supporting their unafraid roaming nature. However, a camel that was about to die was still larger than a horse. Regardless of how the Demon Flame Valley had declined, it still possessed quite the capital. Even though the Old Ground Demon Ghost and the three great Elders had died, they were still able to survive within the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ especially with the appearance of Han Feng. He allowed the Demon Flame Valley to recover some strength.

An elite Dou Zong possessed an important position and influence no matter where one was. This was especially the case when this Dou Zong was quite a high tiered alchemist…

Ever since Han Feng had taken over the Demon Flame Valley, he had relied on his network in the past to rope in quite a number of experts who were free individuals within the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Moreover, he was still inviting many renowned factions from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ on a large scale with the intention of establishing an alliance to contend against the increasingly powerful Xiao Gate and the Jia Nan Academy.

It must be said that Han Feng in the past had a reputation that an ordinary person had difficulty matching in the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ By taking out the former ‘Pill Emperor’ name, he had basically attracted many people with different intentions. Even a powerful faction like the Black Emperor Sect was successfully invited by him. It must be said that the tenaciousness of this fellow in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ was indeed something that an ordinary person would have difficulty matching.

The enormous mountain valley appeared as though it had been dug from a mountain. The surroundings of the valley were filled with deep-black rocks with a gold-like luster faintly flickering on them. They were the ‘Black Metal Rock,’ which were extremely tough. Even an elite Dou Wang would have difficulty shattering them. Looking at the dense-black rocks, it appeared that this mountain rage was a mineral vein. The headquarters of the Demon Flame Valley was located in this place.

The Demon Flame Valley today was the most lively one in many years. Densely packed Demon Flame Valley guards were holding shiny weapons as they stood at the entrance to the valley. Anyone without an invitation card or loitering individuals were not allowed to enter.Hence, this had resulted in a long queue being formed at the entrance of the valley.

While the entrance to the valley had descended into a noisy area, the open ground deep within the valley was filled with a large number of experts and factions with great names from the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ Han Feng occupied the leader’s seat in the middle of the open ground. His face was filled with smiles as he observed the open ground, which had every seat filled. At this moment, he seemed to have returned to the brilliance and pride when he was ‘Pill Emperor’ back then.

“Xiao Yan… the grudge between you and I will be settled very soon. At that time, I will definitely get you to hand over the ‘Flame Mantra’ to me obediently!” A young figure flashed across his mind. Han Feng’s grip on his teacup suddenly tightened. A ruthless and savage smile flashed across his eyes.

While Han Feng was laughing ferociously in his heart, the large group of unwanted guest led by Xiao Yan quietly arrived.

A large battle was about to erupt!

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