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Chapter 792

Chapter 792: Dangerous

The first discussion did not reveal any substantial conclusions. No one had even the slightest evidence of the so-called traitor in the sect. Therefore, they could only temporarily shove it aside. After the meeting continued for around half an hour or so, it ended with no decision being made.

Perhaps it was because the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate had withdrawn all their people into the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain, but no overly intense battle erupted today. Everything seemed extremely calm. However, as long as it was someone with sharp senses, one would be able to discover that this was just the calm before the storm. With the strength of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, they would definitely be unwilling to be sealed by the Poison Sect on the top of a mountain. Hence, it was likely that a big battle that would truly determine the victor would sweep over like a storm soon.

With the flow of time, the night sky gradually covered the entire mountain range. The night was the time when poisonous things prevailed. A slight shuffling sound repeatedly appeared around the entire mountain range. Borrowing some weak light, one would be able to see colorful poisonous snakes and scorpions climbing all over the place in the grass and in the trees. The tongue of the snakes extended in a ferocious manner.

However, it was fortunate that a thick layer of powder had already been scattered over the surroundings of the campsite. Some small poisonous objects did not dare to move nearer in the face of this kind of nose-piercing stench. Moreover, there were experts from the Poison Sect guarding around the place. Having been dealing with poison for their entire lives, it was natural that these people were extremely used to handling such things.

The campsite at night appeared exceptionally calm. Bonfires burned fiercely and would occasionally erupt into thunderbolt claps.

A certain spot in the quiet campsite suddenly moved, and a tiny black figure swiftly rushed out. After which, it was just like an ordinary bird that swiftly rushed toward the dark forest.

Borrowing the help of the faint moonlight, one was able to discover that this tiny black figure was a black centipede with a pair of wings a few airfoils thick. Due to the color of its body, it was extremely difficult for it to be noticed in the night sky. Even if some experts discovered it, they would merely treat it as an ordinary poisonous centipede. After all, this thing was only too commonly seen in this Sky Scorpion Mountain Range where poisonous insects roamed.

The black centipede quietly rushed through the sky before finally turning its body. It actually flew toward the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain in the direction of the gorge.

Just as that centipede was about to fly over the gorge, a black figure strangely appeared in mid-air. The figure caught the former in his hand. Of course, the figure had naturally used Dou Qi to wrap his hand when faced with such a dirty thing.

The black centipede that was suddenly captured immediately began to struggle. The interior of its body also faintly emitted a repulsive stench.

A finger was flicked and it struck the centipede’s head, shaking it until it fainted. The black figure’s indifferent eyes drifted over it before his finger suddenly used some force and shattered the body of this centipede. A small paper note that was rolled into a cylinder shape quietly appeared as green blood flowed out.

A jade-green flame rose from the figure’s hand and vaporized all the green-colored blood. The flame’s glow was imprinted on that somewhat ordinary face. It was surprisingly Xiao Yan who had used the Mysterious Beast Skin to hide his original appearance.

Xiao Yan tossed the corpse of that centipede into the gorge and slowly pulled opened the paper scroll. He could see a couple of distorted words that appeared in his


“Everything is prepared.”

There were only these three simple words on the paper note. However, these three words caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to slightly narrow. It seemed that this matter was not as simple as he had imagined. There was indeed a traitor from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate within the Poison Sect. Moreover, from the meaning of the words on the note, it seemed that those traitors planted within the Poison Sect had already properly arranged certain matters. Next, they were awaiting for the final moment to give the Poison Sect a vicious destructive blow.

“Although I have been observing the interior of the campsite, the body of this centipede does not have the scent of any human. Moreover, it did not fly out from a certain tent. Clearly, the person who was sending the messages is extremely cautious.” Xiao Yan muttered softly in his heart. He stored the paper note and his gaze studied the dark-black Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain in the distance. Even though he was so far away, he could still vaguely sense that this place was dangerous.

“I should tell Little Fairy Doctor about this first. Otherwise, we’ll sooner or later fall at the most unexpected moment…” This thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart. After which, he moved and strangely disappeared in a slow manner.

Dawn arrived after a night where nothing happened. A slight humming sound appeared in all the campsite of the Poison Sect just when the sky had become bright. The hearts of the numerous members from the Poison Sect who knew what this sound represented immediately shook. It seemed that they were about to launch a major attack on the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain today.


The sharp whistling sound resounded over the mountain range. Suddenly, killing cries were emitted. One could see the densely packed people from the Poison Sect surge like ants, swarming toward the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain from all directions. Finally, they charge over to the mountain top where the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate was located.

The large army of the Poison Sect had just charged into the dense forest of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain when numerous sharp cries were suddenly emitted. Clearly, the people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate had hid themselves within the forest, waiting for the Poison Sect to attack.

Although the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate was prepared, the densely packed large Poison Sect tide did not pause even a little because of it. They carried charging cries that surged to the sky as they ran into the forest with reddened eyes. After which, they collided and fought with the people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.

When the killing of the two large sects began, experts from both sides also began to successively charge into the dense forest to engage in a slaughter. A big battle would naturally erupt when the two parties experts occasionally met.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were indifferent as he observed the people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Sect, who had suddenly appeared in the dense forest, as they threw bags of poison fog toward him. He flicked his finger and an invisible fluctuation appeared. The ten plus fierce-looking people from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate immediately burst into clusters of flame out of the blue. The poison fog also swiftly disappeared when it was still around ten feet from Xiao Yan.

The eyes of the hundred plus people from the Poison Sect behind Xiao Yan revealed some shock when they saw this strange act. Their hearts quietly muttered that this person was indeed worthy of being a helper that the sect leader had invited. His strength was really not weak.

“Thank you mister Yan for your help!” The middle-aged leader cupped his hand toward Xiao Yan. After which, he did not dare to delay any longer. He waved his hand and led a large group of people over to the mountain top like a pack of hornets.

Xiao Yan’s eyes sent off these people from the Poison Sect as they disappeared into the forest. He randomly flicked his finger and a thread of hot wind incinerated the poison scorpion that had pounced over from behind him. After which, he turned his head and laughed, “What are the other places like?”

The space was slightly distorted at the spot where Xiao Yan’s eyes rested. Medusa’s figure slowly appeared. She faintly spoke , “The experts from the Poison Sect outnumber that of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. There are also experts lending a hand at almost every location. Hence, their attacks are quite fast. They have already reached halfway up the mountain. Perhaps, they would be able to reach the area outside of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate a short while later.”

Xiao Yan vaguely nodded.

“However, the elite experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate had yet to act. Even if the Poison Sect is able to reach the spot where the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate is located, it would be difficult for them to advance even an inch further unless they are able to eliminate the genuine experts of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate.” Medusa continued to speak.

“Hei, that chief of the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate, Xie Shan, that Xie Bi Yan, and that expert from the ‘Hall of Souls’ have not yet appeared to intervene. As long as they are still around, the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate will not be defeated. There is still a soul-stirring great battle today.” Xiao Yan laughed, “You should try your best to hide your aura. Don’t allow anyone to discover your true strength. Wait until a crucial moment before appearing. Only then will you be able to achieve a deterrent effect.”


“That’s right, where is Zi Yan?” Xiao Yan eyes swept around as he frowned and asked.

“She led a unit of the Poison Sect, and charged right at the front. It is likely that her area will be the first to reach the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate other than the Little Fairy Doctor’s group.” Medusa helplessly replied. She was really speechless when it came to that little girl.

“Ugh, leave her be. As long as there is no elite Dou Huangs from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate intervening, it is likely that she will not be in danger. We should also increase our speed…” Xiao Yan shook his head. His body moved as he heard the killing cries that spread over the entire mountain. He penetrated through the forest. He flapped his fire wings and rushed toward the mountain peak. Medusa also used Dou Qi to agglomerate a pair of Dou Qi wings on her back and followed close behind.

The sky above the Ten Thousand Scorpion Mountain would occasionally experience an intense battle. However, the experts from the two parties did not feel attracted to fighting. Once they discovered that the situation was not right, they would immediately flee toward their sides direction. Hence, the sky might appear to be exciting and chaotic from the fights, but no major losses had been suffered yet.

Xiao Yan and Medusa rose straight up. A moment later, they arrived at a spot close to the peak of the mountain. Their eyes swept down from above, only to see the towering mountain peak penetrated into the clouds. The mountain peak appeared as though an axe had cut half of the sky. There was an incomparably large faction that stood on it. A dense green fog spread over the sky above the sect. The poison fog withered and covered the entire faction.

The people from the Poison Sect appeared one after another outside of that faction. After which, they were just like ants as they completely surrounded the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate. With an increasing number of people from the Poison Sect appearing, numerous rays of light had also begun to flash and appear. Finally, they remain suspended in the air. They were the Little Fairy Doctor and the experts from the Poison Sect.

The Little Fairy Doctor floated in the sky as her eyes swept over the green poison fog that was scattered over the place. Her indifferent voice also resounded slowly over the mountain top.

“Xie Shan, do you think that you can rely on this Poison Cloud Formation to block the attacks of my Poison Sect?”

“Ha ha, the sect leader of the Poison Sect really lives up to her name. Your haughtiness is quite great.”

A loud laugh was emitted from the poison fog when the Little Fairy Doctor’s voice sounded. The poison fog immediately churned and numerous human figures flashed out from it. Finally, they stopped in the sky in an orderly manner. Their eyes were ice-cold as they glared at the expert from the Poison Sect not far away.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around when he saw these experts from the Ten Thousand Scorpion Gate appearing. Some surprise flashed across his eyes. It was unexpected that the overall strength of these experts was not much weaker than the Poison Sect. It seemed that the Ten Thousand Scorpion Sect really kept a low profile when they did things.

“The big battle today might be somewhat dangerous…”

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