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Chapter 893

Chapter 893: Fail

Su Qian seemed to be aware of what Xiao Yan was thinking as he watched his eyes suddenly become fiery hot. He waved his hand toward Xiao Yan and indicated for him to calm down.

“Old Qian, please head down to rest for awhile. Old Bai should be back in awhile.” Su Qian smiled. He gave Old Qian, who was suspended in the sky, a suggestion. His gaze swept over the sky. Those experts from the Demon Flame Valley from earlier had also followed Han Feng in fleeing. Hence, the sky appeared empty at this moment. The silence was without the soul-stirring big battle from earlier.

Old Qian did not reject Su Qian when he heard this. He nodded slightly before his footsteps gently pressed on the sky and slowly landed on the ground. Su Qian, Xiao Yan, and the rest followed behind.

The students of the Inner Academy where they had landed had already been scattered by the Elders. Xiao Li and the rest who had been waiting by the side, swiftly came forward. Their anxious eyes swept over Xiao Yan before they hurriedly asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Second brother, this in Old Qian from the Inner Academy. Fortunately, he intervened earlier. Otherwise, I would have ended up creating a big disaster.” Xiao Yan smiled faintly, and explained everything before pointing to Old Qian in front of him.

“Xiao Li greets Old Qian.” Xiao Li hurriedly greeted him upon hearing this. The frightening strength that Old Qian and Old Bai had displayed earlier had also been captured by his eyes. Naturally, he did not dare to slight Old Qian.

“He he.” Old Qian smiled as he nodded. Xiao Li’s strength was naturally not something that he would take note of. However, Xiao Yan was someone whom he valued greatly. Hence, his attitude toward Xiao Li had also become somewhat friendly.

After greeting each other, the group followed Su Qian and entered into a deep area of the Inner Academy. After which, they found a spacious hall where everyone surged in and filled the room until it was packed.

Everyone sat at their own seats as they chatted softly with each other. Su Qian was also reporting to Old Qian about the matters that had happened to the Inner Academy during this period of time. This included a brief summary of the Fallen Heart Flame of the Inner Academy as well as some of the big issues that had occurred during these years.

Old Qian was slightly stunned when he heard that the Fallen Heart Flame of the Inner Academy had ended up landing in Xiao Yan’s hands. He immediately said to Xiao Yan, “You are really lucky. Back then, Mang Tian Chi has discovered the Fallen Heart Flame and ended up sealing it. Originally, he had planned to absorb and refine it. However, the Fallen Heart Flame had evolved and formed some intelligence. It ended up stubbornly resisting and continued to hide within the underground magma without being willing to come up. It is unexpected that you ended up benefiting from it…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily let out an embarrassed smile upon hearing this. This Fallen Heart Flame was after all something that belonged to the Inner Academy. Although there were various reason that caused Xiao Yan to end up currently possessing it, his heart still had a kind of guilty feeling when this was mentioned.

“A person with affinity will obtain the treasures that belong to nature. One cannot try to force one’s will. Hence, there is no need for you to feel guilty. The Fallen Heart Flame is also a hidden danger that was waiting to erupt if it had continued to be sealed. If it had been left to completely erupt in the future, the Inner Academy would be destroyed as a result. Back then, even I did not really support sealing it. The more one seals it, the harder it will be to deal with it in the future.” Old Qian spoke with a faint smile after being aware of

what Xiao Yan was thinking in his heart.

“I understand.” Xiao Yan hurriedly replied.

Su Qain smiled slightly when he heard this. After which, he diverted the conversation topic.

Around half an hour or so after Xiao Yan’s group had entered the hall, a vague figure suddenly appeared slowly in the hall in a strange manner. After which, Old Bai’s elderly figure appeared. With a random flip of his hand, an icy-cold corpse was tossed to the ground.

The eyes of everyone in the hall hurriedly looked over. Who else could the corpse covered with solidified crimson blood scars be other than the Old Ground Demon Ghost who had been extremely arrogant half a day ago?

However, at this moment, the founder of the Demon Flame Valley, a renowned expert within the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ had turned into a corpse. Such an extreme change caused quite a number of people to quietly sigh.

Old Qian looked at the ice-cold corpse with eyes was covered in a viciousness. After which, he glanced at the cold and indifferent face of Old Bai. He sighed and said, “Forget about the grudge back then. You have also undone a knot in your heart. The chances of you successfully charging to the Dou Zun class will also be a little greater.”

Old Bai nodded slightly. He silently sat down in a chair on one side. After which, he shut his eyes.

“Today’s matter is already over. Old Bai and I need to continue our retreat. We do not know when the next time we will appear. The Inner Academy shall be left to you during this period of time.” Old Qian turned his head and spoke to Su Qian after seeing Old Bai return.

Su Qian nodded. However, he slowly stood up and said with a deep voice, “Two Elders, Su Qian hopes that the both of you can lend a hand.”

“This little fellow has unluckily been poisoned by a potent poison and he needs an elite Dou Zun in order to completely expel it. However, how is it easy to search for an elite Dou Zun? May I know if Old Qian and Old Bai can join hands and help him eliminate the poison?” Su Qian pointed to Xiao Yan and spoke with a solemn face.

Old Qian and Old Bai quietly raised their heads upon hearing Su Qian’s words. Their gazes swept to Xiao Yan and surprise flashed through their eyes, “It actually requires an elite Dou Zun to eliminate it? This is the first time that the two of us have seen such a potent poison after having lived for so many years. Little fellow, come over and let me take a look…”

“Third brother, you are poisoned? Why did you not mention this matter to me?” Beside Xiao Yan, Xiao Li’s expression was also stunned as he spoke with shock and fear.

“Relax. It’s fine…” Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He reassured Xiao Li before hurriedly standing up and swiftly pulling apart his robe to reveal the strange black poison spot on his chest that was sealed by a seal. He bitterly laughed, “This thing is called the ‘Demon Poison Spot.’ It is done using all the Dou Qi of a Dou Zong and is extremely poisonous. Unless one is a Dou Zun, it will be difficult to expel it…”

“You are actually able to cause an elite Dou Zong to exhaust all of his Dou Qi to poison you… that person really gives you face, little fellow.” Old Qian teased. After which, his eyes studied the dark-black spot. A moment later, he frowned slightly and an additional solemness appeared in his eyes. He exchanged glances with Old Bai by the side. After which, the two of them extended their fingers together. An extremely dense Dou Qi surged out. The Dou Qi churned and actually solidified into two half inch long energy crystals.

The faces of everyone seated revealed some shock when they saw that the two of them were actually able to solidify Dou Qi. Legend had it that only an elite Dou Zun could solidify their Dou Qi. It was unexpected that these two people could also do it.

With a gentle flick of their fingers, the Dou Qi crystal escaped Old Qian and Old Bai fingers before gently drifting to the black spot on Xiao Yan’s chest. When it was merely an inch or so away, it suddenly burst apart, transforming into a countless number of tiny crystals that drifted and landed on the black spot.

Xiao Yan’s entire body trembled intensely following the entrance of these crystal powders. His face also became distorted. The powder was just like hot sparks that caused waves of intense pain to be transmitted from his chest.

The black-colored poison spot suddenly began to wiggle like a living thing after the Dou Qi crystal powder fell onto it. The black spot moved up and down as its luster flickered from deep blackness…

The light endured for around two minutes or so before it suddenly disappeared. An unusual black fog suddenly seeped out of the poison spot before finally curling out and scattering.

“Be careful, its poisonous!”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty face changed slightly when she saw the spreading black fog. She beckoned with her hand and gray-colored Dou Qi surged from her hand. It immediately wrapped the black fog within it before carefully withdrawing back into her body. Her body was originally a poison refining cauldron. Therefore just this little amount did not pose much of a threat to her despite the potentness of the Demon Poison Spot.

“What lethal poison…” Old Qian’s and Old Bai’s faces moved slightly after they slowly withdrew their fingers. The Dou Qi crystal of theirs had actually weakened this Demon Poison Spot just a little. It was indeed worthy of being a strange thing that required all the Dou Qi of a Dou Zong in order to create…

“Two elders, how is it?” Su Qian hurriedly asked when he saw the two of them stop.

Old Qian shook his head slowly and said, “Difficult. The two of us aren’t genuine Dou Zuns and we cannot create many of the kind of Dou Qi crystal body earlier. The person who had used this poison is too vicious… It seems that you can only go and search for an elite Dou Zun to lend a hand.”

“Even the both of you are helpless?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily felt a little disappointed as he asked.

“It is not that we are totally helpless against this thing. You have also seen earlier that we were indeed able to expel some poison. However, the amount that we will expel each time is too little. At this rate, it is likely that we would require a couple of years in order to completely remove the poison. Do you have that amount of time?” Old Bai shut his eyes as he responded.

Xiao Yan once again bitterly laughed. A couple of years? At that time, it was likely that the seal would have broken automatically before the poison was completely removed. If that was the case, it would be better for him to search for an elite Dou Zun or to swallow a third kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’…

Su Qian also sighed when he saw Xiao Yan’s expression. He patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders to comfort him.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air, bowed to Old Qian and Old Bai before slowly returning to his seat. Although his heart felt a little disappointed, he was not dismayed over this. Honestly speaking, when he saw that Old Qian and Old Bai could only expel the poison, he had felt that perhaps allowing them to expel the poison was not a good method.

This Demon Poison Spot did indeed bring about a great threat to Xiao Yan. However, at the same time, it also contained all the Dou Qi of an elite Dou Zong. This also caused Xiao Yan to covet it. If he could refine such energy a little at a time like he did back then, it would undoubtedly allow his strength to advance. Hence, it was indeed somewhat wasteful if he allowed it to scatter…

“Looks like this thing… I must still rely on myself. As long as I obtained a third type of ‘Heavenly Flame’… I will be able to rely on my own strength to refine the Demon Poison Spot. At that time, my strength would greatly advance!”

Xiao Yan’s somewhat disappointed feelings immediately became heated ones as he thought this.

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