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Chapter 783: Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings

Xiao Yan involuntarily licked his mouth as he looked at this beast bone scroll. No wonder those two fellows would be so crazy when they saw what he did. It was actually because of this thing.

He coveted the 'Three Beast Savage Skill' the three Mulan Elders practiced. It was unexpected that he would actually be able to get his hands on it today. This was really an unexpected surprise.

Xiao Yan carefully opened the white bone scroll. His gaze swept over it only to end up frowning slightly a moment later.

"What is it?" Medusa by the side could not resist opening her mouth to inquire when she saw Xiao Yan looking like this.

"Ugh, although this is indeed the 'Three Beast Savage Skill', it is only one of the parts. According to what is written on it, the 'Three Beast Savage Skill' is divided into three parts. This is only one of them. Even though I have obtained it, it is of not much use." Xiao Yan shook his head and sighed quite emotionally.

Medusa hesitated for a moment after hearing this. She took out two Storage Rings from her breast pocket and said, "These are the Storage Rings of the two other Mulan Elders. You can search and see if the remaining two parts are within them."

"You finished off the other two old fellows?" Xiao Yan asked with some surprise as he studied the Storage Rings in Medusa's hands.

"Aye, aye, aye." Medusa casually mentioned as she nodded. That manner was as though the two who were killed were not experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class but merely two unimportant chickens.

Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed when he heard her reply. There indeed was still a gap between him and her… he extended his hand and received the two Storage Rings. His Spiritual Strength was inserted into both of them. Currently, the three Mulan Elders were all dead. Therefore, the Spiritual Imprints that remained on their Storage Rings were extremely vulnerable. Hence, Xiao Yan's Spiritual Strength managed to break into them in an extremely smooth manner, and it swiftly swept over the interior.

A wild joy suddenly surged in Xiao Yan's eyes after the Spiritual Strength swept over it. His hand moved, and two more white bone scrolls appeared in his hand. These two scrolls had similar blood-red large words on them.

"The Three Beast Savage Skill! It is actually the Three Beast Savage Skill!"

Xiao Yan carefully opened the two white bone scrolls. He studied them carefully and could not resist laughing out loud a moment later. He waved his hand and stored the three white bone scrolls into his Storage Ring. Being able to obtain such a reward today had exceeded his expectations.

Medusa's face also revealed a faint smile when she saw the grin on Xiao Yan's face. She immediately took out a golden-yellow scroll from her Storage Ring and handed it over to Xiao Yan, "This is something that was obtained from Yan Luo Tian. It should be considered a secret skill in the Gold Geese Sect that is not taught. It would give you great benefits if you successfully practice it."

Xiao Yan was somewhat surprised as he received this golden-colored scroll. He slowly opened it and a couple of bright golden words were imprinted into his eyes.

"Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings!"

"A flying Dou Technique?" Xiao Yan was immediately stunned when he saw these few words. He was currently already an expert at the Dou Huang class. An ordinary flying Dou Technique would have difficulty comparing with the speed of his Dou Qi wings. When one reached a strength at his level, a flying Dou Qi seemed to no longer be of much use.

"This is not just an ordinary flying Dou Technique. Do you remember the substance like enormous wings of Yan Luo Tian? That was due to him practicing this thing. The Gold Geese Sect specializes in speed. If that fellow really wants to flee, even I would not be able to catch up with him. This is because of this 'Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings'." Medusa seemed to be aware of what Xiao Yan was thinking in his heart and began to softly explain, "Rather than saying that this is a flying Dou Technique, it should instead be called a kind of flying Dou Technique manufacturing method."

"A flying Dou Technique manufacturing method?" Surprise flashed through his eyes when he heard this. A flying Dou Technique was quite rare on the Dou Qi continent and its manufacturing method had mostly been lost. It was unexpected that the Gold Geese Sect would possess one. However, if it was really as Medusa had said, the value of this scroll would definitely not be lower than the 'Three Beast Savage Skill'. Moreover, in terms of quality, this 'Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings' was obviously much higher than his 'Purple Cloud Wings'. It was naturally difficult to compare their speed.

"This thing… seems like it would also benefit you, right?" Xiao Yan held this scroll, looked at Medusa's face before suddenly speaking. Since an elite Dou Zong like Yan Luo Tian was able to practice it, it was likely that this 'Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings' was of quite some use to an elite Dou Zong.

Medusa hesitated slightly when she heard this. She immediately nodded and said, "If this 'Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings' is manufactured with some high grade ingredients, the flying wings that would be created would indeed benefit me. However, they would not be very beneficial to me if they were to be made with ordinary ingredients."

Xiao Yan smiled and stored the scroll into his Storage Ring,, "In that case, I shall keep this thing first. Once I have gathered some ingredients, I will help you manufacture a pair of wings that will be useful to you."

Medusa vaguely smiled and nodded.

"Since we have settled all these issues, let's return to the Black Mountain Fortress. I think that big brother and the others will have become anxious from all the waiting." Xiao Yan turned his head and laughed to Hai Bodong's group not far behind him.

Hai Bodong's group naturally did not object to his words. Although the people from the Snake-People Tribe felt somewhat unstable in their hearts because of how Medusa treated Xiao Yan, they did not dare to reveal even the slightest dissatisfaction in front of Medusa. Some fellows muttered in their hearts, "This bastard. Once the First Commander returns from the Tager Desert, we will see whether you will still dare to follow by Her Majesty's side."

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware of the thoughts in the hearts of these fellows. Hence, he waved his hand, took the lead and started flying to the Black Mountain Fortress. A large group of experts followed close behind.

The successful return of Xiao Yan's group naturally caused Xiao Ding to heave a great sigh of relief. This was especially so after he had heard that the targets were dead. A joy that was difficult to hide was revealed on his calm face. After removing these two fellows that really gave them a great headache, the Yan Alliance would be able to obtain a precious period of time to recuperate.

Even though the Gold Geese Sect and the Mulan Valley felt a deep ingrained hatred for the Yan Alliance, they would definitely not dare to launch such a great campaign like they did this time after having lost Yan Luo Tian and the three Mulan Elders; otherwise known as the deterrent strength of an elite Dou Zong. On the other hand, the Yan Alliance not only possessed Xiao Yan, an alliance chief who could fight with a Dou Zong, but also Medusa, a genuine elite Dou Zong. They had already surpassed the Gold Geese Sect and the Mulan Valley at the top expert level. If the alliance gained a few more middle level experts, they would be able to surpass these two large sects in all areas.

Although the Gold Geese Sect and the Mulan Valley were not considered a top-tier faction in the enormous northwestern region, they were, at the very least, much stronger than the Misty Cloud Sect from back then. The ability to turn an existence that the Misty Cloud Sect of the past was afraid to offend into such a miserable state was enough to prove the great strength of the Yan Alliance.

With the flow of time, Xiao Yan was confident that he would be able to turn the Yan Alliance into one of the most powerful factions in the northwestern region. At that time, it was likely that they would possess some ability to resist an enormous being like the 'Hall of Souls'.

The assassinations that had occurred in an extremely sudden manner turned the Gold Geese Sect and the Mulan Valley completely silly. According to the reports of the Yan Alliance spies, the elite experts from the two sects arrived on the third day after the successful assassinations. However, when they discovered that the strongest fighting strength within their sect had already long been eliminated by others, all of them became stunned. It appeared as though they had been struck by lightning.

As Xiao Yan and the others expected, these elite experts who had rushed over did not dare to do anything despite the fury burning in their hearts after learning that they had lost Yan Luo Tian and the three Mulan Elders. All of them suddenly descended into a stalemate. This kind of stalemate was finally broken when the Poison Sect suddenly announced their withdrawal from the alliance.

The Gold Geese Sect and the Mulan Valley were extremely dissatisfied with this action of the Poison Sect. However, after having lost the two Dou Zongs, Yan Luo Tian and the three Mulan Elders, their overall strength was already incomparable to the Poison Sect. Hence, despite all of them feeling anger in their stomachs, they could only miserably return to their respective empires while feeling a great unwillingness. Whatever intense assault that their sect would face after returning was their new problem…

With the withdrawal of the three sects, the great calamity that threatened the entire Jia Ma Empire had completely disappeared. While a countless number of people in the Jia Ma Empire celebrated, the newly established Yan Alliance was firmly imprinted into the hearts of every single person in the empire. Only at this moment did the Yan Alliance replace the position of the Misty Cloud Sect in the hearts of these citizens!

The Jia Ma Empire's borders gradually calmed down following the end of the chaotic battle. The empire had also fulfilled their promise to the Snake-People Tribe and partitioned a large dark, cool region near the Magical Beast Mountain Range to give to the Snake-People Tribe. Upon receiving a ground where they could breed, many of the guards in the hearts of the Snake-People Tribe members held against the people of the Jia Ma Empire disappeared. Perhaps after interacting over time, the Snake-People Tribe might become a powerful faction within the Jia Ma Empire. At that time, the strength of the Jia Ma Empire would soar as a result of their incorporation.

Adding the current relationship between Xiao Yan and Medusa, the Yan Alliance might obtain benefits that were difficult to estimate!

Chapter 784: The Mountain Above the Clouds , Xun Er!

With the empire becoming peaceful, Xiao Yan's life gradually became much quieter. He would occasionally train, and would also refine medicinal pills in front of the many alchemist within the Pill Hall of the Yan Alliance when he was free. Obtaining cheers throughout the hall, he had gained the proud alchemists approval of him as the chief.

Although the alchemists within the Pill Hall possessed a great understanding of Xiao Yan's fighting abilities from this battle, being alchemists, they naturally placed the greatest value on pill refinement. If Xiao Yan wanted to get them to submit, he had to show them outstanding refinement skills. Of course, if one were to compare medicinal refinement, it was likely that Xiao Yan would not be afraid of anyone within this Jia Ma Empire. His current medicinal refinement skills were enough to refine a tier 6 medicinal pill. Other than Pill-King Gu He, it was likely that only Fa Ma could barely refine such a pill within the Jia Ma Empire.

Little Fairy Doctor did not send any other news during this period of time. However, Xiao Yan knew that she had currently dispatched countless numbers of people to find the ingredients needed to control the 'Woeful Poison Body.' She would definitely inform Xiao Yan once she had any information. At that time, it was likely that there would be trouble again.

With everything having calmed down, Medusa, being the tribe chief, naturally needed to personally go and manage the big matter of the Snake-People Tribe moving their home. Hence, she had temporarily bid Xiao Yan goodbye not long after having returned to the Jia Ma Empire. She then led all the Snake-People to engage in this great migration. Finally, they began to build a new home in the large area near the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

It was only natural that Medusa did not have the time to follow beside Xiao Yan with her being so busy. Xiao Yan had become used to that kind of life and now felt somewhat uneasy because of this change. It seemed that Medusa had been following beside him every since he had left the Jia Nan Academy's Inner Academy. She had originally possessed a killing intent as he reason to follow him. With the flow of time, Xiao Yan could sense that the killing intent in her heart weakened by the day and likely no longer existed by now.

Xiao Yan's mind did not pay much attention when Medusa was following beside him all the time. Now that she had left, he immediately felt that he lacked something. His heart contained an empty feeling. He felt somewhat vexed when he discovered this emotion. This was because it cause him to think about Xun Er whose location was unknown. That usually warm and moving young lady was just like spring water, seeping into one's heart without one even realizing it. Finally, she would leave an imprint deep within one's heart that could not be removed no matter how one tried.

Xiao Yan could not help but stop the actions of his hands when he thought of the elegant, young lady who carried a thread of mystery. His eyes were absent-minded as he looked in all directions, but he did not know which direction he ought to face. An instant later, he could only quietly sigh and mutter softly, "Xun Er, wait for me. I will get to the Dou Zong class as soon as possible. After that, I will go and look for you!"

"No matter how frightening that clan of yours is, I will not feel the slightest fear!"

A graceful, partially visible figure was on a precipitous mountain peak where clouds lingered. Her delicate waist appeared just like the willow leaves one could hug with one arm. Her black hair was carelessly tied by a pale-purple ribbon. It drifted with the breeze that blew over, giving the young lady an otherworldly, elegant aura.

The young lady's eyes were shut. A moment later, she slowly opened them. The surrounding fog immediately scattered when she did so. This mountain peak immediately became visibly clear.

"Old Ling, have you returned?"

The young lady did not turn her head as her sleek, red, small lips emitted an ethereal silver-bell-like sound that reverberated on the peak of the mountain.

A shadow under a mountain rock immediately began to wiggle in a strange fashion after her voice sounded. It immediately transformed into an old figure. The figure surprisingly belonged to Ling Ying!

Ling Ying respectfully bowed to the young lady after revealing himself.

"Xiao-jie (Young Miss)."

"How is it? Do you have news of him?" The young lady sat up from the rock platform, turned around, and revealed a smiling face with an ethereal lotus like disposition. At this moment, the voice in which one usually had difficulty detecting any fluctuation actually revealed anxiety.

Who else would this face belong to other than Xun Er, whom Xiao Yan thought about night and day.

It had been three to four years since Xun Er had left Xiao Yan. During these few years, Xun Er had clearly matured. She was a little less sentimental compared to the young lady back then, and had gained an additional indifferent disposition that originated from deep within her soul.

Regardless of how she transformed, there was still one part of her that remained the same. It was how her still old-well-like heart would began to ripple when she heard news that was related to that name.

Perhaps it was just as Ling Ying had anticipated back then. A figure would forever exist deep within Xun Er's heart. It was difficult to eliminate this figure even with pressure from the clan head…

Ling Ying sighed within his heart when he clearly heard the anxiety within Xun Er's tone. It had been a couple of years but only when Xun Er listened to anything related to young master Xiao Yan would she truly become just like an ordinary young lady. Her immobile mountain like indifference was just like an old demon who had trained for many years, achieving an unfathomable level. However, she lacked the liveliness that a young lady ought to have.

Of course, being someone who knew about Xun Er's position and status, he naturally understood that it was impossible for her to be like an ordinary girl. Her status determined that she would not be ordinary. The man who could match her would definitely also be the most outstanding person on the continent. It was just that he did not know… if Xiao Yan could reach this stage.

Although this thought flashed past Ling Ying's heart, his face revealed a coddling expression. He smiled and nodded before immediately revealing some of the news about Xiao Yan that he had spent great effort in order to learn.

Xun Er quietly listened to the information that came from Ling Ying's mouth. She curled her small lips and her transparent pupils, that seemed to know how to speak, gently flicked.

"It is unexpected that Xiao Yan ge-ge has also reached the Dou Huang class within a short four years. This really surprises Xun Er…"

"Yan Alliance… it is really a good name. It is unexpected that Xiao Yan ge-ge was really able to replace the Misty Cloud Sect."

Xun Er's exquisite face revealed an elegant smile after Ling Ying gradually completed his tale. Her hand parted the black hair which had drifted over the front of her forehead as she spoke faintly, "It is really unexpected that the 'Hall of Souls' really did make a move. That mister Yao Chen interacted with me back then. Perhaps he should be aware of my status, but I am not sure if he told Xiao Yan ge-ge about it."

"I don't think so. He should clearly understand that it will not benefit young master Xiao Yan for the latter to know about your status too soon." Ling Ying voiced his thoughts.

"Old Ling, try to dispatch some people to search for the whereabouts of the 'Hall of Souls'. It seems that they intervened in the matter of uncle Xiao back then." Xun Er turned her head and spoke with a somewhat cool voice.

Ling Ying hesitated for a moment after hearing this. He said, "Alright. I will carry this matter out quietly and try my best to find them. However, the 'Hall of Souls' is also extremely mysterious. Other than a couple of people who know the location of their headquarters, there is hardly anyone, even people in our clan, who know about it. This is despite us having fought countless numbers of big and small battles with them."

Xun Er slightly nodded. She lowered her eyes and a coldness suddenly flashed past her elegant eyes. She slowly spoke in her heart, "Hall of Souls… although you really want to obtain the 'Tou She Ancient God's Jade' that belongs to the Xiao clan, you better not hurt him. Otherwise… no matter what happens, I will let all of you pay a price that you will have difficulty enduring!"

A golden flame suddenly surged in Xun Er's eyes at the end of her words. An enormous rock by the side quietly vanished into nothingness amid a strange fluctuation after the flame appeared!

Ling Ying's heart turned cold when he saw the golden flame appearing in Xun Er's eyes. Given his familiarity with her, he naturally knew that only when she really formed a genuine killing intent or extreme anger in her heart, the thing that hid deep within her soul would break free from her body and appear.

Ling Ying did not expect that after not having met for three to four years, Xun Er's feelings for Xiao Yan would not blur but instead become increasingly deeper and thicker with the flow of time.

"Ugh, perhaps even that little fellow doesn't know just what kind of great blessing he has obtained. If news of a person who could cause xiao-jie (Young Miss) to put in her heart were spread, it is likely that your Yan Alliance along with the Jia Ma Empire would be completely destroyed overnight. Hence, you should put in great effort to train for xiao-jie's (Young Miss) sake. The current you might have already reached the Dou Huang class, but this is still insufficient…" Ling Ying let out a long sigh in his heart while he quietly muttered.

"That's right…" Ling Ying appeared to have suddenly recalled something. His expression changed a little as his gaze stared at Xun Er. He carefully said, "According to what I know, the clan has finally decided to dispatch someone to hurry over to the Jia Ma Empire to look for that 'key' in the hands of the Xiao clan. This happened after a couple of discussions because xiao-jie (Young Miss) did not obtain the 'key' from the Xiao clan."

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A frightening aura suddenly erupted in front of Ling Ying after his words had just sounded. His body was shaken until he swiftly pulled back. His face was involuntarily shocked when he lifted it.

At this moment, Xun Er's feet were three feet from the ground. Her face was ice-cold while a bright-golden flame appeared to be revolving around her body like a liquid. While that golden-flame flowed, the surrounding mountain rocks began to gradually disappear in a strange manner. That manner was as though they were being swallowed by some invisible enormous beast…

Xun Er's face was as cold as snow. She glanced at Ling Ying but did not speak. After which, she twisted her waist and suddenly rushed to the bottom of the mountain.

Ling Ying widened his mouth as he watched Xun Er's figure swiftly vanish. He immediately shook his head with a bitter smile. His eyes rested on the distant horizon. He bitterly laughed, "Little fellow, you are the first damn person that the old me has seen who is able to get xiao-jie (Young Miss) to do things to such an extent… the first person…"

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