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Chapter 849

Chapter 849: Meeting

Xiao Yan’s hand gently pulled on the black-colored Doupeng. His gaze gently swept over the dry smile on Mo Tian Xing’s face. His tone was calm as he asked, “Sect leader Mo, didn’t you look down on the Zong Breaking Pill?”

Mo Tian Xing could not help but awkwardly smile when he heard this. He knew that Xiao Yan still bore a grudge toward him regarding that matter in the auction ground. With a bitter smile, he said, “Mister Yan Xiao, the old me is also helpless in this manner. Such a matter is usually discussed with the Elders in the sect. They insisted that the thing that Old Ying Shan provided is more suitable for our Black Emperor Sect. The old me cannot just insist on my own way.”

Xiao Yan was noncommittal with regards to Mo Tian Xing’s excuse. With the latter’s position within the Black Emperor Sect, he had basically reached the stage where his words were law. Even all the Elders’ rights to speak could not be compared with his. Hence, these words of his did not have the slightest form of trust.

Of course, regardless of whether Xiao Yan believed his excuse, there was no reason he needed to get entangled with this matter. It was naturally not a problem for Mo Tian Xing to be interested in the Zong Breaking Pill. He did not have the slightest objection if the latter could take out something that interested Xiao Yan in exchange for it.

“Don’t tell me that sect leader Mo is able to take out a second Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva?” Xiao Yan faintly laughed.

The smile on Mo Tian Xing’s face stiffened when he heard this. He immediately and helplessly replied, “What is mister Yan Xiao saying. This Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva is the only one in my Black Emperor Sect. Moreover, this single share is soon going to be in the possession of Old Ying Shan.”

“I am currently only interested in the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. As for the other things…” Xiao Yan shook his head with a calm tone.

“Mister Xiao Yan, we can always discuss the manner. Why doesn’t my Black Emperor Sect provide you with medicinal ingredients and ask mister to help refine another Zong Breaking Pill? Regardless of how many you are able to successfully refine, it is fine as long as you give my Black Emperor Sect one. The rest will be yours. What do you say?” Mo Tian Xing hurriedly asked.

“Forget it. I do not have the extra time to stay in the Black Emperor Sect specifically to help you refine pills.” Xiao Yan’s tone immediately became cold when he heard this. He did not continue to converse with this fellow who didn’t have any integrity. After cupping his hands together, he left with the Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan.

Mo Tian Xing’s expression alternated between green and white as he stared at the backs of Xiao Yan’s three man group. A moment later, some gloominess finally surged into his eyes. His hand violently smashed against the table, unleashing a fierce wind. The force from the wind shattered the firm table into powder.

“Sect leader, did he not agree?” The loud sound that was transmitted from the large hall caused two human figures to hurriedly walk in from the back. They were Qi Shan and Mo Ya. At this moment, these two individuals were carefully preparing their questions.

Mo Tian Xing’s expression was dark and solemn as he nodded. He coldly said, “This fellow is really too arrogant. My Black Emperor Sect is willing to provide medicinal ingredients for him to refine the Zong Breaking Pill, but only take one Zong Breaking Pill in the end. He would have everything to gain yet he is actually still dissatisfied.”

“All the young people who have some ability are like this. They are all too arrogant.” Qi Sha

n coldly laughed.

“Father, what should we do now? Don’t tell me we do not want that Zong Breaking Pill?” Mo Ya frowned and spoke somewhat anxiously. He knew that possessing this Zong Breaking Pill would benefit him. When he break through the Dou Huang class in the future, he might have to rely on this thing. Hence, he immediately became somewhat anxious now that the negotiations had collapsed.

“What are you so anxious for? Don’t tell me that you want to snatch it? The white-clothed lady beside that fellow is not someone that can be easily offended. Even I don’t have absolute confidence in defeating her.” Mo Tian Xing reprimanded.

Mo Ya did not dare to utter another words after being scolded by Mo Tian Xing. However, the anxiety in his heart was not the least bit reduced.

“What are sect leader’s intentions?” Qi Shan by the side asked.

“Let’s wait and watch the situation. They have clearly come with the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva as their target. However, Old Ying Shan is also not an ordinary person. It won’t be a simple task to snatch something from his hands. At that time, when the white-clothed lady and him fight until the both of them are injured, I might be able to quietly intervene…” Some dark coldness flashed across Mo Tian Xing’s eyes as he slowly spoke. “Since this little brat isn’t willing to accept our generous offer, he should not blame the old me for being vicious.”

Mo Ya finally sighed in relief in his heart after hearing his words. A dense jealousy flashed across his eyes as he glanced at the spot where Xiao Yan’s group had disappeared.

A mocking smile remained on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth as he walked out of the hall of the Black Emperor Sect. This old fellow actually wanted him to specifically refine a Zong Breaking Pill for them. Such thinking was somewhat wonderful and naive.

Originally, Xiao Yan bore a grudge that this old fellow had chosen Old Ying Shan. Who would expect that this old fellow would actually think of this method to obtain the Zong Breaking Pill from Xiao Yan… the medicinal ingredients of the Zong Breaking Pill were not things that Xiao Yan needed in a hurry. Therefore, he did not need to remain behind to work for them.

Moreover, Xiao Yan did not value those so-called medicinal ingredients. With Zi Yan’s special ability to sense medicinal ingredients, it was not an extremely difficult task for him to find some more.

“The Zong Breaking Pill is too precious. That old fellow clearly knew in his heart that he would not be able to take out an ordinary item to exchange for it. However, he is unwilling to take out some overly valuable things. Hence, he chose such a method. Perhaps, in his heart, he might even think that you have gained a great advantage.” The Little Fairy Doctor smiled and spoke after she seemed to have sensed Xiao Yan’s furious smile.

“To think that he is actually an elite Dou Zong. He is so stingy.” Zi Yan curled her small mouth and spoke with disdain. Medicinal ingredients were the most worthless things in her eyes. As long as she went into the deep mountains or old forests, she would be able to find some medicinal ingredients that contained a dense energy. Yet, this old fellow actually wanted to use these things, that were extremely cheap in her eyes, to exchange for the Zong Breaking Pill. It was little wonder why she would despise him.

Xiao Yan gently exhaled and viciously cursed, “Wouldn’t everything have been fine if that old bastard had exchanged the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva with me? Yet he must play these games.”

The Little Fairy Doctor smiled when she heard Xiao Yan curse in this manner. It seemed that Xiao Yan bore a deep grudge against Mo Tian Xing for failing to choose Zong Breaking Pill in the auction… however, one could understand him after some thought. Currently, the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva was something that now belonged to Old Ying Shan. It was going to be quite difficult to snatch it from the hands of an elite Dou Zong.

“There is no need to be overly worried. In any case, it is not as though we are the only ones targeting the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. At that time, we can wait for the others to attack first and reap the benefits of their battle.” The Little Fairy Doctor softly continued, “However, now that you rejected Mo Tian Xing, it is likely the old fellow’s heart will have a blotch. Hence, we should be a little careful of them.”

Xiao Yan vaguely nodded. His footsteps had just stepped out of the Black Emperor Sect when a gray-haired old man’s figure came over. His appearance caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to slightly narrow. Surprisingly, that person was old Ying Shan!

Old Ying Shan still possessed an expressionless face. His eyes gave a random glance when he passed Xiao Yan. Though his gaze contained a faint fierceness when it swept over the Little Fairy Doctor. His body moved before strangely rushing into the Black Emperor Sect.

Xiao Yan finally exhaled gently after Old Ying Shan disappeared. He softly said, “This Old Ying Shan should be hear to obtain the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, no?

Little Fairy Doctor nodded.

Xiao Yan’s white hand pulled his Doupeng forward slightly and said with a low voice: “Looks like he’s planning to leave.”

“It is likely that those many factions who are watching him with ill intent will attack the moment he leaves Black Emperor City…” The Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes slowly swept around. She knew that there was a countless number of gazes watching this place from outside the Black Emperor Sect. It was likely that within a couple of minutes, the matter of Old Ying Shan appearing in the Black Emperor Sect would be transmitted to the ears of those factions.

Xiao Yan nodded gently.

“What do we do now?” The Little Fairy Doctor softly inquired.

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. A moment later, he gently inhaled a breath of air, and said in a deep voice, “Let’s go and look for second brother and First Elder Su Qian. If we gain their help in what we will do, things will definitely become much easier.” Xiao Yan did not hesitate any longer after his voice sounded. The direction of his footsteps changed as he headed to the location where ‘Xiao Gate’ was staying.

Over a dozen human figures were sitting in a large hall at the southern part of the city. From their appearance, they were surprisingly Xiao Li, First Elder Su Qian and the others. Currently, they were not staying within the Black Emperor Pavilion. Instead, they had randomly booked an entire compound within the city as a temporary resting place.

“Do you have news about the people from the Demon Flame Valley?” Xiao Li, who was seated in the leader’s spot, frowned and asked an Elder from ‘Xiao Gate.’

“Sect leader, the people from the Demon Flame Valley have already left the Black Emperor City. However, they have not gone far. They are camped outside the city. From the looks of it, they are clearly waiting for old Ying Shan.” A gray-robed old man respectfully replied.

“Hei, these fellows indeed still have their sights set on the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva…” Xiao Li immediately let out a cold laugh when he heard this. He had just turned towards First Elder Su Qian by his side to ask for the latter’s opinion when the expression of the latter suddenly changed. First Elder Su Qian suddenly got up and sharply cried, “Who is it?”

Everyone was startled when they heard Su Qian’s voice. They watched as three human figures appeared by the door in a ghost-like manner.

Two of the three human figures were wrapped under black robes. The only one who revealed her appearance was that white-clothed lady.

Xiao Li’s expression drastically changed when he saw the sudden appearance of these three people. He knew that they had offended these three people in the auction because of the Di class Middle level ruler technique Dou Skill. Looking at them at this moment, it seemed like they were here to find trouble…

The experts from ‘Xiao Gate’ and Jia Nan Academy within the large hall had begun to show signs of chaos because of the appearance of these three people. All of their figures moved in an instant. After which, they fled behind Su Qian. All of them clearly knew that if they were to step forward to face an elite Dou Zong, they would only die without being of the slightest use.

“This friend, everyone relies on their own ability in the auction ground. It seems that there is no need to end up involving a grudge, no? The old me is the First Elder of the Jia Nan Academy. On the account of my faint reputation, please let this matter pass.” A solemness surged onto the face of First Elder Su Qian as he cupped his hands and spoke in a deep voice. Even he did not dare to easily offend an alchemist, who could refine a top grade tier 6 medicinal pill, and an elite Dou Zong.

The black-robed person seemed to be stunned when he heard these words. He immediately sighed, feeling neither able to laugh nor cry. His hand pulled at the Doupeng and slowly removed it. A familiar face that was filled with a helplessness immediately appeared in front of Xiao Li’s stunned group.

“First Elder, these words of yours are really quite serious…”

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