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Chapter 847

Chapter 847: The Final Victor

The Zong Breaking Pill. Mo Tian Xing was not foreign to this medicinal pill that could be considered renowned. Qi Shan behind him was also not foreign to it. The effects of this medicinal pill similarly possessed an enormous attraction to them.

Currently, the Black Emperor Sect only had one elite Dou Zong, Mo Tian Xing. This was also the main reason why the Black Emperor Sect was able to stand within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ without collapsing. Hence, one could tell just what kind of deterrent effect an elite Dou Zong possessed within this region.

The Black Emperor Sect had been thinking of grooming a second elite Dou Zong during these years to act as Mo Tian Xing’s successor. The one who had the greatest chance to reach this class was naturally Mo Ya, who had displayed an outstanding training talent since he was young. The Black Emperor Sect had used an uncountable amount of spiritual medicines on the latter during these many years. Only through their liberal usage of spirituale medicines did they manage to allow Mo Ya to become an expert Dou Huang before he was thirty. However, simply relying on the accumulation of medicinal pills was not something that could successfully groom an elite Dou Zong. This point was something that Mo Tian Xing, who was an elite Dou Zong, was clearly aware of.

There was a big gap between a Dou Huang and a Dou Zong. Attempting to successfully breakthrough was extremely difficult… Honestly speaking, even with Mo Ya’s training talent, Mo Tian Xing did not hold much hope in the former charging into the Dou Zong class. If it was this easy to advance into the Dou Zong class, the enormous ‘Black-Corner Region’ would not have these few individuals who were as rare as phoenix feathers and a unicorn horn.

Although Mo Tian Xing did not hold much hope, he had also never given up. After all, the Black Emperor Sect had already spent quite a lot on Mo Ya. It was impossible for them to stop now. All they could do was go all out. As long as Mo Ya was able to become an elite Dou Zong, the strength of the Black Emperor Sect would soar. They might not be able to unify the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ but by relying on the strength of two elite Dou Zongs and the foundation of the Black Emperor Sect, they would at least be able to become an extremely strong existence that could roll over the other factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. That position was far from what they could currently compare with…

Of course, the precondition of all of this was Mo Ya’s successful break through to the Dou Zong class. However, it was clearly a very difficult task for Mo Ya to rely on his own strength to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class. Hence, Mo Tian Xing needed to find some medicinal pills that could increase the chances of this occurring. At this moment… the ‘Zong Breaking Pill’ that Xiao Yan had taken out had coincidentally pressed on the softest spot within their hearts.

The excitement in Mo Tian Xing’s eyes continued for a moment before gradually disappearing. He carefully grabbed the jade bottle that Xiao Yan had thrown over. After which, he handed it to Qi Shan behind him. The latter understood the former’s intention as he swiftly received it. After which, he glanced at the dragon-eye-sized medicinal pill within the bottle. He poured it onto his hand and carefully studied it only to sigh and nod his head a moment later. He raised his head. His gaze was somewhat complicated as he looked at Xiao Yan while he said in a deep voice, “Sect leader, this is indeed the ‘Zong Breaking Pill’. Moreover, its quality is quite high and the medicinal effect is extremely well-preserved.”

The smile on Mo Tian Xing’s face widened after hearing Qi Shan’s verification. With a smile, he nodded and said to Xi

ao Yan, “The medicinal pill that mister Yan Xiao was refining back then should be this item, right?”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His gaze faintly swept over the two people before laughing, “May I know what sect leader Mo thinks about this Zong Breaking Pill?”

“Not bad, this Zong Breaking Pill is indeed a medicinal pill that my Black Emperor Sect needs.” Mo Tian Xing smiled and nodded. He immediately recalled something and frowned. After which, he raised his head, smiled and spoke to Xiao Yan, “Since mister Yan Xiao has already taken out the item that he wishes to use for the exchange, please return to your seat and wait. After the few Elders within the sect and I have a discussion, the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva in this auction shall have a new owner.”

Xiao Yan nodded when he heard his words. He smoothly grabbed the jade bottle and his hands immediately withdrew into his sleeves. A layer of faint Dou Qi quietly surged out before wrapping around the jade bottle. One could not blame Xiao Yan for being this cautious. After all, his heart understood just what kind of place he belonged to as well as who the people in front of him were. If one were not cautious when dealing with them, it was likely that one would not even know how one died.

Xiao Yan stored the jade bottle before cupping his hands toward Mo Tian Xing. After which, he turned his body and walked out of the light circle.

The smile on Mo Tian Xing’s face changed after sending Xiao Yan out of the light pillar. He knit his brows tightly and appeared to have descended into some sort of troubled state.

“Elder Qi, there are currently three things that interest us. One is the tier 7 medicinal pill, ‘Life Returning Pill’ that Old Ying Shan has taken out. The second is the spiritual merger method that the Demon Flame Valley has taken out. The third is this Yan Xiao’s ‘Zong Breaking Pill’. Which do you think is most suitable for us?” Mo Tian Xing thought deeply for a moment before slowly placing his hands behind him. He asked Qi Shan a question with a frown.

Qi Shan was startled when he heard this. He immediately knit his brows slightly and voiced his thoughts, “The ‘Life Returning Pill is a tier 7 medicinal pill. It does indeed crush the other two items in terms of its grade. This medicinal pill is able to save one person’s life. With it, one can live as long as one does not have his head chopped off or his heart crushed by another person. If sect leader possessed it, it would be equivalent to you having two lives. This is of critical importance. You are the most important person in the Black Emperor Sect. As long as you are around, the position of the Black Emperor Sect will be preserved for a long time.

“As for the spiritual merger method that the Demon Flame Valley offered, it is admittedly unique. However, this kind of Qi Method that forcefully swallows spirits clearly possesses quite the drawbacks. Perhaps it might be able to strengthen one’s strength in the short term, but it is likely that it results in a great sequela. This thing can only be said to be something with both an attraction and a danger. If the Black Emperor Sect were to suffer a great disaster, sect leader might be able to use this method to turn things around. However, it does not have much use under normal circumstances.

“The ‘Zong Breaking Pill’ of Yan Xiao might only be a tier 6 medicinal pill, but it is able to increase the chances of success in the advancement to the Dou Zong class. Honestly speaking, even if this pill was given to junior sect leader, it is likely that his chances of success will still be extremely low. Once he fails, the medicinal pill will be considered to have been wasted. This Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, would be given to someone for nothing in return. Of course, if he succeeds, there will naturally be endless benefits for our Black Emperor Sect. Therefore, it is a gamble.”

Mo Tian Xing nodded slightly when he heard Qi Shan’s analysis. A moment later, he let out a long sigh. A struggle appeared momentarily on his face before he violently clenched his fist. He said in a deep voice, “In that case, we will choose that!”

Qi Shan did not add anything after Mo Tian Xing made up his mind. He nodded slightly before taking a couple of steps back.

Xiao Yan walked out of the light pillar. Due to him being wrapped by a black robe, no one could see the expression he was wearing. Hence, they could only stare at him as he slowly walked back to his seat and quietly sat down.

There were still some other people who entered the light pillar after Xiao Yan came out. However, most people had entered with excitement, but had come out looking depressed. Clearly, the high standards of the Black Emperor Sect had exceeded many people’s expectations.

“How is it?”

The Little Fairy Doctor was quiet for a moment as she watched the people passing through the light pillar. Only then did she part her red lips to softly inquire.

Xiao Yan knit his brows under the black robe. He softly sighed before saying, “It is not as good as expected… I have underestimated some people’s degree of desire for this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva.”

Although Mo Tian Xing was extremely surprised when Xiao Yan had taken out the Zong Breaking Pill earlier, Xiao Yan had clearly seen the hesitation and struggle within his eyes before the latter recovered his cool. Clearly, an item that had interested Mo Tian Xing had appeared before him. Moreover, he still felt some hesitation after Xiao Yan had taken out the Zong Breaking Pill. From this, one could see that the thing he was interested likely had a value that was not lower than the Zong Breaking Pill. In this way, the confidence in Xiao Yan’s heart had significantly diminished.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s grayish-purple eyes blinked a couple of times after hearing Xiao Yan’s sigh. Her delicate hand gently patted Xiao Yan’s arm in a comforting manner as he said with a gentle voice, “There is no need to be too worried. Even if we really fail to win the bid for the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva, it is not as though we will not have a chance. Actually, quite a number of people present possess similar intentions…”

Xiao Yan was stunned when he heard this. He immediately smiled and a cold glint appeared in his dark-black eyes. He would obtain this Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva at all costs. If he was unable to obtain it through proper means, he could only use one final tactic…

While these thoughts lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart, the light pillar on the auction stage suddenly started to pale. The situation within it was visible to everyone’s eyes.

“Ke ke, everyone, after the earlier selection, my Black Emperor Sect has our final answer.” Mo Tian Xing’s eyes swept all around him as he spoke with a smile.

The auction grounds immediately became quiet upon hearing the words of his. All of the gazes carried some curiosity and anxiety as they locked onto Mo Tian Xing.

Mo Tian Xing laughed in front of everyone’s gazes, “After a discussion between the Elders of the sect and the old me, the final victor of this auction is…” He purposefully paused for a moment when his words reached this point. He waited until quite a number of people were just staring at him before his finger was suddenly lifted. It pointed to a certain spot in the VIP seats.

“Old Ying Shan!”

The atmosphere in the auction grounds immediately became dull after Mo Tian Xing’s words sounded. Quite a number of people in the VIP seats slowly lifted a dark, cold smile to the corner of their lips.

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