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Chapter 831

Chapter 831: White-Clothed Person

The table burst apart and wood flew in all directions. However, Xiao Yan’s expression did not change even a little. His hand was still holding a teacup, acting like the surface of a calm lake without even the hint of a ripple.

Xiao Yan raised his eyes to the face of the fierce-looking middle-aged man. He glanced at the latter and slowly replied, “They are but some dregs. It’s nothing killing them.”

Those surrounding people were slightly surprised when they heard Xiao Yan straight up admit to the matter. Their hearts immediately came to a sudden understanding. It seemed that this young person was not some ordinary person. Otherwise, he would be a fool to be bold enough to say such words in this place.

The fierce glint in the eyes of the shirtless men immediately soared upon hearing Xiao Yan say these words. Their eyes carried a savageness as they stared at Xiao Yan. From the looks of it, it appeared as though they would hack the latter into pieces as long as the middle-aged man gave the order.

“Brat, you are really haughty. It is just as you have said. Most of those people with inferior strength are dregs and killing them is nothing. Unfortunately, there was a disappointing nephew of mine among that group of dregs. Why don’t you tell me how to settle this matter?” The face of that middle-aged man trembled as he spoke with a dense, cold voice that was filled with an unhidden killing intent.

Xiao Yan raised his eyes slightly when he heard this. He immediately took a gentle sip from his teacup in front of everyone and faintly responded, “Even if I knew beforehand, I would have definitely not have held back.”

Everyone around him let out an uproar at Xiao Yan’s words. At the same time, his words caused the expression of this middle-aged man in front of him to turn gloomy. In man’s fury, he gradually became much calmer. By remaining calm in such a situation, the man thought that Xiao Yan either possessed an extremely great strength or that there was a large faction behind him.

The middle-aged man suppressed the surge of killing intent within his heart as these thoughts appeared. His gaze slowly swept over Xiao Yan and he spoke in a dark and cold voice, “Gang Leader Kui Sha from the Kui Wolf Gang. Brat, if you are able to show me a faction behind you that even I am afraid of, I will swallow this loss myself!”

“There is no need to probe. Relax, the three of us are alone and do not have any faction behind us. Therefore, you need not worry.” Xiao Yan smiled and replied upon hearing his words.

Laughter immediately erupted from the large hall when Xiao Yan’s words sounded. The corner of Kui Sha’s mouth twitched under this kind of ridiculing laughter the killing intent in his eyes surged.

“Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!”

Kui Sha’s body suddenly moved as the killing intent in his heart surged. He raised his right leg and formed a half rotated shape in mid-air. His right leg carried a fierce wind as it tore through the air. It violently smashed toward Xiao Yan’s head in a furious manner.

This vicious attitude of Kui Sha, where he attacked as he pleased, caused quite a number of people to let out an exclamation. It was indeed as the rumors had said. He was a thorough meat grinder.

Xiao Yan did not even raise his eyes in the face of this fierce attack by Kui Sha. His right hand gently swung out and instantly collided with Kui Sha’s right leg. A low ‘boom’ sounded and a wind ripple spread out, causing the surrounding tables to blast apart.

The hand and leg separated upon contact. Xiao Yan’s body did not even move a little. However, the chair he was sitting in suddenly shattered into powder. On the other hand, Kui Sha took a couple of heavy

steps back. The strength of both parties was immediately obvious after this short exchange.

“This brat is actually an expert Dou Huang?” This short exchange had exposed Xiao Yan’s strength. A thread of shock surged in all of the eyes in the hall. It was not that there were no expert Dou Huangs in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. It was just that there were hardly any as young as Xiao Yan.

Usually speaking, the earlier one reached the Dou Huang class, the greater that person’s training talent and potential. A sharp-eyed person would know that for someone of Xiao Yan’s age, he would definitely have the chance to become an elite Dou Zong in the future if he was given enough time. Should he be blessed with enough luck, it was not impossible for him to even become an elite Dou Zun.

The face of Kui Sha, who had stabilized his body, also revealed a shocked expression. He never expected Xiao Yan to be an expert Dou Huang in the same class as him. Moreover, from the exchange earlier, it seemed that Xiao Yan’s level was even a little higher than him.

Kui Sha had difficulty sensing Xiao Yan’s true strength given his three star Dou Huang strength. It was due to his class that caused him to be this arrogant with his earlier words.

“I am really blind this time around…” Kui Sha inhaled a deep breath of cold air within his heart. At this moment, a basin of cold water had splashed over the killing intent that had filled his heart. When he received the news earlier, he was overcome by anger and led his people over without giving it more thought. Yet, the other party’s strength was actually this frightening.

Kui Sha’s expression alternated between green and white under the many gazes. Thoughts swiftly flew through his heart. A moment later, he withdrew the fierce aura from his body, cupped his hands toward Xiao Yan, and spoke with a deep voice, “I admit that I am no match for you. I will remember this grudge in my heart and will come force you to repay me in the future.”

After saying this, he waved his hand and led his people to leave in a somewhat miserable manner.

However, Xiao Yan suddenly spoke after Kui Sha turned his body, “What does Gang Leader Kui Sha treats me as? Someone you can attack as you wish? And leave as you wish?”

There was still a couple of days left until the auction began. If he wanted to obtain silence during this period of time, he would need to reveal some skill. Since Kui Sha had taken the initiative to deliver himself, it was only natural that Xiao Yan would not allow him to leave as he pleased. It would really be a waste if he let off this kind of people that had delivered himself to show his might.

Kui Sha’s body paused. He looked at Xiao Yan and found that the latter’s eyes were similarly flickering with killing intent.

“What do you want? This is the area of the Black Emperor Sect.” Kui Sha said. His expression slightly changed when he sensed the killing intent in Xiao Yan’s eyes.

“Receive three punches from her. You can leave if you succeed. Otherwise, you will die!” Xiao Yan pointed toward Zi Yan by his side as he spoke with a faint voice.

Zi Yan was initially a little startled when she saw Xiao Yan’s finger pointing at her. After which, an eager and excited expression immediately surged on her face.

Numerous gazes around Xiao Yan followed his finger and looked over. Strange expressions immediately surged on their faces when they saw the cute jade-carving-like Zi Yan. This fellow was actually asking a little girl to attack Kui Sha?

Kui Sha was similarly stunned for awhile due to this. A fury surged within his heart as he laughed, “I can receive three punches from you. There is no need for a little girl to come out. Otherwise, I might end up getting into trouble after she is beaten to death.”

Xiao Yan ignored him. He turned his head and spoke with a smile to Zi Yan, “Do it. There is no need to hold back.”

“Aye!” Zi Yan vigorously nodded her little head. Her ten fingers crossed tightly together and she pressed them down slightly. A cracking sound was emitted from her bones. Finally, she took small steps toward Kui Sha.

“This is entirely your own fault. The old me does not have the hobby of respecting the elderly and loving the young. You are to blame if anything happens to her!” The fury in Kui Sha’s heart surged when he saw Zi Yan walking toward him, so he grit his teeth and spoke to Xiao Yan.

Zi Yan arrived in front of Kui Sha while the latter spoke. Her large gem-like eyes glanced at this large man who was three times her size. After which, she clenched her small fist and smashed it toward Kui Sha in front of many mocking gazes.

Zi Yan attack caused an air explosion sound to suddenly appear within the large hall. The many noisy voices suddenly ceased. Numerous gazes stared at the curved indentation that had appeared in the air when that small fist was waved.

Kui Sha’s face instantly changed the moment the sound of a sonic boom appeared. The Dou Qi within his body surged out at almost the same time.

Kui Sha did not have the time to catch his breath after the Dou Qi surged out when Zi Yan’s fist arrived at his body. A frightening energy that came from all directions came pouring out like floodwater!


The Dou Qi that lingered on the surface of his body was torn apart by the frightening strength on that little fist. Zi Yan’s fist landed firmly on his chest and a mouthful of fresh blood erupted in front of the many stunned gazes.

The fresh blood formed a blood fog in the air while Kui Sha’s body seemed to be like a sandbag that had suffered a heavy blow as he flew back. The tables he made contact with along the way were turned into powder. He flew in this manner for dozens of meters before violently colliding with an enormous pillar. The entire large hall swayed slightly at that moment.

The entire place was completely silent. All the gazes solidified on Zi Yan and Kui Sha, whose mouth continued to spit out fresh blood. No one had expected that the small body of the little girl would hide such a frightening strength!

Numerous gazes turned to Xiao Yan, whose face contained a smile since the start. Their hearts increasingly felt that the latter was mysterious.

At the moment, the hearts of most people had already pasted a danger sign on that smiling face of Xiao Yan. One really could not judge a person by his appearance in this ‘Black-Corner Region’.

Zi Yan did not stop after sending Kui Sha flying with a punch. Her toes pressed on the ground and her body shot out explosively like a cannon ball. Her fist was once again tightly clenched as she ruthlessly charged towards the seriously injured Kui Sha.

A fear immediately flashed across Kui Sha’s eyes when he saw this action of Zi Yan. He let out a loud cry, “Young Master Mo, save me!”

Zi Yan’s body flashed and arrived like a swallow just as his voice sounded. A clear laugh suddenly sounded within the large hall when her fist was about to strike again, “Ke ke, this young lady, why do you need to use such vicious attacks? No deaths can appear in the Black Emperor Pavilion.”

A white figure suddenly rushed out in a ghost-like manner after the laughter sounded. He immediately appeared in front of Kui Sha, curled his hands and rotated them in a strange manner. One could see Zi Yan’s figure slipping past him, and she nearly fell due to her being caught off guard.

Zi Yan stabilized her body. A fury surfaced on her small face. After bouncing on her toes, her body furiously charge toward the white-clothed person who had appeared.

The white-clothed person smiled faintly upon seeing Zi Yan ferociously charge over. Both of his hands once again twisted in a strange manner. His hand was extended and bent. He grabbed both of Zi Yan’s fist and gently dragged her before suddenly pushing her forward!

This white-clothed person seemed to specialize in dealing with brute force. Not only was Zi Yan’s attack stopped by him but he still possessed the excess strength to counterattack. This push may appear gentle but the strength within it was quite fierce. It was likely that Zi Yan would be forced back by over a dozen steps should she be unable to dodge it. Moreover, she might even suffer some injuries.

Left in mid-air, it was only natural that it was extremely troublesome for Zi Yan to dodge. The other party’s experience seemed to be extremely rich. He had basically sealed off Zi Yan’s retreat path when he attacked. In that instant, Zi Yan actually had no means of escaping.

A black figure flashed and appeared in an unusual manner when the pushing hand of the white-clothed person was used. The former’s hand grabbed Zi Yan’s body and pulled her back while his five fingers were tightly clenched, carrying a hot wind as his hand violently shot out.

The fist collided with the pushing hand that contained a hidden force, emitting a muffled sound. The wind spread and both parties took a step back.

Xiao Yan placed Zi Yan down and slowly raised his head. His eyes looked toward the white-clothed person who had attacked and a chill flashed across his dark-black pupils.

“Aren’t you going a little too overboard to use such a heavy attack on a little girl?”

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