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Chapter 798

Chapter 798: Protector Tie

A majestic aura that faintly contained some dark coldness seeped out from deep within the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate’s mountain top. The battle in both the sky and on the ground gradually came to a stop. Experts from both parties were looking at the source of the aura with surprise and uncertainty. Other than a small number of people, there was hardly anyone who knew the origin of the owner of this aura.

The faces of even some experts at the Dou Huang class became unnaturally ugly when they sensed this aura. This was because they discovered that the majestic degree of this aura had far surpassed them. It could even be compared with Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bu Yan. The appearance of such a high class expert at such a moment was enough to flip victory and defeat in this big battle!

Two crossing human figures in the distant sky suddenly stopped. The battle between Little Fairy Doctor and Xie Bu Yan also temporarily paused. After that earlier intense fight, the aura of the both of was a little unstable. Frightening Dou Qi lingered over their entire bodies, shaking the air until it trembled.

The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes swept over toward the source of the majestic aura. Her eyes shrank while she quietly wondered in her heart, “Is that fellow finally about to reveal himself…”

“Hei, Sky Poison Woman, you must have not expected that our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate actually still had another elite Dou Zong. Today, the old me shall see whether you can fight two alone!” Xie Bi Yan’s walking stick slammed against the empty air as he laughed with a dark and cold voice.

The Little Fairy Doctor faintly glanced at him. After which, her eyes turned to the position where Xiao Yan was located. Coincidentally, the latter had also looked over. Their eyes mingled with each other, and Xiao Yan nodded once to her, indicating that she need not be distracted because of this.

During the time that Xiao Yan’s sight crossed with that of the Little Fairy Doctor, a dense, black-colored smoke suddenly surged out from deep within the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. It quickly flew over to this battleground like a demon riding the clouds. Within a couple of flashes, it paused in the sky. The black fog was slowly withdrawn before finally transforming into a black figure with a face that could not be clearly seen.

“Tsk tsk, Xie Bu Yan, it is unexpected that you are actually unable to deal with her…” The black figure appeared in the sky from nowhere and spoke with a strange laugh as he swept his gaze over the sky.

“Ke ke, Protector Tie is joking. This sect leader of the Poison Sect is not some ordinary person. Even the old me has to admit that it is indeed not easy to reach this stage at such a young age. However, the big battle today is unusually important to our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Hence, we have no choice but to invite Protector Tie to lend a hand.” Xie Bi Yan laughed. His tone was extremely fearful of this mysterious black figure.

“It is naturally not a problem if you want this protector to intervene. However, you should be aware of the reward after this right?” The black fog covering the black figure rose occasionally as his somewhat low, cold voice resounded over the sky.

Xie Bi Yan’s expression changed slightly upon hearing this. However, he immediately grit his teeth and laughed, “Protector Tie, you can rest assured that I will deliver all that you need when the time comes.”

“Yes.” Protector Tie acknowledged faintly. After which, his eyes slowly swept over that chaotic battleground. He let out a dark and cold smile before his body moved. Dark-black chains shot out from his body like poisonous snakes amid some clanging sounds. They remained closeby and wrapped around his body.

“It is un

expected that it’s actually you.” The Little Fairy Doctor’s eyes were icy cold. She looked at this black figure as she slowly spoke.

“I have given you the opportunity. Unfortunately, you are unwilling to grab hold of it. Originally, we had a very good opportunity to collaborate together, but you have insisted on breaking this collaboration. In that case, I can only seek another partner to work with.” Protector Tie glanced at Little Fairy Doctor and replied with a faint voice.

“I’m afraid that you won’t have that chance!” The Little Fairy Doctor coldly laughed.

“Is that so?” Protector Tie also laughed coldly. His voice was dark and cold as he immediately said to Xie Bi Yan, “You should delay her first. I will come and capture her once I capture all the souls of these experts from the Poison Sect!” Protector Tie’s hand suddenly moved after his words sounded. The two black-colored chains lingering over his body suddenly shot out. They instantly cut through the sky. Their speed was so quick that it caused one’s eyes to be dazzled.

Chi! Chi!

When the two chains shot out, the many experts from the Poison Sect hurriedly dodged them. However, the black-colored chains seemed to possess an intelligence as it strangely turned a couple of times in the sky. After which, they violently penetrated through the chest of two expert Dou Wangs.

The black-colored chain slowly shook, and the two corpses with widened eyes and terrified faces were suddenly lifted high up. A black fog lingered over the chain and sucked the two illusionary spiritual bodies from the physical bodies of the two Dou Wangs in a forceful manner. Finally, they were swallowed by the chain. The corpses which had lost their souls were randomly tossed aside by him.

“An ordinary expert’s soul is indeed not as good as that of an alchemists. If there were not so many people from the ‘Pill Tower’ at the middle region of the continent, it is likely that he would be able to complete his mission very quickly. All he would have to is head there and engage in a massacre…” Protector Tie absorbed the soul into the chain before shaking his head as he regretfully spoke.

During the time that Protector Tie was muttering to himself, those experts from the Poison Sect were so frightened by the terrifying scene earlier that they hurriedly withdrew. An elite Dou Zong was indeed not someone whom they could compare with. Even if all of them were to swarm over, it was likely that they would merely become corpses on the chain one after another.

Xiao Yan’s eyes appeared solemn as he studied Protector Tie, who was suspended in the sky. Hearing the manner in which Xie Bi Yan addressed this person, it seemed that he had a similar rank as that of Protector Wu. Although they were the same rank, Xiao Yan was able to rely on his sharp Spiritual Perception to discover that the strength of this Protector Tie seemed to be a little weaker than Protector Wu. Of course, no matter how much weaker he was, he was also a genuine elite Dou Zong. Moreover, with the many strange tactics of the ‘Hall of Souls’, it would be extremely troublesome to defeat him.

“Hee hee, brat, are you finally feeling afraid? I said that the Poison Sect will have difficulty escaping from the hands of our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate today, regardless of what happens!” Xie Shan thought that Xiao Yan was shaken by Protector Tie’s method when he saw the latter’s gloomy face. He immediately let out a dark laugh.

Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly as he glanced at this somewhat gloating fellow. All he was did merely let out a cold laugh himself.

The unknown fury in Xie Shan became even denser when he saw that Xiao Yan actually dared to have such a tough mouth even at such a critical moment. He gave Xiao Yan a savage smile before immediately raising his head and speaking respectfully, “Sir Tie, this person is someone from the Poison Sect. His skill is quite great and has already killed two expert Dou Huangs from our Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. Sir, please lend a hand and capture him!”

“Mister Yan Xiao, quick flee!” The experts from the Poison Sect hurriedly reminded when they Xie Shan request.

“The people of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate are really becoming more and more useless… you are actually unable to even finish off a one star Dou Huang brat.” Protector Tie faintly glanced at Xiao Yan from the sky and immediately ridiculed.

Xie Shan’s face alternated between green and white when he heard these words of Protector Tie. However, due to the other party’s strength, he did not dare to retort. All he could do was turn this fury toward Xiao Yan. His eyes were filled with a viciousness that was difficult to describe.

Protector Tie did not add anything after letting out a ridicule. His eyes randomly swept over Xiao Yan. He flicked a finger and the dark-black chain that lingered around his body immediately shot out.

The chain transformed into a black figure that shot over the sky. The clanging chain sound was just like the scimitar of a death god, attempting to take a life.

Xiao Yan merely let out a cold laugh when that black-colored chain suddenly shot over. A silver glow soared over his body, and it strangely shot back an instant later. Numerous illusionary afterimages appeared repeatedly while he did so.


The chain rushed down but did not strike Xiao Yan. It merely struck an afterimage.


Protector Tie let out a surprised gasp when the chain’s attack was dodged by Xiao Yan in such an easy manner. He immediately laughed as he flicked his finger. The chain, which had missed, immediately raised itself like a poisonous snake and chased Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan’s entire body was wrapped by a silver glow as it hurriedly pulled back. The heavy ruler in his hand was returned to his Storage Ring. His feet were making use of a strange footwork that narrowly dodged every single attack of the chain.

The many experts from both parties in the sky revealed stunned faces when they saw that Xiao Yan was actually able to endure for such a long time in the hands of an elite Dou Zong. Xie Shan’s face became increasingly gloomy after having widened his mouth.

Protector Tie’s face gradually became ugly as the chase futily continued. He did not expect Xiao Yan to be so slippery. Under this attack of his, even an ordinary expert at the peak of the Dou Huang class would appear extremely miserable. Yet, this fellow was actually able to dodge in such an agile manner.

“Tsk tsk, good fellow. I have indeed underestimated you. No wonder you are a someone who killed two Dou Haungs.”

Protector Tie ended up laughing coldly in his extreme anger. His hand seal moved and the black fog that lingered over his entire body immediately let out waves of clanging sounds. Immediately, seven to eight chains suddenly shot out from his body. Finally, they intertwined and lingered in the sky before chasing after the dodging Xiao Yan from all directions.

“However, I want to see just how you will flee next!”

Under the cold cry of Protector Tie that contained a killing intent, the black-colored chain adopted the formation of a dragonnet that sealed off all of Xiao Yan’s paths of retreat. In this way, Xiao Yan was only left with the choice to resist the attack head-on. However, there was naturally no need to describe the fate of a Dou Huang resisting an elite Dou Zong’s head-on in attack.

Xiao Yan also ceased his useless struggle. He was aware that he could not dodge the attack. He knit his brows slightly as he looked at the black-colored chains that were swiftly being magnified in his eyes.

The experts from the Poison Sect immediately sighed in their hearts when they saw Xiao Yan faced with this impasse. However, they were helpless to do anything. The moment that that elite Dou Zong revealed himself, their morale had already took a dive. This was because they knew that despite the Little Fairy Doctor being a Dou Zong, it was still difficult for her to fight against two alone. Once she was defeated, the fate of the Poison Sect was naturally something that need not be said.

A savage look flashed across Xie Shan’s face when he saw the situation that Xiao Yan was in. He was basically able to imagine the miserable dead appearance of Xiao Yan…

That black-colored chain suddenly arrived in front of the gazes of a countless number of people, all of who contained various thoughts. The black-colored chain suddenly arrived. However, the moment that it was about to strike Xiao Yan, the space where his body was located suddenly became distorted. The path of the chain which was originally perfect drifted away following the distorted space. It eventually brushed past Xiao Yan’s body and shot away.

The sudden scene immediately caused the entire place to be in an uproar. Protector Tie was stunned for an instant before his stern cry sounded, “May I know which Dou Zong is hidden here? Please do not meddle in other people’s business, otherwise…”

“Otherwise what? What can you do?”

A human figure slowly appeared in front of Xiao Yan as a faint ice-cold voice sounded.

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