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Chapter 901

Chapter 901: Fire Lizard Race

The densely packed red-colored figures swiftly parted the magma and rushed over. After merely a dozen seconds, they spread out and surrounded Xiao Yan…

Being stared at by so many fierce gazes caused even Xiao Yan’s face to become somewhat unnatural. His eyes stared at the largest fire lizard person. Not only was this fellow’s size larger than an ordinary lizard person, but the scales on its body were also a darker shade of red. Its eyes, which contained a similar dark and cold fierceness, also revealed a ruthlessness and cunningness that the other lizard people did not possess.

“Ji ji!”

The large fire lizard eyes stared sinisterly at Xiao Yan. Its sharp teeth covered mouth emitted numerous ‘ji ji’ cries that Xiao Yan did not understand. His large hand was also dancing in front of him.

Xiao Yan did not understand the meaning that this large fellow wanted to convey. However, he knew that it was definitely not a friendly conversation. He immediately ceased paying any attention as his gaze swept around him, searching for a place where he could escape. The number of fire lizard that had appeared this time around was far too numerous. Even with Xiao Yan’s strength, it was impossible for him to kill all of them in this magma. Hence, he chose to flee. He would return again and investigate that mysterious skeleton within the light barrier in the future.

This thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s heart before a silver glow suddenly appeared under his feet. His body transformed into a jade-green fire figure that broke through the magma and rushed upward in a lightning-like manner.

“Ji ji!”

Xiao Yan’s body had just begun to move when the leader of the fire lizard people detected it. It immediately emitted sharp ‘ji ji’ sound. The thousand lizard people behind him rushed over toward Xiao Yan from all directions.


Xiao Yan figure was extremely straight as he rushed into the dense mess of figures. His face was tensed as he circulated the Dou Qi in his body to the max. Jade-green flame in his hand was just like a fire whip under his control, unleashing sharp hot winds as he pleased. Each time this wind struck a lizard person. The strong and violent strength would shake their body until the creature spat out blood and withdrew. Some of those which were weaker were killed on the spot. Xiao Yan’s eyes and hands reacted extremely quickly to the lizard people who died. With a grabbing action, his hand penetrated their bodies and swiftly pulled out a bright-red bead, which he then stuffed into his storage ring. All this while, he continued to charge wildly forward.

Although there were a large number of these fire lizard people, their strengths were equivalent to a human at the Dou Ling class. With this strength, they would naturally be unable to last for even an exchange with Xiao Yan. If they couldn’t borrow the strength of the magma, their fight with Xiao Yan would be little different than a one-sided massacre. Even though they were deep within the magma, lightning-like attacks had left over a hundred lizard people dead within a short couple of minutes, and their bright-red beads were all pulled out…

While Xiao Yan killed extremely quickly, there seemed to be a never ending amount of these fire lizard people. They seemed to be unafraid of dying. No matter how ruthless Xiao Yan’s method was, they still charged forward without care for their life. This caused Xiao Yan’s fleeing speed to slow.


The sharp hand knife pierced the chest of a fire lizard person who had attempted to launch a sneak attack from behind. Xiao Yan’s eyes were cold and indifferent as his hand reached forward and grabbed something. A bright-red bead was taken out and placed into his

storage ring. His gaze was dark and dense as he stared at the densely packed fire lizard people around him.

After the intense battle earlier, Xiao Yan’s body, which had already exhausted quite a lot of Dou Qi, felt somewhat weakened. Although he was still able to endure for a period of time, it seemed that he would not be able to last unless he successfully reached the magma where the pestering fire lizard people didn’t go. Once his Dou Qi was exhausted, his situation would definitely be extremely unfavorable…

“Looks like I need to hurry and leave…”

This thought swiftly lingered within Xiao Yan’s heart. He took out a medicinal pill from his storage ring, that recovered Dou Qi, and stuffed it into his mouth. Just when he was planning to swiftly leave, the dense red figures suddenly parted and formed a path. The strong-looking lizard person took slow steps on the magma as it entered. Its eyes revealed a mockery as it looked at the stubborn Xiao Yan. Its mouth emitted a sound filled with killing intent.

The many fire lizard people suddenly ceased charging Xiao Yan, following the appearance of the sound. They withdrew some distance and their large mouths were swiftly opened. Following this, the surrounding magma began to fluctuate intensely…

Xiao Yan’s expression involuntarily changed upon seeing this scene. He naturally understood that these lizard people had the ability to control the magma, and these magma-balls possessed a great strength.

“It seems that the large fellow is able to command these lizard people. Looks like I will need to kill it first…” Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed while he muttered softly to himself within his heart. The strength of the fire lizard people’s leader should be around that of someone at the initial Dou Huang level. However, within this magma world, it could be considered an expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Thus, it would be difficult to kill it. After all, one’s speed and strength would be reduced in this magma. Nevertheless, this did not seem to pose any obstruction to Xiao Yan.

Just when Xiao Yan was calculating in his heart, the magma-balls in the mouths of the lizard people was swiftly agglomerated. After which, the leader waved his hand. A countless number of fireballs flew through the magma, and shot furiously at Xiao Yan in all directions. Although Xiao Yan did not fear a simple magma-ball, in front of him, at this moment… were hundreds or thousands of them. Even he could only temporarily take shelter in the face of this kind of attack.

A silver glow flickered under Xiao Yan’s feet as he used the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ to its extreme. Numerous after images surfaced while the magma rippled. Most of the magma-balls narrowly brushed past Xiao Yan, and did not cause him any harm.

Wave after wave of magma-balls carried greenish magma bubbles as they flashed past. However, most of them were dodged by Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept in all directions as he dodged. A moment later his eyes suddenly shrank when he discovered that all the magma-balls that made contact with the transparent light barrier below were reflected back. It seemed that the transparent light barrier, which did not possess much strength, was not as simple as it had appeared.

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered slightly as he raised his head. He glanced at the large fire lizard and a cold glint suddenly flashed within his eyes. His body suddenly disappeared from the spot. The next time he appeared, Xiao Yan was already behind the lizard person leader!

With the help of its attunement of the magma flow, the leader did sense something when Xiao Yan appeared behind him. His mouth immediately emitted a low roar as his large hand tightened into a fist before violently smashing at Xiao Yan behind.


The enormous fist was held by Xiao Yan with one hand. When the fist and the hand made contact, a powerful ripple was emitted and shook the surrounding fire lizard people until they swiftly withdrew.


Xiao Yan let out a cold snort after restraining the fire lizard with one hand. His body suddenly leaned forward and his right hand formed a fist, that suddenly erupted forward.

“Octane Blast!”

A low and deep cry was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. The strength on his fist suddenly soared. A moment later, it firmly smashed the chest of the fire lizard leader. During the powerful explosion, a hidden force was also quietly transmitted into its body.


A low, deep explosion sound was suddenly emitted from the body of the fire lizard person. Its body trembled violently as an-inch-large hole was blasted into its body. Sticky grease flowed out from as the life within its eyes slowly disappeared. He had underestimated Xiao Yan’s technique…

Xiao Yan’s hand was swiftly extended into the fire lizard leader’s body after killing it with one move. He grabbed and pulled with his hand. A dragon-eye-sized deep-red bead appeared in his hand.

The energy contained within this deep-red bead was at least ten times more powerful than that of the ordinary beads. The powerful fire affinity energy caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to emit an unusual glint. These fire lizard people were a wonderful tonic from Xiao Yan’s point of view…

“Ji ji!”

After Xiao Yan killed the fire lizard leader, the eyes of the many surrounding lizard people around him suddenly became bright-red. Immediately, they opened their mouths and a sharp sonic wave was emitted.

Nearly a thousand lizard people screeched in unison. The ear-piercing sound wave caused even Xiao Yan to feel somewhat giddy. However, he swiftly recovered. He clearly understood that these fellows were likely summoning their companion again. He really did not understand this mysterious race. He was did not know how many strong fire lizard people were in this magma sea…

Not long after the sound wave was emitted, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Strength, that had been spread out, picked something up. A couple of extremely powerful remnant auras swiftly flew toward his location. Clearly, these should be the experts from the lizard race that were summoned by the sound wave…

A solemness flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he sensed the speed of the lizard people. Even though he had used the Three Thousand Lightning Movement, it was likely that his speed could not match these lizard people in the magma. Hence, there might not be enough time for him to flee…

However, if he did not flee, did it mean that he would just simply wait for more and more experts from the lizard race to rush over? At that time, it would be no different than seeking his own death.

A glow flickered in Xiao Yan’s eyes. An instant later, his gaze suddenly turned to the transparent light circle below. After hesitating for one or two seconds, he clenched his teeth violently, turned his body, and descended in a lightning-like manner. A thought passed through his mind when he was about to make contact with the light barrier. The Fallen Heart Flame wrapped around his entire body and it actually managed to barge in without any resistance.

The magma around Xiao Yan once again began to fluctuate as Xiao Yan entered the transparent light barrier. After which, it slowly rotated and strangely disappeared in front of the focus of the many lizard people…

A couple of blood-red figures shot over in a lightning-like manner not long after Xiao Yan entered the light cover. Finally, they appeared in this magma region. The surrounding fire lizard people hurriedly knelt and greeted these figures when they appeared.

The blood-red figures paused, and their gazes were fiercely looking in the direction where the light cover had disappeared. Waves of furious roars were emitted from their mouths. However, they did not have the slightest solution…

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